Chapter 41 – How shabby (pt. 6)

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In order to vent Zhinong’s anger for him, Li Shaoyao spared no effort: from bribing Du Shen to coordinate with him from the inside to looking for traces of evidence of Ji Ruzhang’s abuse of power, every step progressed orderly under his planning. To be able to control the entire Ji Corporation in a short five years, he naturally understood how to catch people by their lethal points and force them into a dead end. He had always been the best-versed in this.

Since it had been accomplished, he felt that he deserved some reward.

Ji Zhinong didn’t know what was wrong with himself either. He had just been rubbed over the heart, but his entire being seemed to go limp, like a satisfied cat waiting for its owner to rub it. It was rare for Ji Zhinong to be so well-behaved, and Li Shaoyao wouldn’t miss this amazing opportunity. He leaned over and pushed Ji Zhinong into the sofa.

After being together for so long, Zhinong understood very well what he was like when he was in heat. He picked up a random pillow and held it in front of his chest, making a resistant posture that was better than nothing.

Li Shaoyao laughed softly and suddenly lowered his body, his hands sliding into the gap between Zhinong’s back and the sofa like snakes. His warm hands slipped into Ji Zhinong’s clothes, and his palms stuck to Ji Zhinong’s back, sliding up inch by inch before stopping at his armpits and grabbing the soft flesh inside with his slender, long fingers. He had only just rubbed a few times, but Ji Zhinong’s defense completely collapsed. He was reduced into a laughing mess and even threw the pillow away.

“Hahahaha… Li Shaoyao, y-you’re cheating… hahahahaha!”

He laughed while yelling at Li Shaoyao. Tears formed in his eyes too—crying and laughing.

The two rolled into a ball together like two elementary students fighting in between classes and nearly rolled down onto the carpet. At that moment, the phone on the table rang.

Li Shaoyao was in the heat of the moment and had started unbuttoning Ji Zhinong’s shirt. Zhinong was also panting, the exposed parts of his chest pink. He had clearly been excited, and the two both ignored the call at first, focusing only on fooling around. But the phone rang again and again without the intention of stopping.

In the end, Ji Zhinong regained a shred of his rationality and reached out to grab the phone. Before he picked up the call, he even spent two seconds to calm his breathing. Li Wei’s anxious voice came from the other end before he even said anything.

“The old master was sent into the ER!”

Ji Qingshan had experienced chest pain at night and lost consciousness after midnight. After he was sent to the hospital, the doctor directly determined him to be critically ill.

By the time Ji Zhinong got to the hospital, his grandpa had already been transferred into the ICU. Li Wei was talking to the doctor outside of the patient room, and his taut expression finally relaxed a little after seeing them rush over.

Li Shaoyao rushed over and grabbed the doctor, asking, “How is my grandpa?”

The doctor said seriously, “It was an acute heart attack caused by a shock. He has to make it past tonight to be out of danger.”

Zhinong asked right after urgently, “Why did he have a heart attack? My grandpa has always been very healthy!”

Li Wei interrupted with a calm expression. “No matter how healthy he is, he’s nearing his eighties. How could he stand it?”

Li Shaoyao heard the strangeness in Li Wei’s voice. He quickly guessed the reason and sent the doctor away with a few words, asking Li Wei, “Was it because of the marriage?”

Li Wei looked at the two reproachfully and set his gaze on Ji Zhinong. “If I were the old master, I would fall sick from the anger as well, what with the conflict between you brothers getting to this level.”

Ji Zhinong had already started feeling guilty. “I was going to personally explain everything to grandpa tomorrow.”

Li Wei: “He heard about everything immediately. The media coverage is even more earth shaking. Even if I intended to hide it from him, how long would I be able to with how perceptive he is? To think you wanted to explain tomorrow—if I didn’t discover him in time, your grandpa would’ve died tonight from how angry you… no, all of his grandsons made him!”

His scolding was aimed not only at Ji Zhinong and Li Shaoyao, but also the entire Ji family.

Li Wei had always been composed and amiable, but this time, he had really gotten angry,

Wen Che admitted that he hadn’t thought things through this time. He’d only focused on getting revenge unrestrainedly and hurt someone he cared about.

Ji Qingshan wasn’t actually Wen Che’s actual relative, but the little affection he received after his rebirth was from Ji Qingshan.

Wen Che hadn’t yet repaid him for his selfless love and nearly let him down instead.

Seeing Zhinong lower his head in guilt, Li Shaoyao wrapped an arm around him and patted him comfortingly before taking all the blame. “Mr. Li, I’m sure you understand the causes and effects of this mess and that you have an overall understanding. I personally planned all of this just to get revenge for Zhinong. It was my lack of oversight that I didn’t consider what grandpa would think, so just scold me.”

Seeing him be so protective of Zhinong, for a moment, Li Wei didn’t know whether he should be angry or laugh. “Young master Li, do you think that I’m an idiot? It’s true that Zhinong was a little naive and so honest that he got bullied before, but he’s gotten very shrewd now that he’s grown up. If he wasn’t the one to pull out that recording, would you make the revenge plans?!”

Li Shaoyao: “…”

Li Wei looked at Zhinong again and asked from the bottom of his heart, “Young master, do you hate the entire Ji family?”

Ji Zhinong raised his eyes and met his gaze, saying firmly, “Mr. Li, believe me. No matter what, I’ve never thought about hurting grandpa before. He’s my only relative that treats me well.”

Li Wei said, “I believe that this was an unintentional mistake. You went through a lot, and the old master understands your desire to get revenge, but in the end, this is a family matter. A mess like this embarrassed the entire Ji family, including the old master. If your siblings end up in jail, the old master probably won’t recover.”

“…” Wen Che understood what he meant.

If he really went through with everything to the end, Ji Qingshan wouldn’t forgive him.

If Wen Che were a complete outsider, he wouldn’t feel even slightly guilty even if he destroyed the family.

But right now he was Ji Zhinong. The way Ji Qingshan saw it, what he was doing was no different from ruining his siblings and placing justice before his family. Even the most rational people would have difficulty keeping level-headed when they were emotional.

So he had to make a decision.

He looked towards Ji Qingshan, who was lying unconscious in the room. He didn’t hesitate as he had already made a decision.

Wen Che would get his revenge, but he always repaid his debts too. If he had to backstab his benefactor while getting revenge, then he would rather not get revenge or point the knife towards himself instead.

But just as he felt conflicted, an arm wrapped tightly around his waist. Li Shaoyao stood right next to him, giving him a shoulder to rely on. He could tell what Zhinong was thinking and bit his ear gently. “Do what you wish. I’ll always be your way out.”

Zhinong looked at him gratefully, suddenly thinking that if someday, someone really did point a knife at him, Li Shaoyao would probably be the only one who’d protect and leave him a way out.


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