Chapter 76 – Such an unexpected act, standing in military posture is much better!!

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Among the freshmen in Area D, 15 out of 21 are Alphas and 6 are Betas.

As soon as Jiang Li finished saying the previous sentence, it caused dissatisfaction among some of the Alphas. Teck, who had previously fanned the flames towards Kate, raised his hand to refute his words loudly: “Instructor Jiang, I am not convinced by your words! Although it is said that Kate lost the competition to you, he doesn’t represent all of us.”

What he meant by this was that it was Kate who was trash, not all of them.

As soon as Kate heard it, he was so angry that he wanted to argue, but Jiang Li stopped him, so he could only glare at Teck viciously and stand in place. Pasiya, who was beside him, whispered to persuade him not to be angry.

Jiang Li looked at Teck: “It seems that you have a lot of opinions on my words.”

“I’m just telling the truth!”

Jiang Li stepped up and walked in the direction of Teck. He stopped about a meter away from him and suddenly raised his foot and kicked him directly in front of the face.

His movements were so fast that Teck couldn’t react at all. The sharp wind produced from his leg’s movement made the bangs on his forehead sway and his eyes widened slightly reflexively. Staring at the black military boots less than two centimeters from the tip of his nose, he was motionless.

Once Jiang Li went a step forward, he would be kicked out directly.

Standing behind Teck was Lu Heng. He tilted his head slightly and could see Jiang Li’s indifferent face in front of him. Through Teck, the eyes of the two inadvertently met each other and Lu Heng felt that the pair of inky eyes bumped right into his heart.

Jiang Li slowly retracted his legs and looked at the stiff Tek: “You’re right, 0021 is really trash, but at least he dares to accept the challenge, and you, all of you…”

He shook his head and didn’t say more, but everyone present knew what he meant.

Just now Jiang Li said that if someone was not convinced, they could take action on him, but none of the people present came forward, were they all convinced? No, it was just that they didn’t dare to resist because of Jiang Li’s strength.

For a while, everyone was silent.

As the saying goes, a new broom sweeps clean. Jiang Li saw that it was almost completely cleaned, so he did not continue to be harsh on them. He then ordered everyone to stand apart from each other and get into military posture.

Standing in military posture was one of the most basic pieces of training for military students, but for this group of pampered young masters, standing in military posture under the scorching sun was not so pleasant.

About half an hour later, Qiao Yu felt that his tensed legs and buttocks were about to cramp. He found that Jiang Li hadn’t noticed his side, so he relaxed his muscles a little and asked Lu Heng next to him in a low voice: “Heng ge, Heng ge, are you tired?”

Lu Heng’s back was straight, his fingers were sticking close to the seams of his trousers, his posture was extremely on point and sweat on his face trickled down his face. When he heard Qiao Yu’s words, he whispered, “Not tired.”

“You’re awesome.” Qiao Yu sighed and glanced at Ling Ao on the other side from the corner of his eyes, “Hey, Ling Ao, your legs are shaking.”

Ling Ao: “…Shut up.”

Qiao Yu rolled his eyes around and found that most of the people couldn’t hold it anymore, especially a few Betas, so he said, “Heng ge, why don’t we think of something? Just standing like this isn’t the way to do it, right?”

“Shut up.” Lu Heng scolded in a low voice, “Don’t affect me.”

Qiao Yu said surprisedly: “…Heng ge, you were not like this before. You clearly said that standing foolishly under the sun is something only a fool would do.”

It’s better to be a fool than to be trash. Lu Heng thought to himself.

He didn’t know why, but he always felt that Jiang Li’s movement just now lingered in his mind. Thinking of the other party’s words such as “trash” and “useless”, he felt kind of uncomfortable. He wanted to refute, but he felt that he couldn’t do so.

In the eyes of Jiang Li, a man who had been on the battlefield shed blood and fought for his life. On the other hand, these dudes who only knew how to eat, drink and play, were not motivated at all yet occupied military academy resources. They were indeed no different from trash. If it was not for the military transfer, Jiang Li would probably not even look at him.

Thinking of this, Lu Heng felt a little irritable in his heart. He looked at Jiang Li, who was talking with the adjutant and his gaze fell on Jiang Li’s side profile. He slowly went into a trance. He didn’t even respond when Qiao Yu, who was beside him, called him a few times.

“Heng ge!”

Qiao Yu slightly increased the volume of his voice, and Lu Heng came back to his senses: “What?”

Because he was absent-minded, he didn’t pay attention to lowering his voice for a while, and the voice caught Jiang Li’s attention. He glanced back, then turned and walked towards them.

Seeing him approaching, Qiao Yu said in his heart, “I’m going to die.” He quickly straightened his body and continued to stand properly, lest Jiang Li would beat him up as though he were a sandbag.

Jiang Li came over and asked aloud, “Who was talking just now?”

Apart from Qiao Yu, there were many people whispering just now, but Lu Heng was the only one who accidentally drew Jiang Li here.

It was said that one must be responsible for what one had done, so he said: “Report, Instructor, it’s me.”

As the culprit, Qiao Yu also confessed when he saw Lu Heng admitting, “Report, Instructor, and me as well.”

Jiang Li looked at the other people, and several people admitted one after another, and in the end there were actually more than a dozen people.

“You guys continue to stand, and the others rest in place for five minutes.” Jiang Li frowned.

As soon as the words were said, the shoulders of many people present collapsed. In fact, not only Qiao Yu was going to cramp, but they were almost unable to hold on, but when they thought of Jiang Li looking at them like trash, they just gritted their teeth and held on.

Seeing Jiang Li walking in front of him, Lu Heng subconsciously puffed out his chest again, trying to leave a good impression in his heart with his perfect standing posture.

Look at me, look at me. Instructor, look at me!

Lu Heng shouted desperately in his heart, but Jiang Li walked past him to Qiao Yu’s side.

Lu Heng: “…”

In view of Jiang Li’s brutal and prestigious behavior before, the people who spoke just now thought they were going to die, but Jiang Li just walked around them and returned to the original position.

“What were you talking about? Let me hear it too.” Jiang Li asked with interest.

Just now everyone was talking nonsense to pass the time, how could they dare to tell him. During the silence, seeing Jiang Li’s expression change a little, Lu Heng’s mind quickly turned and he took the initiative to say: “Report to the Instructor, we were just talking about how it’s boring to stand in military posture like this, why not change to another training program.”

Hearing this, Jiang Li raised his eyebrows and walked in front of Lu Heng: “You said, it’s boring?”

Lu Heng was 1.93 meters tall, and Jiang Li was 1.82 meters tall. The difference between the two was 11 centimeters. When they were standing opposite each other, Jiang Li had to look up at him slightly.

The eyes of the two looked at each other. At such a close distance, Lu Heng saw Jiang Li’s thick eyelashes, his slightly raised phoenix eyes, and even his own shadow printed in his cold pupils. All this made his heart skip a beat, and for a moment he forgot what he was going to say, and blurted out: “No, it’s good to stand in military posture!”

Everyone: “…”

Jiang Li frowned as if he was very dissatisfied with his attitude. Lu Heng quickly added: “I mean, after standing in military posture for a long time, you can change to other activities to adjust the atmosphere and everyone’s enthusiasm.”

Jiang Li looked at the others: “Do you guys think so too?”

Everyone really didn’t want to just stand like this. Not only did their butt cramp, but their legs were shaking. They might as well go for a run and feel refreshed, so they all responded together, “Yes, instructor!”

“I see.” Jiang Li nodded, “I didn’t think about it carefully, so let’s change and rest for ten minutes in place.”

After he finished speaking, he went to the adjutant and explained the next training program to the other party.

Everyone didn’t expect him to be so straightforward, and they all discussed how to train later. For some reason, there was some inexplicable expectation in their hearts.

“I don’t know how we will be training later, what do you guys think?” Luo Qi rubbed his sore shoulders, took off his jacket, put it on the ground, and sat down.

“I guess it’s running.” Ling Ao said and followed Luo Qi to sit down on his clothes.

“I guess it’s combat training.” Qiao Yu touched his chin, “Didn’t the instructor say that he also teaches us combat skills? Heng ge, what do you think?”

Lu Heng glanced at Jiang Li and shook his head: “I don’t think it’s that simple.”

“Speaking of combat, don’t you guys think that what Major Jiang did just now was so fucking handsome?” Ling Ao said excitedly with cross legs, “He just made Kate’s arm fractured with one hand, the sound of ‘clack’, I felt the pain when I heard it!”

“Handsome!” Luo Qi nodded, feeling the same. “Kate was beaten so hard that he couldn’t resist at all. The disparity in strength is so heartbreaking.”

Qiao Yu nodded: “It hurts!”

Kate was sitting not far from them and when he heard them talking about him, he was so angry that he was about to stand up to come and beat someone up. He was dragged by Pasiya who persuaded: “Calm down, calm down, there are four of them! And The Fourth Highness is there, you can’t win.”

The Fourth Highness in his mouth was Lu Heng, the youngest son of Imperial’s Emperor Lu Qing.

Kate scolded ‘bastard’ resentfully and sat down again while holding back his anger. Pasiya saw that he was no longer going to cause trouble and sat down next to him.

Soon the adjutant came over and told everyone to gather.

This time, the meeting place was changed to a shady place. After the assembly, the adjutant began to assign groups. Twenty-one people present were divided into two groups according to the order of student numbers. There were ten groups in total. One extra person and the adjutant formed a group.

Qiao Yu raised his hand and asked, “Instructor, what is this for?”

“Didn’t you think it’s boring to stand in military position? Then let’s have some fun.” Jiang Li said with a faint smile on his face, the arch of his smile had also washed away the cold on his face, softening the aura of distancing himself from others a lot.

The sudden smile caused everyone present to be stunned for a moment, thinking that the instructor looked so good when he smiled.

Then, in the next second, they heard Jiang Li say: “Each person does two hundred push-ups on the spot, one lays down and the other pushes. Start now.”

Everyone: “…” Such an unexpected act, standing in military posture is much better!!

After the push-ups, there were weight-bearing long-distance running and close-quarters combat training, followed by dense training programs. After a day of practice, everyone felt that their bones were broken in half.

After returning to the dormitory, Lu Heng and Ling Ao took their clothes and went to take a shower. There were only two bathrooms in the dormitory, so Qiao Yu and Luo Qi were lying on the floor waiting.

After Lu Heng came out of the shower, he planned to go to bed and lay down. After he opened the quilt and saw the collapsed bed, he remembered that his bed’s headboard was destroyed by Jiang Li that morning.

Ling Ao, who was sleeping on the bed next to him, looked at it and suggested, “Heng ge, sleep on my bed first tonight, I’ll squeeze with Qiao Yu.”

“No need.” After Lu Heng said, he walked to the door and Ling Ao shouted from behind, “Where are you going?”

“Go find the culprit to app…”

Before Lu Heng finished saying the word “appeal”, he opened the dormitory door and saw the adjutant standing outside the door, followed by a soldier carrying a board.

The other party saw him and said with a smile: “Fourth Highness, Major Jiang said that your headboard is broken and asked me to replace it for you.”

As he said that, he instructed the soldier to move the headboard in. After they came in, a group of people suddenly poured in, surrounded Lu Heng’s bed, and discussed about his bed.

“It’s really broken? I thought Qiao Yu was talking nonsense!”

“I heard that Major Jiang smashed it with a punch!”

“He even dared to smash Heng ge’s headboard. He’s indeed an instructor. Amazing, amazing.”

Lu Heng: “…”

Fuck, now everyone knows it.


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