Chapter 34 – “I don’t eat fellow mushrooms.”

After the Rebirth of the Film Emperor
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After the snowfall, winter bid a temporary farewell to the world, and the dull roses on the table of the living room were switched to flowers commonly seen in the spring: mongolia, peach blossoms, etc.

At noon, Ji Zhinong busied himself in the kitchen. Since he was capable of cooking spicy, filling dishes, light dishes were also at his fingertips.

He made good soups especially. His fish head stewed tofu soup, stewed dried bamboo shoots with duck soup, and shrimp and bracken soup were all good enough to be served at a formal banquet.

Oral anti-inflammatory medicine tended to taste bitter. Li Shaoyao was especially picky about vegetables, refusing leafy green foods even more than a three year old child would.

Ji Zhinong put work into it, and all of the dishes he set on the table were stir-fries that included all kinds of flavors: Pumpkin puree, lotus root stir-fry, and eggplant with fish sauce. There wasn’t a single time when he remade the same dishes.

He would make any tasty dish, but never touched matsutake mushrooms again.

That day, Li Shaoyao drank the fish soup in his bowl while thinking about the soup. “Why don’t you make matsutake mushroom soup anymore?”

“Sorry,” Ji Zhinong said casually, “I don’t eat fellow mushrooms.”


“What are you laughing about? Shameless! Li Shaoyao, you’re shameless!”

“Fine, fine. I’m shameless.” He was in a good mood despite getting scolded.

Ji Zhinong only realized in retrospect that matsutake mushrooms were good for kidney nourishment and stamina restoration. He was beside himself with regret and had an incessant lingering fear of the mushrooms.

That night, he’d drank a little soup too. Thinking back to it, he had just been discharged from the hospital then and was a little weak. That was why he became so thirsty and hungry looking.

And then Li Shaoyao pretended to be a sheep as a wolf to eat the sheep, taking advantage of his weakness.

How evil!!!!

Though he didn’t get to eat matsutake mushrooms again, the food made Li Shaoyao glow with health. When the food had gone to his head, he estimated the costs of opening a restaurant for Zhinong. But after he had calmed down and thought about it, he was reluctant. He was reluctant to have Ji Zhinong touch those cooking ingredients everyday and was reluctant to share such tasty dishes with others.

He was reluctant to do it. He just wanted to monopolize Zhinong.

Every afternoon, a private doctor would come and redress Li Shaoyao’s wound. For the first few days, the wound still bled, in addition to flesh and blood being pulled off along with the gauze, so he would inevitably cut a sorry figure. As a result, Li Shaoyao had the doctor come up with an excuse to keep Ji Zhinong out of the room when the medicine was changed, not letting him see it. Later, when the wound scabbed and didn’t appear so shocking, he silently allowed Ji Zhinong to come into the room and accompany him.

Only then did Zhinong have the chance to see the complete wound on his back. A majority of it was bruised, with only two one-centimeter long, bloody scabs below the shoulders.

From Wen Che’s point of view, he really couldn’t believe that a gentle and refined person who cherished his son like his life like Father Li could be so harsh—from the looks of it, he had really been infuriated this time.

After the doctor left, Ji Zhinong made up his mind and said, “I should personally apologize to your parents. A mess like this happening probably wasn’t just because of the six billion yuan loss. Uncle was probably angrier about you getting involved with someone like me.”

“What kind of ‘someone’ are you?” Li Shaoyao dressed properly and said, not allowing room for argument. “Zhinong, Yang Yi was right. When that happened, you were still a minor, so others don’t have the right to criticize you, including me.

“You have to go easy on yourself too. Since you don’t remember, you might as well just forget it. I don’t want you to undervalue yourself over this, understand?”

Zhinong: “…Do you really think that way?”

Li Shaoyao nodded.

“Thank you.”

His “thanks” was sincere. Wen Che could carry the burden alone, but if someone was willing to share the burden with him and stand behind him, giving him silent trust and support, he would definitely be grateful.

He just didn’t think that the one to mutually support him through trouble would be Li Shaoyao. What Li Shaoyao did for him today had surpassed what Lu Yuankong had done for him by a great deal.

In Wen Che’s subconscious, he had already placed Li Shaoyao and Lu Yuankong on a set of scales, and he was even adding weight to Li Shaoyao’s scale in favoritism.

“You’re getting so polite with me now that we’re married?” Li Shaoyao pulled Zhinong to the bedside and sat down. “The only negative effect is that I can’t hold a wedding for you any time soon.”

Zhinong didn’t expect him to really go through with it, so he answered hurriedly, “I think it’s fine how it is now.”

“I’m not holding the wedding because I’m afraid my dad won’t attend, and people will gossip. But I’ll give you everything I should.” He picked up Zhinong’s left hand and raised his ring finger. “I ordered wedding rings. Pick it up with me at the store tomorrow.”

The next day, Li Shaoyao took Zhinong to the busiest mall in the city center. The wedding ring counter was located on the first floor of the mall, taking up two whole store spaces. With the inner displays, it was more like a jewelry art exhibit than a store.

When Li Shaoyao came, the store manager intentionally cleared out the store, providing services only for the two of them.

Because it was such a spectacular show, adding on to the fact that it was the peak of the stream of customers over the weekend, there were quite a number of people who watched from outside. Some had already recognized Ji Zhinong, though the content of their discussion was his and Li Shaoyao’s love.

The store’s decoration style was very simple: it was divided into sections by artistic lighting, so even without entering the store, people outside could see the two at a glance.

“What a guy! Li Shaoyao is having Ji Zhinong try on rings!!!”

“Amazing. They really are preparing for marriage! I thought the news was a rumor!”

“The prices of AS jewelry start at tens of millions of yuan! Ji Zhinong has it so good!”

“It’s so sweet, I ship!”

The onlookers indulged in discussion.

“Ahhhhhhh!! They’re kissing!!!!”

Li Shaoyao was trying on the rings when he suddenly caught the back of Ji Zhinong’s head single-handedly, pushing him towards himself, and kissing him.

Ji Zhinong’s eyes widened as he started struggling. Li Shaoyao caught his wrists with his other hand and started another deep kiss, making Ji Zhinong bend slightly to withstand his attack.

The lady at the counter: “………..” Is this something I can watch?!

The onlookers outside: ‘Do I have to pay to watch this?’

Li Shaoyao let go slowly after kissing enough. Blushing down to his neck, Ji Zhinong hit Li Shaoyao roughly, reproaching him for not having a sense of time and place with his expression.

What Ji Zhinong didn’t know was that, in others’ eyes, this was them flirting.

“He made him angry with the kissing!”

“What a guy! Is Li Shaoyao coaxing Ji Zhinong?!”

Li Shaoyao wasn’t coaxing—he was just telling Zhinong, “The reason I brought you out with me today is precisely to show how affectionate we are.”

Zhinong: “Y-you, you!”

“If you make any more movements, people will misunderstand even more.”


So that was the real reason that Li Shaoyao had brought him outside. Ji Zhinong had felt that it was strange in the beginning; if Li Shaoyao wanted anything, he could’ve just had people deliver it to his doorstep. There was no need for him to buy it personally, but it turned out that he was intentionally attracting onlookers to get into the news.

That night, #LiShaoyaoJiZhinong went on trending searches. Those who were discussing the topic included quite a few authentic, official finance accounts who were talking about what benefits their marriage had brought to the Li and Ji Corporations. Not only were there gossipers joining in on the conversation, but there were also a lot of stockholders.

The Ji Corporation had come to a bottleneck with its current development. Though it was living off of its past gains, it was still one of the largest figures at the forefront of the industry. The Ji Corporation developing a collaborative relationship with the Li Corporation strengthened the power of both sides. Since it would be profitable, people would dare to invest boldly.

The Li Corporation’s stocks were slowly recovering, but it was still nothing compared to the previous positive situation of the stocks reaching their limits. Even so, judging from the attitudes of the stockholders, smoothly promoting the wedding for publicity and occasionally hyping it up through public relations seemed to really be helpful in building market confidence. After all, in others’ eyes, no matter what Ji Zhinong did, he was still the youngest son of the Ji family; no one could deny their blood relations.

At this rate, everyone would clearly understand that Li Shaoyao really had feelings for Ji Zhinong. Even if they didn’t get married, it didn’t keep their relationship from being real.

Since they had sufficiently dealt with outsiders, they had to account for themselves with their family.

Li Shaoyao took Zhinong to Ji Qingshan’s residence on a day with good weather.

The old man had long figured out the purpose of their visit and found out that the little rascals had acted first and gotten married from the news.

Li Shaoyao had thought that Ji Qingshan would yell at him at the very least, and he actually was yelled at.

Ji Qingshan yelled at him not because he used Zhinong but because he was too reckless when he dealt with the problem and didn’t consider the consequences.

But his recklessness showed his true feelings.

Only Li Shaoyao went all out to save him when something happened to Ji Zhinong. Ji Qingshan couldn’t criticize him just over that nor could he oppose the marriage.

He understood that even if Zhinong really found someone who only loved him, that person might not have the courage or the means to protect him.

Each could take what they needed from the other, so it was their best choice.

So Ji Qingshan acted as their witness and had the two exchange wedding rings in front of him.

Just like that, the marriage ritual was completed.

After they served the tea1During weddings, it’s tradition to serve tea to your parents as thanks for them raising you., Ji Qingshan stuffed a red bag into both of the rascals’ hands. He had clearly prepared it beforehand, but he refused to admit it, claiming he’d taken it out in passing.

Zhinong opened the red bag after he returned to the villa at night, seeing that it was full of cheques, each 50 million in amount.

Li Shaoyao’s red bag was also full of 50 million dollar checks. Saying that cheques were easy to lose, he had Zhinong safekeep it for him, but he was actually just giving Zhinong the money.

Ji Zhinong teased, “I get a billion just for getting married? It’s the way to money-making.”

Li Shaoyao pinched Ji Zhinong’s earlobe after hearing it. “Little thing, bigamy is a crime.”

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    During weddings, it’s tradition to serve tea to your parents as thanks for them raising you.


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