Chapter 48 – Are you sure you want to help people instead of taking advantage of being near me?

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What was the feeling of receiving two good person cards from the same person in a short period of time? It was indescribable for Chi Fang. He was too lazy to care about Jiang Li, so he pulled open the glass door of the cafe and went out, Feng Yu hurried to follow.

Since this encounter in the cafe by chance, Chi Fang’s favorability rose to 10% and was finally not zero anymore.

System said congratulations and was a little helpless towards Jiang Li’s attitude of capturing by letting nature take its course. If Host was willing to take the initiative like capturing Jiang Zhan in the last world, the favorability would have long increased.

Towards this, Jiang Li said that he was not in a hurry, his priority was to study well first.

System: You are clearly earning money diligently…

Jiang Li: I can only study well after earning money.

System: …

In the blink of an eye, Jiang Li had been working in the cafe for two weeks, during which Chi Fang and Feng Yu came to the cafe twice. Sometimes they would also order delivery and ask Jiang Li to send it to them while they were playing games in the Internet cafe on the upper floor and couldn’t leave. They were indeed teenagers who were heavily addicted to the Internet.

One time, Feng Yu proposed to add Jiang Li’s WeChat and said that he would directly send him a message when he wanted to order. Jiang Li said his phone didn’t have WeChat and asked him to call the cafe’s landline.

Feng Yu took Jiang Li’s phone to look over and over several times. He didn’t expect that now elementary school students were already using smartphones, and yet Jiang Li, a high school student, was still using the old-fashioned phone. How retro.

However, Chi Fang then associated with the situation of Jiang Li and found that he was really poor.

As for Father Jiang, since the day of the conflict with Jiang Li, he left and did not return. Jiang Li didn’t care about his whereabouts, it was best if he didn’t come back. Jiang Li would need to think about how to deal with Father Jiang if he did. 

Since Jiang Li came to this world, he was slowly changing the original host’s social circle. He would no longer avoid the neighbors, and occasionally greeted them when he met them.

As he changed, the neighbors’ attitudes slowly softened; no longer seeing him only as debt dodger Jiang’s son but as an ordinary high school student.

Once a person’s state of mind had changed, one would also start to treat people differently. In the eyes of the residents of the old city area, Jiang Li’s status changed from “debt dodger Jiang’s kid is no good” to “a poor kid who is self-reliant without parental love”. Sometimes when some aunts saw him, they would even give him some fruits and vegetables that they grew.

Except for the slow progress of the capture, everything was going quite well.

One day, Jiang Li got off the morning shift, greeted his colleagues, and left the cafe.

The morning shift was from 10 am to 6:30 pm, it took a while to hand over the shift, and Jiang Li came out of the store at almost 7 pm. However, he had eaten cake in the afternoon at the store, so he wasn’t hungry at this time. He went up to the fourth floor of the central building, intending to go to the bookstore to find a few books of exercises used in senior three.

As soon as the elevator door opened, Jiang Li saw Chen Jialin walking into the elevator with some friends. When the other party saw him, his feet took a step back, and his expression was wary.

Since Jiang Li beat up Chen Jialin once in the toilet, he did not take the initiative to find Jiang Li’s trouble again and even would keep a distance from Jiang Li in school.

As long as he didn’t seek death, Jiang Li wouldn’t take the initiative to provoke him, ignoring his presence and walking towards the bookstore. 

Chen Jialin stood at the back, looking at him with a gloomy gaze.

Seeing this, the friend with him asked out loud, “Who is that?”

“A classmate.” Chen Jialin withdrew his gaze and walked towards the elevator. Just after he took two steps forward, he suddenly stopped and asked one of them, “Xiao Dong, I remember you said that your cousin is very familiar with the boss of Yunchuang Vocational High School, right?”

“Yes, why?” The man asked.

“Nothing.” Chen Jialin smiled with ill-intentions, looked back in the direction of Jiang Li, hooked his arm around the man’s neck, and said, “I just want to have a drink with him sometime, you tell your cousin to give him my message, say I’ll invite them to dinner.”

“Okay! I’ll arrange it for you.”

Chen Jialin touched his abdomen –  which had been bruised by Jiang Li –  sneered, and went into the elevator with the others.

Jiang Li entered the bookstore and went straight to the information section to find the books he needed.

While he was picking out books, an old man wearing a cotton and linen button-up shirt brought over some books and asked in a kind tone, “Hello kid, are you a student?”

“I am.” Jiang Li put down the book in his hand and nodded to him.

“How old are you?”


“That’s right!” The old man said with a smile on his face, “I want to find two English tutorials for my grandson, but after reading them for a long time, this old man can’t understand what’s in them. Can you help me pick two out?”


Jiang Li took the book in his hand and flipped through it. He found that the books he took included intensive elementary school English and basic middle school English, so he said, “Old man, how old is your grandson?”

“Seventeen years old.” The old man said, “A high school student, just like you, ready to go to the second year of high school.”

“…” Jiang Li flipped through the book, “Old man, the books you took are all basic English books. It may not be suitable for high school students, let me pick two books for you.”

“I want basic English books, there is nothing wrong with them.” The old man laughed, his tone was a bit helpless, “My grandson’s foundation is poor, he probably can’t read high school English. I thought about buying some simple ones for him to try.”

“So it’s like that, ah.” Jiang Li thought for a moment, “What is your grandson’s usual English score?”

“Sixty.” The old man made a hand gesture.

Jiang Li: “…”

The full score for high school English was one hundred and fifty points. The old man’s grandson only scored sixty points, his foundation was indeed very poor. He probably only relied on multiple-choice questions for most of his scores.

The old man seemed to notice that Jiang Li was a bit speechless and said smilingly, “Actually, my grandson’s brain is really good, he’s just not willing to learn, really.”

From his tone, Jiang Li heard how much he favored his grandson; and although he was not satisfied with his grandson’s academic performance, he was not overly harsh and came to the bookstore by himself to help his grandson select tutorials.

“Then I’ll help you pick some of all levels.” Jiang Li suggested.

“Okay, thank you.” The old man’s plump face was full of smiles, just like a Maitreya Buddha, making people feel very friendly.

Jiang Li helped the old man pick out the books while sorting them into categories, which one to learn first were marked in order. The old man listened very attentively and took out a small notebook from his pocket to write them down one by one.

After picking out the books, Jiang Li saw that he was so serious – obviously very concerned about his grandson’s learning – so he said, “Old man, I suggest you enroll your grandson in a remedial class. If his foundation is too poor, it is not very useful to just read books.”

And your grandson might not be able to read.

Jiang Li didn’t say this out loud, afraid of hurting the old man’s heart. For the person who could only score 60 points out of a 150 point paper, his foundation must be really poor.

“Hey, I’ve wanted him to join remedial classes for a long time, but he refused to, ah.” The old man sighed, “There’s a remedial class near my house. I heard that the teachers there are particularly good. I went to know more about it, the teachers were even chatting in English, how awesome!”

As he continued his words, his initial smiling face became a bit sad, touching the books Jiang Li picked for him, shaking his head: “But he just doesn’t want to go, I can’t force him, right? He’s almost an adult, he has his own thoughts.”

Jiang Li nodded, expressing understanding, and was about to comfort this old man with a few words when a voice suddenly came from the side, “Hello.”

A foreigner with pale skin and blond hair stood next to Jiang Li and made several gestures to him, asking for help.

The other party was probably afraid that Jiang Li couldn’t understand English, and expressed himself in both English and Chinese, but it was confusing. His expression was somewhat anxious. Jiang Li was a little confused, so he simply talked to him in English.

The foreigner had asked three people in a row, but they couldn’t understand him at all. Once he heard Jiang Li speaking to him in fluent English, his eyes lit up.

The two communicated for a while, and the foreigner gratefully said several words of thanks to Jiang Li in broken Chinese before leaving.

After the foreigner left, Jiang Li turned around and found the old man still standing by. The sadness on his face had been swept away, and he was looking at him with a burning passion in his eyes that could not be ignored, which made a chill run down Jiang Li’s spine. “… Old man, is there anything else I can help you with?”

“Yes!” The old man suddenly took Jiang Li’s hand and said in an excited tone, “You must be very good at English, right? How much did you score on the exam?”

“More than a hundred points.” Jiang Li said a number in a matter-of-fact way.

“More than a hundred points? That’s twice as much as my grandson!” The old man looked at him in amazement and said as he gave a thumbs-up, “You’re really something, little student! Which school are you from?”

“I’m from the No.2 middle school.”

“No.2 middle school? My grandson is also from your No.2 high school, you guys are schoolmates, it’s really fate!” The old man exclaimed repeatedly as if it was indeed fate that brought them together from a thousand miles.

Jiang Li was afraid that he would suddenly start singing in the next sentence, so he quickly asked, “You haven’t said what you need my help with.”

The old man said, “I want to ask you to tutor my grandson, do you think it will work?”

“??” Jiang Li thought he had heard wrong and looked at the other party with wide eyes, “You’re asking me to tutor your grandson?”

“Yes yes yes. The brat refused to go to remedial classes, and the tutor I found for him before was pissed off by him and left, so I thought you guys could get along since you are the same age. Not only in the same school, but also in the same grade.”

The more he said, the more he felt his idea was perfect: “It’s summer vacation, you don’t have to tutor for long, just a month.”

Jiang Li: “I’m really sorry, I’m really not suitable.”

“Don’t worry, I can pay you according to the tuition fee of the remedial classes. If my brat makes progress, I’ll additionally pay you a bonus, do you think that’s fine?”

“It’s not about the money.” Jiang Li didn’t know if he should laugh or cry. Although he did need money, now he was doing quite well in the cafe. Sometimes he was busy and needed to work all day shifts, he simply didn’t have extra time to give tutorials to others.

“What’s the problem, then? Just promise me, if you have any problems, I’ll try to solve them for you.” The old man patted his chest.

Jiang Li shook his head: “I think I may not be suitable to tutor others, you …”

The old man interrupted him: “My grandson’s name is Chi Fang, the sixth class of the No. 2 high school. You guys are in the same school, maybe you know him.”

Jiang Li’s words stopped and looked at the old man, “What did you say your grandson’s name was?”

The old man: “Chi Fang.”

Chi. Fang.

Jiang Li repeated these two words and felt that he had achieved what he wanted without any effort.

This is great!

Jiang Li raised a smile and said to the old man, “Old man, although I think I may not be suitable to tutor others, the teacher said that helping people is the essence of happiness. Besides, Chi Fang and I are even schoolmates. I am willing to give it a try, and if there is a need for other subjects, I can also help.”

Old man: “That’s great!”

System said, “No matter which world Host goes to, Host is always a fickle man.”

Jiang Li smiled: What nonsense, I’m doing this to live.

As Jiang Li and the old man agreed on this matter, they exchanged their contact information. He had a night shift the next day and would only start working at 6 pm. He had promised the old man that he would go to his house at 10 am to tutor Chi Fang for two hours.

Jiang Li was really looking forward to Chi Fang’s reaction when he saw him.

The next day, the old man forbade Chi Fang to leave the house and only told him about the tutoring once it was almost time for Jiang Li to come.

When Chi Fang heard that the old man had found another English tutor for him, he felt a headache. And when he knew that the other party was in the same school and grade as him, he couldn’t help but frown and shout towards the old man who was boiling soup in the kitchen, “Grandpa, you’re not being fooled, are you? You also believe in high school students as tutors.”

“No, no, that little kid is very impressive. He can even talk to foreigners in English.” The old man was very relieved with Jiang Li and waved his hand, “And as soon as he heard that he was tutoring you, he agreed without another word!”


Chi Fang really couldn’t think of anyone who would say yes as soon as they heard his name, but there were a whole lot of people who would run away as soon as they heard it.

Could it be Nan Yin?

The thought that it might be Nan Yin gave Chi Fang a headache and he pondered how he would say no later.

The doorbell of the house rang just as he was thinking. The old man heard it and urged Chi Fang, “It must be your tutor who has arrived, go and open the door.”

Chi Fang pouted his mouth, got up from the sofa, walked towards the door slowly, and pulled it open.

The person standing outside the door was Jiang Li, and when he saw Chi Fang open the door, he smiled at him: “Hello, Chi Fang tongxue.”

“How is it you?” Chi Fang was stunned, he remembered that he had not told Jiang Li his home address, “How do you know this is my house?”

“Xiao Li is here!” The old man’s voice came from the house, “Come in quickly.”

“Okay.” Jiang Li replied towards the direction of the house.

Chi Fang looked back to take a glance and turned back to Jiang Li, he suddenly realized that he was the tutor that Grandpa said he hired for him.

The old man came out of the house and smilingly said to Jiang Li, “I’m counting on you, thanks for the hard work.”

“It’s not hard.” Jiang Li said, “Helping people is the essence of happiness.”

Chi Fang: “…”

Once you heard my name you agreed, are you sure you want to help people instead of taking advantage of being near me?


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