Chapter 35 – An old score (End of Part One)

After the Rebirth of the Film Emperor
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When he gave his red envelope to Ji Zhinong, Li Shaoyao passed him a new phone while he was at it.

The screen of Ji Zhinong’s original phone had shattered, and he’d bought himself one long ago. But Li Shaoyao suddenly remembered that he was the one who shattered Zhinong’s phone. Coincidentally, a new phone was on the market, so he personally bought a phone of the latest configuration while feeling a little guilty. After stuffing the phone into Zhinong’s hand, he crawled under the blanket and pretended to be asleep, afraid that the old score would be brought up.

Ji Zhinong, of course, understood what he was thinking. In consideration of CEO Li’s feelings, he entered data into the new phone after putting away the red envelopes.

When he was in the middle of it, a system message appeared, asking if he wanted to back the data up on icloud. Ji Zhinong clicked “Yes”, put down his phone and then went to take a bath. When he returned, the new phone notified him that the update was complete.

He remembered that Yang Yi had told him toshow public displays of affection on his personal account as appropriate. When they exchanged their wedding rings that day, they had coincidentally taken a close-up shot of their intertwined hands with their wedding rings on, so he planned to post this on Weibo to meet the quota. But before posting it, he poked Li Shaoyao. “Are you asleep?”

Li Shaoyao: “Yeah.”

“…” Ji Zhinong asked, “Can I post the photo of our intertwined hands on Weibo to cooperate with your act?”

One of Li Shaoyao’s hands reached out from under the blanket and made an OK sign at him.

Zhinong clicked the photo album. The photo was a recent one that was located at the bottom right. But what caught his eye after clicking it was a 56 minute long video with a completely dark screen on the upper left.

He didn’t remember saving a video clip recently.

He wanted to click it out of curiosity, but before he was able to, his finger started trembling wildly.

Wen Che felt a shiver go down his spine. He was sure that it wasn’t his own fear, but the original Ji Zhinong’s!

He tried several times, but he couldn’t click it no matter what, nearly dropping the phone in the end.

Li Shaoyao, who was pretending to be asleep, heard the breathing next to him get heavier and heavier and finally couldn’t resist turning to glance at Zhinong. He saw Zhinong sweating with his face pale and his bottom lip quivering slightly.

“What’s wrong?”

He sat up to see that the phone had been dropped onto the blanket while Ji Zhinong looked like he’d lost his soul.

Li Shaoyao didn’t know what was wrong, but he hugged Ji Zhinong subconsciously and patted his back, making his body relax.

Yeah, it was Ji Zhinong’s body and not Wen Che himself. Wen Che was conscious and didn’t feel any fear, but the original Ji Zhinong kept trembling out of fear, which made him temporarily lose control of the body.

This fear was identical to what he felt when he saw his adoptive father next to the trash—a fear that came from his heart and couldn’t be controlled by the mind.

His tense body and stiff arms finally relaxed when Li Shaoyao embraced and comforted him.

Wen Che really wanted to know what Ji Zhinong was afraid of, but he didn’t have the courage to touch that phone again, so he asked Li Shaoyao, “A video suddenly showed up in my phone, so I’m a little scared. Can you take a look at it for me?”

“???” This request was baffling. Seeing him being so afraid, Li Shaoyao thought it was some kind of horror movie and asked in amusement, “You’re that much of a scaredy cat?”

He picked up the phone while he said it and clicked the video with a dark screen strangely successfully after unlocking the phone.

Thirty seconds later, his face darkened.

The video was a total of 56 minutes and 32 seconds.

The first ten minutes were shot secretly. Under the Ji house’s balcony, two figures were entangled with each other against the wall. Because it was dark, the scenes all seemed like black silhouettes. If there weren’t any sounds, Li Shaoyao wouldn’t have figured out who these two people were so quickly.

“Yunan, I’m so happy that you’re not my biological brother. That way, this isn’t committing in***t…”

“Rugui, will dad kick me out of the house? Why did Zhang Nong have to come take my things… Rugui, you care about me. Let me stay in this family, please… Be more gentle…”

In an unbearable twenty minutes, the two silhouettes overlapped and pulled apart, and the balcony railing shook wildly.

In the 21st minute, a vibrating and ringing sound came from the video, probably from a phone call in the middle of the shooting. Though it was quickly silenced, it had already alerted those two, and the camera started trembling. What followed was a severe shaking and panting from running. After a long period of darkness, a face, white from reflection, suddenly appeared. It was Ji Rugui.

In the next twenty minutes, the video was a chaotic mess, and the camera didn’t shoot anything useful, just the ceiling.

But the sounds from the video were shocking.

Warning: Descriptions of Violence

“What did you see? Ji Zhinong, tell me, what did you just see?!”

“You really are a low-life from the backwoods. You had the guts to peep?!”

“I didn’t see anything. I don’t know anything…”

“Liar! Kids who lie have to be beaten!”

“Brother! Brother! I was wrong! It hurts! It hurts!!! Help… Help!! Mom, Dad… Help! It hurts!”

But the begging only brought harsher hits. Ji Zhinong was still shouting for help in the beginning, shouting “brother” first in hopes that his biological brother would have mercy and finally “Mom” and “Dad”. His throat went hoarse from the shouting, but no one responded to his pleading. In his actual home, he was held against the floor and beaten by his biological brother onto death’s doorstep. Ji Zhinong’s weak shouting at the end was indecipherable.

This beating lasted for a whole 20 minutes, and in the last 16 minutes, Ji Zhinong had already gone silent. There was only the sound of Zhang Yunan and Ji Rugui discussing something quietly.

“Dad and Mom will definitely look into it since he’s so badly hurt.” Zhang Yunan mumbled hurriedly before suddenly saying, “B-brother! Throw him… down the stairs, so he’ll roll down from the third floor. We can just say… we can say that he fell down himself and ended up like that, okay?”

Ji Rugui complimented him, “Yunan, you’re really smart.”

“B-but what if he wakes up and says something?”

“When he wakes up, the first person he sees will definitely be me. Besides, big sis is a doctor. She will definitely cover for us for the sake of family harmony.”

“Okay, okay. Let’s do that. Hurry and throw him down. Throw him down. He doesn’t belong here anyway, so he should get lost.” Zhang Yunan mumbled somewhat manically, “You will definitely die from this.”

The scenes suddenly rose and fell heavily before rapidly turning around and around. The sound of his body bumping into cement sounded unevenly at least thirty something times.

Finally, the camera broke, and the video ended.

Li Shaoyao remembered the news article he’d accidentally caught a glimpse of.

”Ji Zhinong Fell Down the Stairs and Was Sent to the Emergency Room Late at Night“


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