Chapter 21 – I like ones that can raise a cat with me

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Jiang Nuomi acted as if it had sensed Jiang Zhan’s displeasure, it lifted its head and meowed towards him. 

Jiang Zhan took a glance at it and transferred his dissatisfaction from Jiang Li to it. He scolded with a cold expression, “What are you looking at? Your daddy is being so free outside, while your grandpa…” 

He halted halfway and suppressed the words, “Me, which is your grandpa, is serving you” and scolded with a “fu*k” under his breath. He then carried Jiang Nuomi by holding its butt and placed it down beside him.

“Shoo shoo shoo, get away from me.” 


Jiang Nuomi who was being hugged and pinched earlier was at a loss. 

Jiang Li’s answer was expected. A lot of artists would not publicly announce having a partner/lover, some might not because of the company’s rules, and some might not due to the fact that they were afraid of affecting their popularity. 

Whether Jiang Li had a partner or not, the host would not really pester him for a truthful answer. The host only went with the flow by asking him what kind of girls he liked. 

“What kind of girls…” Jiang Li murmured and realized that the first image that appeared in his mind was Jiang Zhan’s face. When he thought of the caring act of Jiang Zhan rushing back from overseas and his gentleness of choosing a cat specially for him, he chuckled. 

“I like tsunderes; stubborn but soft-hearted ones, and ones that can raise a cat with me.” 

While he was saying this, he looked towards the camera directly. 

Subtle tenderness could be seen in his black and clear eyes, as if he was looking at someone through the camera. 

Jiang Zhan who was watching live in front of the screen met his eyes suddenly, his heart pounded so fast that he could even hear it in his ears. 

Jiang Zhan ignored the words said at the beginning and focused on the statement of owning a cat together. The one who’s owning a cat with Jiang Li, isn’t it me?


Jiang Zhan acted as if he had realised something and coughed uneasily, his sight still stuck on the screen. 

“Wah, is this considered as announcing your mate’s criteria?” The host teased, “I remember Jiang Li had posted a picture of a cat on Weibo before. It’s Jiang Nuomi right? It looks small, did you just buy it?” 

“It has been almost three months.” Jiang Li said, a gentle smile graced the edges of his lips, “Someone really important gave him to me.”

The word ‘important’ was stressed, it sounded very significant. Jiang Zhan’s ear burned as he heard the answer. He scolded Jiang Li for being coquettish in his heart, but the edge of his lips couldn’t resist raising up. He then waved his hand towards Jiang Nuomi who was lying beside him and chewing the cat teaser wand. 

“Jiang Nuomi, come here.” 

Jiang Nuomi put down the cat teaser wand and turned his head to take a glance at him. Then, he jumped off the sofa and left with his tail swaying. 

Jiang Zhan, “…”


This episode of ‘Face-to-face Celebrity’ was really successful. When Jiang Li came down from the stage, he heard System’s notification saying that Jiang Zhan’s favorability had increased to 65%. 

Jiang Li guessed that Jiang Zhan was definitely watching the live show earlier, and he also knew the meaning behind the words ‘Ones that can take care of a cat with me’. 

Frankly, even without the System’s notification, Jiang Li also knew that Jiang Zhan’s attitude towards him was changing. His mouth spouted out callous words, but his heart was not feeling the same. 

Jiang Li imagined Jiang Zhan’s expression while watching the show and couldn’t resist laughing softly. 

“Host, only 35% is needed to reach 100% in the male lead’s favorability. You can enter the next world after completing it, keep it up.” The System’s voice sounded again. 

The fact that the male lead’s favorability had passed the half-way mark made its voice a little more cheerful than usual. 

“After I reach 100%, will I be forced to enter the next world?” Jiang Li asked, 

“No, you can decide freely.” 

Jiang Li nodded his head. He signaled to the others and went to a quieter place in order to call Jiang Zhan. 

When Jiang Zhan received the phone call, he was searching for Jiang Nuomi in the house. He didn’t know where the little guy hid after it had left earlier. 

When his phone rang, he subconsciously thought that it was from Jiang Li. He no longer cared about that bratty child Jiang Nuomi. He strode across the living room and picked the phone up. Jiang Li’s name was indeed on the screen. 

He felt that their hearts were connected. 

Jiang Zhan didn’t immediately accept it, he only pressed the accept button once the ringtone was about to end, “Why did you call?”

“Are you at home?” 

Jiang Li’s voice echoed out from the phone, faint noises in the background could be heard. He then guessed that he had avoided the others in order to call him. 

When he heard Jiang Li refer to their place as ‘home’ he felt a subtle satisfaction in his heart. However, he said as if unsatisfied, “If I’m not at home, who’s gonna take care of the cat?” 

“I appreciate it.” Jiang Li laughed, “Where’s Jiang Nuomi? He didn’t throw a tantrum right?” 

“He dares to do that?” Jiang Zhan scorned disdainfully, as if he wasn’t the one who was jumped on by Jiang Nuomi. 

As both of them stayed together, Jiang Li knew clearly that Jiang Zhan and Jiang Nuomi weren’t on good terms. When he heard his words that showed how he didn’t want to lose face, Jiang Li laughed in his heart. He didn’t expose him and went along with him. He then asked, “Did you watch the live show just now? How did I perform?” 

Of course I watched it, from the beginning till the end

“It’s fine.” Jiang Zhan commented unwillingly as he saw Jiang Li wanted compliments. 

He then saw Jiang Nuomi stretching its head out from the study room looking at him. He suddenly thought of something and said, “Your son wants to eat Sweet and Sour Mandarin Fish.” 

“Oh? Only my son?” Jiang Li looked disappointed, “I initially wanted to make it for you as well.” 

Jiang Zhan “tsked” and said generously, as if he felt bad to reject him, “Up to you then.” 

Jiang Li hung up the call after a few lines. He went backstage and realized that other than Feng Dong and Xiao Zhou who were waiting for him, Feng Yating was still there as well. The three of them were looking at him, their eyes filled with weird sparkles. 

“Why are you guys looking at me like that?” Jiang Li walked towards them and asked. 

“Jiang Li, you’re really hiding something!” Feng Yating nudged him with her elbow, smiling mysteriously. “What’s your relationship with Shen Yuzhi and the others?” 

Feng Dong continued, “You’re being sent up to the trending list by Young master Shen.” 

Jiang Li was not really interested in the trending list since he had been on it several times before. But, he didn’t know who that Young Master Shen mentioned by them was. 

“What?” Jiang Li had a blank expression, “Who’s Shen Yuzhi?”

“You don’t know him?” 

Jiang Li shook his head. Feng Dong noticed that he really didn’t know about it and explained to him simply. 

The well-known and prominent families in City S consisted of Jiang, Shen, Sun and Zhao. The ones with connections with these four families were also rich people. 

Shen Yuzhi, Sun Zelin, and Zhao Guanyu each shared Jiang Li’s weibo at the same time tonight, and pushed Jiang Li up the trending list. This made the netizens guess about their relationships with Jiang Li. 

Shen Yuzhi V: Be there or be square!! // @Jiang Li V: Tonight at 8, I’ll wait for you at ‘Face-to-face Celebrity’ 

Sun Zelin: I’m coming!! //  @Jiang Li V: Tonight at 8, I’ll wait for you at ‘Face-to-face Celebrity’. 

Zhao Guanyu V: Let’s go!! //  @Jiang Li V: Tonight at 8, I’ll wait for you at ‘Face-to-face Celebrity’.

Jiang Li, “…”

What the hell is this? I completely don’t know who they are, why are they acting like they are my fans? 

Feng Yating looked at him frowning as if he really didn’t know who they were. She then waved her hands, “Sigh, why bother so much about that, maybe they are your fans!!” 

“The drama I acted in has not even aired yet, where did these fans come from?” Jiang Li shook his head as he laughed, he then returned the phone to Feng Dong. 

“Fans of your good looks!” Feng Yating touched his face, “I’m one of them as well~~” 


Jiang Li didn’t know if he should laugh or cry. He then left with her. 

Feng Dong was following behind, he was still thinking about the post that was shared by Shen Yuzhi and the others. He felt that he had missed out something important, but he couldn’t grasp it.

The next day, the production team led Jiang Li and the other three to visit the city’s tourist attractions. Jiang Li only boarded the flight and returned to City S in the afternoon. 

Before he returned, Jiang Li called Jiang Zhan and told him his schedule. He wanted to have dinner with him, but unfortunately Jiang Zhan had a dinner that couldn’t be cancelled so it didn’t work out. 

When the plane reached City S it was almost 6 pm. Jiang Li was too lazy to cook so he found a restaurant in town and had dinner with Feng Dong and the others. 

While the three of them were being led towards a private room by the waiter, a voice filled with uncertainty called out. 

“Jiang Li?” 

Jiang Li’s footsteps paused. He turned his head and looked towards the voice. A guy who was wearing a plaid shirt, a hat, and a mask was standing not far away from him. 

The person was familiar yet strange to him. Jiang Li was perplexed for a while and only then remembered who that person was. 

“… Zhang Ziyang?”


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