Chapter 30 – Defy world opinion

After the Rebirth of the Film Emperor
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That person had reminded Wen Che. Since he was reborn thanks to the kindness of the original Ji Zhinong, then he had to repay the debts that the original Ji Zhinong owed. Otherwise, the original Ji Zhinong wouldn’t be able to rest in peace in the future.

The Ji family was a family of intellectuals. Mother Ji, who had the title of professor in higher education, felt like she had completely lost face now that something like this had happened. She took leave from the school and felt more upset the more she thought about it after going home. It was to the point that she fainted on the spot after hearing that Ji Zhinong had been detained by the police. To this day, she was in bedrest. When Ji Zhinong returned, she didn’t even want to go downstairs nor did she want to take a single glance at him, washing her hands off of the business.

When Ji Zhinong walked into the living room, he saw his father with a dark expression; his eldest sister, who was keeping quiet; his second brother, who was looking forward to the show; and Zhang Yunan.

Wen Che asked himself if he would be able to tolerate this happening to the younger generations of his family or his biological children. He wouldn’t be able to either, but he would be willing to hear their arguments and then discuss right and wrong.

But with Zhang Yunan beside them, Ji Zhinong wouldn’t even have the chance to refute them.

Father Ji was mean with his words from the very start. “You might as well have died outside.”

Ji Ruzhang felt that his words were too harsh and hurriedly held her father down, coaxing him to be merciful with his words.

Father Ji spread his hands and pushed his daughter away, pointing at Ji Zhinong and releasing all of the resentment that had built up for the past two years. “Since you returned home, there hasn’t been a single peaceful day for the Ji family! You couldn’t get good grades from studying, and your career is a mess. You’re greedy and lustful. You’re not taking the right path as a youngster, but you’ve completely mastered the way to be a bum. Your wedding got cancelled in public, and now a scandal like this has happened. You still have the face to return home?”

Ji Zhinong reminded him casually, “Don’t forget, you were the one who wanted to recognize me as your son back then, Father.”

“You have the guts to talk back to me?!!” Father Ji picked up a cup on the table and threw it at Ji Zhinong’s forehead. The edge of the cup was sharp, and Zhinong’s forehead reddened quickly, the cold water in the cup splashing all over his face too. The cup fell on the floor and shattered into pieces.

When his background was unveiled back then, Ji Tianjun specifically had someone tell his fortune, which said that the biological son would attract a person of prominence, whereas his non-biological son would attract a disaster.

The bigger his business was, the more he believed in divination. He only brought Zhinong home in accordance to his father’s will after getting this fortune. But in the following two years, the reality was the opposite of the fortune. This scandal especially was testing Ji Tianjun’s bottom line, and he had already determined that that fortune was false. If it weren’t for his father, he probably would’ve kicked Ji Zhinong out of the house that very night!

He felt even more stupid and roared in fury, “Go kneel in the yard! Kneel until tomorrow morning!”

Seeing Ji Zhinong standing in place, unmoving, Ji Rugui started making sarcastic comments. “Are you deaf? Dad told you to go kneel in the yard!”

Ji Zhinong raised his eyes and glanced at him icily, making a shiver run down his back. He realized that Ji Zhinong was glaring at him only after he recovered from the shock. If it weren’t for the fact that the cast on his arm hadn’t been removed yet, he would’ve gotten physical long ago!

Wen Che didn’t plan on retorting. His return to the house was precisely to let the members of the Ji family release their anger.

There were only three main parties involved in this.

He didn’t care about those talkative netizens. As long as he broke away from his identity of being an actor, he didn’t need to please all the on-lookers, so he just let them curse at him however they wished. He didn’t know what the original Ji Zhinong’s mentality was like, but Wen Che had a broad-minded mentality such that he could tolerate the same level of slander as he could praise.

The other party was Li Shaoyao. He had indeed vented out his anger, and Ji Zhinong had already become his abandoned pawn, so he didn’t need to worry about him anymore.

Lastly was this group of Ji family members. After all, they were blood-related, so he had to confront his family members’ rage when something happened. Ji Zhinong could only be considered to have taken on all the consequences after they had released their anger. As for how to maintain his livelihood after his reputation had completely been dragged through the mud, he didn’t have the time to worry about that.

Father Ji had him kneel, so he walked through the living room, found a level area in the yard, and knelt down.

The temperatures fell in the night, and not long after, snow began to fall.

The snow fell onto the palm of his hand, and only then did he realize that winter hadn’t passed yet.

The yard of the Ji house was a small garden that was surrounded by metal railings. The branches and vines flourished, forming a wall made of flowers and plants. Though outsiders couldn’t come in, they could pull apart the plants and branches to peek at the scenery inside.

Those reporters were really shrewd and had already poked their cameras in the gardens, coincidentally catching a picture of Ji Zhinong kneeling in the middle of the garden.

Zhang Yunan, who was enjoying the warmth in the living room, glanced at Ji Zhinong a few times and secretly felt smug on the inside while pretending to be pitiful on the outside. He sat next to his father and played some childish tricks from his childhood, improving Father Ji’s mood. When the timing was right, Zhang Yunan seized the chance to say, “It’s not actually Zhinong’s fault that this kind of thing happened. He grew up in that kind of household, so it was difficult for him to learn from proper examples. Now he even wants to force me to go back to the Zhang family. I’m really afraid that I’ll also be ruined in that mud pit of a family. Dad, can you talk to Zhinong for me? Don’t force me to leave this home.”

“He has the guts to force you?” Ji Tianjun’s hate for him increased. He patted the back of Yunan’s hand. “You’re the well-behaved child I raised. I’ve long seen you as my biological child, and we have a father-son relationship that can’t be shaken by a mere last name. Even if someone’s going to be kicked out of the house, it’d be the embarrassing one who’d be dealt with first.”

Zhang Yunan felt reassured and asked again, “How do you plan on dealing with Zhinong?”

“My old man is still here, so I can’t do anything to him.” Because Ji Tianjun’s rage hadn’t cooled down yet, his voice became much louder. “Tomorrow, I’ll give him some money and have him find someplace to live. The Ji house is big, but it can’t tolerate that kind of person.”

“Since the Ji house can’t tolerate him, give Zhinong to me.” A strong voice drifted in from outside. Li Shaoyao pushed open the hidden door and stepped into the living room, flicking away the snow on his body. Then he nodded slightly at Ji Tianjun. “Uncle, long time no see.”

Ji Tianjun was extremely surprised upon seeing him.

The Ji Corporation made its fortune off of commercial enterprise, so the worst thing would be for its chain of capital to break. And the corporation behind Li Shaoyao was the HP pool for the bulk of industries. The old master had some friendly relations with Li Shaoyao, but Ji Qingshan had always required that his children and grandchildren be independent. He won’t help them easily. Ji Tianjun racked his brains, wanting to build a relationship with the Li family, but he didn’t ever succeed. He didn’t think that Li Shaoyao would personally come today.

He stood up hurriedly and took the initiative to extend his hand towards Li Shaoyao, completely forgetting that he was Li Shaoyao’s senior by 20 years.

After the pleasantries, Li Shaoyao looked around for Ji Zhinong. Though the living room was huge, he didn’t see Ji Zhinong.

He didn’t ask upfront but expressed his intentions. “I came today to send betrothal gifts. I intend to marry Zhinong.”


All the members of the Ji family were shocked.

Li Shaoyao took out a contract. “This is my betrothal gift. I hope you’ll accept it.”

Ji Tianjun hurriedly took it to examine closely. There were two main points in the contract. First, Li Capital and the Ji Corporation would establish a long-term cooperation. Second, Li Shaoyao would allocate five percent of the stocks under his name to Ji Zhinong as betrothal money.

Ji Tianjun rubbed his eyes and looked over it carefully. After confirming that there was no mistake in the contents, he was both shocked and curious. “When did you and Zhinong…? You…”

Li Shaoyao said whatever came to mind. “I pursued Zhinong. I specially had the drama he’s shooting now custom-made for him.”

“Nonsense…” Zhang Yunan was the clearest on the inside information about the project of Treading on Orchids. He was just about to refute him, but Zhang Yunan immediately deflated after Li Shaoyao glanced over.

Li Shaoyao continued to support Ji Zhinong in front of the Ji family members. “I’m deeply in love with Zhinong. It has to be him.”

Zhang Yunan was unresigned and asked, “You don’t mind him having a scandal like this at all? I’ve never met someone who was rushing to get himself cheated on.”

“Shut up!” Ji Tianjun turned around and slapped Zhang Yunan before turning back and smiling at Li Shaoyao apologetically. “Yunan isn’t sensible. Shaoyao, don’t mind him.”

Li Shaoyao smiled and said, “I came to marry the third son of the Ji family Ji Zhinong today. Naturally, I won’t mind an outsider. But him being here really is quite irritating to the eye.”

Ji Tianjun signaled Ji Rugui to take Zhang Yunan away with his expression wildly.

Zhang Yunan was dragged away by Ji Rugui with half of his face red from the slap.

Once the irritating person left, the smile on Li Shaoyao’s face became a little more sincere. “What do you think of this wedding, uncle?” Ji Tianjun hesitated. “Zhinong is lucky that you fell for him. It’s just that your parents…”

“Since I’m proposing marriage, then of course my family doesn’t have any objections.”

“That’s good.” Ji Tianjun was shocked beyond belief. The Li family had a strict family discipline, but they tolerated Ji Zhinong? Even so, he didn’t have the courage to question it. He was a businessman who put profit before righteousness. The profit was right in his hands, so was there any reason to give it up?

He was so direct with “selling” his son that Li Shaoyao didn’t beat around the bush. “Then where’s Zhinong? I want to see him. A while ago, I accidentally made him angry. I came specially to make it up to him.”

Ji Tianjun was so shocked that he couldn’t shut his mouth. His brain faltered for a moment, and he pointed towards the garden. “He’s playing in the yard.”

Ji Ruzhang reacted quickly and stood up to open the door that led to the garden from the living room, only to see the blizzard outside and Ji Zhinong knee deep in at least two centimeters of snow.

Li Shaoyao frowned deeply. “The Ji family discipline is to trample biological sons to death?”

Ji Tianjun: “…”

Ji Zhinong’s body was stiff from the cold. As soon as the door opened, the warmth from inside the house rushed at his face, and he couldn’t breathe for a moment. He just felt his blood flowing backwards all throughout his body, his heart pounding. He couldn’t stand it any longer and fell into the snow headfirst.

Li Shaoyao charged into the garden and scooped him out of the snow in a princess carry. Ji Ruzhang followed him and took a look, concluding that his heart disease relapsed. She immediately grabbed the emergency medicine to feed him, but Li Shaoyao was on guard and avoided her care. “Who knows if this is poison?”

Ji Ruzhang’s hands, which were holding the medicine, trembled. She was a doctor, so this was a criticism and a slap on the face.

Li Shaoyao didn’t care what the members of the Ji family were feeling. He pulled down his scarf and wrapped it around Zhinong before carrying him and kicking open the door that was unlocked from start to end.

The reporters who had waited outside for two hours finally noticed signs of activity and swarmed forward like bees. Qin Xiaohuo and Chen Qing helped clear the way. They could stop the people, but they couldn’t stop the voices.

The reporters’ voices were sharp with over enthusiasm. “Mr. Li! What relationship do you have with Ji Zhinong? Was it a coincidence that you showed up here tonight?!”

Li Shaoyao originally wasn’t going to care, but he heard the reporters’ questions get worse and worse. Even if Ji Zhinong fainted in front of them with his face pale and his life or death uncertain, they would only care about Ji Zhinong’s scandals from beginning to end.

Before getting in the car, Li Shaoyao suddenly stopped and said straightforwardly to several cameras, “Ji Zhinong is my fiance.”

The reporters pursued it relentlessly. “Then what do you think of that skin-revealing video?!”

Li Shaoyao’s hand, which was carrying Ji Zhinong, tightened. His voice sounded through the wind and snow, as sharp as a knife. “The person who was with him that day was me.”

The reporters were in an uproar.

Chen Qing was stunned, his eyeballs almost falling out. Did the young master know what he was talking about?! Did he go crazy?!!

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