Chapter 64 – The sky was going to rain and his brother was going to become gay.

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There was a 20-minute break after the second lesson. Jiang Li took advantage of this time to find Zhang Ling and plan to apply to change back to his original seat.

As soon as he left, Chi Fang pushed his new tablemate. “Tongxue, get up, get up, pack up and go back to your previous seat.”

New tablemate: “…” I feel like a brick, being moved to anywhere needed.

After the new tablemate packed up, Chi Fang went over and carried back all Jiang Li’s books and backpack. As he passed Xu Haowen’s location, he tilted his head and squinted at the other party, feeling like a winner.

As it had only been a day after the change of seats, Zhang Ling felt puzzled that Jiang Li wanted to switch back suddenly and asked him why.

Jiang Li couldn’t say that he and Chi Fang were in a relationship now. If he wanted to sit together, he could only use Chi Fang as an excuse, saying that sitting back would help Chi Fang improve his academic performance.

“Improve his academic performance?” Zhang Ling repeated, “Are you sure it’s you who’s going to improve him, not him pulling you down? Jiang Li, you need to think about it clearly.”

Knowing that she was saying it for his own good, Jiang Li smiled gently. “Don’t worry, as long as I don’t want to, no one can lower my grades.”

His smile was confident but not arrogant. Zhang Ling stared at him for a while, her eyes gradually softened from seriousness, she then waved her hand and said, “Okay, go back.”

Saying it this way meant she had agreed. Jiang Li bent down slightly, said “Thank you, Teacher Zhang”, and turned to leave. Before he reached the door, she heard Zhang Ling say from behind, “Chi Fang is very smart, you’ll need to work hard and put more effort into helping him.”

Jiang Li turned his head and saw that she was correcting homework with her head lowered, her waist straight, but a lot of gray hair was mixed in with the black hair that was tucked in at the back of her head.

“I understand.”

Jiang Li responded and left the office.

On the other side, as soon as Chi Fang moved Jiang Li’s things back, Feng Yu dragged him to the top floor of the teaching building and asked him what was going on with him and Jiang Li.

The wind on the roof was a bit strong, Chi Fang pulled the bloated shirt caused by the wind, tilted his head, glanced at him, and corrected his address: “What Jiang Li, Call Sao zi1 sister-in-law .

“What happened to you and your Sao zi…”

Halfway through his words – as if suddenly being silenced – Feng Yu stared at Chi Fang in a stunned manner, before recovering his voice after a long time, “Sao zi?!! What the fuck!”

“Fuck your ass!”

“No, I mean did you guys really hook up?!!!!!!!”

Chi Fang’s eardrums were about to burst when he shouted, so he reached out and pressed his ears. “Shut up, Lao zi‘s eardrums are vibrated out by you.”

“How did he suddenly become Sao zi?!”

Although Feng Yu felt that the atmosphere between Chi Fang and Jiang Li was a bit gay recently, he was just talking big and teasing them. His good brother suddenly turned gay so he wasn’t able to react for a while. “Where on earth did you guys go earlier? What happened? Why don’t I know anything?”

What happened……

His question reminded Chi Fang of what happened in the woods in the morning.

At that time, Jiang Li’s sudden words of “I like you” made Chi Fang stunned. He stared blankly at Jiang Li and forgot to react. When he came back to his senses, he had already pressed Jiang Li against the wall and kissed him.

Growing up to this age, Chi Fang had never liked anyone and had never had a relationship with anyone, so naturally, he had never kissed anyone.

He pressed Jiang Li’s hand, and in ecstasy, he completely forgot all the comics he had read before and only cared about kissing the other party’s soft lips in a random manner, which was eager and clumsy.

Jiang Li broke free from his hand, wrapped his hands behind his neck, opened his mouth slightly, and guided him to stick his tongue in.

With their lips and tongues intertwined, Chi Fang completely forgot where he was. He heard the ambiguous sound of smooching in his ears, as well as their intense heartbeats.

“Chi ge? Chi ge!!”

The sudden high-pitched voice brought Chi Fang back to his senses. Seeing Feng Yu’s face enlarged in front of his eyes, he reflexively took a step back and pulled open the distance between them. “Why are you so close to me?”

Feng Yu said innocently. “I see you blushing, I want to touch you to see if you have a fever.”

I’m not having a fever, I’m horny. 2 Pun intended, fever (fā shāo) horny (fā sāo)

Chi Fang said in his heart, just remembering the process of kissing Jiang Li in the morning, he felt hot all over. Even the soles of his feet were numb and he wanted to kiss him once again and lick his lips again.

“Seriously, Chi ge, are you guys really going to have a relationship?” Feng Yu stopped joking and his tone became serious, “Think clearly, you are both male.”

Chi Fang propped both of his hands on the railing and gave an “En”.

Seeing him admit it, Feng Yu’s tone was a little emotional, “Really?! Do you know how difficult this path is?”

Chi Fang tilted his head and glanced at him. “You said as if you’ve taken this path before.”

“I haven’t taken it before, but I’ve heard of it!”

Feng Yu had a good relationship with his sister, so naturally, he knew more about this aspect than Chi Fang. Whether it was a danmei novel or a danmei comic, most of the fictional stories of two men’s love would be better than reality, but it was different in real life.

This could be seen from the fact that Jiang Li was ridiculed and ostracized by others just because he expressed his affection for Xu Haowen in his diary. In reality, people were not so tolerant and they usually wouldn’t accept people or things that were not in line with the world. It was fine if people just watched from the sidelines, but there might be people who would make things even worse.

Feng Yu didn’t discriminate or oppose homosexuality. As long as it was none of his business, he would be too lazy to care, but Chi Fang and Jiang Li were both his brothers and he didn’t want them to take such a path that was not recognized by the world.

Feng Yu looked at Chi Fang with a serious expression. “Chi ge, if it were someone else, I wouldn’t say a word, but you are my brother. I don’t want you to indulge yourself on a whim, it’s not worth it.”

Although Chi Fang only transferred to the No.2 middle school in the first year of high school, he and Feng Yu had known each other since childhood. When Mother Chi was still alive, she would bring Chi Fang to Jiangcheng County to live with the old man for a period of time every summer. Feng Yu’s family used to live in the same community as the old man and the two of them also learned the way of the ancients and swore to be brothers.

In Chi Fang’s impression, Feng Yu had always been cheeky and carefree and had never spoken to him so seriously before.

Feng Yu said that if he were someone else, he would not say a word, but Chi Fang was his brother. In fact, it was the same for Chi Fang. If someone else said these words, he wouldn’t care at all, but Feng Yu was different.

The two looked at each other for a while and Chi Fang reached out and patted Feng Yu’s head. “Don’t worry about it.”

Feng Yu: “Chi ge...”

“It’s not on impulse.” Chi Fang looked at the sky, his tone was light, but firm, “It was a decision after careful consideration.”

It was the determination and love that he had never had before. Just thinking of being able to be with him every day in the future, he couldn’t help but feel happy.

When the two returned to the classroom, Jiang Li had already sat back to his original position.

After Chi Fang saw him, he quickened his pace a little bit, and Feng Yu – who was left behind by him – sighed. The sky was going to rain and his brother was going to become gay, he couldn’t stop any of them.

Chi Fang went back to his seat and sat down. Jiang Li saw his messy hair blown by the wind. “Where have you been?”

“The top floor.” Chi Fang said, “Has Miejue Abbess made things difficult for you?”

“Call her teacher, don’t simply call nicknames.” Jiang Li corrected him, “She didn’t make things hard for me, but I promised her one thing.”


“I’ll need all your grades to reach the passing line in this monthly exam.” Jiang Li said as he took out the books and put them in front of him, “So from today onwards, you better study hard for me.”

Chi Fang: “…” No wonder she didn’t make things hard for you, she just made things hard for me.

Before class in the afternoon, Zhang Ling came to the classroom and informed everyone that the leaders of the Provincial Department of Education would arrive at Jiangcheng County tomorrow. Everyone must pay attention to their appearance and manners. They must not be late or leave early, let alone fight and cause trouble.

After Zhang Ling finished speaking, she looked at the students under the podium with a serious face and raised her voice slightly, “Did you hear clearly?”

“Yes!” Everyone replied in unison.

Zhang Ling nodded, her face relaxing slightly. “When the monthly exam is over, our class will organize an autumn field trip. You guys can discuss where to go and report your opinions to Xu Haowen.”

Although it was said that most of the students in Senior 2 Class 1 were from the county, and the scenic spots in the small county were also mostly visited, but when everyone heard that they could go out for the autumn field trip without having to attend class, they still collectively said “wow”! They immediately discussed with each other and the enthusiasm they set off seemed to be showing that they were going for the field trip tomorrow.

When Jiang Li came to this world, apart from attending classes and working part-time, he hadn’t really gone out to play; so he leaned over and asked Chi Fang, “Is there anywhere fun here?”

“There’s nothing fun, this place is too small.” Chi Fang turned his head to look at him, “You wanna go and play?”

Jiang Li nodded. “A little bit.”

Chi Fang thought for a while: “There is a hot spring in Wuxia Mountain…”

“Quiet!” Zhang Ling knocked on the table on the podium, “Discuss after class if you guys have any ideas. Don’t make loud noises and disturb other classes, especially Feng Yu.”

Feng Yu: “…” I haven’t started making noise yet, teacher.

After the evening self-study, Feng Yu said that he was going to have a late-night supper to celebrate Chi Fang and Jiang Li being in a relationship.

There was a snack street at the back of the school. The three found a barbecue stall and sat down, ordering a bunch of skewers and a few bottles of drinks.

Feng Yu originally wanted beer, but they were still wearing school uniforms, so he could only give up. He unscrewed the orange juice and poured a glass for each person. Then, he picked it up and said to Jiang Li and Chi Fang, “We’ve promised to be single dogs but you guys secretly held hands, this glass is for your relationship, this act of internal digestion is also quite showy.” 3 internal digestion: finding a partner within their friend circle, and hence digesting internally.

Jiang Li was teased by him, he then raised the glass. Chi Fang also laughed, raised the glass, and clinked against him.

After supper, Feng Yu took a taxi and left first.

Chi Fang unlocked the bicycle, held the front of the bicycle and asked Jiang Li, “Do you want to see Jiang Nuomi? You haven’t been here for a few days, and the little bastard is waiting for you at the door every day.”

It was later than eleven now, if he went to Chi Fang’s house now he could only stay the night there, but Jiang Li really missed the little guy, so he nodded: “Okay.”

The two rode the bicycle back to the community. As usual, when they went upstairs and opened the door, they saw Jiang Nuomi guarding the shoe cabinet.

Seeing Jiang Li, the little guy was stunned for a moment, and after it came back to its senses, it jumped into Jiang Li’s arms and called out in grievance.

Jiang Li was afraid that it would fall, so he quickly held it with both hands and wrapped it in his arms.

Chi Fang locked the door behind him, pushing Jiang Li’s shoulders as he walked in. Jiang Li was carrying Jiang Nuomi as he turned around. “Wait, I haven’t changed my shoes yet.”

“No need to change.”

Chi Fang’s voice sounded a little anxious, he pushed Jiang Li back into the room, took Jiang Nuomi from his arms, put it outside the door, and looked at it condescendingly. “Go out and stay there properly, Light. Bulb.”

After saying that, he closed the door with a bang.

Jiang Nuomi: “???”

  • 1
  • 2
    Pun intended, fever (fā shāo) horny (fā sāo)
  • 3
    internal digestion: finding a partner within their friend circle, and hence digesting internally.


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