Chapter 18 – If one wants to win a man’s heart, one will first need to win a man’s stomach

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Jiang Zhan had actually arrived as early as when Jiang Li’s scene started, but he didn’t want to disturb the shooting, so he stood a bit further from the site. However, the distance didn’t prevent him from seeing Jiang Li clearly. 

This was the first time he saw Jiang Li act; it was as if he had changed into another person. The extreme and complicated emotions that flowed out after he read the letters made Jiang Zhan feel the pain and irony despite being so far away. 

Jiang Li was so dazzling at that moment; so attractive like a ray of light shining so brightly, forcefully grabbing everyone’s attention. 

Jiang Zhan’s heart stirred, and his emotions became chaotic, it felt as if he was hanging in midair. When he saw the black-clad young man’s despair as he laughed wretchedly till tears flowed out, he had the irresistible urge to go forward and hug him tightly so that no harm nor pain could ever reach him. 

He suddenly understood why his strict uncle approved of Jiang Li. It was because of his outstanding ability. 

The sight of Jiang Li looking at him from above and saying that he was sleeping with the future best actor still lingered in his mind. Jiang Zhan thought about it before; if Jiang Li’s goal was to be the best actor, he would still help him fulfil his dream even if he didn’t have the ability. 

However, now he realized that it wasn’t Jiang Li being over-confident, but that he really had the ability to do so. He would stand on the top of this industry in the future. 

For some reason, Jiang Zhan felt proud of him in his heart. 

Jiang Li is a treasure, and he’s the one who found him and is owning him. 

As Jiang Zhan thought about this, his eyes were filled with softness that he himself didn’t even realize, all his attention was focused on the person in front of him.

When a nearby staff member saw him and went to greet him, he waved his hands signalling them to stop. He subconsciously didn’t want to startle Jiang Li who was still shooting. 

He just stood there watching Jiang Li throughout the whole shoot. When Jiang Li finally finished and started walking towards him, he saw that the youngster who gave Jiang Li the towel chased after him and they stopped and chatted. As the distance wasn’t really far, the content of their conversation reached Jiang Zhan’s ears without a single word missing. 

From his perspective, he could see the corner of Jiang Li’s lips slightly hook up as he teased the youngster, looking just like a playboy. He could also see the youngster’s nervous expression as his ears turned red. 

This was the first time Jiang Zhan came to visit him. He didn’t know that Jiang Li didn’t act indecently only in front of him, but also in front of others. He didn’t even let a minor go, he’s literally not a human! 

His gentleness vanished instantly. Ji Shu, who was next to him, quickly felt the lowering pressure. He then silently put his palms together to pray for Jiang Li. 

Jiang Li couldn’t be blamed. Jiang Zhan was standing by the curtains; which coincidentally had the same color as his suit. He was busy talking to Yanxi and didn’t notice the man standing there at all. He didn’t even expect that he would suddenly come to visit him, since he only replied coldly with an “En” to his messages earlier.

No matter how much he complains inside, Jiang Li still initiated a greeting when he saw his sugar daddy walking towards him, “Hi, President Jiang.”


It was almost a nasally reply rather than a normal one, he then arrogantly walked past Jiang Li without looking at him, acting as if he wasn’t familiar with him. 

Since their relationship was a secret, Jiang Li didn’t take his action to heart. He just took it as Jiang Zhan didn’t want others to know that he is keeping him. 

While on the other side, Yanxi looked at Jiang Zhan’s back curiously, “Brother Li, that’s your company’s boss? He’s so good-looking! I thought bosses are always greasy old uncles, but he looks young!” 

It would be more appropriate to describe him with the word handsome. His five features didn’t look charming or gentle like the current popular stars, but had the sense of valiantness instead.  

“Yeah, he’s really handsome.” Jiang Li glanced at Jiang Zhan who walked towards Zhou Jin and thought, if only he didn’t have such a bad temper, he always gets angry because of weird reasons

On the other side, Zhou Jin was replaying the scenes he shot earlier. When he saw Jiang Zhan walking towards him, he paused the replays, stood up, and walked to the resting bench with him. 

“Why did you suddenly come?” Zhou Jian smiled as he asked. 

Jiang Zhan had stayed in his house for a period of time when he was young, so their relationship was quite good. 

“As the investor, of course I’ll need to check on the drama’s progress speed and quality.” Jiang Zhan lied composedly, as if the person who came here to visit Jiang Li wasn’t him at all. 

Zhou Jin heard his words and scoffed, he patted his shoulder and teased, “It’s fine if you try to deceive others with those words, but me? You’re still too young.” 

There were so many projects that Jiang Zhan had invested in, if he went to check on the speed and quality of each drama, he would have long died of fatigue. Also, Zhou Jin’s drama didn’t really need others to monitor its progress and quality. 

“Say it, are you here to see someone?” Zhou Jian meaningfully glanced towards the dressing room and asked. 

Jiang Zhan didn’t hide his relationship with Jiang Li in front of Zhou Jin, he was the one who personally requested the roles for Jiang Li to begin with. After Jiang Li passed the audition, Zhou Jin called Jiang Zhan specially to tell him that he had found him a good actor. 

Zhou Jin had been in the entertainment industry for many years and had seen all sorts of messy relationships. As a top-notch director, there were a lot of actors who tried to make trades with him to get roles or have more scenes, but they were all rejected by him. He has been together with his wife since university, and it has been more than 20 years. Their relationship has always been on good terms, and since he didn’t have a child, he treated Jiang Zhan as his child. 

Although Jiang Zhan has been in a high position these years, he still kept himself clean, he also wasn’t involved in rumors or unnecessary news. Not to mention dating anyone, he didn’t even have a sex partner. So, when he knew about Jiang Zhan keeping Jiang Li, he felt shocked at first but didn’t object. He believed Jiang Zhan knew what he was doing. 

After the uncle and nephew chatted for a while, Jiang Zhan then left. 

Not long after he left, Jiang Li, who had removed his makeup and changed his clothes, received Jiang Zhan’s message. There were only a few words in it. 

— Watt’s parking lot. 

Watt is a shopping mall beside the shooting site, it would take only two minutes to reach there by walking. 

Jiang Li stuffed his phone into his pocket and rejected Yanxi who invited him out for a meal. He left after saying goodbye to the staff.

When Jiang Li found Jiang Zhan’s car in the parking lot, he opened the backseat door. He said after he sat in, “I’m sorry President Jiang, removing my makeup took some time.” 

Jiang Zhan didn’t answer, as if he didn’t hear him at all. Ji Shu then said something to warm up the atmosphere, “President Jiang, Mr. Jiang, do you guys want to go to some other places to eat or go home?” 

“Go home.” 

“Let’s eat.” 

Jiang Li and Jiang Zhan spoke simultaneously, Jiang Li said to go eat while President Jiang said to go home. 

Jiang Zhan, “Let’s eat.” 

Jiang Li, “Let’s go home.” 

Ji Shu, “…” 

Jiang Zhan had been in a frustrated mood since earlier and now Jiang Li was opposed to his opinions, he looked towards him, “What do you really want to do?” 

“I want to… go home and eat.” Jiang Li had a flash of wit and looked at him sincerely, “I’ll cook for you at home, what do you wanna eat?” 

Jiang Zhan stared at him for a while but didn’t express anything. He then retracted his sight and said two words, “Continue driving.” 

This meant that he tacitly agreed to Jiang Li’s choice. Ji Shu thought that Mr. Jiang really had his own method of dealing with President Jiang. If one wants to win a man’s heart, one will first need to win a man’s stomach. Moreover, President Jiang really listened to him, it’s really unbelievable. 

There was a supermarket provided for the residents of Jade River Garden. There was also an app connected to the supermarket. Households could then purchase the things they needed through the app; they can choose to pick them up or have them delivered to their houses. 

When Jiang Li was too lazy to go out, he would just order ingredients from the app as the distance was short and the delivery was fast. Since there was still some time left before they reached home, he held his phone and stuck his butt beside Jiang Zhan. He then scrolled the app interface and asked, “What do you wanna eat?” 

Jiang Zhan was still mad. He wanted to stay cold and ignore him, but when Jiang Li came close and had the look of ‘you can eat anything you want’, he still answered. 

“Pork rib, seafood, cold dressing.”

Jiang Li ordered as he asked, “Do you want your pork ribs braised or fried? Do you eat spicy mantis shrimp?” 

“Anything is fine.” 

As they talked, Jiang Li had finished ordering the ingredients. Ji Shu looked ahead and kept driving as if he was deaf. He could only complain in his heart. The amount of food you guys ordered is as if you’re going to hold a sumptuous banquet. Can you guys let me stay to eat? I’ll leave once I finish eating; I will definitely not disturb your exercise after the meal. 

The answer was definitely a no. Once he sent both of them back, Jiang Zhan asked him to fetch him to work tomorrow. Jiang Zhan then went up with Jiang Li from the carpark through the elevator. 

As soon as they entered the house, Jiang Li was pressed face against the wall. Jiang Zhan used one arm to press on his back and the other to undo his belt in front. 


Jiang Li came to his senses and quickly grasped onto his hand, he turned his head and said.
“Didn’t we say that we’ll come home to eat, why are you touching me?” 

“I’m touching you?” Jiang Zhan scoffed, he shoved his hand away and said, “Didn’t you say you’re rich? I wanna see how rich you are.” 

Jiang Li suddenly figured out why he was mad at him, he said speechlessly, “Why are you even caring about this?” 

“Do you mean I can’t care about this?” Jiang Zhan closed the miniscule distance between them and dangerously spoke near his ear.

“Yes, yes yes you can!!” 

Jiang Li saw that his expression was turning gloomier and gloomier, he quickly said, “Earlier, I just simply said it without thinking. I’m not rich, you’re the richest, you’re the wealthiest man on earth!” 

Jiang Zhan, “…”

“What nonsense are you talking about?” Jiang Zhan scolded in a low tone as Jiang Li made it sound like he had experienced a lot in his life, even calling him the wealthiest man on earth. That’s just nonsense. But, he still released his hand. 

Jiang Li was relieved; his butt was saved this time.

Coincidentally, the doorbell rang. Jiang Li saw through the surveillance camera that it was the delivery man, he quickly buttoned up the pants that were undone by Jiang Zhan and opened the door to take the ingredients. 

The vegetables from the supermarket were all washed and packaged in disposable plastic boxes. So, Jiang Li wouldn’t need to waste his energy and wash them diligently, just rinsing them was enough. 

Jiang Li ordered a lot of ingredients earlier in order to coax Jiang Zhan, he didn’t have enough time to use all the ingredients, and they wouldn’t be able to finish all of that either. Hence, he took some of them, wrapped them nicely, and placed them into the fridge. Finally, he started cooking. 

The kitten that was gifted by Jiang Zhan was a bit timid, probably because it just came to an unfamiliar environment. It had been circling around his feet and meowing sweetly ever since he came back. 

Jiang Li carried it out and placed it outside the kitchen. He touched its head and said with a smile, “Nuomi, be obedient, daddy needs to cook, find your grandpa outside,” 

Other than its head that had streaks of brown, its whole body was snow white. Therefore, he and Jiang Zhan named it Jiang Nuomi1Nuomi is glutinous rice.

Before Nuomi had the chance to answer, Jiang Zhan, who was wearing a casual outfit said in an unhappy tone, “Jiang Li, if you continue talking nonsense, I’ll throw you and your son out.” 

Jiang Nuomi didn’t understand him, it looked around both of them and tilted its head, “Meow?” 

Jiang Li stuck out his tongue and scolded Jiang Zhan in his heart for being mean. He then carried Jiang Nuomi, placed it in Jiang Zhan’s arms, and went back to the kitchen to cook. 

Jiang Zhan and the kitten that was lying in his arms looked at each other and then tacitly turned their gazes towards Jiang Li who was in the kitchen. 

“Meow~” Jiang Nuomi obviously didn’t like Jiang Zhan who kept a straight face all the time, it meowed softly towards Jiang Li who was in the kitchen. It moved its butt backwards, wanting to land on the floor. 

Jiang Li heard its meow and tilted his head to take a look at it. Half of the kitten moved out of Jiang Zhan’s arms. He was worried that it would fall and injure itself, so he shouted, “Jiang Zhan be careful! Your grandson is going to fall off!” 

Jiang Zhan, “…”

Grandson my ass, if I don’t fuck you till you call me daddy tonight, I’ll be your grandson! 

So, Jiang Li experienced another butt-blossoming night2 I used butt-blossoming because it sounds nicer and it’s the literal translation. Meaning he got f*cked till his butt blossoms

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  • 1
    Nuomi is glutinous rice.
  • 2
    I used butt-blossoming because it sounds nicer and it’s the literal translation. Meaning he got f*cked till his butt blossoms


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