Chapter 40 – How shabby (pt. 5)

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The drama that had happened during the wedding quickly found its way into the trending searches. Because no one intended to manipulate public opinion, several chaotic and embarrassing videos of the scene were uploaded. What was more ironic was that the trending search right under that one was the “Ji Rugui, Bro-con” hashtag that the media had just hyped up. The marketing accounts had moved into action simultaneously and hyped up the deep brotherly affection between the Ji family siblings, not expecting the entire thing to mess up big time in just half an hour.

@ACertainEnthusiasticGossiper: What type of affection is that “brotherly affection”? Brotherhood or adultery?

@SoManyGossipers: Zhang Yunan and Qin Kaiyu spent two months promoting their beautiful love. The so-called Kaiyu ship hadn’t even set sail before sinking. Doesn’t the slap in the face hurt for their fans?

The wedding did go as Zhang Yunan wanted, becoming sensational and creating over twenty trending searches. Unfortunately, it was all negative news; not only did they dig up the dirt that he committed in***t in his adoptive family, but also old news that showed he had fooled around with Qin Kaiyu back then while knowing that he was engaged. Every single one was enough to ruin his future, but only the police knew about the most severe crime he had committed.

“Zhang Yunan, did you conspire to murder Ji Zhinong with your brother Ji Rugui on June 2nd, 2029?”

The police officer sternly interrogated Zhang Yunan, who was sitting in the interrogation chair.

Ji Zhinong had sat there just half a year ago. Zhang Yunan had never imagined that karma would be so quick to get back at him when he maliciously reported Ji Zhinong and got him detained.

Ji Rugui was in the interrogation room next door. The Ji family had already turned into a mess, and Qin Kaiyu didn’t have the time to worry about him either. It was to the point that no one hired a lawyer for him. When the officers interrogated him, he’d tried to maintain his silence, but the experienced officer sitting across from him quickly broke through his psychological barrier.

“I didn’t conspire to murder him. Just a recording can’t prove anything. I’m innocent,” Zhang Yunan racked his brains for a way to weasel out of it. “It’s all Ji Rugui’s fault! He threatened and r***d me. Afterwards, he was afraid that it would be exposed, so he hit Ji Zhinong. I wanted to stop him, but I was too scared. At the time, he would’ve treated me the same way he did to Zhinong as soon as I opposed him. Officer, I couldn’t help saying those things. Can you understand? I did it out of self-defense, simply out of self-defense!”

The officer who was in charge of taking notes recorded what he said without missing a single word, and it quickly reached Ji Tianjun and Ji Ruzhang’s ears.

Ji Tianjun was boiling with rage. He never imagined that Zhang Yunan would be such an ingrate. From his childhood, the one who cared for Zhang Yunan the most aside from Mother Ji was Ji Rugui, who satisfied his little brother’s every request.

A person is the same from youth to old age, and it’s easiest to notice problems during their childhood. At that time, Ji Tiangui loved his youngest son dearly and spoiled him. He never imagined that this fake son would shove his biological son into hot water after spoiling him for so long!

He explained urgently, “Rugui is impulsive and temperamental, but he definitely didn’t mean to hurt anyone! Officer, you can’t trust Zhang Yunan’s one-sided testimony. He’s lying! He’s trying to weasel out of it!”

The officer: “Our investigations are based on evidence, and his testimony will just be used for reference. What is certain, however, is that Ji Rugui and Zhang Yunan did indeed assault Ji Zhinong two years ago. Besides, according to the news records from back then, the victim was rushed into the ER overnight. We reasonably judge that Ji Zhinong was severely hurt back then.” He looked towards Ji Ruzhang, who was sitting at the side. “Miss Ji, you work at the surgical department of Youlan Hospital, correct?”

Ji Rugui realized something and nodded in agreement. “Yes, I’m a doctor.”

“Two years ago, Ji Zhinong was treated at the Youlan Hospital where you work. You also participated in his treatment back then, but when our colleague attempted to retrieve the medical records as reference for his injuries, he found that all of the information related to Ji Zhinong’s hospitalization had disappeared. According to the evidence provided by Li Shaoyao, we suspect, with reason, that you abused your authority to destroy evidence and cover up Ji Rugui and Zhang Yunan’s crime.”

Ji Ruzhang: “I…”

She couldn’t explain herself. She had truly abused her authority to delete Ji Zhinong’s hospitalization records in the system at Ji Rugui’s request and for the sake of the Ji family’s peaceful facade back then. As long as those records disappeared, the police would be unable to charge them using the medical records in the future. This could prevent troubles in the future, but the consequences of it being revealed would be unbearable.

Seeing her agree tacitly, the officer said regretfully, “Since that is the case, I hope you will cooperate with the investigation. Take her away.”

Ji Tianjun watched as Ji Ruzhang was taken to the interrogation room and was so anxious that his vision started darkening. His wife had been hospitalized, his eldest daughter and second son were detained, and his adoptive son had become an ingrate. The one behind all of this was his biological youngest son, at that.

When he refocused, he finally remembered the crux of this issue.

He grabbed his phone, not to get a lawyer, and not to disturb Ji Qingshan, who he didn’t have the courage to disturb at this time, but to call Ji Zhinong.

Ji Zhinong had expected Ji Tianjun’s call.

He picked it up, also expecting his father’s words.

Ji Tianjun said urgently, “Zhinong, are you trying to kill your brother and sister? Don’t forget, you’re a member of the Ji family too!”

Ji Zhinong expected his attitude. “Dad, I thought you would apologize to me on my brother and sister’s behalf first. The victim was me, from start to end. You’re so biased that you can’t distinguish between right and wrong.”

Ji Tianjun didn’t listen to him at all and only asked in interrogation, “You and Li Shaoyao plotted this long beforehand, right? What are you trying to do? Will you only stop after you’ve completely embarrassed the Ji family?!”

“The one who’s embarrassing isn’t me. It’s my shameless brother and my immoral sister. You should yell at them. If you called just to scold me, I’m not listening.”

Ji Tianjun could only put down his pride and plead, “I won’t worry about Zhang Yunan anymore, but Ruzhang and Rugui… Show mercy on them. If they’re entangled in a case like this, their lives will be ruined! They’re your family, Zhinong. How can you just watch your siblings fall into a hellish pit?”

“But the ones who went all in to hurt me back then are these same two siblings. This is just karma. In fact, I still don’t think it’s enough.”

Ji Zhinong hung up and ignored all of Ji Tianjun’s future calls.

Li Shaoyao was sitting right next to him and heard the entire thing.

He found it strange. “Zhinong, I thought you were doing this to keep them from doing it again in the future and then forgive them.”

Ji Zhinong sighed quietly. “I’m not as generous or broad-minded as you, Ah Yao. Do you know what it feels like to be at death’s door?”

Li Shaoyao’s expression turned more stern, and he heard Zhinong say, “I was near death twice, and both times were caused by Zhang Yunan. I’m still alive not because I escaped narrowly, but because I was lucky.”

He didn’t say he had a narrow escape, but the original Ji Zhinong really did pass away after the second time.

Wen Che didn’t have a narrow escape either; the accident from six years ago easily took away his life. It was just that he and the original Ji Zhinong were both a little lucky, which was how they had survived until now and were able to punish the culprits.

“I won’t show mercy. I can’t take their lives, but I can make it so that they feel even worse than if they were dead.”

For a moment, Li Shaoyao couldn’t understand why Zhinong spoke as if he had gone through great trials in life at his age.

He caressed Ji Zhinong’s back in distress. “I’ll support you unconditionally. But can you really harden yourself to do this, Zhinong?”

“Do you want to hear the truth?” Ji Zhinong looked into his eyes. Li Shaoyao blinked slightly as Ji Zhinong said lightly, “I’ve never cared about any of my family members aside from my grandpa, so I don’t have to ‘harden myself’ to do it.”

“What about me?” Li Shaoyao embraced Zhinong and placed his hand over Zhinong’s heart. “Have you ever cared for me from the bottom of your heart?”

“…” As soon as he approached, Ji Zhinong’s heart started pounding uncontrollably.

Wen Che knew that this wasn’t the original Ji Zhinong’s response, but the response of his own soul showing in this body.

He didn’t admit it verbally, but his body was extremely honest.

Why would his heart be racing like this if he didn’t care?


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