Chapter 1 – New novel [System is very cute]

All-Rounded Strategy Game
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Chapter 1 - New novel [System is very cute] Chapter 2 - What vice-director, Laozi is the investor Chapter 3 - Spent this much effort just for a role of an eunuch? Chapter 4 - Host is so mad today Chapter 5 - Is it the lack of morality or the loss of humanity? Chapter 6 - The male lead's favorability is reducing rapidly! Chapter 7 - The choices of the punishment when the male lead's favorability is at negative value Chapter 8 - President Jiang wants to beat him Chapter 9 - Life is like a theatre, fully depending on one's acting skills Chapter 10 - Giving in to your desires harms your body, don't throw yourself into my arms Chapter 11 - I’m lonely so I can’t sleep Chapter 12 - "Sentimental," Jiang Zhan said as he pursed his lips that had been kissed. Chapter 13 - I think you are looking for death Chapter 14 - Luckily the person he slept with was Jiang Zhan, or else he would have trauma for his whole life Chapter 15 - President Jiang is very angry today Chapter 16 - Good night, paper tiger Chapter 17 - You're even teasing a minor, Jiang Li, are you still a human?  Chapter 18 - If one wants to win a man’s heart, one will first need to win a man’s stomach Chapter 19 - I’m already promoting him well, so why are you here blindly worrying about it?  Chapter 20 - Since you don’t plan to date, then what’s with the XOXO you sent? Chapter 21 - I like ones that can raise a cat with me Chapter 22 - Cat Costume Set Chapter 23 - President Jiang: Laozi also has a cat Chapter 24 - Major screw-up scene Chapter 25 - I can only blame myself for being too young at that time, I couldn’t even see clearly whether he’s a dog or a human Chapter 26 - You’re wearing fox ears, why are you meowing?  Chapter 27 - How lucky I am to be able to meet you in this life Chapter 28 - I finally came here after experiencing so many difficulties, and I’m sending Jiang Li here for a blind date? Chapter 29 - The farmer has become an owner Chapter 30 - Do you wanna date me Chapter 31 - Not even once have I had a happy visit Chapter 32 - Congratulations to President Jiang for dating Sao zi! Chapter 33 - President Jiang, please present your first love experience Chapter 34 - I rushed over here anxiously, but you're playing mahjong with my mother? Chapter 35 - I just need to firmly grasp onto you, then what is yours is mine Chapter 36 - Name: Jiang Zhan Spouse: Jiang Li Chapter 37 - Your hands itch? I think it’s your butt that is itchy. Chapter 38 - It's not a confession, it's a proposal Chapter 39 - Chi Fang, student of first year senior class (6) of the No.2 Senior High School of Jiang City Chapter 40 - The capture target this time seems a bit stubborn and intractable, huh? Chapter 41 - Where did this weak chicken come from, simply giving Lao Zi a good person card? Chapter 42 - The meaning of borrowing a light in the gay circle Chapter 43 - God damn story development Chapter 44 - Damn, this gay is scamming me ah Chapter 45 - Everyone here is trash Chapter 46 - You only smile at me, what does it mean? Chapter 47 - Are you crazy? How many good person cards do you want to give me? Chapter 48 - Are you sure you want to help people instead of taking advantage of being near me? Chapter 49 - Chi Fang tongxue, did you copy others in the last test paper in which you had scored 60 points? Chapter 50 - You may not be able to get into the university I enter. Chapter 51 - Why the heck are you crying while giving laozi a good person card? Chapter 52 - Not only do I not believe in reality, I’m even doubting my life. Chapter 53 - I only have studies in my heart. Chapter 54 - Host, don't hesitate and boldly capture. Chapter 55 - May 21, Jiang Zhan's birthday was also this date. Chapter 56 - I'm not straight, I want to date. Chapter 57 - Help me your ass, you only have studies in your heart. Chapter 58 - Five-Year National College Entrance Exam Three-Year Mock Exam Chapter 59 - It's not friendship, lao zi’s love. Chapter 60 - Don't rub it anymore, if you continue rubbing, there’s something even harder than this. Chapter 61 - You said that you have only studies in your heart, Jiang Li, keep lying! Chapter 62 - Changing seats once we’re not on good terms, how ruthless. Chapter 63 - Chi Fang tongxue, I like you. Chapter 64 - The sky was going to rain and his brother was going to become gay. Chapter 65 - I'll just give you a kiss, be obedient. Chapter 66 - It’s you who almost scared me to death, alright?! Weren't you a weak chicken? Chapter 67 - Do I look like I’m so free to hear your nonsense? Chapter 68 - There’s no love between us, there’s hatred, right? Chapter 69 - I'm not just dizzy, I'm literally going to heaven. Chapter 70 - I have only learned how to use my right hand after reading them alone! Chapter 71 - Jiang Li heard an uncontrollable cry from the bottom of his heart. Chapter 72 - The end of the second world, we'll meet again in the next world. Chapter 73 - What useless trash, keep f*cking sleeping! Chapter 74 - Are you trying to let everyone know that my headboard was smashed by the instructor? Chapter 75 - You are the most useless class I have ever seen. Chapter 76 - Such an unexpected act, standing in military posture is much better!! Chapter 77 - I wish so much that he smashed your brain with that punch. Chapter 78 - Instructor Jiang, I request you to guide me one-on-one, please Chapter 79 - I just wanted to ask if you could take me in for one night!! Chapter 80 - Damn retard. Chapter 81 - My students, I can punish them, but you can't. Chapter 82 - So what if I hit you, do I need to ask your instructor for permission? Chapter 83 - Love will come in time. Chapter 84 - The little furball looked at him, tilted its head, and meowed. Chapter 85 - It’s as if I always have to pay for what I’ve done. Chapter 86 - I'm not little! I'm big! Chapter 87 - I'm afraid you'll smash my bed again. Chapter 88 - Want to go and sleep? I think you want to court death. Chapter 89 - You’re just a mecha, why are you snatching my lines? Chapter 90 - I want to lock you up for another ten years. Chapter 91 - I'm dead. Chapter 92 - Are you guys crazy, having a visit this early in the morning?! Chapter 93 - Indulging in sex will damage your health, you are still young, restrain yourself. Chapter 94 - He wanted to be the patron saint of the empire just like his two elder brothers. Chapter 95 - Lu Heng, are you sick of living? Chapter 96 - I just went away for half a day, and someone is already trying to steal him away? Chapter 97 - I think it's you who doesn't want to live anymore, shut up!! Chapter 98 - I think you are here to seek death, right? Chapter 99 - It was locked for such a long time that it started questioning its life. Chapter 100 - You’ve slept with me and yet you don’t want to get married?! Chapter 101 - Heng ge is no longer our Heng ge. Chapter 102 - Probably because I was a good person in my previous life.

Jiang Li debuted when he was sixteen, he was awarded the best actor for both dramas and movies when he was twenty, and had obtained countless awards in the next ten years.

On his thirtieth birthday, Jiang Li announced his retirement from the entertainment industry and planned to return to his hometown to live the rest of his life by opening a shop. Out of his expectations, he got into a car accident when he was returning home after the press conference.

Jiang Li did not have any regrets after facing the sudden accident. His life was short. Although he had experienced the deepest suffering before, he had once lived a luxurious life. He was single as well, facing this accident was just his fate.

However, what he did not expect was that he did not disappear or reincarnate after his death. Instead, he was bound with a game system called ‘All-rounded Strategy Game’ for unknown reasons.

As an actor, Jiang Li had also exposed himself to the genre of science fiction among the films he accepted. He had also read one or two books about ‘Transmigration’, or ‘Traverse’, but it was only that. He did not think that this would happen in the real world, and even happening on himself.

After being bound with the strategy game, a serving system appeared in Jiang Li’s mind, it transferred the game’s rules to his mind.

This so-called ‘All-rounded Strategy’ is a game that came from the future, each person who has been bound will be transferred to each virtual world through the system’s link, then they will capture different types of male lead in the game.

There will be rewards when players complete their mission in the virtual world, and punishments when they fail their mission. Points will be accumulated after completing each level and the points accumulated can be used to exchange for items to take down the male lead.

There will be differences in every world’s setting, it may be a parallel real world, or a fictional ancient world, or a science fictional interstellar world and many more.

Everything will be transferred randomly by System, players have no right to choose or change.

In short, after binding with System, players can only be forced to join and follow the game’s rules, for the reason to be bound, System will only say ‘You don’t have the privilege to check for the reason.’

Jiang Li: “……” This kind of forceful game is making me really unhappy.

“Hi host, do you want to start your first strategy game?” System asked.

“Can I not join if I say no?” Jiang Li asked.

“No.” System answered.

“Then what’s the point of asking.” Jiang Li smirked, “Start then.”

Since I’m already dead, let’s just play.


When Jiang Li woke up for the next time, he was on a snow-white bed. The bed was a little messy, but the soft texture was comfortable for him.

A blinding high beam was as if it was pressing onto his retina, Jiang Li blinked his eyes uncomfortably and found out that was just an illusion. There was no truck in front of him, there was no screaming of his agent and helper, there was only a white ceiling.

Jiang Li now understood that he had arrived in the first world that System said.

He stayed lying down on the bed, calling his teammate in his heart: “System, are you there?”

“I’m here.”

Jiang Li heard a cold robot voice clearly in his mind, System asked “I’ve noticed that Host is conscious now, do you want to accept the original host’s memory?”

Jiang Li squeezed his dry eyes and said, “Yes.”

The memory of the original host and his personal portrait were transferred to Jiang Li’s mind though System in a short time.

When Jiang Li saw the original host’s appearance, he was slightly shocked as the appearance of the original host was slightly similar to him, but younger and gentler.

The original host had the name Jiang Li as well, he was 21 years old, and currently a fresh graduate. He had a single-parent family, was an introvert and had a crush named Zhang Ziyang, this was also the reason the original host appeared here. Zhang Ziyang is two years older than the original host, both of them grew up together. As the original host looked pretty and was a timid introvert, he was always bullied by people in the same grade during high school. Zhang Ziyang helped him once or twice without intention, he then fell for Zhang Ziyang. He has been giving in silently, following and serving Zhang Ziyang like an old mother.

Zhang Ziyang entered the entertainment industry during his university years, his look was considered proper but he has no acting skill and background, he is still a Z-list actor after a few years in the industry and has not much fame.

Zhang Ziyang knew the fact that the original host liked him, but he did not draw the line clearly. This was because he was afraid that he might be stuck by the original host after drawing the line, since the original host was not only an introvert but also stubborn. The second reason was that since there was someone who helped him to wash the clothes and made his meals like a nanny without paying, why should he draw the line then?

This situation continued till last month when Zhang Ziyang went to an audition for a large-scale drama. The drama was invested in by the Jiang company and was directed by one of the best directors in the industry, Zhou Jin.  Lots of supporting actors were chosen through auditions except for the main actors which were already set.

Zhang Ziyang would not lose such a good chance, but his abilities were limited. He did not pass the audition and did not have any connections. However, he was not resigned to this. After asking around, he knew that one of the vice-directors likes beautiful teenage boys. He then thought of Jiang Li.

Although the original host was already 21 years old and not was not considered a teen anymore, his look was flawlessly pretty.

Zhang Ziyang’s idea was to let the original host to accompany the vice-director for a night in exchange for one of the important characters. The original host did not agree to his requirements at first, he was really disappointed in his actions, feeling that his love towards Ziyang was just a joke. He hid from Zhang Ziyang for a few days for this.

Zhang Ziyang was not willing to lose a chance like this, since he decided to start his plan on the original host, he stood with the annoyance and communicated with the original host. He flowered his words and lied to the original host, saying that once he obtained the character he would get together with him, after earning enough money he would leave the entertainment industry and return to their hometown together to live the rest of their lives.

The scenarios depicted by Zhang Ziyang were too beautiful, they were scenarios that the original host did not dare to imagine. He compromised with it in front of love, accepting Zhang Ziyang’s plan.

Zhang Ziyang quickly contacted someone to connect with the vice-director and sent the original host’s picture to him. As expected, the vice-director quickly agreed to this trade after looking at his picture, and had also set the time and the hotel’s location.

Before the original host came to the hotel, he drank some liquor to strengthen his courage, his feelings were heavy, as if he was going to enter the execution ground. He imagined a few vice-directors that have receding hairlines and beer bellies. However, the person was unexpectedly young, he looked like he was approximately 30 years old, and he was not as wretched as he imagined.

But no matter how the person looked, he liked Zhang Ziyang for many years. He would definitely have that mental obstacle towards the fact that he needed to sacrifice his body to someone so suddenly. Hence, he started to resist when he touched him, he even cried as tears and mucus ran down.

The person’s mood was ruined when he saw him crying, he then did not force on him and went to the bathroom to take a bath, allowing the original host to leave.

The original host felt relieved. Just when he was preparing to leave, Zhang Ziyang called. When the original host saw the incoming call, he was happy, he thought Zhang Ziyang regretted it and asked him to leave by calling. But he did not expect the moans and breathes before he said something after accepting the call.

Although the original host was still a virgin, he knew what the noises were, he recognised clearer that one of the noises came from the Zhang Ziyang that he was familiar with.

Other than the moans, there were intermittent conversations flowing out from the phone, the original host heard his name from them, saying that he was a dumbass and that he was planning to kick him away after he achieved his character.

The original host’s face turned white as he heard their conversation. He felt that he was like a douche and was played right into his hands. He was feeling angry to a point that his fingers started to shiver, he was not able to calm down and collapsed over with eyes turning black.

Then, Jiang Li arrived.

After accepting the memories of the original host, Jiang Li was speechless. So the original host died due to his anger? He died due to anger instead of taking his revenge on Zhang Ziyang after he was played right into his hands?

“Yes.” System answered after receiving the fact that Jiang Li was speechless.

Jiang Li “……” I have no words.

It was only one minute when the original host died and Jiang Li arrived. The phone call was still ongoing, maybe Zhang Ziyang and the other person accidentally pressed on the phone call and nobody found out.

Jiang Li stretched his hands and took the phone, he put it beside his ears and listened, the moans made him frown. He then pressed the recording button. After recording for two minutes, he then ended the phone call and placed it beside.

“System, are you still there?” Jiang Li asked again when he noticed his mind was in total silence.

“Yes, what do you need, Host?” System asked.

“What is my mission in this world?” Jiang Li asked as he sat up on the bed.

“Please wait for a moment.”

System checked for a while and transferred the mission to Jiang Li. A virtual column appeared in front of Jiang Li’s eyes, showing a line of words.

[Main mission: Capture the male lead, Jiang Zhan. Side mission: Relieve Jiang Li’s anger. ]

Jiang Li understood the side mission, it meant taking revenge for the original host, this suited the game’s settings to beat up the scum, but for the main mission…

“Capturing the male lead…” Jiang Li asked humbly, “What does it mean?”

“Increasing the favorability, your mission will be considered done once it reaches 100 percent and you can enter the next world.” System explained.

Increasing the favorability.

Jiang Li pondered for a while, “Using any ways?”

“I recommend dating.” System answered formally.

“… So this is a dating simulation game?”

The door of the left bathroom opened when Jiang Li finished his question, System reminded suddenly at the same time, “Host, please pay attention, the target person has appeared.”

Target person?

Jiang Li noticed that the [Main Mission] in the column in front of him had been lighted up.

This means the male lead has appeared?

Jiang Li quickly realized and averted his gaze towards the bathroom, as he saw the person in the bathroom drying his hair with a towel and walking out.

He was a tall, handsome man. His height was around 1.9 meters. He was half-naked as his abs with smooth linings and sturdy body shape were shown, obvious V-line abs stretched towards the towel by his waist, a man’s body which had just been showered was producing strong, invisible male hormonal breaths.

Jiang Li was in the entertainment industry for ten years in his previous life, he saw many nice looks before, but the person in front of him still caught his attention. He had that tension that was fused with his sexiness and coldness, it was the type that Jiang Li admired.

Yes, Jiang Li likes guys, so he was not resisting towards the mission, at least it was not capturing ‘female lead’, or else he would feel guilty.

But the unexpected thing for Jiang Li was that the male lead was the other person in this trade, and moreover, he was Jiang Li’s type, this made him feel like no effort was made to achieve his goal.


Jiang Li smirked lightly, he became really interested in this game suddenly.

He worked so hard yet he was still single in his previous life, the dating tricks he learned from acting were not in use at all. Since the world has changed, the target person was his type as well, so he thought that he should start with understanding his body.

Jiang Zhan did not know Jiang Li’s idea at all, after finished bathing, he noticed that Jiang Li was still sitting on the bed, he stopped his step and frowned, “Why are you still here?”

He thought he had left when he finished bathing, he did not expect that he was still on the bed, what’s more, he was not resisting anymore, staring straight right into him.

Jiang Li would not leave, he would not leave without sleeping him.

Jiang Li did not answer him immediately, instead, he got off the bed slowly, a strong comparison was shown when his white toes stepped onto the dark mat. He crossed his both hands and grasped onto the T-shirt’s lower ends, raising up and taking off the oversized shirt. He then threw it onto the floor.

Jiang Zhan raised his eyebrows slightly when he saw his actions. He remained standing and did not move, but he was ridiculed by his actions.

Jiang Li did not care, he looked into his eyes as his hands grasped onto the belt’s buckle, he lifted it up gently, unlocking it and releasing the belt slowly, throwing it away with his shirt.

His actions were slow and unintentional, they were simple actions but they were seen as if they were seducing someone. As the belt was released, the loosen pants slid down gradually and stopped at his hip bone. The white edge of his underwear and his slim waist were shown, the original shyness suddenly turned tension-filled and sexy.

Jiang Zhan’s vision turned dark as he averted his gaze from Jiang Li’s waist to his face, waiting to know what Jiang Li wanted to do. Jiang Li then walked slowly towards him.

Jiang Li was approximately 1.7 to 1.8 meters tall, he needed to lift up his head slightly to look at Jiang Zhan. The frightened expression was not seen on the current Jiang Li, Jiang Zhan’s eyes were not able to move away from him.

“The trade is not done yet, how can I leave?” Jiang Li smiled gently, as he put his hands on Jiang Zhan’s shoulder, going a little closer to his ears.

Jiang Zhan felt a warm breath fanning the root of his ears, it turned itchy and numb as the seducing voice of the person in front of him echoed by his ears.

“Unless… you can’t do it anymore after bathing?”


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