Chapter 1 – The 22 year old Ji Zhinong

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Wen Che stared at the “family” surrounding him who took turns putting on a play as if he were watching a movie.

“Yunan almost drowned to death. You were the one who forced him to the point of jumping into the sea!”

“I shouldn’t have let you be the one to get married into the Qin family in Yunan’s place. Qin Kaiyu looks down on you, and the entire Qin family looks down on you! If it weren’t for your shamelessness, would the wedding have become the way it is now?!”

“Ji Zhinong, you embarrassed the entire Ji family! How did I give birth to a malicious son like you?!”

The middle aged man who was currently pointing at him and cursing in anger to the point of wanting to skin him was Ji Tianjun, the current CEO of Ji Corporation and Ji Yunan’s former father. A year ago, a strange turn of events revealed a blood test that completely overturned the blood relations between Ji Yunan and Ji Tianjun. Ji Zhinong, originally struggling to survive as a no-name celebrity, made a giant leap upwards from a carp to a dragon, kicking aside the fake Ji Yunan and becoming the third prince of Dechang1A county in south Sichuan, China.

This was the deduction Wen Che made in the last ten minutes after combining the remaining memories of the original owner and the words of the Ji family members.

He had to figure out the numerous connections between those involved because they affected the environment he would live in in the future.

Currently, he was no longer the Wen Che revered by many but the youngest child of the Ji family, Ji Zhinong, in either a curse or blessing; it was unclear which.

In short, he was reborn as Ji Zhinong.

“Dad, he’s still a patient.” Probably noticing that Ji Tianjun was too harsh with his words or maybe seeing the silent Ji Zhinong, who was laying on the bed and appeared as if he’d been scolded silly, Ji Zhinong’s elder sister Ji Ruzhang finally said something to stop the scolding that had lasted almost ten minutes.

Ji Tianjun was indignant. “Isn’t he fine? Yunan was just rescued from death’s door. If something happens to him, twenty years of my effort will be going to waste!”

Ji Ruzhang stuffed her hands into the pockets of her white doctor’s coat and said something unbiased. “Zhinong was also just rescued from death’s door. The heart attacks he gets when the heart disease that resulted from malnutrition during his childhood flares up can be lethal as well.” She looked towards the youngest brother she was unfamiliar with, half-jokingly asking, “How does it feel to have your heart stop three times on the way from the hotel to the hospital?”

Ji Zhinong met Ji Ruzhang’s gaze, his eyes calm, asking, “What time is it now?”

Ji Ruzhang glanced at her watch. “2:20 pm.”

Ji Zhinong: “What year is it?”

“Huh?” Ji Ruzhang suspected that he’d become a fool from brain hypoxia2Lack of oxygen in the brain. “It’s January 7th, 2031.”


Wen Che silently made some calculations. He died in a car accident in 2025. The accident had been very sudden, and his impression of death was left at the violent collision and the dull, loud sound.

As for why he could so clearly remember the time, it was because that day he got his sixth “Best Male Lead” award, was preparing for his 33rd birthday that night, and also found out beforehand that his lover was secretly planning to propose and give him a surprise at midnight.

Upon just reaching the peak of his career and love life, he miserably got into an accident, his life forever stopping at 32 years old.

But six years later, he returned to the world as Ji Zhinong.

The reason Ji Ruzhang could ask “how does it feel to be on the verge of death” so easily was completely because Ji Zhinong had been rescued and escaped danger. Wen Che knew she didn’t have any bad intentions, but the real Ji Zhinong didn’t have the chance to hear this joke.

Ji Yunan’s call about jumping in the sea to commit suicide during the wedding made Qin Kaiyu immediately flee the wedding, and the members of the Ji family left Ji Zhinong one by one to rush to the seaside, everyone worried about Ji Yunan, the fake young master. And when Ji Zhinong got a heart attack from seeing this, no one cared. In the end, it was a worker at the hotel who realized something was wrong and called the ambulance.

This moment seemed to encompass the original owner’s resentment, appearing in his mind extremely clearly.

Wen Che guessed that probably in the moment his blood-related family chose Ji Yunan and abandoned him, Ji Zhinong had already passed away.

Ji Zhinong had only lived to 22 years of age.

Even though Wen Che also had a short life, at least he’d lived his 32 years of life vibrantly. He’d been loved by many, and his efforts were all duly rewarded. In the last moment of his life, at least he had gained both fame and wealth.

But from his birth, Ji Zhinong started off on the wrong foot. With great difficulty, he found his blood relatives but had such a miserable ending.

Thinking up to this point, it was as if there was a boulder crushing his heart, keeping Wen Che from responding to Ji Ruzhang’s joking question.

At this moment, the door of the patient ward was pushed open from the outside, and a beautiful youth wearing a hospital gown who was being supported by the second son of the Ji family Ji Rugui and his mother Lin Lan walked into the patient ward. It was Ji Yunan.

Stuck on his forehead was a cooling pad. His face haggard and his lips pale, he was walking slowly at the pace of a turtle, making Wen Che suspect he had leg problems. And then he saw him weakly kneel in front of the hospital bed.

“Zhinong, I didn’t mean to ruin your wedding.” As soon as he opened his mouth, tears began to flow from his large innocent eyes, guaranteeing that anyone who saw this scene would be sure it was Ji Zhinong who bullied him.

“The blood that flows in my veins is not of the Ji family, so I’m already not good enough to marry into the Qin family, but Kaiyu and I are in true love. Can you let us be?” Ji Yunan pleaded humbly. “I’ll do as you say, leave the Ji family tactfully, and return to my biological father. I’m only asking that you give Kaiyu back to me. Without him, I really will die.”

Wen Che: “…”

Bro, what sort of tragic drama are you acting in?! The subtext behind his words was that if he didn’t agree he’d try to commit suicide again?

Wen Che rolled his eyes inwardly. If he wanted to die, he could go die. It’d be a life for a life. When you jumped into the sea, there was a crowd of people rushing to save you. But when Ji Zhinong died of angina3Chest pain resulting from decreased blood flow to the heart, he didn’t have any family or lover to care.

Others would think that Ji Yunan was the pitiful person stripped off everything he had at knifepoint, not knowing that the truly pitiful person had long left the world.

“Kneeling down to me for a man, and even threatening suicide.” Ji Zhinong didn’t tell him to get up, simply glancing at him from above. “Ji Yunan, you amount to just this much?”

JI Yunan raised his eyes slightly, the teardrops in his eyes trembling a bit in disbelief that words like these had come out of Ji Zhinong’s mouth.

But not waiting for him to say anything, Lin Lan had already raised her hand to slap Ji Zhinong. “Who taught you to talk like his? How ill-bred. Apologize to An An4affectionate nickname for Ji Yunan!”

Wen Che looked at the woman and knew this was Ji Zhinong’s biological mother. He pushed his tongue against the inside of his mouth, coldly saying, “Mom, did you forget who’s your actual biological son?”

Lin Lan’s hand, which was about to slap once again, suddenly stopped. She’d always been most biased towards her youngest son Yunan and sticking up for him had long become a habit. Reminded by Ji Zhinong, she seemed to remember something with mixed feelings of grief and anger on her face. In the end, she didn’t land the second slap, but looking at the reddened half Ji Zhinong’s right face, she didn’t say a word of concern, instead pulling Ji Yunan up from the floor, seeming to think kneeling was embarrassing.

Second brother Ji Rugui finally opened his mouth, saying, “Zhinong, before you came home, Yunan and that one from the Qin family got along very well, and both their parents were satisfied. You interfering in this is very untactful. The stuff the media is saying about you now is extremely nasty, and it’d affect your career negatively as well.”

“Yes, it was the Ji family’s mistake in bringing home the wrong child when you were young, but didn’t we bring you back? Dad and Mom gave you life. You should be grateful and not make trouble for them!”

Ji Zhinong pointed at a nearby sofa. “How about you sit, second brother. Doesn’t it hurt your waist to stand while talking?”

Ji Rugui: “…”

  • 1
    A county in south Sichuan, China
  • 2
    Lack of oxygen in the brain
  • 3
    Chest pain resulting from decreased blood flow to the heart
  • 4
    affectionate nickname for Ji Yunan


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