Chapter 73 – What useless trash, keep f*cking sleeping!

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After the end of the second world, Jiang Li felt that he had been in the dark for a long time, which made him feel a little strange. After the end of the previous world, he was sent to the second world by System before he had time to adapt.

Just when he thought about whether System was malfunctioning, a familiar sense of weightlessness came, and then his consciousness was engulfed.

“Heartbeat is normal.”

“Body temperature is normal.”

“Still no glands detected.”

“… Check it again.”

Jiang Li felt that his eyelids were very heavy. He heard someone talking in his ear, but he couldn’t open his eyes no matter what. Even his limbs were heavy as lead, and he couldn’t use his strength at all.

“Little Cutie.”

Jiang Li called twice in his heart, but he didn’t get a response from System. Just like in the dark before, System seemed to be blocked.

After a while, he felt that his body gradually became more relaxed and his physical strength recovered bit by bit, so he slowly opened his eyes. When his eyelids were only half open, his eyes subconsciously closed under the dazzling light and opened again after a while.

There was a slight ache in his head. Jiang Li moved his hand and wanted to press the painful place. This movement pulled the string that was tied to his wrist, and the sound produced caught the attention of the person next to him.

The other party was observing the latest data in front of the instrument and when he heard the sound, he looked back. When he saw that Jiang Li was awake, he was stunned for a moment, and immediately rushed over with surprise: “Major Jiang, you’re awake?!”

Major Jiang?

Jiang Li’s hand movement paused for a while, before turning his head to look over: “You’re calling me? Who are you?”

“I’m Searle, Dr. Kelly’s assistant.” The other party nodded, “You’re finally awake, you’ve been in a coma for two months!”

“Two months…” Jiang Li sat up and slowly looked around.

This was probably a “medical room”, surrounded by sophisticated medical instruments, and at this time, he was half-naked with silver lead sheets attached to his heart, chest, wrists, and other parts, which were connected to the instruments next to him.

Apart from him, there was only this young man named Searle in front of him.

“Major Jiang, how are you feeling now?” Searle asked.

“Still… uh!”

Before he could finish saying “Still fine”, Jiang Li suddenly felt a sharp pain in his head, as if someone was using a sharp awl to stab his brain. It was so painful that it caused him to hold his head and bend over, his teeth gritted and produced “clack” sounds.

When the young man saw this, he hurriedly supported him: “Major?! Why are you…”

Jiang Li raised his hand to stop his words and closed his eyes to receive the flood of information in his mind.

This was a world that Jiang Li had never come into contact with.

There are three types of human beings in this world: namely Alpha, Beta, and Omega. If you count them precisely, they can be divided into six types. In this world, the most powerful gender is Alpha, which accounts for 30% of the world’s population, while Beta accounts for 60% of the world’s population, they only have average strength, and the remaining Omegas only account for 10% of the world’s population. With weak physiques and scarce genes, they belong to the key protected groups in this world.

Although Omegas’ physique is weak, their reproductive ability is very strong, and the purer the bloodline is, the higher the possibility of giving birth to Alphas and Omegas with higher capabilities, so they are very precious.

In short, Omegas are in charge of fertility in this world.

As a scarce population, Omegas in this world would be registered from the moment they were born, and they would be arranged by the state to get married when they are eighteen years old.

Jiang Li’s body had the same name as him, he was not only an Omega but also a young major in the Imperial Army.

In the setting of this world, the military academy does not accept Omegas. One is because Omegas have fragile bodies, and the other is because there is a gland at the back of their necks, which emits sweet pheromones that will affect Alphas’ self-control. The affected Alpha will lose control of his/her emotions and frantically want to possess and mark the Omega that appears in front of him/her.

The reason why the original host was admitted to the military academy was that when his father was pregnant with him, he injected pheromone inhibitors and beta camouflage hormones for a long time, which caused his gene to be Beta when he was born, so he lived twenty-eight years as a Beta. Not only others, but even he himself thought that he was a Beta.

When the original host was eighteen years old, he was admitted to the Imperial Military Academy and was recruited by the military because he had the excellent grades of being in the first rank in the military academy. After that, he even climbed to the position of major by himself without the support of his wealth and background.

During his service in the military, the original host had won many battles and made a lot of military achievements. If things continued to go just as well, he would be awarded the rank of lieutenant colonel that year.

The turn of events was that two months previously when the original host and his subordinates were hunting the remaining mutant wolves on the planet at Planet Will just next to Earth, the Omega gene, which had been contained in his body for 28 years, was suddenly awakened. The next ushered in his first heat.

Of the three subordinates who were with the original host at that time, two were Alphas and one was Beta. The original host suddenly went into heat, and the pheromone emitted from his body caused the two Alphas to have their eyes turn red on the spot.

The wolf clan wasn’t completely killed off yet, and the subordinates were captivated by the pheromone again. In order to stay awake, the original host took out the military dagger in his boots and stabbed the position of the glands at the back of his neck with a backhand. His action was fierce and clean, he dug out the gland directly and then knocked out the two Alpha subordinates.

Blood flowed down from his neck and his extremely ferocious behavior made the Beta, the only one who wasn’t captivated, scream out.

After the battle, the original host fell into a coma due to excessive blood loss and was sent to the military hospital by the Beta for emergency treatment. After that, he had been in a coma until now and his identity as an Omega has also spread.

The original host slept for two months and when he woke up again, the soul of this body had become Jiang Li.

Too many memories flooded Jiang Li’s mind at once, which made him a little confused. He called System a few times in his heart, but there was no response just like before. He tried to open up the game tablet, but there was no response as well.

Recalling that System said that the game was still in the internal beta test, Jiang Li guessed that there was a problem with System, so he stopped trying. He raised his head, and asked Searle who was standing next to him: “How’s my body?”

“Your physical condition is normal, and Dr. Kelly and I are carrying out checks on you every day.” The other party paused for a while.

Jiang Li said: “If you have anything, just say it.”

“When you cut the glands before, the action…was too brutal.” Searle said in a low voice, observing his reaction as he spoke, “The glands, the symbol of Omega, have been completely removed by you. According to the inspection data, you will not be able to enter heat and will not emit pheromones.”

No glands, no pheromones, no heat, which meant he was an incomplete Omega now.

Jiang Li noticed that when Searle said these words, he looked at him with imperceptible pity in his eyes.

In this world, a crippled Omega who is unable to go into heat and release pheromones is almost unable to find an Alpha to spend his life with, so he can only settle for the second best and choose Betas. However, a Beta’s gene is average and there is a two-thirds chance of only giving birth to a Beta from a pair of Beta and Omega.

Searle had always admired Major Jiang and was impressed that he could stand firm in the Imperial Army through his own efforts. So he was very sad for such a powerful person to suddenly become an Omega, and his body would become disabled.

In fact, his worries were completely unnecessary. Without the glands, he would not be in heat. This was simply too good for Jiang Li.

He couldn’t accept the thought of being an Omega that would make him want to seek happiness uncontrollably under the Alpha during heat. Now that his glands were removed, it would save him major trouble.

Reaching out and patting Searle’s shoulder, Jiang Li said, “I see, thanks for your and Dr.Kelly’s hard work in this period of time”

“It’s not hard!” Searle shook his head quickly, “It’s great that you can wake up! I’ll go tell Dr. Kelly right away and ask her to check your body again.”

Searle turned and walked out of the treatment room.

Jiang Li was the only one left in the room and as his body was still attached to the instruments, he could only continue to stay on the bed. He took the time to sort out the memories of the original host from the beginning.

Soon, Searle came back, and with him came a beautiful lady.

In the original host’s memory, Jiang Li learned that this lady was Dr. Kelly, Kelly Carter.

The original host had suffered a lot of injuries during fights on the battlefield over the years. Kelly had treated him many times and the two were good friends.

Hearing Searle say that he was awake, Kelly had put down her work and rushed over. After asking concerningly for a while, she checked him again from beginning to end to make sure that his body was fine.

After the inspection, Kelly took off the instrument cords from Jiang Li’s body and said sternly: “You are too reckless, in such a situation, it’s easy to get a bacterial infection and cause lesions! If not for Qiao Ya sending you back in time, you would have lost too much blood and died!”

Qiao Ya was the Beta subordinate who brought the original host back for treatment. He rushed back as soon as possible, but he was still a step too late.

The original host was gone and it was Jiang Li who woke up.

Jiang Li smiled reassuringly: “The situation was urgent at that time, I had no choice either.”

Under that situation, if the original host hadn’t acted decisively, all of them would be in danger.

Kelly also knew that what he said was right, but her friend almost lost her life and she was still a little scared. She scolded him more and told him the current condition of his body.

Regarding the condition of the glands, Jiang Li had already heard what Searle said, so he nodded and said, “I understand.”

Kelly was silent for a moment and asked worriedly, “What are you going to do?”

“Let’s see the reaction of the military first.” Jiang Li said, got off the bed, and moved his body, which was stiff after two months of sleep, “You’ll need to report my situation to your superior right?”

Kelly nodded, this could not be concealed.

“Noted.” Jiang Li nodded.

As an Omega, his identity was still a major in the military. Jiang Li couldn’t go anywhere now, so he could only wait for the notice from above in the hospital.

After his situation was reported, someone soon came down to check. After the situation was proved to be true, someone came to send him back to his residence.

The military left two Betas to take care of Jiang Li. Although it was said that they were taking care of him, they were actually monitoring him.

In the situation where he couldn’t call out System and the game tablet couldn’t be opened, Jiang Li didn’t know anything about the target he needed to capture, so he could only go with the flow.

Ten days after returning to his residence, Jiang Li received a letter of appointment to serve as a freshman instructor in District D of the Imperial Military Academy.

The Imperial Military Academy is divided into four districts: A, B, C, and D.

Area A is the gathering place for the best military cadets, all composed of powerful Alphas, followed by Area B, the third in Area C, and the worst in Area D.

The students in District D are composed of children of royal families and nobles. It was said that there were only more than 20 new students assigned that year, but two instructors had already been replaced within half a month of the start of the school, Moreover, it was the instructors who had resigned voluntarily.


Imperial Military Academy, Area D, Living Area.

In the quiet corridor, black military boots stepped on the floor, making the soft sound of footsteps.

The person stopped at the door of 201, opened the door with the key, and stepped in to see a few people sleeping in ugly positions inside.

His eyes swept across the faces of several people. Jiang Li didn’t bother to call them up one by one, he picked up the whistle and blew it hard.

A shrill whistle suddenly resounded throughout the dormitory, and several people who had been sleeping were so frightened that they sat up.

“Fuck, who is so…”

One of them scolded him when he opened his mouth. After seeing Jiang Li’s face, he swallowed the rest of the words and was stunned: “Ma…Major Jiang?”

Jiang Li played with the whistle in his hand: “I’ll give you guys five minutes, all of you gather at the training ground.”

After he finished speaking, he turned around planning to leave but his eyes inadvertently fell on the innermost bed and saw that the person above was still sleeping.

Someone noticed his gaze and called out to the person on the bed: “Heng ge, wake up.”

Lu Heng was wearing headphones and didn’t respond.

Jiang Li raised his hand to stop the person from going to pat him up. He walked over, stopped by Lu Heng’s bed, raised his foot, and kicked his leg: “Get up.”

Lu Heng turned over, hugged the blanket, and continued to sleep.

Jiang Li retracted his feet and moved his wrists. Under everyone’s stunned expressions, he raised his fist and smashed a hole in Lu Heng’s headboard on the spot.

“Bang——” With a loud noise, Lu Heng bounced off the bed and leaned against the wall with lingering fears. As soon as he looked up, he saw Jiang Li’s back facing the light, looking down at him, and he heard Jiang Li say in a slow and indifferent tone: “What useless trash, keep fucking sleeping.”

Lu Heng: “…”

One was sleeping on the bed when fists came down from the sky, almost scaring one to death.


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