Chapter 78 – Instructor Jiang, I request you to guide me one-on-one, please

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In the blink of an eye, after half a month, everyone gradually adapted to the training intensity. After all, most people were Alphas and they had a natural genetic advantage in physical strength and adaptability.

Since Joel was transferred to serve as an adjutant, most of the activities that improved physical fitness were done on Jiang Li’s behalf and during this time, Jiang Li rarely appeared on the training ground.

At the end of the day’s practice, Joel said with a gentle smile after commenting on everyone’s shortcomings: “Everyone has worked hard these days.”

Although Joel was a Beta, he could serve as Jiang Li’s right- and left-hand when serving in the military. It could be seen that his ability in all aspects was also very outstanding. In addition, he had a gentle personality and was affable to everyone. After these days, everyone had accumulated some favorable impressions of him. After listening to him say this, they all replied simultaneously: “It’s not hard!”

Joel smiled: “Go back and have a good rest today, I’ll organize everyone to go to Penglai Forest for practical training tomorrow to accumulate practical experience.”

Penglai Forest was the largest forest on the planet of Manor and was also the place where the Imperial Military Academy and the military headquarters gained designated actual combat experience. There were countless birds and beasts in captivity; harmless, ferocious, brutal, you name it!

There were six levels in Penglai Forest: A, B, C, D, E, and F. Each level had different difficulty levels. F was the lowest level, while A was the most difficult. The new students of the military academy could only enter the F-Level area.

Before Jiang Li came to teach in Area D, no one thought about going to train and experience actual combat. In addition to curiosity, they felt a little more eager to try.

When Kate heard that they were going to experience actual combat, he geared up and said, “Damn, the anger accumulated these days can finally be released, wait for Laozi to kill till I’m happy tomorrow.”

Teck listened next to him and sneered: “Bullshit.”

Because of Joel’s presence, Kate ignored him but thought about finding an opportunity to teach him a lesson the next day.

Next to Teck was Qiao Yu, who tilted his body and asked Lu Heng in a low voice: “Heng ge, have you been to Penglai Forest before? I still don’t know what it looks like inside.”

Lu Heng didn’t answer.

He went there when he was very young, when he was less than six years old. His elder brother and second emperor took him there many times.

In that forest, he rode cheetahs, played with birds, caught rabbits, and once sat on the shoulder of the eldest brother and said innocently that he would be a soldier who was dauntless like his two royal brothers, fighting for the Imperial, fighting for honor.

However, later…

“Heng ge?”

Qiao Yu found that he was a little lost, and called out twice.

Lu Heng came back to his senses, shook his head, and called out to Joel, “Report!”

Joel was telling everyone to recharge their energy that night. Hearing his voice, he turned his head and looked over: “What’s the matter?”

“Are you leading the team in the actual combat training tomorrow?” Lu Heng asked.

Joel nodded: “It’s me, what’s wrong?”

“What about Instructor Jiang?” Lu Heng looked at him and asked.

“Recently, Instructor Jiang has been a little…”

Before he could say the words, Lu Heng interrupted him with a tough voice: “Instructor Jiang, as our chief officer, won’t he go to such an important thing as students’ actual combat training? In the past two weeks, Instructor Jiang hasn’t really shown up, isn’t he neglecting his work?”

Joel was stunned for a moment, he didn’t expect him to say that. He was about to say that Jiang Li had returned to the military department to hand over work these days but before he could speak, he heard a voice behind him: “You are right, it’s my negligence.”

Everyone looked towards the sound and saw Jiang Li walking behind. The initial whispering of discussions disappeared immediately. All of them stood with their heads held high and chests puffed up, for fear that Jiang Li would find something wrong.

Jiang Li stood beside Joel and Joel saluted him. He nodded, then looked at everyone and said, “I didn’t expect everyone to miss me so much when I’m not here for a few days.”

Everyone: “…” We are not, we don’t, don’t talk nonsense!

“In that case, I will lead the team tomorrow.” Jiang Li smiled, “I hope everyone can practice well.”

Everyone: “…”

In view of the reason for going out for actual combat experience the next day, the evening training ended earlier than usual, and they were disbanded at 8 o’clock.

As soon as Ling Ao returned to the dormitory, he couldn’t wait to open his personal terminal, ready to connect to StarNet to play games.

While logging into his account, he said to others, “It’s rare to have free time today. I just asked Teck and the other guys to play a team battle, four against four. You guys come quickly.”

StarNet was Imperial’s virtual network world, similar in nature to the Internet in the world Jiang Li had stayed in before, but more intelligent.

The team battle that Ling Ao said was a virtual actual combat game in StarNet. As long as one wore virtual glasses, one could enter the game battlefield immersively.

Qiao Yu and Luo Qi initially wanted to take their clothes and take a bath, but when they heard him say they were going to fight a team battle, they threw their pajamas back into the cabinet and opened their personal terminal.

Only Lu Heng sat still, frowning as if thinking about something.

Qiao Yu’s position was closest to him, and he stretched out his hand and pushed him: “Heng ge, why are you in a daze. It’s ready to fight, let’s kill Teck and the other bastards together.”

“Oh.” Lu Heng absently opened his terminal and connected to the StarNet.

During the team battle, Lu Heng made a mistake and almost lost to Teck and the others after two games. When the third game ended, Lu Heng quit the game directly and disconnected StarNet. He took off his gaming glasses, threw them aside, got up, and walked towards the outside.

Seeing this, the other three shouted in unison: “Heng ge, where are you going?”

“Taking a walk.” Lu Heng left the dormitory after dropping these two words.

The three of them looked at each other: “What should we do now? We only have three members now. Should we continue?”

Qiao Yu thought for a while: “I’ll ask Heng ge what’s wrong, you guys can play first.” After that, he also left the dormitory.

Qiao Yu caught up with Lu Heng downstairs: “Heng ge, where are you going? Are you really going for a walk?”

“Going to the training room.” Lu Heng said as he walked out, “Are you coming?”

“Training room?” Qiao Yu took a step and was surprised, “No way, it’s rare for us to rest for a while, and we still have to go out for actual combat tomorrow. Are you still going to train tonight?”

“En.” Seeing that he didn’t want to go together, Lu Heng waved his hand and walked towards the training room.

There were two training rooms in the D Area, one was the general training room and the other was the gravity training room. The one Lu Heng went to was the gravity training room.

It was almost time for the students to go to bed and the path leading to the training room was very quiet but at the corner close to the training room, he saw light shining through from inside.

There’s someone in the training room!

This awareness made him pause, and then he sped up. Through the large glass of the training room, he saw Jiang Li and Joel fighting inside.

Jiang Li and Joel were both wearing black fitness training vests. Neither of them had weapons in their hands. They were fighting with bare hands.

Lu Heng saw that Jiang Li quickly grabbed Joel’s wrist, turned his foot, and made a shoulder throw, throwing Joel five meters away and his body slammed heavily into the wall of the training room.

The sound insulation effect of the training room was very good but the fact that Jiang Li was able to throw someone so far away under the influence of gravity, Lu Heng knew how serious the collision was without thinking. However, in the next second, he saw Joel bouncing off the ground with one hand on his body and attacking Jiang Li again.

Regarding his appearance, the two of them didn’t seem to notice, or maybe they did, but it was not enough to attract their attention. At this moment, only each other could attract their attention.

The two people in front of them, one an Omega and the other a Beta, were stronger than any of them, the Alphas.

Lu Heng stood on the spot, watching the fight with a calm face, but his heart was thumping more and more strongly with a “bang bang bang”, and his eyes were staring at Jiang Li’s every movement through the glass.

At the end of this fight, Jiang Li clasped Joel’s arm and pressed him to the ground.

Jiang Li let go of Joel’s hand, pulled him up from the ground, and patted his shoulder: “Are you okay?”

“I’m fine.” Joel smiled and moved his shoulders, “Thank you, Major, for your mercy.”

Jiang Li followed with a smile, turned his head to look at Lu Heng outside the glass, beckoned to him, and motioned him to enter.

As soon as Lu Heng entered the gravity room, he felt that his whole body was as heavy as lead, and the dizziness hit his brain instantly. He subconsciously clenched his fist tightly, gritted his teeth, and tried to withstand the feeling of nausea.

Jiang Li noticed his reaction and said to Joel, “Turn down the gravity.”

Joel reacted and hurriedly went to the control panel, adjusted the indoor gravity to the lowest gear, and then asked Lu Heng: “Fourth Highness, are you okay?”

After the gravity was lowered, Lu Heng felt that dizziness and nausea disappear at once, and he couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief. It was not that he had never trained in the gravity room before, but he had never tried such a high gravity which was unbearable at that moment.

“I’m good now, thank you.” Lu Heng thanked the other party, then walked to Jiang Li and saluted him, “Instructor!”

Because he had just fought, Jiang Li’s hair was wet with sweat and it was scattered on his forehead. A few drops of sweat slowly slid down from his forehead down the side of his face.

Lu Heng’s eyes unconsciously stared at one of the drops of sweat, watching as it crossed Jiang’s sharp and smooth jawline and finally sank into the depression of his collarbone.

Under the incandescent lamp indoors, Jiang Li’s sweaty skin glowed with a white light after exercising, so white that it almost flashed Lu Heng’s eyes, reminding him of what the first emperor once said which was called “Snow”.

Jiang Li didn’t know what he was thinking and while removing the bandages tied to his hands, he asked him, “It’s already so late, why are you not sleeping?”

“I want to come and train.” Lu Heng replied.

His answer surprised Jiang Li and looked up at him: “Training? Now?”

“Yes.” Lu Heng nodded, and his eyes fell on the tip of Jiang Li’s nose. There was a drop of sweat there, on the verge of trickling down. He subconsciously reached out and tried to wipe it off for Jiang Li. But before his hand touched Jiang Li, his wrist was clenched.

Jiang Li frowned and looked at him: “What are you doing?”

Jiang Li’s palms were not as delicate as other Omegas, but they had a thin layer of calluses which were left over from long-term training.

Lu Heng felt that the place where he was grasped was slightly burning. He coughed lightly, straightened his back and replied, “Report instructor, your nose is dripping with sweat, it looks like snot, I was going to wipe it off for you.”

Jiang Li: “…” Bullshit.

Joel pursed his lips and smiled, walked over, and said, “Fourth Highness, you are going out for actual combat tomorrow, so it’s better to rest early tonight.”

“You and Instructor Jiang haven’t rested yet.” Lu Heng said, showing his determination to train.

Jiang Li wiped the sweat from the tip of his nose and took off the bandage on his other hand. Hearing what he said, he said, “In that case, Joel, you practice with him.”

After he finished speaking, he planned to leave first. Just two steps away, he heard Lu Heng say from behind: “Instructor Jiang, I request you to guide me one-on-one, please.”

Jiang Li was a little surprised when he heard this. He thought that the little bastards in the D Area would be more willing to be trained by Joel, and looked back at Lu Heng: “Are you sure?”

Hearing his question, Lu Heng knew there was hope and immediately replied, “Yes, instructor!”

Since it was his student’s request, Jiang Li naturally fulfilled it. He waved to Joel and asked him to go back to rest first. He then asked Lu Heng to wear protective gear to protect his knees and head.

With his consent, Lu Heng quickly went to find the protective gear and put it on, and brought the protective gear to Jiang Li: “Instructor, I will help you put it on.”

“I don’t need it.” Jiang Li wrapped the bandage again, moved his wrist, and suddenly remembered that he used this hand to smash Lu Heng’s headboard, so he raised his head and asked Lu Heng, “By the way, are you used to the new headboard?”

Lu Heng: “…”

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