Chapter 2

After the Rebirth of the Film Emperor
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Ji Zhinong rubbed his head in pretense. “I just woke up, and my mind’s kind of muddled. Qin who? Qin Kaiyu, right? Is he at the hospital? Tell him to come see me.”

He wanted to see what the one from the Qin family was like to be so popular.

Qin Kaiyu was indeed waiting just outside the patient ward. Hearing the stir, he took long strides into the patient ward, and before he’d even found steady footing, he spread his hands to impatiently express his stance. “Ji Zhinong, I won’t marry you. I…”

He hadn’t yet started his long tirade when Ji Zhinong held out his hand signaling him to stop. The other really closed his mouth, and Ji Zhinong’s gaze silently moved from Qin Kaiyu’s head to his toes, sizing him up.

Based on Wen Che’s experienced aesthetic judgment, Qin Kaiyu’s looks were average at best, his body figure ordinary, and his taste in clothes…a red tie paired with green jeweled cufflinks—indescribable in simply one sentence.

“How tall are you?”

Qin Kaiyu was clearly a little taken aback by the question. “…181 cm1Around 5’9’’.”

“…” Wen Che thought to himself. Unexpectedly, he’s shorter than my original self.

So average.

“You love him very desperately, right?” He glanced at Ji Yunan, waving his hand generously and saying, “Then I’ll just give you this man.”

Qin Kaiyu seemed to feel insulted. “You’re treating me like a product?!”

“Oh, you reminded me, Mr. Qin. This is indeed an exchange.” Ji Zhinong scanned his so-called family in the patient ward, saying, “Since you two have mutual feelings for each other, I’m willing to be a good person and help with Ji Yunan’s obsessive love.”

Qin Kaiyu angrily said, “What did you say? Say it again!”

He stepped forward and grabbed Ji Zhinong’s collar, clearly infuriated.


Suddenly someone spoke out to stop it, but it wasn’t a voice from inside the patient ward.

Everyone turned towards the source of the sound. A gray-haired man wearing a dark green Changshan2traditional Chinese clothing worn by men walked into the patient ward. Seeing this, Ji Tianju went forward politely, asking, “Lao Li, was it Father who sent you?”

The one called Lao Li was the butler at the old residence of the Ji family, Li Wei. He was the trusted subordinate of Ji Qingshan and served in the Ji family for more than 40 years. Whenever Ji Tianjun met him, he would also have to be polite in consideration of his father.

Li Wei’s appearance was no different from Old Master Ji’s personal arrival. Qing Kaiyu tactfully let go of Ji Zhinong’s collar.

Li Wei didn’t answer, first smiling. “The Old Master guessed that it would be lively here, and intentionally sent me to take a look.”

For a moment, Wen Che couldn’t figure out whether this person was an enemy or a friend.

Only to see Li Wei walk to Ji Zhinong’s side and stand behind him. Now, Ji Zhinong was finally not without anyone behind him to rely on.

Li Wei patted Ji Zhinong’s shoulder, harmoniously saying, “Third young master, your grandfather specially told me to tell you, regarding the matter of the imitation replacing the real prince, you can deal with it however you’d like. He’ll support you.” As he was saying this, he even patted Ji Zhinong’s back, making his back even straighter.

This was unexpected.

Wen Che remembered fragmentedly that it turned out Ji Zhinong successfully returning to the Ji family was the result of the mediation of the Old Master. Ji Qingshan was already a senior of his years, very clearly seeing all worldly matters. It was rare that he was being biased for once, but he even gave this favoritism to Ji Zhinong.

He became confident. “Yunan is really moving. Qin Kaiyu must be everything in your life, and any other possessions probably aren’t enough to compare to your life. I can let grandpa cancel the marriage on the condition that you, Ji Yunan, change your surname into your biological father’s. Starting from today, you have to be Zhang Yunan.”

Ji Yunan’s expression clearly worsened. This was the same as uncovering the final veil that hid his embarrassing identity of fake young master. From then on if he wanted to stay in the Ji family, he’d appear out of place from inside to outside, from the start to the end. He’d really be an outsider.

Ji Zhinong continued, “I also want you to give up the right to inheritance in the Ji family. Since you have no blood relations to the Ji family, legally or ethically, you didn’t have the right to inheritance in the first place. But I’m afraid dad and mom will be soft-hearted and give you something. That would make me very uncomfortable since that was originally mine. You took it for twenty something years, so shouldn’t you give it back now?”

Ji Yunan was forced into a dead end. “What exactly do you want?”

Ji Zhinong: “I want you to sign an agreement, promising no matter what property the Ji family gives you in the future, you must give up the right to inheritance and not harm mine.”

Ji Rugui: “You’re way too aggressive. You’re that greedy for money?”

Ji Zhinong said innocently, “Of course the more money the better. Could it be that brother sees money as dirt? How about you give up the right to inheritance too? Why do I remember someone said you were living off our parents?”

Getting hit in his sore spot made Ji Rugui angry to the point of stuttering. “Y-You you!”

Ji Yunan cried two trails of tears, looking towards Lin Lan and Ji Tianjun. For the couple to raise Yunan more than twenty years, there was naturally affection between them. But in terms of debt, it was indeed them who owed Ji Zhinong. His demand today seemed a little overboard, but in reality, it was very reasonable.

Lin Lan told Ji Yunan, “After you go to the Qin family, in the future you won’t have to worry about clothing and food. It’s the same for you whether you have that small amount of stock in the Ji Corporation or not. ” She whispered comfortingly. “Mom knows that you’re different from him. You’re not someone who loves money.”

Ji Yunan: “…”

That “small” stock amount was a whole 5 percent. According to the current market value of the Ji Corporation, it was at least 5 billion. It wasn’t “one small” amount, it was “one billion” amount3The author uses wordplay here. The Chinese characters for one and billion are pronounced the same way, so he exchanges the one in “one small” for billion. .

His mouth twitched slightly, the hand behind his back clenching into a fist but quickly releasing, pretending to be indifferent. “Wealth is simply a possession. It’s fine as long as you still allow me to call you mom.”

Ji Zhinong’s mouth twitched faintly. “Whatever you like. Just change your surname. Zhang. Yun. An.”

Ji Yunan turned his head to look at him, his eyes full of unconcealable hate and envy. Wen Che saw it clearly. His true colors were finally appearing. It was unclear in the past year how many truths were overturned by Ji Yunan’s pitiful face and poor acting.

He raised his eyebrows, thinking, a second-rate actor dares to put on an act in front of me? Truly making a fool of himself before the master.

Wen Che really pitied the original Ji Zhinong. Since he was the one to give him the opportunity of rebirth, though he currently couldn’t repay the debt, at the very least he could keep the name of “Ji Zhinong” from continuing to live as humiliating a life as he did before. Not only was he going to help him vent his grievance, but also he was going to live the last half of his life well.

  • 1
    Around 5’9’’
  • 2
    traditional Chinese clothing worn by men
  • 3
    The author uses wordplay here. The Chinese characters for one and billion are pronounced the same way, so he exchanges the one in “one small” for billion.


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