Chapter 21 – The first person to bravely sink a ship

After the Rebirth of the Film Emperor
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[lololololololol lmao The kid was completely starving!]

[Let ‘im eat let ‘im eat!!!]

[I’ll just treat it as an eating show!!!]

[Finally squeezed into the live stream! Just now my hand slipped, and I clicked out. I wanted to come back in, but unexpectedly there was a line failure notification! It’s finally fixed.]

[These strawberries are really both big and round. Where are they sold?! How much are they?!]

[I really want to buy strawberries!!! Gimme a link!!]

[Which new handsome guy is this? How come I’ve never seen him before?!]

[He acted in quite a few dramas. But I’m afraid you’ll immediately stop being a fan if you watched the dramas lolololololol]

[Don’t watch his dramas! He’s a perfectly fine, handsome guy, but he just had to go shoot dramas!!]

[How shabby y’all are!!]

Just as the comments said, as long as Zhinong didn’t intentionally display his unflattering career skills, not only were the viewers who liked watching him quietly pick strawberries unwilling to leave the live stream, but the viewer count also slowly rose.

An Baicheng also took special care of him, continuously moving about in front of Ji Zhinong’s camera. Very soon, the viewer count of Zhinong’s live stream approached 30 million, just about to catch up to Gao Shi’s popularity.

Every time there was someone curious about Ji Zhinong’s career and wanted to go look at his works, a bunch of comments of discouragement would appear on the screen.

[It’s really bad. Don’t watch it. You’ll realize how this person ruins God’s blessing if you do.]

[It’s good enough to just quietly watch him pick strawberries. Don’t be curious about his previous works. They’re seriously an eyesore.]

[I watched it. I’m not exaggerating when I say I turned into an anti-fan then and there lololololol!]

A certain sugar daddy frowned, his head aching, and gestured Yang Yi over. “Negotiate with the video site about taking down every single one of Zhinong’s previous works.”

“Huh? Wouldn’t that be too extreme?” Yang Yi looked at Mr. Ji, who was picking strawberries obediently and not sneaking bites. “Even though those projects have a poor reputation, he worked painstakingly to shoot them, at the very least.”

Li Shaoyao: “Ji Zhinong’s greatest blemish is this pile of bad films he had main roles in. His experiences in the past two years are like a malignant tumor1malignant tumors are cancerous and spread endlessly. If we don’t remove it now, should we wait until it consumes him?”

“Taking down the works won’t erase his past.” Yang Yi thought this was no different from deceiving oneself. “How about discussing it with Mr. Ji?”

“There’s no room for discussion.” When Li Shaoyao decided something, he was as stubborn as a mule. He asked Yang Yi in response, “Did Wen Che ever care so much about the past?”

“What?” Yang Yi wasn’t able to immediately understand what he meant by suddenly mentioning Wen Che.

Li Shaoyao said stubbornly, “He didn’t, so Ji Zhinong is allowed to either!”

Yang Yi didn’t understand why he suddenly compared Ji Zhinong to Wen Che, but she subconsciously noticed that Li Shaoyao really hated those intolerable traces on Zhinong. When Zhinong and Wen Che were compared to each other, his disdain was practically overflowing.

“When the week’s shooting is over, go handle this.” Li Shaoyao said in a commanding tone. “I’ll have the legal team cooperate with you. I will be responsible for any compensation for contract violations.”

“…Should I let Mr. Ji know?”

“If he asks, just tell him the truth. If he doesn’t ask, there’s no need to bring it up yourself.”

“I understand.” Though Yang Yi felt it was inappropriate, she would still do as instructed.

Time slowly passed.

The several acres of strawberry fields that the production crew arranged were all very quickly picked. According to the rules of the competition, whoever finished first would have first choice of the transportation tools for the strawberries’ transportation.

Due to Ji Zhinong’s previous actions of sneaking bites, his and An Baicheng’s group was the last. Gao Shi was busy promoting his album in the live stream, so he wasn’t very productive either and placed second. First place was taken by Chu Yi’s group.

Director: “In accordance with the rankings, Chu Yi and Zhang Chenchen, please choose the tool for the strawberry transportation now.”

In front of them were three transportation tools.

A shared bicycle, a new supermarket cart, and an old-fashioned tractor borrowed from a farmer’s house.

Everyone: “…”

Zhang Chenchen said jokingly, “I thought the first place could have an exclusive truck. I didn’t think there would only be a tractor, and there’s not even a driver provided?”

Director: “The group that chooses the tractor needs to complete an additional task to win a driver.”

The mission was to answer 20 questions related to local customs correctly.

Zhang Chenchen shook his head, saying, “By the time you finish answering these 20 questions, pigs will learn to fly. This is too time consuming.” He looked towards Chu Yi. “Chu Yi, what do you think?”

Chu Yi’s gaze shifted between the shared bike that only had a small basket and the supermarket cart a few times. In the end, she placed her hand on the supermarket cart. “This has a large volume. At the very least, it’s a cart.”

Zhang Chenchen gave a double thumbs up. “I thought the same as you! I’ll do the physical work of pushing the cart. You just have to be responsible for packaging the strawberries!”

The two finished discussing and then started working cooperatively on their separate tasks.

The second choice fell to Gao Shi and professor Li Duan.

Li Duan was a college professor, a brainy existence on the program. He originally wanted to strive for using the tractor to transport the strawberries at high efficiency after answering those 20 questions. But unexpectedly, Gao Shi was anxious to win and was especially impatient during the question answering process, to the point that even the comments couldn’t stand it any longer.

[He really wants to win too badly.]

[Wow, is it worth getting so upset over it? The professor just got one question wrong, and Gao Shi pulled a long face.]

[Pay attention to your expression control. After all, you’re an idol.]

[If he was grouped with An Baicheng, Gao Shi probably wouldn’t be like this. In the end, it’s all the production crew’s fault for randomly forcing a ship together!]

[If it was An Baicheng, he’d definitely be very considerate of little Gao Shi’s emotions!]

Because of Gao Shi’s undisguised, negative emotions, Li Duan felt there wasn’t much meaning to it and just directly gave up on answering the questions, choosing the bike in the end.

Even though the bike was equipped with a basket, its volume was very small. Only one small basket could be transported at one time, so its efficiency was extremely low.

Only the tractor was left for the third group. They didn’t have a choice.

An Baicheng originally wanted to answer questions with Ji Zhinong. After all, without passing the question answering stage, the tractor that couldn’t be started normally would be useless.

But unexpectedly, when he turned his head, Ji Zhinong was already sitting on the tractor’s driver’s seat.

An Baicheng: “????”

[Don’t tell me he knows how to drive a tractor]

[lolololololololololol help why is this scene so funny!]

[He doesn’t think that he can drive a mythical species like a tractor just because he has a driver’s license, does he?!!]

[He really went crazy wanting to be in the limelight!]

Wen Che looked through the memories of the original owner of the body. Very quickly, the diesel engine started with putt-putt sounds. The body of the tractor began to vibrate slightly.

Wen Che was shocked too. So the original owner of the body really knew how to drive a tractor? What did he experience to know how to drive something like a tractor?!

An Baicheng was worried. “Zhinong, don’t force yourself. It’s very dangerous!”

Li Shaoyao, who was outside the shot, was also shocked. Could it be that him saying he was going to drive a tractor to the northeast to transport rice wasn’t a joke? He really knew how to drive tractors?!

Director: “Safety first! Don’t force yourself.”

Ji Zhinong fiddled with the tractor’s steering wheel and very successfully turned. Only after he confirmed that he could control it did he tell the director and An Baicheng, “Don’t worry. It seems like I really know how to drive it!”

He was dainty looking, and it looked too out of sorts with him seated on the slightly rusted, old style tractor that was completely made of rough metal. Him saying those words wasn’t convincing in the slightest.

The director understood Li Shaoyao’s warning gaze and hurriedly called over the previously arranged driver. After some discussion, that driver said towards the camera, “He even knows about the brakes and the throttle. He knows how to drive it!”

[lolololololololololol what did he even experience!]

[Ji Zhinong, aren’t you a rich young master?! At the very least, you’re the third young master of the Ji family!!! You’re so experienced that it makes me feel distressed for you!]

[lmao, he even put on a straw hat! Spirited onion farmer!]

[With how experienced he looks, I’d believe him if he said he was an actual farmer2The raws actually say Run Tu, who is a fictional character that has become known to be typical representation of a farmer]

[If every homeless person starts looking chic, it’s all because you guys have lowered the standard with your shabbiness!3The raws literally say “If the pandas starve, it’s all because you guys took all the bamboo!” “Taking the bamboo” is internet slang for being shabby. It’s wordplay that doesn’t make much sense in English.]

“Brother An, bring the strawberries over!”

Ji Zhinong jumped off the tractor and said to An Baicheng.

An Baicheng pulled himself out of his shock and turned to carry the boxes of strawberries.

While they were busy with the work, the other two groups were already back to move strawberries for the second time. Gao Shi’s group with the bike was the fastest, but it was a pity that they could only move a little at a time. As for Chu Yi’s group, they could move several boxes at a time, but because the cart’s speed was limited, they weren’t very efficient either.

[Judging from this, the tractor is the most advantageous. You can transport the most and drive fast.]

[What is Gao Shi being so foolishly happy for? He’ll have to make seven or eight trips at least before he can finish moving all the strawberries. Ji Zhinong’s group, on the other hand, probably only needs two trips back and forth to finish!]

[This kid probably doesn’t know how to do this calculation! Look at how foolishly happy he is. He definitely thinks he’ll win for sure.]

When Gao Shi and co. were making their third trip, Ji Zhinong’s group had only just began making their first trip.

The tractor created a huge commotion. Thankfully, the concrete road was flat and not overly bumpy, so the strawberries’ appearance won’t be damaged. But as soon as the diesel engine sounded, all of the villagers could hear it.

The director crew still kept that professional driver by Zhinong’s side out of safety concerns just in case. But the driver didn’t end up helping throughout the entire process; Ji Zhinong’s tractor driving techniques were so skilled to the point that he could do tractor racing!

An Baicheng’s group finished their first trip within five minutes.

When they turned back for their second and last trip, An Baicheng saw professor Li Duan sitting on a rock to rest, his complexion a bit pale.

[Professor Li’s going to be 70 next year. How can he make several trips like a youngster? He probably got tired.]

[Originally, he could’ve used his brains and saved effort. There’s no helping it though. Gao Shi was too impatient.]

[He’s having it hard as an elderly. Being forced to make three or four trips to move shipments while participating in a variety show is definitely tiring!]

Li Duan still had six boxes of strawberries next to him. Based on the bike’s efficiency, he would have to make three trips at least.

Professor Li’s strength had clearly reached its limits.

Ji Zhinong took an unopened bottle of saltwater from Yang Yi’s hand and squatted down to give it to the sitting Li Duan, saying, “Professor, do you want to move your strawberries to my tractor? I’ll help you move it to the market.”

Li Duan asked in response, “Judging from the current situation, you guys have the highest chance of victory. What if you lose by helping me?”

Zhinong said, “The most important thing about this competition is to sell the farmers’ strawberries at the best prices. My personal competition ranking isn’t the most important. Besides, I’ve always remembered the principle of friendship coming before competition since my childhood. Mr. Li, you definitely teach your students this way, right?”

Li Duan smiled as he nodded and took the water, saying, “Your name is Zhinong? I’ll remember you.”

He only just seemed to have developed the intention to understand the boy in front of him.

Ji Zhinong extended his hand, saying, “Then please give me a chance to put it into practice, sir!”

Li Duan stood up with his help and said thanks. This counted as agreement.

When An Baicheng helped Li Duan move the strawberries, Chu Yi’s group also came back. Pushing the cart was completely reliant on body strength, so although it was clearly winter, the two were soaked in sweat. Ji Zhinong felt that he might as well do good to the end, so he invited them to ride the tractor with them.

An Baicheng said, “The number of strawberries we picked was the lowest from the beginning, so we just have to move two boxes on this trip. If we include the boxes from your groups, it’s just enough to fill the tractor. That way, everyone can save time and effort!”

Because they had the senior Li Duan take the lead, Chu Yi and the rest of them didn’t refuse. The several people cooperated together to move the strawberries onto the tractor.

At this time, Gao Shi, who was laughing foolishly from completing a trip, returned to the field. Noticing that his strawberries all ended up on Ji Zhinong’s tractor and not being able to make heads or tails of the situation, he immediately got irritated.

“You’re stealing my group’s strawberries in broad daylight!”

[lololololololololol Gao Shi that idiottt]


[Professor Li looks like he doesn’t want to talk to him lolololololol]

[Professor Li: ]

Li Duan personally explained the situation before Gao Shi realized he misunderstood, but he didn’t apologize either.

Ji Zhinong: “Do you want to get on the tractor? I’ll give you a ride.”

Gao Shi titled his head disdainfully. “Heh.”

Ji Zhinong didn’t care about him either. “Whatever then!”

At that moment, An Baicheng got on the tractor, and Gao Shi suddenly regretted it.

“Then I’ll just reluctantly…”

He hadn’t finished talking yet, but Ji Zhinong had already started the tractor and left Gao Shi behind.

[lololololololololol did Gao Shi get a mouthful of that vehicle exhaust]

[Sorry, but it’s so hilarious!]

[Brother An: Thank you, Zhinong, for helping me lose this sham]

[This entertained one4The internet slang used here means netizens finding hundreds of funny things about mundane/ordinary situations thanks Zhinong! Or else it’d be difficult to avoid having “An Gao” on the trending searches and being an eyesore! Brother An really had enough of getting leeched off this year!]

[Ji Zhinong: I’m serious about sinking ships]

[Ji Zhinong: The first person to bravely sink a ship]

  • 1
    malignant tumors are cancerous and spread endlessly
  • 2
    The raws actually say Run Tu, who is a fictional character that has become known to be typical representation of a farmer
  • 3
    The raws literally say “If the pandas starve, it’s all because you guys took all the bamboo!” “Taking the bamboo” is internet slang for being shabby. It’s wordplay that doesn’t make much sense in English.
  • 4
    The internet slang used here means netizens finding hundreds of funny things about mundane/ordinary situations


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