Chapter 35 – I just need to firmly grasp onto you, then what is yours is mine

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Since Jiang Zhan received the message from Butler Chen, he had been calling Jiang Li several times while he was on the way, but Jiang Li didn’t answer, which made Jiang Zhan a bit worried. He rushed all the way and didn’t expect to see the situation that was happening in front of him.

The words “Don’t you all move, I’m claiming my last tile!” said with full dominance came from his mother who was usually dignified and magnanimous. While the person he had been worried about was sitting beside his mother, and next to him was Miss Shen Yan and Butler Chen who had sent him the message.

There was neither a conflict or a quarrel going on, instead, the four of them were sitting around together and playing mahjong with great enthusiasm.

The sound of him pushing the door in was so loud that it drew the attention of the four people who were concentrating on mahjong, and they all looked over at the same time.

When Butler Chen saw him, he stood up from his seat and called out “Young Master”, while Shen Yan waved and called out “Brother Jiang”.

Jiang Li felt slightly surprised by his appearance and winked his left eye at him.

Mrs. Jiang seemed to have expected that Butler Chen would report the incident to Jiang Zhan, so she didn’t seem surprised to see him. She only looked up at him, lowered her head to even out the mahjong, and casually said, “Just in time, come here.”

Jiang Zhan walked over, lowered his head, and looked at their chips. Mrs. Jiang had won the most, followed by Shen Yan, Butler Chen, and Jiang Li had lost the most.

He remembered that Jiang Li was very good at playing mahjong. When he was playing with Shen Yuzhi and the three of them the last time, they were no match for him. How come he’s losing so badly now? 

Mrs. Jiang noticed his gaze and inclined her head to look at Jiang Li, “Jiang Li is almost losing it all, right?”

“I’m almost there.” Jiang Li stacked up the mahjong and laughed, “If I keep playing, I’ll lose all the money from the advertisement I just shot today.”

“Your skill is too poor.” Mrs. Jiang pointed at him with her finger, hoping that he would improve, and said to Jiang Zhan who was standing at the side, “Why are you still standing there, make up for it.”

She meant to ask him to make up the money Jiang Li lost and continue playing.

Jiang Zhan was very confused, but he still remained expressionless and looked at Jiang Li who was looking at him with expectation. He took out his wallet and put it next to Jiang Li’s hand. Jiang Li casually picked it up and smiled obediently at him, “Thank you boss, gong xi fa cai.”

Jiang Zhan reached out and squeezed the back of his neck lightly as a punishment. Jiang Li shrank his neck and waved his hand away, signaling with his eyes that he shouldn’t do anything weird in front of the elders.

Jiang Zhan didn’t say anything, he pulled out a chair and sat down next to him.

The two people’s actions were noticed by Mrs. Jiang. The corner of her gaze lightly swept over Jiang Zhan for a moment, but she didn’t say anything, and only said faintly, “Let’s start.”

They only ended in the evening after dinner. 

Before leaving, Shen Yan reluctantly took Jiang Li’s hand, hoping to meet him next time. She asked Jiang Li if she could visit him during shoots and ensured that she wouldn’t cause him any trouble.

In this world, although Jiang Li and Shen Yan were the same age, counting it from his previous life, Jiang Li’s actual age was much older than hers. The young girl was beautiful and had a favorable personality. After spending their time in a day of mahjong, he had subconsciously treated her as his sister. He agreed to her request of visiting during his shoots and even caressed Shen Yan’s head in the end. 

When Jiang Zhan, who was beside him saw this, he had drunk a whole bottle of vinegar. He then thought, why not just let Jiang Li and Shen Yan get engaged instead of him? 

After Shen Yan left, Jiang Li and Jiang Zhan sent Mrs. Jiang to her car before the two walked to the place where Jiang Zhan parked his car.

When they reached home, Jiang Zhan asked what happened today and why his mother’s conversation with Jiang Li ended up playing mahjong together, as it was too unimaginable.

“I also think it’s a bit unbelievable.” Jiang Li smiled as he shook his head.

When he learned that Shen Yan was his fan and Shen Yuzhi’s sister, Jiang Li was very surprised, he didn’t expect to meet Jiang Zhan’s mother and his so-called ‘marriage partner’ all in one day.

Shen Yan didn’t know the relationship between Jiang Li and Jiang Zhan. Once the girl saw Jiang Li, her whole person switched into fan mode. She made a whole series of confessions as a true fan, which made Jiang Li and Mrs. Jiang a little confused.

However, it was also her appearance that broke the confrontation between Jiang Li and Mrs. Jiang and eased the atmosphere.

After confessing to Jiang Li, Shen Yan asked how Mrs. Jiang knew him. Before Mrs. Jiang had a chance to answer, Shen Yan made up her own story of an older fan chasing her idol. She thought that Mrs. Jiang was the same as herself, who also liked the dramas in which Jiang Li played and asked him to come out to meet her. Hence, she pulled Mrs. Jiang out for another round of fan recognition in front of their idol.

After a round of this mess, Mrs. Jiang was too lazy to clear up the situation, she couldn’t possibly say that Jiang Li was her son’s boyfriend, and your mother and I have the intention to let you and my son get married, so I invited Jiang Li to meet up so I can ask them to break up,  right? 

As a true fan, Shen Yan wasn’t willing to leave anymore since she had suddenly met her idol. After sitting next to Mrs. Jiang, she had her eyes on Jiang Li. Her face was full of live comments of “OMG My idol is just sitting in front of me, his real life is more handsome than on TV, I’m dying save me pls!” 

Towards the fact that her favored daughter-in-law suddenly became a fan of Jiang Li, Mrs. Jiang felt a headache and wanted to leave, but Shen Yan pulled the edge of her coat and wouldn’t let go. While Jiang Li also really couldn’t stand such an enthusiastic gaze, he then hesitated and suggested that they should find some other fun activities to pass the time.

Before Mrs. Jiang could say anything, Shen Yan applauded and said yes, with an expression of “We’ll do whatever you say”.

In the end, it turned into a mahjong session, and even Butler Chen was dragged down as they were short of one player. What happened next was then witnessed by Jiang Zhan. 

After listening to his words, Jiang Zhan was speechless regarding the development, and didn’t know if he should say it’s good or bad. Moreover, he had also watched how Jiang Li went easy on his mother perfectly, helping her to play aggressively and win the matches. 

“I worried about you for nothing.” Jiang Zhan said after a moment.

Jiang Li smiled at his words, put down Jiang Nuomi which was in his arms and went over to kiss the corner of his lips, “Don’t worry, your mother isn’t an unreasonable person.”

Although at first Mrs. Jiang did say something that wasn’t very pleasant, Jiang Li could understand that a family like the Jiang family wanted to find a daughter-in-law who could be a good match to their family.

“What did she say to you?” Jiang Zhan asked.

“She gave me ten million yuan to leave you.” Jiang Li said in a serious manner.

“Oh?” Jiang Zhan raised his eyebrows at him, “Then what did you say?”

“I said ah…”

Jiang Li stretched the tone of his words, raised his long legs, and sat on his lap. His two hands wrapped around his neck, he then intimately rubbed his own nose with Jiang Zhan’s, with a smile in his voice, “Ten million is nothing, the president of Jiang Group is worth more than this figure, I just need to firmly grasp onto you, then what is yours is mine.”

“You do know how to plan.” Jiang Zhan laughed lightly, reached out to hold the back of Jiang Li’s head, tilted and kissed his lips. His lips and teeth intertwined as he murmured softly, “I’m all yours …”

The warm kiss, the intertwined bodies, and the ambiguous sound of water continued intermittently for most of the night.

After that, Jiang Zhan went back to the Jiang family and talked to Mrs. Jiang once. Both mother and son talked for half a day in the study room upstairs, no one was allowed to disturb. After the talk, although Mrs. Jiang didn’t really accept Jiang Li’s existence, she also didn’t ask them to break up anymore. She would just find someone to go shopping or play mahjong with her when she had free time, living very comfortably. 

Jiang Li was still repeating the life of filming, rushing for commercial shoots, and Shen Yan became the president of the Jiang Li fan group, she would then be the first in supporting him or tearing up his haters. 

In the blink of an eye, it had been one year after the broadcast of ‘Long River and Falling Moon’. Jiang Li won the ‘Best Supporting Actor’ award for his role as Liu Chuandeng. After the broadcast of ‘Undercover’, his role as Lu Minyu appeared on the screen, a young soldier with a passionate heart for his country. The audience in front of the screen could also feel the noble-mindedness of dying for the country.

After that, Jiang Li shot a lot of dramas, and won many awards. In just four years, Jiang Li’s name became a name which everyone knew, and he also became one of the top signature celebrities of the Jiang Group.

However, at this time, the well-known star was fighting with his own cat son.

Jiang Nuomi was usually very obedient in front of Jiang Li, except for one thing, and that was bathing.

Most cats were afraid of water, and Jiang Nuomi was no exception. Usually the job of giving Jiang Nuomi a bath was the responsibility of Jiang Zhan, but this time Jiang Zhan was still out of province for business, so Jiang Li had to do it himself, clean up the soy sauce bottle that was knocked over and splashed himself all over by the stupid cat.

He had been in this world for more than four years, and Jiang Nuomi had been with them for four years. Thanks to Jiang Zhan’s strict supervision of its exercise, Jiang Nuomi was very healthy, it’s just that it didn’t have a fun-loving personality.


Both of them spent half a day taking a bath. Jiang Li carried it out from the bathroom with an absorbent towel, he then used a hair dryer to help it dry its hair. The fluffiness was so comfortable that he touched it two more times, and even wanted to take a picture to send to Jiang Zhan. However, after he turned away, Jiang Nuomi escaped. 

Based on how Jiang Nuomi would usually act after bathing, it would definitely throw a tantrum towards him for half a day.

Jiang Li was also accustomed to Jiang Nuomi being pretentious. He sent a message to Jiang Zhan to ask him what he was doing. Just after he sent the message, Feng Dong’s phone call came in.

Feng Dong brought him news, the director of ‘Mountain Tea Garden’, Director Lin, was preparing to shoot a sequel. From the leaked information, the script was still being revised and would be announced to the public.

After hanging up the phone, Feng Dong sent over the first version of the script so that Jiang Li could read and consider whether he was interested in auditioning.

‘Mountain Tea Garden’ was an anti-narcotics movie. The story was about a major drug trafficker, Nighthawk, who used the base of a mountain tea plantation as a cover to secretly produce large quantities of drugs and trade them to drug dealers around the world, while fighting against the anti-narcotics team in City D.

The first movie’s male lead was Jin Yu, who played as the main character Jiang Feng, the head of City D’s anti-narcotics team. Once, in retaliation by drug dealers, Jiang Feng’s brother Jiang Mian was taken away by drug dealers on his way home from school. At the same time, a new type of drug called ‘Gain’ was secretly flowing into the black-market trade.

In the ending of the first movie, Jiang Feng died with Nighthawk to protect his brothers, while after Jiang Mian was rescued, under the influence of Jiang Feng, he entered the police academy with determination.

The sequel was about Jiang Mian’s story after he grew up. ‘Gain’, which originally had been destroyed, suddenly reappeared in the black market. The hallucinogenic effect was so much stronger than before, and one after another people died from an overdose.

The earliest appearance of ‘Gain’ was in the remote Long District. Long District’s anti-narcotics brigade was blocked several times when they wanted to investigate and had no choice but to apply for assistance from the City D anti-narcotics team. In order to effectively stop the tragedy from happening again, the City D’s anti-narcotics team launched a ‘Ban Gain’ program.

And, Jiang Mian was the core commander of this plan.

After reading the script carefully twice, Jiang Li called Feng Dong back.

“Help me to make the arrangements, I want to participate in the audition.”


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