Chapter 14 – Little good-for-nothing

After the Rebirth of the Film Emperor
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A week later, the sequel of Treading on a Courtyard of Orchids started shooting, keeping a low profile.

Most of the production crew were seniors of good character. Only Zhang Yunan had a terrible expression day by day, itching to escape the shooting location as soon as his scenes were done.

Another was He You who was acting the role of the second male lead. He bore a grudge about not having gotten the role of the male lead after a year of study and even saw Ji Zhinong as an eyesore.

Every time it came to Zhinong’s scenes, he would stand at the side, examining his expressions and actions even more seriously than the director, and then tell the people next to him “No, his acting isn’t good”. But the one to face slap him was always the director.

“Cut! You did very well, Zhinong!”

He You: “…”

There was finally a day that Ji Zhinong was stopped because the supporting character he was acting with wasn’t in condition. He You didn’t have much experience but his problematic habit of showing off recurred. He walked forward and called the supporting actor down, telling the director, “Since this scene only shows hands, let me try.”

This was a slapping scene. The original actor didn’t have experience, so he didn’t appear harsh enough in the camera. The director didn’t feel anything was wrong and agreed. Ji Zhinong didn’t have any objections either.

They started shooting.

Ji Zhinong finished saying the first part of the script, and the first slap landed.

The rhythm was right, but all the people present and watching felt a chill——this was real slapping.

The director also noticed something was wrong, but Ji Zhinong didn’t stop the acting.

The right side of his face was already red and even showed fingerprints. This was originally supposed to be an effect the makeup artist should’ve used makeup to create.

As long as the actors could take the real slapping and pain, typically directors also wouldn’t be willing to give up on such a real performance clip, so he didn’t shout stop either.

In the second slap, Ji Zhinong’s face was slapped to the side. His eyes produced physiological tears uncontrollably, but his lines were still steady. All the slight changes in his expression in the close-up shots belonged to the character of Lu Yun.

The third slap followed quickly after.

The fourth slap.

The fifth slap.

The sixth slap.

Under the gazes of the crowd, He You slapped a whole seven times. His expression wasn’t caught by the camera but was clearly seen by the onlookers present.

This was clearly avenging his private grudge in the name of shooting.

Every slap of He You’s was a soundless questioning.

Ji Zhinong, what right do you have to take the position of the male lead?

My popularity and skill are all above you. What qualifications do you have to make me be your supporting character !?

If I don’t knock you off your pedestal today, all of the production crew will really think you’re the main lead!!

He wasn’t willing to stop even when his hand started to hurt. Ji Zhinong silently endured it without resistance because in this scene the main lead was originally supposed to be humiliated. No matter how over the top the other was, it was all within the allowed limits of script performance.

What type of person hadn’t Wen Che encountered in his early years of being in casts? This sort of impulsive person who went around proclaiming oneself king with just a bit of popularity didn’t include just He You. Seeing that he was a junior, Wen Che originally hadn’t wanted to make a fuss over it. But he went overboard, clearly getting addicted to the slapping. Even when the director yelled “stop”, He You didn’t have the intention to stop. But this time he’d only extended his hand midway before Ji Zhinong caught his wrist and followed with a slap immediately after, making He You spin around twice on the spot like a top and collapse on the floor pathetically.

His assistant immediately jumped out to criticize. “How could you hit him?!”

Yang Yi, who’d long couldn’t tolerate it anymore, immediately charged forward to shield Zhinong. “Everyone here has eyes. Who started the actual thing just now?”

Assistant: “Just now that was shooting. Even the director didn’t yell stop. What, does your artist not even have this level of professionalism? No wonder all his works are bad films! As a hopeless case, who are you to dare to hit Mr. Ji?”

He You was one of the most popular male actors currently, the pride of the drama academy. He acted as a male lead as soon as he debuted. This was the first time he acted as a supporting actor for a no-name celebrity like Ji Zhinong. Not even mentioning that he himself felt suffocated anger in his chest, even others thought that the roles of first and second male leads should’ve been changed. In addition, based on Ji Zhinong’s previous works, he shouldn’t even have been able to play a supporting role.

Aside from a few insiders in the production crew, there weren’t many who completely accepted Ji Zhinong acting as the male lead. They wouldn’t express their dissatisfaction directly. They were just waiting for one party to provoke something and then watch the show to add some delight into their boring work life.

There were also quite a few people who were waiting to see the final result to determine in the next 100 days of interaction whether they should support this so-called male lead or go curry favor with He You, the second male lead with popularity and skill.

Besides, He You had hit him using the shooting as an excuse and was even older than Ji Zhinong by one year in terms of seniority. In every way and manner, he had the advantage. Even though everyone could tell that he really hit him and very severely.

Ji Zhinong said calmly, “Sorry, my hand slipped just now.”

He You got up from the floor, saying eccentrically, “I was wondering how good you were to be selected to act as Lu Yun. Now it looks like you’re a softie who can’t even take a bit of difficulty. I hit you to help you get into character. Not only can you not retaliate, but you should also thank me for raising your trashlike acting by not just one level. You can ask the director if that scene surpassed your normal performance.”

The director was honest. “From Zhinong getting into the cast until now, he’s always been performing extraordinarily. There’s no actual connection to your actual hitting or fake hitting.”

He You: “…”

With the director expressing his stance in this way, everyone present understood.

Ji Zhinong didn’t expect He You to understand. After he finished shooting his own scenes, he turned and left. Yang Yi followed him closely, asking, “You’re just going to let it go like this?”

“Revenge is a dish best served cold.” Ji Zhinong said faintly. “I can’t take this for nothing. Wait until after the movie airs and have the director release his actual hitting as behind-the-scenes recordings. The audience has eyes and can determine who’s right and wrong.”

“Okay.” Yang Yi looked at the reddened half of his face, saying caringly, “You should go back and apply some medicine. Do you want to tell Mr. Li?”

“I would’ve forgotten if you didn’t remind me.” Zhinong suddenly remembered that he now had backing. He might as well use it!

That night, Li Shaoyao learned the details of Zhinong getting hit in the production crew.

Ji Zhinong let Yang Yi pass on this matter. He rested early in the hotel until he dreamed about those dandelions again. After the lesson from last time, he immediately startled awake. Li Shaoyao was indeed sitting beside him, not doing those beastly things but holding a medicine bottle and using a q-tip to apply medicine on the wound on his face.

“…When did you come?” Ji Zhinong’s voice carried the hoarseness of someone who had recently awakened.

“Half an hour ago.” Li Shaoyao said. “Since you’re awake, sit up. I’ll apply the medicine properly for you.”

Zhinong climbed out of his blanket and sat on it, raising the right half of his face slightly. The medicine liquid was cool and had an icy feel when applied on his face.

“This medicine can reduce swelling. Tomorrow the swelling should be gone.” After he finished applying the medicine, Li Shaoyao capped it and put the medicine liquid on the desk. “Sleep.”

“Huh?” Zhinong asked, “You came here specially just to apply medicine for me? Not to do anything else?”

“If you want to be incapable of getting up tomorrow morning, I can satisfy you.”

Zhinong picked up the blanket guardedly. “Don’t get your mind in the gutter! I heard Yang Yi say that you were busy recently. Rushing here from the urban district would probably take two hours even via car, right?”

He just noticed that there was an inconcealable exhaustion on Li Shaoyao’s face.

“You didn’t have to rush here specially.”

Li Shaoyao heard him say that and suddenly smiled faintly. His handsome face immediately glowed with this smile, hiding all negative emotions. He held Zhinong’s right hand, his thumb rubbing the back of his hand twice, sighing lightly. “Weren’t you hoping for me to come see you by having Yang Yi complain?”

Zhinong: “…” Why is he saying it as if I were the one acting coquettishly?

He didn’t have time to refute it when Li Shaoyao suddenly lowered his head and kissed the unhurt side of Zhinong’s face, saying gently, “I’m very happy that I can be needed by you.”

This kiss, though slight, was filled with love, making Wen Che’s heart stop.

Clearly Li Shaoyao had done even more excessive things before, and Wen Che even knew the other’s body like the palm of his hand, but it was his first time feeling this. 

Wen Che stared at Li Shaoyao from a close distance.

He felt that Li Shaoyao was like a porcupine full of spines, treating others guardedly and coldly, even carrying destructive power. But towards Ji Zhinong—no, the shadow reflecting from Ji Zhinong, he would only poke gently at the other with the soft part of his belly cautiously.

Thinking up to this point, Wen Che escaped from this kiss in time. He warned himself not to fall into this warmth that belonged to another. He really didn’t have self-consciousness. He clearly knew he was acting for the other to see, but how could he fall into the act along with the spectator?

Li Shaoyao didn’t know about Wen Che’s spiraling thoughts. After kissing him, he raised his hand to caress the reddened half of his face. “Recently there has indeed been a lot of matters at the corporation, so I couldn’t care for you much. Originally I thought that I could be at ease leaving you in the production crew, but I didn’t think you could still be bullied. Can’t you retaliate after you get hit?”

“I did! I also slapped him once.” Zhinong said unhappily. “If he told me beforehand that he would actually hit me for dramatic/performance effects, I wouldn’t argue with him about it. But clearly he intentionally wanted me to be humiliated in front of others. I’m not that easy to bully.”

Li Shaoyao: “He slapped you seven or eight times. You just slapped him once, and you think you’re amazing? The way I see it, you’re just that type that’s easy to bully. At home, you get hit by your brother. At the production crew, you get hit by a colleague. When you were in school, you weren’t bullied by your deskmate as well, were you?”

“…” He got it exactly right. The childhood years of the original owner of the body were just pitiful. He was already lucky he hadn’t been raped. For instance, his memories of being surrounded by classmates in a corner and getting pelted by stones because he couldn’t give them the protection fee were still vivid in his mind.

If it weren’t that this shell was holding Wen Che’s soul, he might not have even retaliated that once!

Li Shaoyao looked at his wronged and aggrieved expression and knew he’d guessed right. He brushed Zhinong’s nose and scolded him impatiently, “A little good-for-nothing anyone can bully.”


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