Chapter 43 – Past relationship (pt. 1)

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Treading on a Courtyard of Orchids premiered as scheduled at midnight of June 16th.

On the 15th, Ji Zhinong had spent the entire day on a promotional tour. By the time he got home, he was exhausted and just wanted to sleep. But Li Shaoyao forcibly pulled him over to the sofa and turned on the projector in excitement, projecting the film that the production crew had sent onto the home theater screen.

Before the movie began, he even prepared a huge bucket of popcorn.

Ji Zhinong casually stuffed a handful into his mouth, a bitter, burnt taste instantly filling his mouth. He grabbed the trash can and spit it out, asking in suspicion, “Is it expired?”

“That’s impossible. I took it out of the pan just two hours ago.”

“You’re saying that… you made the popcorn?”

Li Shaoyao asked for praise. “How about it? It’s good, right?”

“…” Ji Zhinong wanted to be honest, but he was afraid it would hurt Li Shaoyao’s pride. “It tastes… interesting.”

He reached out and grabbed some more popcorn. This time, he made sure to check if it was burnt before eating it.

In a handful, only four or five kernels were edible.

Li Shaoyao noticed the problem as well. “Why is it burnt? Let’s not eat it then.”

“Don’t waste food.” Ji Zhinong held the popcorn bucket to his chest and lay on the sofa comfortably, eating it piece by piece.

The movie officially started.

Li Shaoyao pulled Ji Zhinong into his arms and quieted down, staring at the screen.

Though he had a countless number of chances to conduct an internal review of the film as an investor, he insisted on leaving it until the 16th, as if he were stubbornly observing some sort of ritual.

After the short but information-packed opening titles, the protagonist Lu Yun slowly appeared on screen. His alluring, watery gaze struck Li Shaoyao at once. Six years ago, Wen Che had given Lu Yun life and turned him into a masterpiece. Now, Ji Zhinong once again infused him with life.

Li Shaoyao was absorbed in the movie, as if spellbound. It was a lucid dream that he knew was fake, but he was willingly deceived.

When Lu Yun smiled at the camera, Li Shaoyao couldn’t resist smiling along with him. When he cried, Li Shaoyao felt his heart seize in pain as if it were being ripped apart.

On the other hand, Zhinong, who was lying in his arms, enjoyed his film in a completely objective manner. Though a lot had happened during the filming process, his acting wasn’t affected by those little annoyances. He put his all into interpreting Lu Yun’s character. He hadn’t just performed it well; it was more like he had achieved a level of perfection in a parallel universe.

To a certain point, Lu Yun was Wen Che himself.

The movie reached its climax. After an intense fighting scene, tragedy followed. Wen Che had always been nit picky about his works, but even he gave himself 99 points for his acting in the crying scene. The missing point had been deducted out of the fear that he would get arrogant, especially as this was just his standard acting. If he had done even better, he could make an exception and add at least twenty points.

He still hadn’t yet considered how scary it was for Ji Zhinong with his trashy acting skills to perform at his level.

He was distracted by Li Shaoyao.

Normally, he was imposing and intimidating, but now he was crying his eyes out while watching the movie.

“……..” Zhinong got up with the popcorn and passed him a tissue. “The movie is a little sad, but you don’t have to be that sad…”

Li Shaoyao’s tears poured out like a flood. Amazingly, he cried silently, only choking up at the loudest, like an aggrieved puppy crying alone in the corner until morning.

Ji Zhinong didn’t know how to comfort him because after the climax passed, Lu Yun would also be stabbed by his lover, who he trusted the most. That was the part Wen Che found most angsty—who could stand being backstabbed by the person one loves most? But soon, the movie progressed to that scene.

The director was very good at filming; the scene felt so real that Ji Zhinong subconsciously touched his back, as if he had really been stabbed while acting it out.

Seeing this part, Li Shaoyao was crying so hard it was almost like a waterfall.

The battlefield of the business world required rationality above all else. The fact that he was able to keep the highest position of the Li Corporation while being so emotional showed that he really was exceptionally talented.

Ji Zhinong thought in wonder and secret admiration.

The movie quickly reached its turning point. As the protagonist, Lu Yun found his way out of an impossible situation and went on a murder spree after being mistreated. In the end, he rejected love and lived alone in seclusion.

Li Shaoyao’s tears had dried with its end.

After the projector was turned off, he got up silently and washed his face in the bathroom. When he came out, his eyes had swollen into peaches.

“In the first movie, Lu Yun had a good ending.” Zhinong asked in confusion, “You were the one who insisted on having the scriptwriter turn this second movie into a tragedy and even Lu Yun’s lover into a villain. I don’t get it. He was his childhood friend, and they had a strong relationship. His sudden change in personality and backstabbing was too dramatic; nobody would be like Su Lin in real life.”

Su Lin was Lu Yun’s ex-partner. In the first movie, they were the perfect couple. In the second, Su Lin stabbed Lu Yun in the back, and his reason for doing so was merely fame and wealth.

“How can you be sure nobody’s like Su Lin?” Li Shaoyao’s voice was cold. He approached Ji Zhinong. “Lu Yun survived after being stabbed because he’s the protagonist. He’ll never die. If he weren’t the protagonist, that would’ve been fatal.”

“…W-why did you get so serious?” Ji Zhinong was scared by his response. “I was just discussing the plot line with you, but you’re acting like you have firsthand experience.”

Li Shaoyao calmed his emotions slightly, doing his best to tell Zhinong calmly, “Remember that Su Lin was a jerk. He got off easy with just capital punishment.”


The producer had told him that Su Lin’s death by capital punishment was something Li Shaoyao specifically requested.

The more he thought about it, the more Ji Zhinong felt uncomfortable. He hadn’t realized it while filming, but after watching the final movie, he realized more directly how repulsive Su Lin was—he could even predict that the character would be attacked by the viewers.

B-but how could Su Lin be a bad person? He used to be Lu Yun’s first love!

Right when Wen Che was acting as Lu Yun back then, he had been infatuated with Lu Yuankong. To act properly, he even projected his love for Lu Yuankong onto Su Lin.

He had special feelings for the character Su Lin.

He would have felt better if Lu Yun had become the villain instead of Su Lin.

That night, he tossed and turned in restlessness. He even wanted to wake up Li Shaoyao, who was next to him, wanting to defend Su Lin.

He thought long and hard and finally came to a realization when it was morning.

The reason he couldn’t let go of it wasn’t Su Lin.

It was because Li Shaoyao had indirectly shaded Lu Yuankong.


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