Chapter 66 – It’s you who almost scared me to death, alright?! Weren’t you a weak chicken?

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In the blink of an eye, it was time for the monthly exam.

Feng Yu still remembered that when they were playing basketball before, Chi Fang promised Jiang Li that he would score 90 on the test. Besides, he heard that Jiang Li promised to raise all of Chi Fang’s test scores to the passing line in this monthly test in order to change his position. The day before the exam, he patted Chi Fang on the shoulder earnestly and said with a heavy face: “Chi ge, although I also sympathize with you, a man must keep his word. 90 points is 90 points, one less point is not 90 points! They don’t count as passing!”

“Yeah, Chi ge!”

“Chi ge, good luck, I’ll show you the answer!”

“Get lost, just with your standard and you still want to show Chi ge your answer.”

“My average score last semester was 20 points higher than Chi ge!”

“Wait, are you in the same exam venue as Chi ge?”

“I’m in Class 7, what about Chi ge?”

“I remember Chi ge is in Class 4, right? Those in Class 4 stand up.”

“Me, me, me! But… I copied Chi ge’s answer sheet last semester.”

“…Get lost, what’s the use of you!”

Others who were playing with them at the time also discussed aloud, trying to help Chi Fang pass the monthly exam.

Instead, the person involved, Chi Fang, was not nervous at all. Jiang Li was called over by the teacher. He sat on Jiang Li’s seat, leaning against the wall with his body bent, his foot overlapping another on his stool and he was calmly playing mobile games.

“Hey, Chi ge, why are you not worried at all?” Feng Yu asked.

“What’s there to worry about?” Chi Fang said without even looking up, “I rely on my ability.”

Seeing that he looked confident, everyone was silent for a while before saying with admiration, “As expected of Chi ge.”

“What are you all doing around here?”

Jiang Li’s voice came from behind and everyone looked back to see that he had come back from seeing the teacher at some point.

Feng Yu said: “We are talking about tomorrow’s exam. Everyone is very worried about this monthly exam. Chi ge, who’s indeed a giant among men, is the only one steady.”

Jiang Li laughed. “Don’t simply use idioms.”

As soon as Jiang Li came back, Chi Fang stopped playing his games. He kept the phone in his pocket, put his legs off the stool, gave him his seat, and waved to the others. “Why are you guys still around here? Dismiss, dismiss!”

Everyone dispersed.

Jiang Li went back to his seat and sat down. Chi Fang pulled his stool over to be next to him, took a piece of chocolate from the desk, tore it, and stuffed it into his mouth. “Tomorrow is the monthly test, you haven’t said what reward that I will receive if I pass.”

The sweet taste dissipated in his mouth and Jiang Li squinted his eyes. He turned to look at him, met his expectant eyes, and said with a smile, “So looking forward to it?”

“Not really either.” Chi Fang touched his nose, “Just a little bit.”

“If that’s the case….” Jiang Li nodded, “Then you won’t be rewarded.”

Chi Fang’s expression changed immediately after hearing this, “No way!”

For this monthly exam, he studied really hard. In addition to not letting Jiang Li lose his trust in front of Zhang Ling, he also wanted to ask for some rewards, such as kissing and touching…

“You said you want to give me a reward, you can’t break your promise.” Chi Fang half hugged Jiang Li, put his head by his ear, and said in a low voice, “If there is no reward, Jiang Li will do.”

Reward, Jiang Li.

How crazy that he came up with this idea.

“Get out of the way, it’s too hot.” Jiang Li reached out and pushed his head away.

“Why didn’t you complain that it’s hot when you hugged me to sleep last night?” Chi Fang snorted, his arms still resting on his waist with half the weight of his body resting on him.

It was common for boys who were in a good relationship to cuddle and hug each other. In winter, everyone would even huddle together in the same seat and stack on top of each other to keep warm. The actions of the two of them did not attract the attention of others. They only thought that the relationship between the two was good.

It was just that in the eyes of Feng Yu, who was the first insider of the relationship between the two, it looked different. No matter how Chi Fang put his arms around Jiang Li’s waist, he felt that it was out of bounds.

Chi Fang was holding Jiang Li’s waist begging for a reward. The phone in his pocket vibrated twice and he took it out with one hand and tapped to open it.

——Crazy Yuyu: Chi ge, Chi ge, be careful! The unpleasant smell of being in love has come to me! Be careful of coming out of the closet in front of the whole school! ! !

Chi Fang: “…”

Jiang Li also saw the message, pursed his lips, and smiled. He took away Chi Fang’s hand around his waist, squeezed his palm, and whispered, “Don’t worry, the reward is already ready, you will be satisfied.”

When Chi Fang heard what he said, the corners of his lips raised slightly and he put the phone back in his pocket.

On the day of the monthly exam, Chi Fang and Feng Yu were in the same exam room, but one was in the first row and the other was in the last row, separated by a distance like a river.

The first exam in the morning was Chinese Language. Room No.4 happened to be Zhang Ling proctoring the test and Chi Fang was sitting in the first position in the first row.

Zhang Ling still remembered Jiang Li’s words that he wanted to help Chi Fang raise his grades to the passing line. She also wanted to see the results. So during the exam, she could not help but pay more attention to Chi Fang. She stood beside him and watched him for a while. When she saw that he didn’t leave a large area of blank space under the questions, she nodded with satisfaction.

As soon as the monthly exam was over, Zhang Ling gathered the students from the Senior 2 Class 1 and announced that they would go for an autumn field trip the next day. The location was set at a rural inn in the suburban area, where they would organize everyone for a self-serve barbecue.

At first, everyone only thought that they would not have to go to class because of the autumn field trip, but they didn’t expect to be able to play in a rural inn. As soon as Zhang Ling finished speaking, the atmosphere in the class immediately became lively.

“Abbess, you’re so kind to me! I love you! Mua! Heart gesture!”

Feng Yu shouted loudly and after shouting, he realized that he had called Zhang Ling’s nickname out of excitement. After he finished speaking, the noisy classroom instantly became quiet and he saw Zhang Ling’s face as black as the bottom of a pot. They silently cast a “Warrior, good luck out there” look at Feng Yu.

“Teacher, I was wrong… aiyo!”

Before Feng Yu finished speaking, Zhang Ling grabbed the end of the chalk and smashed it on his head accurately, pointing at him with a cold expression. “Feng Yu, write a 3000-word review and hand it over to me after school.”


Seeing Feng Yu’s pale face, the others covered their mouths desperately to hold back their laughter.

Chi Fang held his face with one hand, looked at Feng Yu, and scolded, “Dumb ass.”

After the evening self-study, Chi Fang and Jiang Li rode their bikes back as usual. Jiang Li didn’t go back to the house with Chi Fang. The two agreed to have fun some time after the class autumn field trip the next day. So he had to go home to pack clean clothes.

At the fork in the road, Chi Fang supported the bicycle on one foot and said to Jiang Li, “Then I’ll go look for you tomorrow.”

“Okay, I’ll leave first. “Jiang Li nodded and rode away first.

Chi Fang stood behind and watched his back disappear at the intersection before cycling away, whistling along the way in a very good mood.

After Chi Fang reached home, Jiang Nuomi squatted on the shoe cabinet and saw him come in alone and stretched out its head to look behind him hard. “Meow?”

After confirming a relationship with Jiang Li, Chi Fang asked Jiang Li to stay at his home almost every day on the grounds of making up classes. So this would not only make him happy but also Jiang Nuomi.

Seeing him come back alone today, Jiang Nuomi jumped down from the counter in doubt, walked to the door, and looked around for a while.

“Stop looking, your dad didn’t come today.”

Chi Fang carried it up from behind, closed the door with one hand, carried it to the sofa, pressed its belly with one hand, and smiled maliciously. “I’m going to do something to you, this little kitty today, see who’s able to save you.”

Jiang Nuomi: “Meow?”

Hence, it was another cat and human fight.

In the end, the old man wasn’t able to bear seeing it and scolded Chi Fang for a while before returning to his room with Jiang Nuomi in his arms.

Chi Fang patted the cat hair on his clothes, went back to the room, and took off his clothes to take a bath.

The first thing he did when he returned to the room after washing up was to go onto the Internet and video-call Jiang Li. He didn’t answer the first time, so he called a second time. This time Jiang Li picked up.

Jiang Li had just taken a shower, his hair was still wet and he was wearing a white T-shirt. He looked around and asked Chi Fang, “Why are you alone? What about Jiang Nuomi?”

“Grandpa took it away.” Chi Fang said, looking at Jiang Li in the video.

Maybe it was because he had just taken a shower, but Jiang Li didn’t wear glasses. He was short-sighted by more than 700 degrees. When watching the video, he subconsciously narrowed his eyes slightly. His eyes looked like he was in a daze and also looked very obedient and innocent.

Chi Fang felt itchy in his heart and wanted to reach out to squeeze his face, so he said, “Come closer.”

“What do you wanna do?” Jiang Li’s face approached.

“Pinch your face.” Chi Fang stretched out his hand and pinched it vaguely, “soft.”

“…” Jiang Li was a little speechless, but also felt it was a little funny, “Crazy.”

It was past eleven o’clock now and they had to go out the next day, so the two went offline after chatting for a while.

Jiang Li just logged out of the PC’s WeChat when he heard System say, “Lord Host, I have something to say but I don’t know if I should say it or not.”

“Say it then.” Jiang Li stretched out his hand, picked up the glasses beside him, put them on, and clicked on the webpage he had closed earlier.

System sighed: “Watching Host and the male lead fall in love, I somehow feel like I’m reading a campus romance novel.”

Jiang Li heard the words and laughed. “Aren’t you guys just a dating simulation game?”

“That’s true too.”

There was a stock chart on the computer web page. After reading the current data, Jiang Li turned off the computer and went back to his room to rest.

The next day, Jiang Li got up and packed his things and was about to go out to meet Chi Fang at the appointed time. Unexpectedly, as soon as he twisted the doorknob, the door was suddenly pushed open from the outside. The door slammed into him, almost knocking him down. Fortunately, he had held onto the wall on one side in time.

After standing up by holding the wall, Jiang Li looked up and saw three men coming in from outside. One of them asked him aloud, “You’re Jiang Li?”

The three of them didn’t look like they were good people in terms of appearance and how they were dressed, but rather like some friends in the gangster community.

Jiang Li took a step back vigilantly and looked at them. “Who are you guys? What do you want to do?”

“I didn’t expect Jiang debt dodger himself to be useless, but the son he gave birth to is fair and beautiful.” The man in the lead sized up Jiang Li with a cigarette between his fingers, “Your father owes us money and ran away, and now we can’t find him, so only you can make up for it.”

The last time Jiang Li saw Father Jiang was on the TV news and that was when he invited Chi Fang and Feng Yu to eat hot pot. He saw the news that some nightclub was captured because of drugs and he had never seen him since.

He didn’t expect that someone would take him to pay off his debts today because his father owed money.

“It’s Jiang Hai’s business for owing money, it has nothing to do with me.” Jiang Li looked directly at the other party, his hand supporting the wall stretched out to the back of the door and touched the half wooden stick hidden behind the door. His expression was still calm as he said, “I’m just a student, and I don’t have any money on me.”

“It doesn’t matter if you don’t have money, as long as you can earn it.” The man said, looking at Jiang Li with a bit of obscenity in his eyes, “A high school student like you, many people like it very much.”

Jiang Li heard someone mention once that there was a red-light district in the southern area. There was an alley that was full of prostitute businesses, which were very messy and filthy. There were many students from technical schools working there.

These people probably also came from there.

Jiang Li was a little concerned and quietly held the wooden stick in his hand. “I repeat, I have no money. If you guys don’t leave, I will call the police.”

As soon as the man heard that he was going to call the police, he made a signal to the other two. “Go.”

The other two rushed towards Jiang Li. Jiang Li saw an opportunity, kicked and flipped one of them with one foot. At the same time, he clenched the stick and smashed it hard on the other’s head, directly making the person bleed.


The leader didn’t expect him to suddenly make a move, so he took a few steps back, avoiding the falling body of his companion, and pointed at Jiang Li: “You…”

“What I?” Jiang Li looked at him with a stick and smiled, “Aren’t you going to take me away? Let’s see if you have the skills to do so.”


On the other side, Chi Fang waited for a while at the entrance of the alley, but he didn’t see Jiang Li coming down and no one answered the phone, so he simply found a place to park his bicycle and went up to find him in person.

When he got upstairs, Chi Fang found out that the door of Jiang Li’s house was open and there was a faint voice inside.

Chi Fang was a little puzzled. He walked to the door and looked inside. He happened to see Jiang Li clasping a man’s arm with one hand while grabbing his hair and pressing him against the wall with another. Jiang Li’s strength was so huge that the man’s face was deformed and his blue and swollen face had a painful expression.

And there were two young men rolling and lying on the ground.

Jiang Li clasped the man’s arm and put some force on the hand grasping his hair, forcing him to raise his head and he said in a cold tone, “Didn’t you say that you were going to take me away with an arrogant tone just now? Why don’t you say anything now, hmm?”

Jiang Li’s appearance at this time was completely different from usual. His face was indifferent and cruel. Chi Fang couldn’t help but be a little stunned and subconsciously called out to him: “Jiang Li?”

Jiang Li’s movements paused and when he turned back to see Chi Fang, he was also stunned for a moment. Seeing that his gaze landed on the person in his hand, he immediately released his grasp. Without looking at the other party’s limp body, he looked at Chi Fang and said with a sigh of relief, “Why did you only come here now?! They scared me to death.”

Chi Fang: “…”

It’s you who almost scared me to death, alright?!


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