Chapter 29 – Perhaps he was a god

After the Rebirth of the Film Emperor
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After having drug dealers, murderers, and gangsters be his neighbors temporarily, on the third night of detention, Ji Zhinong was told by the police officer who opened the lock that someone came to bail him out .

When he was brought to the reception desk to sign, the one who greeted him was Li Wei.

Ji Zhinong lowered his eyes, not having the face to see him.

After completing the complicated process, the police officer took off Ji Zhinong’s handcuffs and gave his phone back to him, solemnly saying, “We will summon you back to cooperate with the investigation if necessary, so don’t leave the province in the near future.”

Ji Zhinong nodded his head woodenly.

Li Wei held his elbow and brought him out of the police station, handing him a thermos while saying, “This is the calming tea the old master made for you to help you get over the shock.”

The temperature of the tea water was perfect. Ji Zhinong raised his head and drank a few sips. Probably because he drank too much, his heart beat even faster. But he didn’t care—he really wasn’t in the mood to care.

Li Wei patted his shoulder, saying, “Young master, this matter will end here. The reporter won’t have the second chance to turn in the so-called evidence.”

“…Who reported it?”

Li Wei hesitated for a bit before telling him, “Zhang Yunan.”

“Ha. As I guessed.” Ji Zhinong wasn’t surprised. After finding out who the person who backstabbed him was, he was actually even calmer. “It’s not the first time he used this kind of trick. For fame and profit, he suppressed me for the past two years. This was meant to be fatal. He really took me for a push-over that he can push however he wants.”

Those indescribable experiences of the original Ji Zhinong became a sharp knife in Zhang Yunan’s hands. He stabbed however he liked. When he wanted to stay in the Ji family, he used this knife to ruin Zhinong’s reputation. Seeing Zhinong’s recent, rising trend, he immediately wanted to stab Ji Zhinong’s lethal point and reduce him to his pre-liberation state.

In Wen Che’s 32 years of life, he had also encountered quite a bit of carnage, but it was his first time being framed like this—the first time, to his knowledge. The original Ji Zhinong’s life had been delayed by 20 years and virtually left no foundation for Wen Che to develop. He’d initially planned to use Li Shaoyao to escape his predicament; only someone fully fledged could protect himself. Now it was great—Ji Zhinong had just grown one single feather, and those people were itching to skin and bone him, unwilling to leave him a single way to escape.

This, of course, was intolerable.

Li Wei knew this attacked the young master mentally and that the more he attempted to mediate and comfort Ji Zhinong, the greater of an invisible mental burden he would placing on Ji Zhinong, so he didn’t say much else. He simply said, “Returning to the old mansion to avoid the storm isn’t a bad idea.”

“…Grandpa must be very disappointed in me.”

“The old master cares for you the most. He had me tell you that making mistakes in one’s youth is very common. If you can bear the consequences yourself, bear it. But if not, Grandpa’s still here, so don’t be scared.”

Ji Zhinong rubbed the cracked phone screen from top to bottom. “Grandpa has already dealt with the greatest hidden danger for me, and I’m very grateful. I’ll bear the rest of the consequences myself. Having such an embarrassing thing happen, I’m afraid my parents are also furious. Hiding at Grandpa’s now is making trouble for Grandpa. Isn’t it a cowardly action?”

“Then you’re going home, young master?”

“I..I’ll think it over more. I’m extremely tired. Uncle Li, it was my first time feeling that it can be tiring to live today.”

This rebirth had truly made Wen Che experience the malice many people won’t encounter in their lives.

Li Wei’s son was of a similar age to Zhinong. Seeing him so dispirited, he couldn’t help feeling distressed. He gave Zhinong a bank card, saying in consideration of his pride, “There’s two hundred thousand there. You can use it to travel or find a house to live in. In short, use it as you like comfortably. You’re still young. After making it past this, you’ll definitely see bright days.”

Ji Zhinong actually didn’t need money, After staying at Li Shaoyao’s side for half a year, he wouldn’t be as bad off as to not have the money to find a place for himself.

It was simply a matter of if he wanted to spend it or not.

The police station was in the city center. Li Wei purposefully drove Zhinong to the best five star hotel, hoping that he could rest well tonight.

Ji Zhinong also promised Li Wei that he would take good care of himself, at least for that night. Li Wei left at ease. But at the hotel entrance, Ji Zhinong encountered several onlookers.

Just like he had predicted, Ji Zhinong had already been demonized into a wicked criminal beyond redemption by the far-reaching Internet.

They were either whispering quietly or directing their phones and flashing it right to his face. Even the doorman didn’t take the initiative to open the door for him.

No one welcomed him.

Wen Che had always been sensible and knew that if he really stayed at this hotel, he would definitely attract a crowd of meddlesome reporters.

Why make trouble for others?

In the past, there would be cheers and shouts wherever he went. The more people, the louder the cheering, but now, the more people there were, the more annoying he was.

In the end, he didn’t go into this hotel. Instead, he pulled down his clothes and hat as well as the collar of his sweater. With his head lowered, he “ran away” to the park before he could attract a large crowd of onlookers.

It was already 10 pm. Adding on the fact that it was a rainy night, there were very few people in the park. Ji Zhinong found a remote bench and sat down.

His phone still had one more battery, and he wanted to do something with it, so he called Lu Yuankong.

Lu Yuankong, who was far off in Australia, was his pain-relieving medicine after his rebirth.

He only wanted to listen to Lu Yuankong’s voice, even if he was stingy with his words.

But after the call went through, he was informed that the user was currently busy. Wen Che realized that Lu Yuankong had blocked his number, using common sense.

He couldn’t blame him. Who could stand being “harassed” by an unfamiliar number time after time?

His phone also quickly turned off because it didn’t have enough battery.

The rain fell at this time.

Because he was disheartened, he didn’t care to hide from the rain. If there was a man-made lake in the park, he couldn’t promise that he wouldn’t jump in head-first. But this thought only swept through his mind once before disappearing.

Of course someone who had already died once would cherish his life.

Suddenly, an umbrella appeared overhead, the rain completely blocked out. Ji Zhinong was in a daze for a while before he realized that someone was holding an umbrella for him. A chill went down his spine. Who would stand behind him and hold an umbrella silently in the middle of the night in the park with few people?

You couldn’t think too much about this kind of thing. Once you overthought, it was easy to scare yourself, so he decided to turn back immediately after realizing. But what he saw was a feminine-looking young male.

The moment their gazes met, Wen Che had the inexplicable illusion that his soul was burned by that gaze.

The other person smiled slightly at him and pushed the umbrella into Zhinong’s hand. That hand was warm.

Wen Che’s heart relaxed. As long as it was warm, it was good. If it wasn’t…

He had never believed in supernatural stories until he died and revived. It was only then that he had respect for these myths.

The youth’s eyes were strangely black and bright, like two dark holes capable of sucking people’s souls out of their bodies. But his voice was soft and extremely gentle. “You have a difficult path ahead of you. It wasn’t originally meant to be yours, but since you’re living in his place, then naturally you must take on all of the consequences in his place.”

“When it rains, it pours. I came to give you an umbrella.”

After giving Ji Zhinong the umbrella, he turned and left. He was clearly walking step by step, but he disappeared into the wide, grassy expanse in the blink of an eye.

Wen Che regained control of Ji Zhinong’s body only after he had disappeared. He stood in a daze in place, unable to recover from the shock.

When that person spoke to him, he couldn’t speak or move. He could only listen and watch, unable to respond.

It was as if he had been locked in place or shocked in place, not daring to make a sound and offend that person.

The rain suddenly stopped after that person came, and the dark clouds that were blocking the moon were pushed away by an invisible hand,

He definitely wasn’t a ghost. Perhaps he was a god.

No matter what, Wen Che planned on listening to him. Rebirth was the same as being given a life. There was no such thing as a free lunch in life. He had to personally repay the debt this body owed.

At 10 a.m. the next morning, someone suddenly released some information to a group of reporters.

“Ji Zhinong returned to the Ji family in the morning. The Ji family’s address is 889 Guanlan Road.”

Everyone responded to the news and prepared to watch the show.

Nearly at the same exact time, Li Shaoyao also learned where Ji Zhinong was.

His first reaction was wondering who released the information that it could be so accurate that the specific address was included.

But he found it even stranger why Ji Zhinong would choose to return at this kind of time to be mistreated. He clearly knew that his family members would give him a hard time.

Ji Rugui’s arm hadn’t recovered yet.

But he was worried that Ji Zhinong would be beaten up.

The more he thought, the more he couldn’t sit still. Li Shaoyao pushed back the upcoming board of directors meeting and personally drove towards the Ji house.


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