Chapter 12 – Embarrassing, really embarrassing

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The one-eyed burly man didn’t think he’d scare young master Li’s little lover with his arrival and hurriedly squeezed out a friendly smile. “Mr. Ji, don’t be scared, I’m not a bad person. My name is Qin Tong. This is my younger brother, Qin Xiaohuo.”

“Hi, Mr. Ji. You can just call me Xiaohuo.”

The youth who was on the shorter side stepped forward. He had a crew cut just like Qin Tong, but he was better in terms of his well-proportioned features. He looked much more upright than his older brother.

“Don’t be afraid.” Li Shaoyao caressed the hand Ji Zhinong put on his shoulder. “He’s a friend.”

Ji Zhinong just realized how embarrassing his cowardly appearance was just now. Even Yang Yi, a girl, was calm. It was just him who was frightened out of his mind.

Embarrassing, really embarrassing.

He immediately sat up straight, putting a one-meter distance between himself and Li Shaoyao.

“Lao1Lao is an affectionate term used between men close to each other. Qin, your eyes are sharp. Help me see who these men in the photo are.” Li Shaoyao passed the iPad to Qin Tong.

Qin Tong zoomed in on the screen with two fingers. Ji Zhinong didn’t think he’d be able to see anything, since that censoring would leave even their mothers unable to recognize them.

As expected, Qin Tong said, “I can vaguely list a few suspects, but their faces are extremely similar. In the situation that the facial features are blurry, their identities can’t be confirmed.”

Qin Xiaohuo took the iPad of his own accord and politely asked Yang Yi if he could borrow the notebook and the computer. Yang Yi let him do as he wished.

Qin Xiaohuo sent the pictures and videos from the tablet to the computer and started fiddling around.

Qin Tong: “When it comes to photo investigation, Xiaohuo is very proficient. No need to worry. Give him ten minutes, and he could piece together a complete face even if the other person were reduced to ashes.”

Was he really that amazing?

Ji Zhinong scooted over in curiosity, only to see a screenful of code. Qin Xiaohuo’s hands were jumping across the keyboard nimbly. All the intentionally blurred pictures slowly revealed clear faces in this manner.

Ji Zhinong had a whole new level of respect for this youngster.

These images weren’t the original copies. After repeated spreading, the pictures and videos were all inevitably blurry.

Qin Xiaohuo could probably be a technical investigator at the police station with no problem with that kind of speed and technique.

After the censoring was gotten rid of, Qin Tong very quickly recognized all the people in there. They were the executives of the Chamber of Commerce of City S.

Each exposed name was familiar and not to be trifled with.

Yang Yi was shocked beyond belief. She looked at Ji Zhinong over again, thinking that the tastes of those executives hadn’t changed at all. A few years ago, Wen Che was nearly pulled into a drinking party, but luckily at the time he wasn’t lured in by resources and was able to escape unscathed.

But the Ji Zhinong from two years ago didn’t have a background or backing. At the moment those guys got interested in him, he had virtually no room for retreat. If he dared to say no, his future was basically ruined. Whether he could keep his life or not was even in question.

The situation fell into a stalemate. A stalemate in which even though the offenders were known, they couldn’t be investigated.

Wen Che was extremely intelligent. As soon as he heard the names, he knew that this was a thorny matter. He was never willing to make things difficult for his close ones, so he yawned, saying, “I never thought that I could be related to these people. Since it involves so much, it’s probably better to take care of it cautiously.”

Yang Yi: “Since this group of people was censored, that means they know the third party involved isn’t someone easy to provoke. We don’t have the need to go looking for trouble unless we have the confidence that we can get them in one shot.”

He unconsciously looked towards Li Shaoyao. Clearly, the only one present with capital and the ability to fight back against the Chamber of Commerce was the young head of the Li Corporation.

Li Shaoyao: “Zhinong can’t remember the details of these matters. He can’t be a witness. It’s not enough with just material evidence.”

The Li Corporation was founded from investing and would more or less interact with that group of people from the Chamber of Commerce. Li Shaoyao wasn’t afraid of those old guys, it was just that it’d probably be hard to get past his father.

When he said this, he was looking at Ji Zhinong, seemingly meaning to explain it to him. Ji Zhinong nodded towards him slightly, the two reaching a consensus without a sound.

Li Shaoyao looked towards Qin Huo again. “Leave Xiaohuo by your side as a guard.”

Qin Huo had already stood up from sitting in front of the computer.

“He’s a decathlon2An athletic event comprising of ten track and field events winner. Your safety will be his responsibility.”

Ji Zhinong: “My safety? What danger could I be in?”

“Just in case. I’m at ease having him follow you.”

Only Yang Yi knew that Li Shaoyao was just guarding against the type of accident Wen Che encountered.

Back then, if there had been someone by Wen Che’s side to protect him, there would have been at least a chance to save him.

Ji Zhinong was just a substitute but received the complete protection Wen Che hadn’t had the chance to experience.

Qin Xiaohuo ended up staying by Zhinong’s side this way. At night he served as chauffeur, sending Zhinong home. Before getting in the car, he even said mockingly, “With me here, Mr. Ji doesn’t need to worry about getting lost and won’t have to spend money for a driver again.”

Ji Zhinong: “…” He didn’t even have to guess to know that it was Li Shaoyao who told Qin Xiaohuo these things.

The car was smoothly driven into the parking lot of the Ji house. Before Ji Zhinong entered the house, he pondered repeatedly before pulling Qin Xiaohuo into a corner of the yard.

“Xiaohuo, c…can you help me look into someone?”

Qin Xiaohuo patted his chest. “No problem.”

“The prerequisite is that you have to keep it secret for me. You can’t let Li Shaoyao know. ”

Ji Zhinong guessed that he would hesitate. Although Qin Xiaohuo was a guard, he was more or less meant to supervise him. But he really didn’t have any other options.

“I just want to look into an old friend and see if he’s doing well. Li Shaoyao doesn’t need to know this type of small thing.”

Since this was the first step to the two establishing trust, Qin Xiaohuo gave in. “You can say it.”

“I want you to look into someone’s phone number. Also, see if he’s doing well.”

“Who is it?”

Ji Zhinong used his phone to type two words: Lu Yuankong.

Qin Xiaohuo was baffled. Wasn’t this Mr. Wen Che’s boyfriend from back then?

Author’s Note:

Li Shaoyao: Hm? How come my cheating affair alarm is ringing?!

  • 1
    Lao is an affectionate term used between men close to each other.
  • 2
    An athletic event comprising of ten track and field events


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