Chapter 22 – The sugar daddy using cheats at the scene

After the Rebirth of the Film Emperor
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The strawberries were successfully brought to the farmers’ market. Only when each of the three groups had set up stalls and started peddling did Gao Shi arrive, extremely late.

Most of those who came shopping at the farmers’ market were uncles and aunties, and the number of youngsters was rather low. Also, because the local region made a living off planting strawberries, every household had a few acres of strawberry fields, so if they wanted to eat strawberries, they didn’t have to buy it at all.

The marketplace was overly saturated. Even with the celebrity effects, the strawberries couldn’t be sold.

Director: “The strawberries must be completely sold out within two hours for today’s mission to be complete.”

Only at this point did everyone realize that the director crew set them up.

It was impossible to sell out the strawberries by relying on the farmers’ market. They could only take another approach.

[Put a livestream link! I’m willing to buy it!]

[I also wanna buy. Watching those segments of Ji Zhinong eating strawberries made me hungry!]

[Didn’t the program crew arrange an online sales segment beforehand?]

[The sponsors don’t include Amaxon. They probably really don’t have any e-commerce channels.]

Because the number of strawberries was limited, selling it online wouldn’t allow them to break even. So the program crew didn’t have any e-commerce channels and left the problem to the guests.

The correct answer to this question was, without question, to have the celebrities encourage their fans to make purchases.

A lightbulb went off in the heads of Gao Shi’s finance team. They made a Weibo post early in the morning, calling the closest fans to go and buy the strawberries.

Chu Yi also started to mobilize her fans with her popularity.

Very soon, youngsters formed groups of two or three and rushed over to buy strawberries, getting autographs and photos while they were at it.

An Baicheng originally wanted to go along with everyone else, but he had to consider Zhinong’s feelings, after all.

Ji Zhinong definitely couldn’t be like Gao Shi and Chu Yi, who received a strong response with simply one call. If An Baicheng’s fans also came, it would definitely make it awkward for Ji Zhinong in the end, who only had five living fans on the entire Internet.

He promised Li Shaoyao to take care of Ji Zhinong. Naturally, he had to think everything through and couldn’t let the kid feel alone.

Seeing the popularity over at the other stalls, An Baicheng joked, “Looks like we’re going to lose.”

“Maybe not!” It was Ji Zhinong’s first time taking note of the livestream chat and noticed that a lot of his viewers wanted to buy strawberries. It turned out that those dozen minutes he sat on the ground sneaking bites of strawberries had unintentionally advertised the strawberries.

“It would be great if there were an e-commerce channel.”

He looked at a certain sugar daddy, who had been following the camera the entire time, with puppy dog eyes innocently.

[God, I’m so curious who it is outside of the shot!]

[What, what? What did I miss?]

[When he was sneaking bites of the strawberries, he got scolded by the one outside of the shot. Sigh~ I don’t know if I can ship!]

[It might just be a bodyguard or a worker!]

Li Shaoyao knew what he wanted to do and nodded, understanding intuitively.

Zhinong was completely revitalized and picked up a strawberry, saying to the camera, “The strawberries at our stall can be purchased directly online. Not only is shipping not limited to the same city, but it’s also free!”

The director didn’t even have time to react when Ji Zhinong’s “sugar daddy cheat” started to come into play.

Chen Qing quickly reached an agreement with the production crew and put a link for buying the strawberries.

Director: “This is a huge matter! How is the product going to be shipped? There’s no delivery link!”

Chen Qing: “The rapid logistics team will be here within half an hour and will take over the entire shipping and distribution process. Don’t worry, as long as there’s someone to buy the strawberries, the strawberries will arrive in their hands fresh.”

The Li Corporation was founded on investments. Emerging industries of all sectors had more or less received some help from the Li family. Chen Qing simply had to make a phone call in Li Shaoyao’s name for a mere shipping and distribution link, as those few shipping companies were willing to even pay to have the Li Corporation in their debt.

After all, establishing a good relationship with Li Shaoyao was equivalent to getting a life-saving chance. If the company had any shortage of funds or any life-threatening crises in the future, it could at least ask for financial help from the “daddy,” the Li Corporation.

The greater this current favor was, the greater the rate of return would be in the future. Who wouldn’t rush to fight for a business deal that guaranteed profit?

In a difficult position, the director said, “Isn’t this cheating?”

Chen Qing pointed at the fans surrounding Gao Shi. “Are they not cheats?”

Director: “…” The cheat you’re using is overboard!

But he didn’t have the courage to say much more. Ji Zhinong already had a strong background of the Ji family, but, unexpectedly, Li Shaoyao also personally accompanied him during the entire recording process of the program.

It was also his first time seeing a sugar daddy cheating at the scene!

The online e-commerce channel was successfully established.

[Wow, I see the link! You can make purchases!]

[Go go go!]

[Didn’t the director say there weren’t any pre-prepared online e-commerce channels? How did it happen on Ji Zhinong’s side?]

[So he used some cheats?]

[I’m so curious who the person outside of the shot is! His voice sounds so nice!]

[Didn’t the Ji family make a fortune from the retail industry? Maybe he got his family members to help.]

[Isn’t Ji Zhinong ignored by the Ji family? Whatever, having strawberries to eat is the most important!]

In just a minute, Ji Zhinong’s six boxes of strawberries were declared sold out.

They were the fastest.

The other two groups were still waiting for more fans to come make purchases.

The location of this place was remote, and fans also needed time to rush over. It was a pity that time couldn’t wait.

Two hours ended quickly. The other two groups still had a small box of strawberries to sell. Finally, with An Baicheng’s suggestion, they all used the online e-commerce channel method.

After calculating the overall results, Ji Zhinong’s sales ranked second, Chu Yi was first, and Gao Shi was last.

Originally, Gao Shi had picked the most. But because he was too impatient during the picking and transportation process, many strawberries were damaged and could only be sold at half-price, so his overall sales couldn’t even compare to Ji Zhinong, who’d sneakily ate half a box of strawberries.

[Zhinong, Zhinong, honorable even in defeat!]

[He didn’t even want to win in the first place. He was just having a good time and even helped the farmers.]

[Why is Gao Shi grimacing again]

[Probably cuz his fans’ purchasing power wasn’t as good as he’d predicted. He can’t even sell out strawberries at 20 dollars120 rmb = 3.12 usd for reference a kilogram, so how many sales could his album have.]

[The highlight of this week’s program is Ji Zhinong. If I were Gao Shi, I wouldn’t be happy either. Watch how the program crew will edit it in the end.]

After declaring the end, this week’s program came to its close.

After the cameras were removed, the six guests all relaxed a bit.

Li Duan intentionally exchanged Wechats with Zhinong. As for An Baicheng, he intended on having Chu Yi and Zhinong become friends. Though Chu Yi didn’t want to interact much with Ji Zhinong originally because of certain matters, she suspected those rumors on the internet were intentionally meant to worsen Zhinong’s reputation after actually coming in contact with him, so she was willing to lower herself to be friends with Zhinong.

Only Gao Shi was hostile to Ji Zhinong from start to end. He did want to take a picture with An Baicheng, but An Baicheng avoided him as if he were a scorpion.

It was late, and everyone had their own schedules, so they each went their own way.

The director crew was still cleaning up the camera equipment at the farmers’ market.

The farmers’ market was the smokiest place in the entire town. Barbecue stalls were set up not far ahead.

The stall owner held meat skewers in one hand and fanned the charcoal with the other. In the heavy white smoke, the fragrance permeated the air.

That fragrance made Ji Zhinong so hungry his index finger tingled. Li Shaoyao noticed what he was thinking and shook his head. “Street stalls aren’t sanitary.”

“Just one small skewer.”


Ji Zhinong caught the end of his sleeve and shook it back and forth.

Five minutes later, Yang Yi saw CEO Li bring back a bunch of small meat skewers from the stall.

Ji Zhinong took the meat skewers one after another, eating at the speed of light. Only when there were only ten skewers left did he remember that he was eating by himself. He specially chose the meatiest skewer and held it up to Li Shaoyao’s mouth.

Li Shaoyao: “I’m not eating this kind of oily thing.”

“It’s really delicious!”

Yang Yi then saw CEO Li not only elegantly bite off the meat on the skewer right from Zhinong’s hand, but also eat a second and third skewer!

She was afraid she was dreaming!

After the meat skewers were finished, a bunch of skewer sticks were left in Zhinong’s hand. He looked around and saw a trash can in a corner two meters away.

He ran over with small steps, threw the skewer sticks into the trash can, and then walked back on a full stomach. Right in the moment that he turned, he suddenly glimpsed a pair of whites of the eyes in his peripheral view.

He thought he missaw and turned back to glance at it again.

A burnt red face appeared in the dark corners of the trash can. That pair of eyes was full of death, but the whites of his eyes were especially conspicuous. Seeing Zhinong turn his head, his eyes rolled, and he exposed a mouthful of rotten teeth.

Ji Zhinong felt chills run through his entire body, goosebumps appearing. He couldn’t scream even though he wanted to and retreated subconsciously, suddenly stepping on something hard. He lost his balance and fell heavily.

It was too loud of a commotion, and everyone within two meters was all startled.

Li Shaoyao was the first one to charge forward and pick up Zhinong. The rest also rushed over.

“Zhinong? Zhinong!”

Only after shaking his shoulders and yelling several times did Ji Zhinong respond. His face was pale, his forehead covered in sweat. He raised his finger and pointed at the corner of the garbage can, his voice weak. “There’s… someone there.”

So everyone looked towards the direction he was pointing towards.

There was an incandescent lamp above the corner of the trash can and only lit a small, round range. Aside from the light, it was all bulging garbage cans in various colors. A few flies flew around above. If one listened closely, one could hear that buzzing sound.

But without a single human present.

Just when everyone thought that he missaw, a garbage bag suddenly rolled down.

A wild cat jumped out from inside.

“It’s just a cat.” The director breathed a breath of relief.

It was a false alarm.

At this time, Qin Xiaohuo parked the car outside the farmers’ market.

Yang Yi said, “It’s late. Return to the hotel and rest.”

Zhinong was helped up by several people. But when those people let go, he faltered.

“It seems like… I sprained my ankle.”

Hearing that, Yang Yi squatted and raised his pant leg, only to see that his ankle was indeed extremely swollen.

Li Shaoyao didn’t say another word and lifted Zhinong in a princess carry, rushing to the car.

Yang Yi followed right after. Before getting in the car, she didn’t forget to warn the director not to go around talking about it.

The director naturally understood the severity of the situation. Since he understood, then naturally the people under him would keep their mouths shut as well.

Because the place was remote, they could only grab some externally applied medicine in the nearby town hospital first.

After returning to the hotel, Li Shaoyao carried Zhinong to the bed first and then sat next to the bed, grasping his right foot and placing it on his own thigh. Then he poured the medicinal liquor into his palm, and then after rubbing it warm, he gently applied it onto his swollen ankle.

“Ah——it hurts!” Ji Zhinong sucked in a cold breath and couldn’t resist crying out.

“If you weren’t greedy for that barbecue skewer, then you wouldn’t have been injured.” Li Shaoyao scolded verbally, but his hand movements became even gentler.

Zhinong was originally going to rebut with “You also enjoyed eating them,” but he had really received a huge fright to the point that he didn’t even have the strength to talk.

Li Shaoyao massaged his swollen injury with the medicinal liquor according to the method the doctor had just taught him. “If I don’t rub the bruises, it’ll swell more tomorrow, so you’ll have to endure it for a bit.”

This kind of injury would hurt the entire night whether it was touched or left untouched. His massaging, in contrast, could provide some relieving effects.

Zhinong leaned on the pillow, scared, afraid, tired, and exhausted. He groggily fell asleep very soon.

He had a dream. In the dream, the place he was stepping on was soft. He lowered his head and saw that it was black dirt with a basket of freshly harvested peanuts next to it. He raised his head and looked around. There was no one besides him standing in the barren field under the dark sky.

In the distance, fighting sounds sounded. A white concrete road appeared in front of his eyes. A group of people holding torches were currently chasing and fighting a large, burnt-red colored cockroach.

Ji Zhinong felt it was strange. Why would people be chasing a cockroach to kill it with such great fanfare?

He walked forward curiously. The dirt kept on pulling at the sole of his feet. He walked slowly. Only when he got close did he notice that those people, who were chasing, shouting, and killing, each held knives in their hands.

They caught that cockroach and surrounded it. The knives, glistening with a cold light, rose and fell. When they were raised again, the blade was already bloodstained.

“Return the money! Gambler!”

“Your hand isn’t even worth as much as pig meat!”

Someone was cursing.

Their voices become louder and louder and louder, nearly piercing through Ji Zhinong’s eardrums. In a roar, the fighting sounds stopped, and that cockroach with a broken arm suddenly grew a human face, the whites of its eyes shining. A mouthful of rotten teeth opened and shouted towards Zhinong.

“Ah Nong, save dad!”

The cockroach’s antenna stretched out endlessly, wrapping around Ji Zhinong’s neck. The fine hairs and barbs tightened. In his suffocation, Ji Zhinong suddenly startled awake.

Li Shaoyao was startled and hugged his fiercely struggling body. “What happened to you?!”

Wen Che was trembling all over, still badly shaken, and screamed, “That person—that person is my… he’s Zhinong’s adoptive father!”

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