Chapter 5 – Actor

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Jian Ran’s heart dropped to his throat. It seems that this surnamed Ren is not completely hopeless.

Jian Ran nodded coldly as a greeting.

Ren Qinglin looked at him with a smile, “By the way xuezhang, do you know where the administration building is? The counselor asked me to go there, but I don’t know the way.”

Jian Ran thought for a moment, “This way, I’ll take you there.”

He will take this opportunity to assert everything with Ren Qinglin, so that he doesn’t cause trouble and drag him along

Ren Qinglin put on a flattered look, “Thank you xuezhang.”

Tang Tang said: “I’ll go with you guys.”

“The girls dormitory is quite far, you should go back quickly.” Jian Ran pointed to the food on the girl hand, “Otherwise the food will get cold.”

Tang Tang was disappointed for a while. But after thinking about it, she was walking with the two most handsome boys in the university, wearing a beautiful halter dress, but carrying a spicy hot pot in her hand… Well, better luck next time.

“I will go first then.” Tang Tang said goodbye to them with a smile, “Jian Ran, see you this afternoon~”

As he looked at the back of the girl’s waist-length hair, Ren Qinglin asked, “See you this afternoon?”

Jian Ran found his question strange, “There are classes in afternoon, of course I will see her.”

Ren Qinglin gave a slow “Oh”.

“You,” Jian Ran raised his chin at Ren Qinglin, “Follow me.”

Ren Qinglin agreed obediently: “Yes, xuezhang.”

Jian Ran frowned.

He doesn’t know if it was his imagination or not, previously Ren Qinglin called him “gege” or “husband” with an obvious teasing intention, but now he finally changed it to a normal way to addressing him, it feels strange how that comes out from his mouth.

Jian Ran couldn’t tell what was wrong with it, however it felt different from when he called Tang Tang “xuejie“.

He’s so tricky.

Ren Qinglin followed Jian Ran from behind, keeping two steps away from him. The two of them walked together on the campus, gaining a lot of attention from countless passersby, some girls even took out their cell phones and snapped a few photos.

Jian Ran holds a milk tea in one hand and a spicy hot pot in the other, his image is significantly damaged. But he doesn’t care.

His Jian Ran’s aura, definitely will not fade away just because of two pots of spicy hot pot!


Jian Ran kept walking.

“Jian Ran xuezhang.”


“Jian Ran ge…”

Jian Ran turned around impatiently, “Don’t talk to me.”

Ren Qinglin seemed to find his reaction very amusing and asked, “Why?”

“why do you ask so many “why” “

“But it seems that I only asked one ”why”.”

“…Shut up!”

Of course Jian Ran will not be kind enough to escort Ren Qinglin to the administration building.

The further the road goes, the less people there are. Both of them arrived at the artificial lake behind the school library.

In the afternoon, the summer sun was hot and cicadas were chirping. Jian Ran and Ren Qinglin stood face to face under the willow tree by the lake, the air faintly smelled like spicy hot pot.

Jian Ran was too thirsty, so he opened the milk tea. He held the straw in his mouth, and the cold milk tea with a few pearls flowed into his mouth, making him instantly revived.

“How did you come?” Jian Ran asked.

Ren Qinglin: “I passed the exam.”

“I didn’t ask you about that… nevermind, don’t think about it.” Jian Ran said straightforwardly: “Ren Qinglin, the matter between you and me, must be kept secret, it must be kept confidential.”

Ren Qinglin looked down at Jian Ran. The boy in front of him wore short sleeves with Hong Kong-style letters, with a loose neckline, showing a delicate collarbone; his skin was darker than the last time they met, he had big, dark colored eyes, he looked very energetic.

Ren Qinglin knowingly asked: “The matter between xuezhang and me…what’s matter?”

Jian Ran was holding the milk tea, and said viciously: “Why don’t you just screw it up and say it?”

Ren Qinglin thought for a while, “Xuezhang is my husband’s matter?”

“Keep your voice down!” Jian Ran looked around and lowered his voice, “Are you afraid that others won’t be able to hear you, do you want to use a speaker?”

Ren Qinglin smiled slowly, “So xuezhang wants our marriage to be hidden.”

“That’s what I mean.”

“Can I ask why?”

You’re still asking that?!

“What are the benefits of letting others know that you are married?” Jian Ran followed the temptation, “You look so…make do, there are a lot of peach blossoms, and now you finally get into college, don’t you want to have a beautiful and pure campus love?”

Xuezhang,” Ren Qinglin said slowly, “If I fall in love with others, isn’t it just turning you green?”

Jian Ran was taken aback, he never thought of this.

For all male compatriots, the word “green” is an extremely scary existence. It makes a man doubt himself, his dignity is violated, he can’t hold up his head for the rest of his life and live in disgrace forever.

But now is not the time to dwell on this.

Jian Ran said generously: “It doesn’t matter, I don’t mind, you can make me be as green as much you like, just make my world full of green and just green!”

Anyway, according to the family’s statement, after the over-billion-dollar project between Jian and Ren is over, they can leave at any time if they want to divorce. The word “green” will be buried along with his unlucky marriage. Who dares to mention it again, just one word and—


Ren Qinglin just threw a quick smile, “Xuezhang is so generous.”

Seeing Ren Qinglin listen to his words, Jian Ran was very satisfied, “Then it’s settled. From now on, we will be in a pure relationship between xuezhang and xuedi, understand?”

Ren Qinglin nodded, “Understood.”

After feeling relieved, Jian Ran was in a good mood, so he kindly showed Ren Qinglin the way to the administrative building.

Before leaving, Ren Qinglin stopped him again: “Xuezhang.”

Jian Ran: “?”

“I think it’s better if we add each other on WeChat again” Ren Qinglin said, “Otherwise… Mom will see it.”

Jian Ran put on an expression like he was facing his greatest enemy, “My mom is looking after you again?”

“Hmm. After she found out we were in the same university, she told me to find xuezhang if I needed anything, and it’s okay…”

Ren Qinglin paused.

Jian Ran felt that the sentence was a bit familiar, he narrowed his eyes, with a premonition that Ren Qinglin would say something astonishing.

Ren Qinglin’s corners lips curled up, “It’s okay to chat more with him and cultivate feelings”

This really sounds like something his mom says.

Jian Ran turned around to leave, “Then go back and add me again.”



Can’t this person finish speaking all at once? Every time he screams xuezhang xuezhang, it’s annoying!

Ren Qinglin pointed toward the spicy hot pot in his hand, “The oil spilled.”

Jian Ran was stained with oil so he returned to dormitory, threw the food to Shen Zixiao, took a shower and changed his clothes quickly.

When he came back, the other three people in dormitory were all there, and they were all staring at him.

Jane Ran stops wiping his hair, “Hello? You guys okay?”

Ji Yuanxi: “I just saw a photo of you and Ren Qinglin in school forum, do you know each other?”

“Ren Qinglin?” Jian Ran said calmly, “Who?”

Shen Zixiao’s eyes were complicated, and he suddenly sang: “I’m supposed to complement your acting but I ignored it, you’re demanding the person who loves you the most to improvise—”1薛之谦-演員(Yan yuan)

Jian Ran: “Bitch what are you singing? Just shut up”

Ji Yuanxi handed the phone under Jian Ran’s nose.

【On the first day of school, two gorgeous men met on a narrow road, forming the most beautiful scenery on the campus】

The picture shows Ren Qinglin in a camouflage uniform with hands in his pockets, and Jian Ran with milk tea in one hand and a spicy hot pot in the other hand.

Jian Ran: “…Fuck.”

Why is there such a big logo on the bag mentioning spicy hot pot!

The little angel Ke Yan comforted him: “I think the picture of Jian-ge is very beautiful, and it is very…lifelike.”

Shen Zixiao laughed “pfft”.

Jian Ran: “So his name is Ren Qinglin.”

“You don’t know him, so how did you two walk together?”

“He asked me the way, and I just happened to be on the way, so I guided him.” Jian Ran emphasized, “I didn’t know his name until just now.”

Shen Zixiao: “When did we forget our bottom lines? Adapt to the changes of Times watching those poor performances—”

Jian Ran suddenly raised his hand, throw the towel from his hand to Shen Zixiao’s face.

“Death to Lao Tzu!!”

After the drama was over, Jian Ran climbed into bed, brewing for sleepiness, when the phone near his pillow vibrated.

【.R request to add you as a friend】

【Verification information: The xuedi who has a pure relationship with the xuezhang】

Jian Ran: “…”



Translator note:

Moya: xuezhang that xuezhang this.

Aki: Yes yes, so pure relationship. Pure chaotic marriage life.

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