Chapter 10 – Giving in to your desires harms your body, don’t throw yourself into my arms

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It was obviously Jiang Li who had initiated their relationship twice but Jiang Zhan did not understand as to why he became a person who gave in to his desires.

It was impossible that he wasn’t angry but when he saw the marks and scars he made on Jiang Li’s body, Jiang Zhan didn’t calculate with him and instead threw the medication in his hand into the sofa.

“Take off your clothes, I’ll put on some ointment for you. What are you thinking about in your brain?”

Jiang Li saw the ointment that fell out of the bag and knew that he had misunderstood Jiang Zhan’s meaning. He touched his nose and said, “Oh, it’s ointment… Say it earlier then. I was also really nervous when you suddenly asked me to take off my clothes.”

“Are you sure?” Jiang Zhan was suspicious of him.

Jiang Li looked at him innocently and nodded his head firmly.

Jiang Zhan thought in his heart: You didn’t seem like you were nervous at all, I was the nervous one when you took off your clothes without hesitation on the first night.

Jiang Li took off his shirt and turned his back towards Jiang Zhan. He then said in a less caring tone, “Actually it’s not serious, it’s only obvious because my skin is white. It’s not painful at all.”

What he said was the truth, Jiang Zhan was quite a considerate person in bed. Although he made him do it a few times, he cared about his feelings every time. He had to say that other than Jiang Zhan’s bad temper, his other aspects were much to his liking.

Jiang Zhan said “hm.” when he heard Jiang Li said that it wasn’t painful. He read the ointment guide, unscrewed the cap and squeezed some ointment onto his skin. He rubbed them away and changed places to rub on after the ointment fused together with his pale skin.

When Jiang Zhan was rubbing the ointment, he found out that Jiang Li’s skin was indeed smooth and tender like tofu, there was not even a pimple on his back, he didn’t resist and asked, “What did you eat growing up?”

“Hmm?” Jiang Li was looking at the roles’ documents and did not really understand his question, “Rice, don’t you eat rice as well?”

“How can your skin be as smooth as that?” Jiang Zhan went closer and pinched his waist, he couldn’t help but keep touching that smooth texture.

“Hah…” Jiang Li was tickled by his pinch and shrank to the side, he then turned his head and said, “Don’t simply…”

Both of them were too close to each other, before he was able to say the word ‘touch’, his lips rubbed Jiang Zhan’s lips unintentionally, both of them stopped their actions, nobody moved.

His breath surrounded the tip of Jiang Zhan’s nose lightly and the air suddenly turned still as a subtle intimacy was felt.

When Jiang Li’s eyelashes fluttered, Jiang Zhan widened their distance and stood up from the sofa. He pretended to fix his cuffs as he looked at Jiang Li, “Giving in to your desires harms your body, don’t throw yourself into my arms.” After saying so, he walked towards his room.

Jiang Li saw that he stopped halfway and called him, “You haven’t finished rubbing the ointment for me!”

Jiang Zhan went into the room without turning his head and a sentence echoed out, “You have hands and legs, do you still need me to serve you?”


Who was the one who wanted to serve me in the first place? Why is he so weird?

Jiang Li curled his lips, he was already used to Jiang Zhan’s capricious personality in these few days. He was too lazy to rub the ointment, he then threw the ointment away and asked System if there was any change in the favorability.

System answered, “There’s no decrease in points, please don’t worry Host.”

Jiang Li was relieved.

When Jiang Zhan came out after finished bathing, he saw Jiang Li change from sitting to lying prone on the sofa.

He didn’t wear the shirt that he took off just now and lay prone with his upper body naked. He used his elbow to support his body and that posture caused his sphenoid bone to form a nice-looking arch, both of his legs were swinging relaxingly.

Jiang Zhan stopped walking, he thought that what Jiang Li said earlier about giving in to his desires would harm his body was not unreasonable. He indeed had an impulse to give in to his own desires 3 days consecutively after 30 years of hunger.

And everything was because of the person in front of him.

No wonder Shen Yuzhi said that sex was one of the most wonderful things in the world.

As Jiang Li heard footsteps, he turned around and saw Jiang Zhan walking about with a bath towel around his waist.

Jiang Li’s vision followed his movement and landed on his sexy abs. He then looked at his own flat belly and felt mentally imbalance. He really missed his previous life’s perfect body shape and decided secretly that he would train the current body well.

Jiang Zhan pulled open the fridge to get an ice beer to drink and realized that he was looking at him. He then stopped drinking.

“What are you looking at me for?”

“I’m looking at your nice build.”

Jiang Li was always not stingy in giving compliments towards anything wonderful. He used his index finger and vainly depicted the shape and lines of Jiang Zhan’s abs. With a smile at the corner of his lips, “The lines of your abs are really hot, the touch feels great too, I really like it.”


The distance between both of them was clearly 3 or 4 meters away, but Jiang Zhan felt as if his finger was stuck on his skin, slowly sliding down along the lines of his abs, down to…

“President Jiang?”

Jiang Li waved his hand and increased his voice when he saw Jiang Zhan was as if his soul left his body, “What are you thinking about? President Jiang?”

Jiang Zhan jolted as he was called by him and he realized that he had wandered off. He felt embarrassed and scolded lightly, “Although I know you’re complimenting me, don’t think too much, giving in to your desires will harm your body.”

He placed the unfinished beer beside after he finished talking and went back to his room, leaving Jiang Li who had an expression of ‘Excuse Me?’. He didn’t understand how praising him meant overthinking, and how much of a resentment he had towards giving in to his own desires?

It was already half past 11 o’clock, Jiang Li did not plan to stay up late. He stood up to switch off the light in the living room and returned to his room.

Jiang Zhan was leaning against the headboard and had a foreign language book in his hand. Jiang Li walked to his side, bent down and kissed him, he smiled, “Goodnight kiss.”

Jiang Zhan lifted his head and looked at him, “You’re quick at going into your role.”

“Occupational habit.” Jiang Li shrugged and went around the end of the bed and laid down on the other side. He yawned and said, “Good night then.”

The master bedroom had a 2-meter-large-bed, there were still a lot of spaces even when two men laid on it.

Jiang Zhan placed the book beside, stretched his hand to switch off the lamp and laid down followingly.

After a while, he stretched his long arms and pulled in Jiang Li who was sleeping on the other side, wrapping his arms around his waist.

“Good night.”

After Jiang Li signed the contract with Jiang Group, the company arranged an agent and two assistants for him in a short time.

Feng Dong was one of the most experienced agents in the industry, he had brought up a best actress and a few popular female stars before. Although the resources given to him were not as good as before, he still had the experience, so he was dissatisfied by the fact that the company asked him to specially guide a newbie who he had never heard his name of so suddenly. Therefore, he wasn’t as enthusiastic when they met.

“Hi Brother Feng, I’m Jiang Li. I’ll be in your care from now on.”

Jiang Li did a little homework these few days and learnt about the current entertainment industry. He also got Feng Dong’s information from Ji Shu. He really didn’t care much about Feng Dong’s attitude and stretched out his hand to greet him proactively.

As the saying goes, one will never slap the smiler. Even though Feng Dong had dissatisfaction in his heart, he would not tear their faces apart. He then shook Jiang Li’s hand vainly.

He had seen Jiang Li’s basic information before meeting, he knew that he went to a decent university, but he did not pursue acting and did not have any acting experiences. The only thing he had was a beautiful face that could only be served as a decoration.

He had seen many such people like Jiang Li. 80 or 90% of them were most probably lovers of high position leaders in the company and they came out just to play in the entertainment industry.

Feng Dong sighed in his heart, he had guessed that the company had given up on him. He initiated Jiang Li to sit down helplessly and he sat down followingly. He then informed Jiang Li everything that should be paid attention to.

Although the rules in the entertainment industry of this world had not much of a difference to the one in his previous life, he was not annoyed with what Feng Dong informed him. He nodded his head and jotted down the notes as he was listening carefully.

Feng Dong was satisfied with his courteous attitude, he softened his tone, “The company will arrange you to attend physique lesson next. They will also invite professional film teachers to teach you. The detailed plan will be out in a few days, I’ll guide you to familiarize yourself with the surroundings first these few days.”

“Ok, Thank you Brother Feng.” Jiang Li nodded his head, the phone in his pocket rang just in time so he took it out and accepted it.

The call was from a crew of ‘Long River and Falling Moon’, informing him to attend the photo shoot of the drama.

Jiang Li wrote down the time and location in his notebook as he was talking on the phone. After he said thank you and ended the call, he told Feng Dong, “Brother Dong, I need to go to Long River and Falling Moon’s drama set for a photo shoot, are you free to go with me?”

Long River and Falling Moon?

Feng Dong was shocked when he heard this.

He knew this drama, not to mention the fact that this drama was invested by Jiang Group, its online traffic alone was large enough. Although the audition for the cast was still ongoing, it had been on Weibo’s hot trend many times.

Feng Dong has been working in the industry as an agent for almost twenty years, although he was not very close with the main director Zhou Jin, he still knew him. He knew how strict Zhou Jin was in auditions. For newbies that had no acting experience like Jiang Li, he could only act in a role that had not much importance.

Whether or not Jiang Li entered the entertainment industry to play, since both of them are now tied together, Feng Dong would not let him go to the drama set alone. Moreover, Jiang Li asked him with a polite tone and not in a demanding tone.

“I’ll go over with you, I can also take care of you if anything happens.”

Jiang Li smiled, “Okay, then it may be troublesome for you, since I don’t know the way as well.”

“It’s not troublesome.” Feng Dong paused and did not resist to ask, “What’s your role in Long River and Falling Moon this time?”

Jiang Li was looking at the message that the crew sent to him, he let him join the drama crew’s wechat group so notices could be done easier. He then answered simply, “Liu Chuandeng and Liu Baizhu.”

“What??” Feng dong was shocked, he thought he had listened to it wrongly and asked again, “Who did you say?”

Jiang Li kept his phone, lifted his head and smiled, “The Eunuch of the Eastern Depot, Liu Chuandeng.”


Feng Dong suddenly felt dizzy.


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