Chapter 10 – The little substitute has his own plans

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Three days later, De Yu received Ji Zhinong’s contract termination notice. The one communicating with them was the city’s most famous lawyer.

To be honest, it was making a mountain out of a molehill.

With such a huge battle incoming, the artist department of De Yu didn’t dare to be careless, directly reporting it to Qin Kaiyu.

Since Qin Kaiyu knew, then Zhang Yunan, who he was passionately in love with, also knew.

“There are indeed loopholes in Ji Zhinong’s contract. As soon as the other side investigates, we’ll definitely lose this case, but if we terminate this contract peacefully now, we both can still save face.” Qin Kaiyu had already judged the pros and cons. “I plan on agreeing to the contract termination and return him his freedom.”

Zhang Yunan: “No. The contract can’t be terminated just like this.”

They had completely ruined Ji Zhinong’s play of cards early in the past two years. Letting him go now originally didn’t create a solid threat, but Zhang Yunan was clear that as soon as he terminated the contract with De Yu, Ji Zhinong would be able to successfully be cast into the drama Treading on a Courtyard of Orchids and maybe have a reversal of fortune.

As long as De Yu still held his contract, at the very least, they could flagrantly interfere and keep him from being cast. Even if he had to be cast in the very end, it could at least delay him for two months. Two months was enough for anything to happen.

Qin Kaiyu had guessed that he wouldn’t be willing, so he handed the copy of the contract to Zhang Yunan, saying, “If we let him go now, the other party promises that you can have the role of the third male lead in the drama TCO.”


This condition completely satisfied Zhang Yunan’s wishes.

Treading on a Courtyard of Orchids was prepared for three years. From its script to its director, it was the best of the best in the field, the type that could only be gathered half through money and half through strong connections.

Basically, whoever got the three main roles would be the dark horse of next year’s major awards.

Even if he couldn’t be the first main lead, the third male lead was also very appealing. The male actors who acted in supporting roles for Wen Che six years ago were already stable A-list celebrities.

Zhang Yunan would graduate in June of this year, and if his first work after graduation was this kind of configuration, he would undoubtedly beat his competitors on the starting line by a lot.

He very badly needed a prestigious award to prove himself, even if it was just Best Male Supporting Actor.

Because it was only through mainstream recognition that his status in the Ji family could become more stable and not be taken by Ji Zhinong in the slightest.

“But the production crew has a request,” Qin Kaiyu said. “They want you to cooperate with the promotion as Zhang Yunan from beginning to end.”

“…What did you say?” The smile on Zhang Yunan’s face immediately stiffened.

Qin Kaiyu didn’t understand why his reaction was so strange. “This isn’t a very harsh request. Just last week you changed your last name, so you can take this chance to make it public.”

Last Sunday, the Old Master had already sent someone to bring Zhang Yunan to complete the surname changing procedures as Zhinong wished.

The “Ji” on his ID had already been replaced by “Zhang”.

This was a new wound across Yunan’s heart. He didn’t think that the one treating it as if it were nothing would be his lover.

“I don’t agree! I can’t let people know that my surname is Zhang!!”

Qin Kaiyu didn’t understand. “It’s just a surname! He wouldn’t change anything!”

Zhang Yunan was especially agitated. “If people knew that my surname is Zhang, the paparazzi would find that couple of the Zhang family very quickly! They’re just mice in a sewer, and they’re qualified to be my parents? They’re not! I will never let people know that that type of blood flows through my veins!!”

“Yunan, I understand your concerns,” Qin Kaiyu comforted him. “I will have people deal with public relations on this matter. There won’t be anyone who’ll criticize you behind your back over this.”

“No, no. The people who like me will leave me…” Zhang Yunan didn’t seem to hear Qin Kaiyu’s words at all. He fell into a spiraling nightmare based on his own imagination, trembling all over. “If I don’t have a prominent background, what do I rely on to gain my footing? My public persona will disappear. Without my public persona, am I any different from being naked?!”

Qin Kaiyu was stunned at the spot by his words. He liked Yunan because he was always kind and honest, but the Yunan standing in front of him who cared so much for his fake public persona was completely different from “honest”.

He quickly denied this thought of his and held Zhang Yunan’s hand, telling him, “What I like is you as a person, not that surname. What are you afraid of with me here?”

Qin Kaiyu embraced Zhang Yunan. “No one can recreate the sort of production crew of TOC unless Wen Che from the past years revives. How many people would pay to act as a supporting role for a nomination next year? Now the opportunity has been delivered right into our hands, you have to take advantage of it. Your emotions are just getting the better of you right now, you’re not thinking rationally. Once you calm down, you’ll know I’m right.”

“Besides, the main lead of this drama is Ji Zhinong. Even though we don’t know how he was chosen, we’re all clear that he’s just a good-for-nothing. Even if he wasn’t useless before, these two years, Liu Ting and the rest made him useless. Why are you afraid of a so-called male lead whose full of blemishes, could run into difficulty anytime with some exposé material, and is a high school dropout? The way I see it, you could take this chance to compete on the same stage and show Uncle Ji and Aunt Ji that even if you don’t have the Ji family blood, you can still be as outstanding as Ji family members.”

“Y-yeah. W-what am I being afraid of…” Zhang Yunan’s panicked heart slowly calmed.

He was really silly. Why would he be afraid of Ji Zhinong that good-for-nothing…

“B-but what if someone…”

Qin Kaiyu calmed him down again. “If someone uses your name and surname for articles, we’ll just hype up the exposé material about Ji Zhinong. Compared to surname changing, those revealing photos and videos are the hot topics that netizens will scramble madly for.”

It wasn’t the first time De Yu’s marketing department poured dirty water on others. Although it was underhanded, it was very effective.

The finally calm Zhang Yunan hugged Qin Kaiyu, choking up. “Good thing you’re here.”

After the two sides made proper negotiations, Ji Zhinong successfully terminated his contract.

Wen Che breathed a huge sigh of relief. To him, the contract termination was like ripping his body selling contract. At last he was completely free.

Even though he’d just gotten out of the wolf’s den and ended up in Li Shaoyao’s “gaping mouth”, that stupid tiger, it was much more comfortable than being controlled by Zhang Yunan and Qin Kaiyu.

At the very least he had the ability to negotiate.

“Next, just do as I say, okay?” The little substitute hugged his arms, pacing back and forth in front of his sugar daddy with his own plans in mind.

“First, get me a reliable team.”

Li Shaoyao happily enjoyed his high-spirited, revived state, pampering him. “I only know how to spend money to support you. I don’t know about the professional operation, but I’m close to the CEO of Jin Corporation. He’ll take care of you in your career.”

“Jin Corporation? Jin Heng?”

“You know him?”

“…” Ji Zhinong didn’t know him. Wen Che knew him. He was someone he was very familiar with.

He was very satisfied. “The Jin Corporation is reliable. I don’t have any objections. But can I make a teeny tiny request?”


“Have Yang Yi be my manager.”

“Yang Yi?” Li Shaoyao was originally half leaning on the sofa lazily. Hearing him bring up Yang Yi, his back immediately straightened, his expression becoming sterner. “Yang Yi followed Wen Che before. You think she’d look at you?”

“…Have some confidence in me.”

“…Ji Zhinong, I’ve seen you on some occasions before. At that time you were always timidly shrunk in the crowd. I didn’t know you had such a high opinion of yourself? This is very interesting.” Li Shaoyao pulled Ji Zhinong over in one grab, pulling him to sit beside him. “It’s as if you changed into another person.”

“…I’m imitating your first love dutifully.”

Ji Zhinong was just focused on getting his career going. He didn’t care whether he was a substitute or not. As long as Li Shaoyao could give him what he wanted, he didn’t mind acting to the max.

“This drive of yours is indeed similar to his. Since you’re trying so hard, I’ll help you contact Yang Yi, but…” The tone of Li Shaoyao’s voice turned heavy. If Ji Zhinong met his gaze at this time, he would notice that the light in his eyes had completely darkened.

“But, after Wen Che…pass…passed away, she half retired.” He held back the choking up with great effort, saying the second half of his sentence with great difficulty. “Ms. Yang married her fiancé five years ago and had a son. Now all her focus is on the child. I can’t promise I can persuade her.”

Ji Zhinong’s mind was full of his own career blueprint, so he didn’t notice the small changes in Li Shaoyao’s emotions at all. And Li Shaoyao had already controlled his emotions in time, quickly recovering his calm, not revealing any extra emotion.

Due to accepting the reality of himself dying during his prime early on, Wen Che wasn’t sensitive to others bringing up his death. His point of focus was that Yang Yi married and had a child.

“Her child should be five years old now?” He smiled, saying, “She was so swamped with work before. These few years she finally had the time to deal with her major lifetime event. Nice, very nice.”

He was thinking that he had to find a chance to have a golden lock made and gift it to his god nephew.

This was what he promised Yang Yi before he passed away.

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Jin Heng: Hehe, I’m everywhere!


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