Chapter 23 – President Jiang: Laozi also has a cat

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When Jiang Li talked about wanting to own a cat, Jiang Zhan had imagined him wearing cat ears. He was only imagining at that time yet he felt like he couldn’t control himself anymore. 

He had even surfed the net and saw different styles and colors of them, so that he could picture them even better. He subconsciously changed the model’s face into Jiang Li’s and thought of buying all of them for Jiang Li, but he felt that doing this seemed perverted so he resisted and didn’t take any action. 

So, when Jiang Li appeared in front of him with cat ears, the shock of his imagination turning into reality stunned him. He stared at Jiang Li and forgot to react. He only came to his senses after Jiang Li pulled the tail, tilted his head, and smiled with curved eyebrows. The string of rationality in his mind then snapped. 

His sight paused on the tail subconsciously. 

The tail… was inserted into that part, Jiang Zhan knew that well. 

When he imagined the scene where Jiang Li was inserting the tail by himself, he could feel a gush of heat flowing towards his abdomen, the blood in his body suddenly running wild. The part where he was not comforted for a few days slowly bulged out. 

When Jiang Li noticed Jiang Zhan’s passionate and aggressive gaze directed at his tail, he ignored the discomfort of the insertion, he grasped on it and swayed it again. He then softened his voice and called out, “Meow~” 

That soft and fluffy meow was just like he was being affectionate, while in Jiang Zhan’s ears, it sounded like Jiang Li was seeking pleasure.

He stretched out his hands towards Jiang Li, “Come here.” 

Jiang Li walked towards him slowly as requested, the tinkling sound of the bell of the collar on his neck could be heard following his movements. The tail drooped behind his back and swayed with his footsteps. With every step he took, he could feel the breath of the man in front of him become heavier. This made him feel satisfied, as the man in front of him was excited because of him. 

He walked to Jiang Zhan, raised his legs, and straddled Jiang Zhan’s lap. He lowered down his head and met his eyes. He then said in dissatisfaction, “You haven’t said that I’m cute.” 

Both of them were only wearing loose, home-wear shorts. Jiang Li’s straddling posture made the end of his shorts shrink to his thigh, causing both of their thighs to touch each other. 

Jiang Zhan held his waist, his palm touching the tail at the back. He then grasped it and slowly stroked it. 

“… Where did you get this?” Jiang Zhan asked with a hoarse voice as if he was suppressing something. That part of him bulged up even more due to the soft and fluffy texture. 

“I secretly bought it.” Jiang Li hugged around his neck with his arms. He went nearer and complained by his ears, “The tail is really uncomfortable, it’s too dry there…” 


That sentence was too wild, Jiang Zhan’s eyes turned dark, he couldn’t resist it anymore. He held onto Jiang Li’s buttocks with both of his hands and carried him up, pressing him onto the wide study table. 

Heavy and affectionate breaths filled the study room. 

The silver moonlight shone into the room through the huge window, spreading a layer of gentle, warm white light onto the floor. 

The breeze that came in through the window blew up an edge of the curtain, the shadows in the room could not be seen clearly. 

Jiang Li’s bare back was laying against the cold tabletop, his jaw raised high as sweat slid down from his chin all the way down his neck and dripped onto the wooden table. Both of his legs weakly circled around Jiang Zhan’s strong waist. The suspended ceiling above his head was swaying back and forth in front of his eyes. 

It made Jiang Li dizzy. 

“… Jiang… Jiang Zhan, wait a sec.” Jiang Li called his name intermittently as he was catching his breath. He then reminded anxiously, “Jiang Nuomi… is looking… !” 

Jiang Zhan’s peripheral vision swept towards Jiang Nuomi who was squatting beside them and looking at them curiously. How would he care at this point? He grasped Jiang Li’s chin and kissed him as he said hoarsely, “Don’t care about him.” 

“… No, it feels like my son is watching me have sex, it’s so embarrassing…” 

“… Shut up.” 

Jiang Zhan simply picked up a t-shirt that was thrown onto the edge of the table and threw it towards Jiang Nuomi, accurately covering its head. 

Jiang Nuomi was too small in size, while the shirt was too big. After the little brat had been covered, he struggled for a long time and could not find the exit, causing him to stay covered for a long while. 

The result of giving in to one’s desire was that Jiang Li could not even wake up when Feng Dong called saying that he was going to fetch him. He answered with a few ’en’s and ‘ah’s but his eyes were still closed, as if his waist was broken. 

Jiang Zhan stretched out his hand to take his phone and told Feng Dong directly, “He’s taking a leave today, you don’t need to come here anymore.” 

“…” Feng Dong fell into silence for a while and understood what happened last night. He asked hesitantly, “But Director Zhou…”

“I’ll talk to him about it.” 

Jiang Zhan ended the call and placed the phone aside. He lowered his head and looked at Jiang Li who was still lying on the bed with his eyes closed. 

Jiang Li liked to lay on the front or coil himself up while sleeping, sometimes he would even hug the pillow like a child. 

And now, one of his arms was hugging the pillow while he was sleeping deeply, there were still hickeys on the other arm that was placed outside of the blanket. 

Both of them were out of control last night, they did it three times, from the study room to the bathroom. Jiang Li nearly fainted at the end, he could not even stand properly. After he bathed and returned to his bed, he slept like the dead and didn’t even respond when Jiang Zhan applied ointment on him. 

He looked at Jiang Li for a long time, then lowered down and kissed the top of his head. He got off the bed lightly, went to the living room to call Zhou Jin, and applied for a leave in Jiang Li’s stead. After that, he went to the study room. 

The documents that were on the table were shoved away by him last night and were scattered on the floor. Not only the floor, the tabletop was also a mess, spots of suspicious condensed liquid could be seen. 

Jiang Zhan didn’t think that he would be controlled by his desires because of someone, he always thought that being lustful was not a good thing. It would affect one’s thinking and judgement, so he did not involve himself with others in all these years. 

However, the experience with Jiang Li last night was so comfortable that he did not even want to get out. Especially after he realized his feelings towards Jiang Li, the satisfaction of physically and mentally being with someone he liked could not be compared to the previous times they did it. 

He bent down to pick up the cat tail and cat ears that were dropped on the floor the previous night. When he turned, he saw Jiang Nuomi squatting on the book rack, looking at him like a ghost. He suddenly met his eyes and was shocked by the sight.

“Why did you climb up so high?” 

The book rack was nearly three meters tall and Jiang Nuomi was standing at two meters high. Jiang Zhan was afraid that it would fall down accidentally and make Jiang Li angry. He walked towards it and wanted to bring it down, but Jiang Nuomi turned its head away and did not want to look at him. It was obviously still mad at Jiang Zhan covering its head with a shirt the previous night. 

When they first started owning Jiang Nuomi, Jiang Zhan specially went to check the things to be noted before owning a cat, and one of them was that cats are known to hold grudges. If the cat sleeps with you and it accidentally falls off the bed, it will hold a grudge against you and step on your face during the night as revenge. 

Since it was Jiang Zhan’s fault last night, he patiently coaxed Jiang Nuomi for a while. However, Jiang Nuomi was not convinced. 

After still failing to coax it after a while, Jiang Zhan started to get angry. He took Jiang Li’s cat tail and cat ears, swaying them in front of Jiang Nuomi. It was as if he was showing off something, “Look, Laozi1Laozi: a way of calling oneself to show superiority. also has a cat.” 

Jiang Nuomi, “…” 

“… What are you doing?” Jiang Li’s voice echoed from behind him.

Jiang Zhan’s hand that was holding the cat tail froze. He quickly lowered them back, turning his body like nothing happened, and saw Jiang Li coming in. 

“Nothing.” Jiang Zhan threw the cat tail and cat ears towards the chair and walked past Jiang Li. 

“Why are your ears so red?” Jiang Li took the chance and grasped his hand, he then gave him a strange look, “Do you have a fever?” 

It’s not a fever, I’m just horny2Pun intended, fever (fa shao), horny (fa sao)

“No.” Jiang Zhan pulled his hand away, “Don’t mess around in the morning, I’ll call someone to clean up this room.” 

He stormed out quickly without hesitating after finishing his words. It was just like what he did the previous night when he was escaping.

Jiang Li chuckled quietly behind him. He picked up the cat toy set that was thrown on the chair and threw it into the cabinet. Then, he stretched out his hands towards Jiang Nuomi who was on the book rack. 

“Baby, come down.” 


Jiang Nuomi pounced down towards him and jumped into Jiang Li’s embrace. Jiang Li then carried it out of the study room. 

Jiang Zhan saw him carrying Jiang Nuomi while walking out. He looked from side to side and asked, “Where are your cat tail and ears?”

“I threw them into the cabinet.” Jiang Li said as if what he did was right. 

Jiang Zhan frowned, “You’ll need to disinfect the tail, you can’t simply throw it.” 

“Hmm?” Jiang Li raised his eyebrows and gave him a meaningful look, “President Jiang, you know a lot~~” 

Jiang Zhan, “…” Shut up

Although Jiang Zhan helped Jiang Li take leave, Jiang Li had already delayed the shoot due to the variety show so he rested in the morning and went to the drama set afterwards. 

Jiang Zhan also happened to be going to the company so he dropped him off on the way. 

Jiang Li got off the car one street away from the drama set to prevent catching others’ attention. He then walked alone towards the drama set. 

Jiang Zhan looked at him walking past the junction. He rolled up the window and asked Ji Shu to drive back to the company. A short while after he reached the company Shen Yuzhi called him, inviting him to a gathering in the clubhouse that night. He also asked him to bring Jiang Li over; both Zhao Guanyu and Sun Zelin were there as well. 

“Bring Jiang Li?” Jiang Zhan stopped his actions of flipping through the documents and thought of what Shen Yuzhi said about keeping Jiang Li two days ago, his tone changing abruptly. “What do you want to do?” 

“Don’t misunderstand!” Shen Yuzhi quickly explained, “We just wanna see who made you become a human and lose your virgin title, we’re not gonna do anything else.” 

“We just want to see if he is just as good-looking as he appears on TV.” 

“You’re not joining us recently, you can’t abandon us for love like that right?” 

Sun Zelin and Lai Guanyu’s voice echoed out from the phone, the three of them complained about Jiang Zhan forgetting about them while he had Jiang Li by his side.

Jiang Zhan was annoyed by them to the point that he was getting a headache. He admitted that he really hadn’t met them recently, so he agreed to do so. After he ended the call he sent a message to Jiang Li saying that he would fetch him to the gathering that night. 

Jiang Li was putting on make-up and preparing for a shoot when he received the message. He handed in his phone to Feng Dong after replying.  

There were not many scenes that involved him that day, but another actor who was acting in the same scene could not get into character so it only ended at around 8 at night. It was almost 10 o’clock when Jiang Li reached the clubhouse with Jiang Zhan. 

Before entering the private room, Jiang Zhan stopped his footsteps and held Jiang Li’s hand. Jiang Li froze and only came to his senses after a bit. He smiled, held his hand in return, and pushed open the door. 

Shen Yuzhi and the others were waiting and getting bored in the private room. They weren’t in the mood to sing and drink anymore. As the door opened, all three of them turned their gaze towards the door. They then saw Jiang Li and Jiang Zhan coming in holding hands. 

He was clearly bringing his lover to a gathering, but he made them feel like he was bringing the president’s3the president, aka himself wife to inspect his work. 

Shen Yuzhi, “…”

Sun Zelin, “…” 

Zhao Guanyu, “…”

T/N: Shout out to Bamboo for drawing Jiang Li the cat costume~~~ so cute!!

  • 1
    Laozi: a way of calling oneself to show superiority.
  • 2
    Pun intended, fever (fa shao), horny (fa sao)
  • 3
    the president, aka himself


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