Chapter 2 – What vice-director, Laozi is the investor

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Chapter 1 - New novel [System is very cute] Chapter 2 - What vice-director, Laozi is the investor Chapter 3 - Spent this much effort just for a role of an eunuch? Chapter 4 - Host is so mad today Chapter 5 - Is it the lack of morality or the loss of humanity? Chapter 6 - The male lead's favorability is reducing rapidly! Chapter 7 - The choices of the punishment when the male lead's favorability is at negative value Chapter 8 - President Jiang wants to beat him Chapter 9 - Life is like a theatre, fully depending on one's acting skills Chapter 10 - Giving in to your desires harms your body, don't throw yourself into my arms Chapter 11 - I’m lonely so I can’t sleep Chapter 12 - "Sentimental," Jiang Zhan said as he pursed his lips that had been kissed. Chapter 13 - I think you are looking for death Chapter 14 - Luckily the person he slept with was Jiang Zhan, or else he would have trauma for his whole life Chapter 15 - President Jiang is very angry today Chapter 16 - Good night, paper tiger Chapter 17 - You're even teasing a minor, Jiang Li, are you still a human?  Chapter 18 - If one wants to win a man’s heart, one will first need to win a man’s stomach Chapter 19 - I’m already promoting him well, so why are you here blindly worrying about it?  Chapter 20 - Since you don’t plan to date, then what’s with the XOXO you sent? Chapter 21 - I like ones that can raise a cat with me Chapter 22 - Cat Costume Set Chapter 23 - President Jiang: Laozi also has a cat Chapter 24 - Major screw-up scene Chapter 25 - I can only blame myself for being too young at that time, I couldn’t even see clearly whether he’s a dog or a human Chapter 26 - You’re wearing fox ears, why are you meowing?  Chapter 27 - How lucky I am to be able to meet you in this life Chapter 28 - I finally came here after experiencing so many difficulties, and I’m sending Jiang Li here for a blind date? Chapter 29 - The farmer has become an owner Chapter 30 - Do you wanna date me Chapter 31 - Not even once have I had a happy visit Chapter 32 - Congratulations to President Jiang for dating Sao zi! Chapter 33 - President Jiang, please present your first love experience Chapter 34 - I rushed over here anxiously, but you're playing mahjong with my mother? Chapter 35 - I just need to firmly grasp onto you, then what is yours is mine Chapter 36 - Name: Jiang Zhan Spouse: Jiang Li Chapter 37 - Your hands itch? I think it’s your butt that is itchy. Chapter 38 - It's not a confession, it's a proposal Chapter 39 - Chi Fang, student of first year senior class (6) of the No.2 Senior High School of Jiang City Chapter 40 - The capture target this time seems a bit stubborn and intractable, huh? Chapter 41 - Where did this weak chicken come from, simply giving Lao Zi a good person card? Chapter 42 - The meaning of borrowing a light in the gay circle Chapter 43 - God damn story development Chapter 44 - Damn, this gay is scamming me ah Chapter 45 - Everyone here is trash Chapter 46 - You only smile at me, what does it mean? Chapter 47 - Are you crazy? How many good person cards do you want to give me? Chapter 48 - Are you sure you want to help people instead of taking advantage of being near me?

Jiang Zhan did not feel strange towards Jiang Li’s sudden change, he just thought that he changed a way to seduce him, he had seen many of such scenes.

But what triggered him were the words ‘Can’t do it’.

Men could never accept these words, especially the person who had been crying earlier underneath him.

Jiang Zhan’s expression turned dark as he pulled Jiang Li’s waist towards him suddenly, pushing him into his arms.

The two bodies closed their distance, Jiang Zhan pressed on Jiang Li’s waist and asked him with a dangerous tone, “Who can’t do it?”

Jiang Li could feel the frequency of his heartbeat and the cool water vapour brought by Jiang Zhan after his shower, there was a sense of coolness as his cold body stuck onto him. This made him happy, he did not retreat due to Jiang Zhan’s sudden pressure, instead, he looked into his eyes.

“Who……” Jiang Li tilted his head and showed an innocent yet provoking smile, “Try then you’ll know it.”

If Jiang Zhan was indifferent towards his provoking actions, he would not be a man, at least not a biologically normal man.

He pressed onto Jiang Li’s back of his head as his five fingers inserted into his hair and forced Jiang Li’s head to lean back. When Jiang Li hissed as he felt the pain, Jiang Zhan lowered his head and forced his lips onto Jiang Li’s aggressively.

……. What the fuck? So fiercely?

Jiang Li scolded in his mind but he did not resist towards it, instead, he stretched his hands and hooked onto Jiang Zhan’s neck, answering with the equal amount of force.

After a round of force exchange, Jiang Zhan released the palm that was pressing onto Jiang Li’s head and pushed him against the wall beside, he then continued to lower his head and kissed him. Then, he used his other hand to undo Jiang Li’s loose pants that was hanging on his waist. Just as his fingers touched the zip, Jiang Li stopped his actions. “Wait! Let us set things clearly first!”

Jiang Zhan was in the mood, so he was a little annoyed by him, he thought he was going to do something weird like earlier, he said with an unhappy tone, “What do you want this time? You will definitely get the money.”

“Money?” Jiang Li raised his eyebrows, “I don’t want money.”

“You don’t want it?” Jiang Zhan was surprised by his words, he scoffed, “Then why are you here if not for the money? Aren’t you here for the trade?”

“Yes, I’m here for the trade, but not for the money.” Jiang Li did not care about Jiang Zhan’s scoff, he said the word ‘trade’ without any burden, “I want the character ‘Liu Chuandeng’ in the drama ‘Long River and Falling Moon’, but you need to give it to me, not Zhang Ziyang.”

‘Long River and Falling Moon’ was the drama that Zhang Ziyang failed his audition in, it was adapted from a very famous novel at that time with the same name. The original host read the novel himself due to Zhang Ziyang, so Jiang Li had a little impression on its storyline and characters.

Since Jiang Li needed to fulfil the original host’s dream and take revenge on Zhang Ziyang to relieve his anger, then Jiang Li’s first step would be to get involved in this drama.

He would obtain everything Zhang Ziyang wanted, it would definitely be nice to see Zhang Ziyang’s expression when the time comes.

As a skillful actor that had been in the entertainment industry for 10 years, Jiang Li had sufficient acting skills. He just needed the chance, and the person in front of him was his first chance.

Jiang Zhan did not expect that Jiang Li did not want the money, instead he wanted a character of a drama from him. It was just an easy task for him at his status, what made him unhappy was the fact that Jiang Li had the guts to negotiate with him without any status. But Jiang Zhan looked at Jiang Li who was staring at him and had the aura of ‘I’ll let you sleep only if you agree’ and felt that he was strangely cute, so he left that beside.



Jiang Li was messed up three times that night, he nearly fainted during the third time.

Jiang Zhan proved that he was able to do it by his physical strength, to a point that Jiang Li felt that him wanting that side role was too lenient of a request. He should have requested a main role.

Jiang Zhan woke up on the next day, he turned his head and saw Jiang Li who was sleeping beside.

Jiang Li was still in a deep sleep as he had his back towards him, his black hair was scattered on the white pillow, the white blanket only covered the places under his waist, his pale, naked back was seen completely.

There were still red scars and slight bruises on Jiang Li’s back, they showed how intense their night was.

Jiang Zhan saw the enchanting view in front of him, his gaze stuck for a while and had the intention of doing it again. However, he was not someone who would give in to his own desires, he then quickly suppressed that intention.

He thought of the person in front of him who started with seducing him, but was unfamiliar with it after they got onto the bed, and almost cried at the end.

… … It’s really his first time huh.

Sheng Yuzhi said that he found a virgin for him last night, it seems that he did not lie. He then decided to forgive Sheng Yuzhi for being self-assertive since he had fun last night.

After laying on the bed for a while, Jiang Zhan sat up. He stretched his hands to take his phone and wanted to look at the time, he then saw a few unanswered calls from Sheng Yuzhi, there were even a few unread messages. He pressed open the messages and frowned after reading them, he then averted his gaze towards Jiang Li.

Coincidentally, Jiang Li moved his body and woke up.

Jiang Li was still confused with the strange surroundings, he thought for two seconds and only realized what happened last night, his waist and legs were unable to adapt to the current situation.

He scolded ‘what a beast’ in his mind and saw the so-called beast was just sitting beside, looking at him as if he was interrogating him.

Both of them looked at each other for a few seconds, the atmosphere was weird.

Jiang Li moved his numb waist and greeted, “Good mor….”

Before he finished his words, Jiang Zhan interrupted, “Who are you?”

Jiang Zhan’s voice was cold and had a sense of anger in it, Jiang Li felt weird towards the question asked, but he still answered honestly, “I’m Jiang Li.”

“Jiang Li?” Jiang Zhan glanced at his phone and confirmed that the name Shen Yuzhi said was not the same as his. Shen Yuzhi’s message also said that the person he found yesterday did not even come, then who was this Jiang Li?

Jiang Zhan suddenly felt that he was schemed. His expression turned dark, as he turned over and grabbed Jiang Li around his neck, he then asked forcefully, “Who are you? Who asked you to come?”

Jiang Li was suddenly choked by him and wanted to resist unconsciously, but his hand was pressed above his head by Jiang Zhan.

Jiang Li had just transmigrated and the original host’s body was weak, he was also messed up by Jiang Zhan for a few times last night so he was easily confined.

The fact that he was not able to fight back made Jiang Li swear in his heart, but he showed an uncomfortable expression on his face, his eyes were wide and filled with fear as he said with difficulty, “It’s…. really…”

Jiang Li just woke up and the edge of his eyes were still slightly red, Jiang Li noticed the fear and tears filled in his eyes, this reminded him of his delicate scene underneath him last night. He then loosened his hands, but his tone was still cold, “Say it, who asked you to come?”

Jiang Li knew his actions of showing his softer side were effective, he coughed twice, and said with a slightly hoarse tone, “It was you who asked me to come, you made a trade with Zhang Ziyang and asked me to come over.”

Zhang Ziyang?

Jiang Zhan had no impression of this name at all. He was having a gathering with Shen Yuzhi and the others yesterday night, after returning to the hotel, Shen Yuzhi then called him, saying that he found someone to help lose his virginity. It was a virgin newbie from “Phoenix Coast”, and he guaranteed that it would be a pretty and clean one.

He did not have any interest in this at first, he just took it as Shen Yuzhi being troublesome. However, he only realized that the person’s look was indeed favorable when he came, he then decided to let him stay. That was the reason why last night happened, but he did not expect that the person found by Sheng Yuzhi last night escaped and did not even come.

Then who’s the person that slept with him?

“Who’s Zhang Ziyang?” Jiang Zhan asked.

“Zhang Ziyang is……” Jiang Li paused, he noticed Jiang Zhan’s expression and realised things were weird. He quickly asked, “Are you the Jiang vice-director of the drama ‘Long River and Falling Moon’?”

“Who told you I’m the vice-director?” Jiang Zhan asked him back.

“You aren’t?” Jiang Li confirmed again.

“No.” Jiang Zhan’s face blackened, vice-director? I’m the investor!

Jiang Li recalled the original host’s memory. It was Zhang Ziyang and the vice-director who decided on the hotel’s location. When they were on the phone, Zhang Ziyang simply wrote the room number on a memo pad. He was in a hurry for a filmset so he left hurriedly after handing the memo pad to the original host.

The original host only knew that the vice-director’s surname was Jiang, he had not seen the person before.

Jiang Li was in this room when he woke up, the male lead’s surname was also Jiang, so he subconsciously thought that male lead was the director that Zhang Ziyang mentioned. He did not expect that it was completely the wrong person. Since Jiang Zhan agreed so quickly to the role of the drama yesterday night, he would be someone involved in the drama unless he had only sperm in his brain.

Jiang Li decided to make things clear as he thought of this, so he said, “If you’re not the director of the drama, what makes you think that you are able to agree to it when I said I wanted the role yesterday night?”

“What makes me think that I’m able to agree?” Jiang Zhan heard a sense of accusation in his words, he gave a snort of contempt, “I invited the whole crew, what makes you think I’m able to agree?”

“You invited them?” Jiang Li was shocked by his words, he then realized the meaning of his words, “You’re the investor?”

This was unexpected for Jiang Li. Zhang Ziyang originally wanted to ride on the vice-director’s coattail, but he accidentally rode on the investor’s coattail?

“You should have known who I am since you wanted the role. What are you pretending fo……” Jiang Zhan stopped his words abruptly, if Jiang Li thought that he was the vice-director of the drama, he was not even here to find him last night, instead, he was planning to sleep with the vice-director for that role!

As the investor of ‘Long River and Falling Moon’, Jiang Zhan had gatherings with the crew before. There was indeed a vice-director with the surname Jiang in his memory, but he was already in his forties, near to fifties. He looked fat and had big ears, he even had receding hairlines.

Even though these scenes were commonly seen in the entertainment industry, Jiang Zhan still felt disdain when he thought about the fact that Jiang Li wanted to sleep with this kind of person for the role. Even the favorability for his body from last night had been reduced much.

Just another plaything who goes around crawling beds.


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