Chapter 31 – Detergent Li Shaoyao

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When Ji Zhinong woke up, he was already lying in the hospital.

As soon as he opened his eyes, a doctor came to care for him, asking if his solar plexus felt uncomfortable.

Zhinong pursed his dry lips and shook his head. Only then did the doctor leave at ease. Afterwards, Yang Yi, Chen Qing, and the others flooded into the patient room.

Yang Yi coming was typical, but Chen Qing was someone from Li Shaoyao’s side.

Since they had ended their relationship, Chen Qing shouldn’t have shown up.

Ji Zhinong remembered that he seemed to have seen Li Shaoyao before fainting. He confirmed this from Yang Yi’s words very soon.

“Mr. Li was the one who carried you to the hospital.” Yang Yi described the scenes of Li Shaoyao charging into the Ji family and carrying him out very vividly. She even pulled Qin Xiaohuo over to be a “first-hand witness” to make Ji Zhinong believe her.

It was a huge information overload, and Ji Zhinong couldn’t take it all in after just waking up. He even thought that his vision had failed when Chen Qing showed him the marriage agreement.

“Wait a second.” He raised his hand and held the agreement that had fallen from the sky, asking again in confirmation, “You’re saying Li Shaoyao wants to marry me? Wait, you’re saying that everyone outside knows that I’m going to marry him?”

Chen Qing: “CEO Li personally admitted in front of reporters that you’re his fiance.”

“Doesn’t he hate me?!”

“You must be joking. If he hates you, then he wouldn’t have personally gone to the Ji family to send betrothal gifts. The matter from before was just a small conflict. Mr. Li has already taken the initiative to reconcile.”


Wen Che understood Li Shaoyao even less.

He took the initiative to reconcile?

With the disaster from this time, if Li Shaoyao were willing to help, it would be out of affection. But if he wasn’t willing, it was only natural.

Wen Che wouldn’t blame him for not interfering. He had originally thought that this relationship had ended after their fight last time. He didn’t think that not only had their relationship not ended… He glanced at the marriage agreement. The agreement truly drew up the separation of the assets post marriage and was completely different from the business-like nature of the previous contract!

This wasn’t just a small step forward. This was simply moving onto the next level!

“Is this okay?” Ji Zhinong looked at Chen Qing, who had the closest relationship with Li Shaoyao in the room. “I mean, was the CEO provoked somehow? He clearly minded the matter about me a lot.”

“That matter?” Chen Qing played dumb. “Are you talking about that video of you and CEO Li being affectionate being publicized, Mr. Ji?”

“???” Who was being affectionate with who?!

Chen Qing: “CEO Li doesn’t mind. He doesn’t think this is your fault. It’s his. He didn’t protect you properly.”


“But there has been a negative effect, so he’s already hired private detectives to investigate the one who shared the video. He’s going to sue the person for invasion of privacy and damage to reputation. Don’t worry. The legal department of the Li Corporation is known as ‘sure win’. As long as they know who the defendant is, they’ll definitely make him compensate to the point of bankruptcy.”

“Oh right. Don’t worry about the police station either. Mr. Li personally explained it to the police. The police station has already established this as an invasion of privacy. You’re the victim now, not the suspect, Mr. Ji.”

Ji Zhinong asked slowly, “Then I’m not blacklisted anymore?”

“How can that be?” Yang Yi smiled. “The past two days you were asleep, there’s been a great change. Now you’re innocent and untarnished. This completely cleaned out all of the negative news from before. Everyone’s focusing on your and the Li young master’s love that appeared out of the blue now.” Ji Zhinong wasn’t dumb either. The young master of a listed company who had just taken the highest position dumping s*** over his own head directly for a no-name celebrity? Who wouldn’t call him an idiot for that? The opponents of the Li Corporation were probably secretly feeling happy behind their backs。

His gaze stopped at the line of the contract about the transfer of stocks, and he sighed, “…Isn’t this directing trouble onto himself? Who would spend money on ruining their own reputation? I can’t sign this, and I can’t marry him. This is nonsense; it’s harming him!”

Yang Yi: “Silly child. He’s saving you this way.”

“Saving me? I don’t want this kind of way that exchanges a life for another.”

Li Shaoyao was the illegitimate son. If it weren’t for his older brother passing away due to an accident, he might not have ever returned to the Li family. 17 year old Li Shaoyao was still a minor when he was taken to a completely unfamiliar environment. The Li family forced him too hard, wanting to turn him into a qualified heir in a short period of time.

He went through too much to be the heir at a young age. Wen Che had personally seen the depressed, unrecognized Li Shaoyao. It was because he had seen him that he knew it was very difficult for him to become who he was presently. No matter what, he didn’t want to become Li Shaoyao’s obstacle.

If Ji Zhinong’s life had rotten, then let it be. There was no need to drag an innocent person down with him.

“Assistant Chen, please tell your boss that I won’t sign.” He expressed his stance once again and pushed the marriage agreement further away as well.

“Mr. Ji, I know that you’re being thoughtful of CEO Li, but we’re beyond the point of return.”

Chen Qing took out an iPad and showed the present day’s opening stock market chart to Ji Zhinong.

A green light immediately reflected from Ji Zhinong’s face.

Chen Qing: “After CEO Li publicly admitted his relationship with you, Li Corporation’s stocks have experienced a precipitous decline. As of 3 pm yesterday, the curve that was approaching a halt has now fallen, and the stocks of the Li Corporation’s subsidiaries are all in the green, with $6 billion of the group’s market value disappearing.”

Ji Zhinong: “…………”

Chen Qing: “There’s no going back. At this time, you must cooperate with CEO Li, sign, and get married. That’s the only way there’ll be room for recovery in this situation. If he doesn’t keep his word about the marriage, I’m afraid that the investors will lose all faith in the Li Corporation. This is fatal for a century old company.”

The green graph and the “$6 billion disappeared” figure almost made Ji Zhinong’s heart disease relapse. He grabbed Chen Qing’s hand and asked in interrogation, “You definitely knew how damaging this kind of scandal is to a company. Why didn’t you stop him?!!”

“Mr. Ji, you’re overestimating my abilities. I’m just an assistant. There’s no way for me to change my boss’s mind.”

Chen Qing thought, ‘I did want to stop him! But who knew that Li Shaoyao, who had always been calm and rational, would make such a shocking and harmful response? Where was the cold and emotionless capitalist? Him going out of character was so unexpected. How could I stop him?!!!’

Ji Zhinong felt suffocated and was almost going to throw up blood. “Don’t I owe him for the rest of my life because of this? Where is he?”

“Boss said that he has family matters to attend to.”

Ji Zhinong didn’t need to hear it explicitly to guess that he probably returned home to get beaten by his parents.

He mumbled, “Is it worth it, doing this for a mere substitute?”

Chen Qing heard him and answered, “I asked the CEO this as well.”

“He says… it’s worth it.”


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