Chapter 15 – Public ridicule

After the Rebirth of the Film Emperor
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Late at night, 10 pm.

The VIP private room of the hot pot restaurant in Movie City was extremely lively.

Zhang Yunan heard what happened in the production crew that day and specially invited He You to a meal of health1People eat “health food” to promote good health. hotpot.

He hated that he wasn’t present and didn’t personally see Ji Zhinong being slapped to the point of rage but being unable to speak.

He You sat in the main seat, a bit drunk. He seemed to forget his image, wrapping his arm around Zhang Yunan’s shoulders, talking irresponsibly, “Ji Zhinong doesn’t even deserve to lift my shoes for me. After I hit him in front of the crowd, he was forced to take it without a sound! I let him know who’s boss!”

Zhang Yunan egged him on, saying, “He’s the bastard raised by the Zhang family. How he climbed into the role of main lead can be guessed even without saying it outright. But the sugar daddy behind him isn’t coming out to say anything after seeing him getting hit like this. How about this, let’s…”

He quietly told He You his scheme. The two were on the same side and quickly established a cooperation.

When a line of people walked out of the hotpot store, it was already 11 pm late at night. To prevent getting spotted together, the two groups of people left separately.

Zhang Yunan got the car first. Only after ten minutes did He You appear. Because it was very close to the hotel he was staying at, there was only one assistant accompanying him. When the assistant went to get the car, He You, who was standing in front of the hotpot store alone, felt a chill from the night wind. Just as he was preparing to wrap his scarf properly, there was a tightening around his neck. Someone had grabbed the two ends of the scarf and strangled his neck, forcibly dragging him to an empty corner next to the hotpot restaurant.

He You was scared out of his wits, and just as he was about to scream for help, the person hidden in the darkness raised his hand to slap him, directly making him shut his mouth.

The other party warned him, “Don’t make a sound or that dirty matter about you hooking up with your fan will be on trending searches tomorrow with real evidence.”

He You widened his eyes in fear, the whites of his eyes bulging out very prominently. He heard the sound of bones cracking. “You hit Ji Zhinong. I was asked to return it to you.”

Another slap, the sound startling a wild cat on the street side. However, it didn’t attract anyone.

That person stretched his knuckles, saying politely, “I was born fighting underworld gangs, so I don’t have much control over my strength. Big celebrity, please endure it for a bit.”

A fist as hard as a rock landed on He You’s carefully maintained profile, hitting him a whole ten times front start to end. He knew his nose had been operated on2As in he got plastic surgery for his nose and purposefully avoided the nose bridge.

He You’s face was never straight, his neck tilted as if it were stiff.

After it ended, the other person even patted out his clothes for him. “Sorry, I was just doing what I was paid to do.”

He You was crying as he asked, “…was it Ji Zhinong who…”

“It wasn’t Mr. Ji, but the employer had me tell you that if you target Ji Zhinong again, your secret promiscuity will be exposed. At that time, not only will you not be able to be the second male lead, but you’ll also have to pay the huge compensation for the breach of contract to the production side. Do you understand the severity of the situation?”

He You finally refocused and immediately denied it. “I…I’m not promiscuous. You’re talking nonsense!”

The other chuckled darkly and said a few names and hotels. He You’s legs immediately weakened, not daring to refute anymore.

“It’s good that you know to be scared. Your face will probably be swollen for a few days. If others ask about it, what do you say?”

He You: “I’m allergic to seafood. The swelling is only because of the allergy! It has nothing to do with others!”

The next day, He You asked for a week’s break from the director, saying it was a seafood allergy, and his face was swollen. Yesterday he had indeed gone to the hospital overnight, and a few stalker fans had coincidentally gotten pictures. In the pictures, only the extremely swollen profile of He You’s face was shown. It looked like a severe allergic reaction. A few photos had even gotten on trending searches because of overly caring fans.

Yang Yi swiped the comments, all of them uniformly worrying about He You working while sick, calling him professional. It was like watching a comedy for her, who knew the inside information.

Ji Zhinong wasn’t dumb either. Yesterday his right face was slapped, and today He You’s right face was swollen. Saying it was an allergy could only trick others.

Coincidentally, Li Shaoyao hadn’t left the shooting location yet. He kept a low profile and stayed in Zhinong’s car, planning to eat lunch with him.

After Ji Zhinong got his makeup done, he intentionally returned the car, closing the car doors firmly. Only then did he grab Li Shaoyao’s arm, asking, “You had someone hit He You’s face?”

Li Shaoyao didn’t even raise his eyes, asking in response, “Didn’t he say it was a seafood allergy?”

“You think I’d believe that?”

Li Shaoyao closed his notebook and raised his hand to pull the little substitute to his side. He raised his chin and closely examined the right side of his face. Because they were close, he could smell a slight makeup fragrance.

Today there was an extra layer of concealer on Ji Zhinong’s face to conceal the fingerprints that had not yet completely disappeared. He had a good base, and several times he just started shooting directly without makeup. Today, by comparison, he was wearing very thick makeup.

He noticed the situation was amiss and reminded him, “I have to do the shooting in a bit.”

“Just have the makeup artist touch you up. I’ve wanted to kiss you since yesterday.”

In regards to this kind of thing, Li Shaoyao was a completely unreasonable person. He pressed Zhinong against the back of the chair as he wished, caught his lip gloss-covered lips, and followed with a sweet and wet deep kiss.

At this time, several sounds came from outside. Someone knocked on the door. “Teacher3“Teacher” is a respectful way of addressing people as masters of their craft. He’s not actually a teacher (obviously) Ji, today the production crew will open the shooting location to fan visits, and there are some fans of yours. Would you like to make an appearance?”

“Teacher Ji?”

“Is he not in the car? I just saw him get in the car though.”

It wasn’t that Ji Zhinong didn’t want to respond, it was that he couldn’t respond!

Fortunately, Yang Yi got there on time and made an excuse to send away the worker. Yang Yi knocked on the door softly, reminding the two people inside quietly, “Don’t go on for too long.”

The windows of the recreational car (RV) were one-way visibility glass. The person inside could see the scenery outside, but what people outside saw was a stretch of darkness. As a result, even if the curtains weren’t drawn, Li Shaoyao was very bold.

The standard of the stage costumes was exquisite. He patiently unbuttoned the buttons, breathing roughly as he embraced Ji Zhinong at the end.

Ji Zhinong tolerated a certain someone’s touching while paying attention to the movements outside.

He knew he didn’t have many fans and couldn’t compete against Zhang Yunan’s popularity.

Two or three huge crowds of fans passed this RV; at least ten of which curiously glanced a few times at the glass, with a few probably discussing why this car seemed to be shaking slightly.

If anyone noticed anything——

Wen Che would rather die again!

The flow of people gradually decreased. In this time, another worker came to hurry them. This time Yang Yi couldn’t very well turn the person away and could only respond to the other that he’d go within ten minutes.

In reality, she didn’t know if ten minutes would be enough for it to be done either.

Luckily, the two messing around understood her difficulties. Not long after, the car door opened. Ji Zhinong’s clothes were orderly with just his hair messy. When he walked down three steps, his legs weakened, and he was supported by Yang Yi just in time. She saw through it but didn’t say anything, only asking considerately, “Can you stand steadily? How about you ask for sick leave and return to the hotel to rest?”

After all, Li Shaoyao found some time out of his busy schedule to see him once. She was also afraid that this sugar daddy wouldn’t be happy.

Ji Zhinong shook his head in exhaustion.

Q: How does it feel when your sugar daddy is a wolfhound who gets in heat whenever you meet?

A: Thanks for the question. I’m the production crew, after just getting off the RV. A summary in 8 words: My waist and back sore, my legs cramping.

Film emperor Wen said, worn-out, “The liveliness belongs to others. An unpopular celebrity like me probably doesn’t have any fans. How about I not go.”

Yang Yi smiled while saying, “Actually five people came.”

“The legendary only living fans of mine on the entire Internet?”

“As of now, perhaps, maybe, probably there’s just these five.” Yang Yi didn’t want to attack his confidence and said, “But when the movie airs, there definitely won’t just be these five people.”

To what degree is the original owner of the body unpopular? Unpopular to the point that even after he was announced to be the male lead of Treading on a Courtyard of Orchids, not only was there not even one character fan4fans who are fans of particular characters in a drama/movie turned into his fan but there were also quite a few people who put this top movie into the list of bad films of the year beforehand. Audiences didn’t have any novel impressions of Ji Zhinong, nor did they have any expectations for him.

He was unpopular to this degree, but there were still those five fans from all over the nation unconditionally supporting and thinking of him.

Truly moving beyond measure!

Ji Zhinong decided to go meet them. After all, he couldn’t disregard their good intentions. Before this, he first returned to the dressing room to fix his hair, which had been messed up by a certain dog.

The visiting location was centered at the little plaza next to the parking lot. Because He You wasn’t there, his fans had left early as well.

The fans clustering around Zhang Yunan could be considered large crowds. The small number of people, who weren’t enough to form a group and would have been thought of as passersby who came to watch the excitement if it weren’t for the fact that one of them was holding a support banner for Ji Zhinong, were Ji Zhinong’s fans.

The five living fans also saw their idols.

“Over here! Ji Zhinong!”

Good fellow! This very lively greeting startled Ji Zhinong. He walked over and the five living fans weren’t very formal. They surrounded him. One of them, a northeastern gal5northeastern people are typically associated with being blunt/straightforward, suddenly slapped her idol’s waist. “Straighten your waist. When did you have the bad habit of being a hunchback?”

Ji Zhinong: “…” In his mind, he was cursing a certain someone a hundred times!

“Zhinong, cherish this opportunity.” She was a career fan6fans very preoccupied with their idols’ careers as soon as she opened her mouth.

Wen Che didn’t think that Ji Zhinong still had career fans. This was way too cruel.

“Even though it’s a major work, I don’t know what kind of dumb luck you had for them to let you be male lead. I really don’t know if it’s a blessing or a curse, sigh. But since you’re acting, let’s do well.”

“Just try to have the rating for this work be above four points7out of ten points, and I’ll act as if you improved.”

Wen Che, whose works were all above nine points on average, didn’t know what expression he should have to face the low expectations of his fans.

“Oh my, why aren’t you able to control your facial expressions again?” A girl wearing traditional Han Chinese clothes shoved a little booklet at Ji Zhinong. “I summarized a few catastrophic scenes and wrote some improved suggestions.”

“Just change all of that!”

Ji Zhinong flipped through the booklet. Sure enough, it had sections of those irritating scenes in his previous dramas of him winking this way and that, matched with pictures and words. To the side, there was also a large section of a fan analysis of the characters’ emotions, telling him how he should cry and laugh at this time. In summary, he couldn’t act randomly as he did before.

Actually, Wen Che was very clear on these problems, but he was still very thankful for this girl’s kind intentions, so he thanked her sincerely.

“Why are your eyebags so heavy?” A mother fan8 motherly fans who stan the idols as if they were their children stuffed two bottles of honey at him. “I specially had a friend bring two bottles from Holland. Take it and drink it with water. Your heart isn’t good, so you can’t stay up overnight, understand?”

“…Got it. Thanks.”

Yang Yi accepted these two heavy bottles of honey in Ji Zhinong’s place.

“Stop dating. Pay attention to your career.” The only girlfriend fan9female fans who stan because they have fantasies of the male idol being their boyfriends who hadn’t been willing to give up being a fan because of his looks said earnestly, “Qin Kaiyu isn’t good looking. Just in terms of appearance he isn’t good enough for you.”

Yang Yi responded in his place, “They’ve already broken up.”

Because the stir from the wedding at the time was too troublesome, the media reported on it a month before finally stopping. So this response was the answer everyone expected, no one had any gossipy attitudes.

The girlfriend fan looked at Zhang Yunan who was across from them, publicly ridiculing, “You’re much better looking than that fake. Zhi Zhi, even though you’re not presentable in most ways, in terms of appearance you definitely own him!”

“Uh…” Ji Zhinong’s mouth twitched. He didn’t know whether he should laugh or cry.

So what was the truth behind these five living fans?

Could it be that they liked Ji Zhinong for so many years only because he was the only idol they could criticize right to his face?

The legendary happy-even-while-being-the-fan-of-a-good-for-nothing “good for nothing fans”?

Zhinong, who was trying to repair his image of a celebrity: “How about I sign autographs for you guys?”

The fans: “Autographs? Nah! I have a pile of your autographs in my house. No one’s willing to buy it even if I sell it at 10 dollars10it’s most likely 10 RMB, which is 1.55 USD for reference on Xianyu11 A second-hand marketplace that has a reputation for selling very cheap things.”

At this time, the other side suddenly started chanting a slogan. “Yunan, fly bravely, Yunduo12“Yunduo” means “clouds” in Chinese. It uses the same Yun from Yunan, so it’s the name of Yunan’s fandom. will forever follow!”

On their side, Ji Zhinong’s fans also wanted to express something to have the ritualistic feeling of visiting the set at the very least. As a result, the northeastern gal, the president of the fan club, patted Ji Zhinong’s shoulders very properly and said, “Zhi Zhi, fly bravely. If anything happens… deal with it yourself.”

There was only half an hour of visiting time. After the end, there were an extra two pots of honey in Yang Yi’s hands, a scarf supposedly made by a fan personally, and a large bag of northeastern rice.

Other people’s hands were full of fresh flowers or other exquisitely crafted gifts. With Ji Zhinong, one would think that he had gone to a farm fair and reaped a great harvest.

There was a huge bag of northeastern rice, and Ji Zhinong couldn’t let Yang Yi, a girl, carry it, so he carried it over his shoulder. After all, he was an unpopular celebrity. No one cared what he did at the shooting location nor did anyone care why he would suddenly be carrying rice.

Zhinong carried that bag of northeastern rice back to the RV, throwing it onto Li Shaoyao’s legs. “Your lunch.”

Li Shaoyao: “???”

Author’s Note:

I’m  at  the  production  crew  carrying  rice

  • 1
    People eat “health food” to promote good health.
  • 2
    As in he got plastic surgery for his nose
  • 3
    “Teacher” is a respectful way of addressing people as masters of their craft. He’s not actually a teacher (obviously)
  • 4
    fans who are fans of particular characters in a drama/movie
  • 5
    northeastern people are typically associated with being blunt/straightforward
  • 6
    fans very preoccupied with their idols’ careers
  • 7
    out of ten points
  • 8
    motherly fans who stan the idols as if they were their children
  • 9
    female fans who stan because they have fantasies of the male idol being their boyfriends
  • 10
    it’s most likely 10 RMB, which is 1.55 USD for reference
  • 11
    A second-hand marketplace that has a reputation for selling very cheap things
  • 12
    “Yunduo” means “clouds” in Chinese. It uses the same Yun from Yunan, so it’s the name of Yunan’s fandom.


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