Chapter 13 – Shameful fetish

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With Yang Yi’s support, Ji Zhinong’s career slowly moved towards success. And because Ji Rugui’s arms wouldn’t heal anytime soon, he didn’t face the risk of being thrown while getting hit in the middle of the night.

Living a rare half month in comfort, Ji Zhinong was brought to Li Shaoyao’s villa in the center of the city the night before he entered the crew.

There were barely any people at the villa, just an aunt surnamed Li who was in charge of meals. Seeing Ji Zhinong arrive, she specially poured a cup of whiskey.

“The young master hopes that you can drink some alcohol.”

Ji Zhinong glanced at the brown alcohol. With one cup, he’d probably be drunk to the point of losing consciousness.

But what this auntie wanted was probably also what Li Shaoyao wanted.

Ji Zhinong didn’t know what sort of fetish Li Shaoyao had to like doing that after alcohol.

He died once, and especially disliked the helpless feeling of his nerves being numb.

But he was helpless that his sugar daddy liked it.

Considering that he did his utmost to help him these past few days, Ji Zhinong closed his eyes, raised his head, and drank all the alcohol.

That auntie thought he liked drinking and poured him another full cup.

Ji Zhinong already guessed what he’d experience tonight. He didn’t ask anything else and drank the second cup as well.

When he put down the cup, a red flush had already crept into his cheeks, especially apparent in the corners of his eyes.

The alcohol made him dizzy, and he didn’t even have the strength to hold the cup. While he still had a shred of consciousness, he walked into the bedroom to the bed and collapsed into the soft blanket as if he were weightless, falling into a pleasant sleep.

This dream was beautiful at the start. He dreamed that he was lying on a soft cloud. Whenever a slight wind blew past, the cloud would shake left and right like a cradle. It was as if the sun was in the near sky, warmly taking care of him.

Explicit scenes

Until a few dandelions blew past and fell on his cheeks, a little itchy.

A few crept along the vein from his palm toward his forearm. A few jumped from his collarbone to fall into the deep parts of his chest. The soft feathers rubbed against his sensitive spots mischievously, and some fell into his belly button, following the slope of his abdomen and finally stopping at another entrance.

The dandelions came with the wind but carried a familiar warmth. He felt a slight discomfort and wanted to open his eyes, but a few pressed against his eyes. Clearly they should’ve been little white flowers that would disperse completely with the wind but were exceptionally heavy at the moment. He suspected that he was going to be buried in a flower bed.

Afterwards the wind stopped, but this cloud moved even more violently. He suspected that he and the cloud were going to be separated by some brute force.

The sun in the sky shot down thousands of streaks of light, and one pierced through his body and struck the cloud beneath him, the dream world disappearing in a moment. Great sea waves crashed towards him. After being struck he sank to the sea floor like a stone, suffocating pain gradually amplifying——

Someone extended his hand and grabbed him.


He couldn’t see that person’s face, but he knew he should ask someone for help.

That person escaped the seas with him, the incandescent light striking his eyes, leaving behind bright white spots. Ji Zhinong raised his head and coughed twice, choking out something wet. He thought it was seawater, but his throat was filled with a bloody taste.


Li Shaoyao was startled by his sudden coughing up of blood. He pulled a blanket to cover the mess of Ji Zhinong’s lower body and rushed out of the bedroom to have someone prepare a car to go to the hospital.

Late night, 10 pm. The hospital.

The doctor came out of the emergency room, frowning while asking, “Who is the family of Ji Zhinong?”

Li Shaoyao, who was sitting to the side, stood up and raised his hand to gesture. “I am. How is he? Is it his heart problem——”

“You even knew that he has a heart problem?” The doctor scolded. “You knew he had a heart problem, and you still had him drink? And a spirit at that?!”

“The alcohol content in his body is scarily high. If you had sent him a bit later, I’m afraid his life would be gone!”

Li Shaoyao looked at Auntie Li, who’d come along, in reproach. Auntie Li rushed to explain. “I-I thought Mr. Ji liked drinking, so I poured two huge cups for him. You can’t be stingy with guests, s-so I poured them full.”

“He drank two huge cups of 50 percent whiskey?” Li Shaoyao couldn’t control his emotions and shouted in anger. “You don’t even f***ing know how you should pour alcohol for guests?! Did I not tell you that it was enough to give him a little?!”

Auntie Li was also panicked. “That was really just two cups, it wasn’t much! We village people drink it all like this. We’re fine even with several huge bowls.”

“Get lost.”

“Young master…”

“Get lost!”

If it weren’t that the hospital didn’t permit noise, Li Shaoyao wanted to give this good host auntie two huge cups on the spot and see if she thought it was just a bit.

The doctor waited until he was done with his reproach before saying, “The patient has awakened.”

Li Shaoyao walked into the patient ward. Ji Zhinong was lying on the bed. Even though he was sober, the red flush on his face still hadn’t receded. He wasn’t pale except for the paleness of his lips.

Li Shaoyao sat at the bedside and tucked him in the blanket, somewhat guilty and self blaming.

Ji Zhinong stared at him, saying hoarsely, “You don’t have anything to say to me?”

Compared to being sent to the hospital because of his disease relapsing from the alcohol consumption, what he couldn’t accept was——the damn feeling of stickiness in his lower body after he woke up!

So it wasn’t some dandelions in the dream but the evil claws of a beast!

Li Shaoyao’s thinking pattern was clearly different from his. “I already fired that auntie. She was introduced by a relative of mine. Next time, I’ll hire a professional housekeeper. This won’t happen again.”

Ji Zhinong: “Was it not you who made me drink it?”

Li Shaoyao: “I did make you drink it, but not that much. Weren’t you fine before?”

“I thought what the auntie wanted was what you wanted. Speaking of, why do you like my drunken appearance? Do you have some shameful fetish?”

At this moment, a nurse walked to the door coincidentally. She suspected that she heard something she shouldn’t have heard, so she tactfully scurried off.

Li Shaoyao’s face darkened. “I don’t. Don’t exaggerate.”

“Hmph. So fierce.” Ji Zhinong turned on his side and ignored him.

Li Shaoyao made the largest concession. “I just won’t force you to drink alcohol next time.”

“You need to stay in the hospital for observation for a few days. How about telling your family and having them come see you?”

CEO Li, who was ignored, could only extend his index finger to tug the bulging blanket. “Ji Zhinong, I’m asking you something.”

“You don’t need to ask. I’ll get more annoyed if they come. This disease will get worse.” Zhinong said sulkily. “And you want others to know about this relationship between me and you?”

Young master Ji put on a very experienced look. “I understand all the rules in the circle.”

Li Shaoyao was amused by this calm look of his. “How old are you to understand?”

If we’re really doing the math, I’m older than you by five years! Wen Che grumbled silently.

The original owner’s heart disease wasn’t severe. It was only when something intentionally shocked him that it would be somewhat dangerous. The doctor requested that he be hospitalized for three days. Ji Zhinong randomly made up an excuse to put off the Ji family members. Besides, their focus was all on Ji Rugui whose two arms were fractured, completely uncaring of any abnormalities with Ji Zhinong the three days he left home.

In these few days of hospitalization, the one at Zhinong’s side was mostly Qin Xiaohuo.

This fellow appeared honest and upright and wore his heart on his sleeve. He definitely wouldn’t have bad intentions.

He also did things well, very quickly finding out news of Lu Yuankong and kindly told the news he’d found to Ji Zhinong at a time Li Shaoyao wasn’t there.

“Lu Yuankong currently lives in Australia. This is the number you can use to contact him.” He typed in two series of numbers in Ji Zhinong’s phone.

Ji Zhinong took it and saw that there were two numbers: one international long distance to Australia, one domestic.

He quietly saved it as “L”, and then tightly held the phone with Lu Yuankong’s contact method to his heart, as if he’d found some comfort.

Qin Xiaohuo vaguely felt something was wrong, but couldn’t say what exactly.

“I also clearly looked into his recent situation. Would you like to hear it now?”

Zhinong: “…You just have to tell me if he’s doing well or not. You don’t need to tell me a word about anything else.”

Six years had passed. Lu Yuankong had probably already begun another relationship or already created a family. This was all understandable.

But Wen Che didn’t want to hear and didn’t dare to hear about all this.

He couldn’t accept his lover being with another person. He couldn’t accept Lu Yuankong forgetting him and becoming simply a passerby in his life.

If there hadn’t been that accident, they wouldn’t have had such an ending.

Because he wouldn’t be able to let go, he would rather not know.

Qin Xiaohuo replied, “He’s doing well.” He kept the rest of the huge information to himself.

Zhinong heard it and mumbled, “It’s good that he’s doing well. If he’s doing well, I…I’ll have no more regrets.”

In the evening, a nurse came in to give him a shot. The medicine was very effective. But after injection, it would increase his heart rate for a short amount of time. This feeling was very hard to tolerate.

Especially when he was alone in the patient ward, the concentrated sounds of heart beats made him unsettled. Before, Wen Che was healthy, but now he was forced to withstand this.

He curled up on the bed alone and, feeling so bad he couldn’t take it anymore, took out his phone. He stated at the contact saved as “L”, his finger hovering over the call button several times before he dared to press it.

The beep beep sounds of the phone on standby along with his heartbeats assaulted his eardrums.

Until the sounds on the other end stopped for a second, followed by the voice he’d longed for day and night. “Hello, who is this?”

Lu Yuankong was always very patient. “Hello?”

Wen Che had to bite his hand to force back the choked sounds. His soundless tears, on the other hand, flowed violently.

But the person on the other end would never know.

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Li Shaoyao: ???


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