Chapter 3 – School starts

Translator: Moya

Editor: Aki


That smiling expression gives Jian Ran an impulse to punch someone.

Jian Ranranran: Then you know now. 【Grin】

Jian Ranranran: Watch your mouth, don’t talk nonsense to my mother, or else【Knife

.R: Pass the tea to the boss.jpgBut your mother asked me what are we doing on our honeymoon.

Jian Ranran: Won’t you pretend to be dead?

.R: She is an elder, also my mother-in-law, it’s not good to ignore it.

Jian Ran stared at the words “mother-in-law” and almost dropped the phone.

This Ren Qinglin looks like a dog, why is his personality so annoying?

Jian Ranranran: Who the fuck is your mother-in-law! You should call her grandma! 【I’m going to buy an orange, you stand here and don’t move. jpg】1See the source image

【.R withdrew a message】

Hm? I didn’t expect that this Ren was actually quite aware of the situation. Jian Ran’s face eased a little.

.R: So let me ask again, what if grandma ask something about our honeymoon.

Jian Ranranran:……


.R: Well, you bring me some souvenirs. I will say we bought them in Thailand together.

The current story is more important to round up the lies, Jian Ran consoled himself to think out of the box, do not bother with Ren Qinglin, he is really troubled by the other side.

Jian Ranranran: Don’t panic, I’ll Photoshop you into my photo.

.R: : And then you want to share it with friends? Wouldn’t that be an official announcement?

Jian Ranranran: Official announcement your sister. Say, what do you want?

Jian Ran thought for a while, there are just a few things that are famous in Thailand.

Jian Ranranran: Latex pillow?

.R: So that I can sleep thinking about you every day?

Jian Ran was silent for a minute, and quickly put Ren Qinglin into the blacklist.

After returning from Thailand, Jian Ran and Shen Zixiao rest for a few days, before going to school on the last reporting day.

When Jian Ran arrived at the dormitory, he found that the floor was unstained and xueba’s 2someone who is good at studying or to put it simple god of study roommate was wiping table for him.

Jian Ran hurriedly said, “Ke Yan, I’ll do it myself later.”

Xiao xueba’s smiled shyly at him, “It’s okay, I’m almost done wiping it.”

Jian Ran was embarrassed, “Really, no need…”

“Let him wipe it if he wants to.” Shen Zixiao pulled his suitcase into the dormitory, sitting his butt, legs on table, “I’m exhausted.”

Xiao xueba looked at the few footprints he had just mopped clean, then looked at Shen Zixiao, and stopped talking.

There are four people in the dormitory, Ke Yan style doesn’t fit well with the other three, and his relationship can only be said to be average. Jian Ran once wanted to get closer to him, but there were only two words in his headstudy.

Jian Ran opened his suitcase and carried a bunch of snacks to Ke Yan’s desk. “Ke Yan, these are dried fruits I bought from Thailand, you’re very kind, eat more.”

Ke Yan said “Wow”, looked very happy, “Thank you, Brother Jian.”

Shen Zixiao sneered: “You should eat more fruit, You look thin, and like a monkey, even girls in our class are taller than you.”

When Jian Ran passed by Shen Zixiao, he kicked his chair and said, “You will mop the floor again with me later.”

Shen Zixiao stared at him: “Who? Me?!”

Ke Yan waved his hand, “No, no need, I can mop it.”

“Ke Yan, don’t get used to him.” Jian Ran said disgustedly, “Have hands and feet, but don’t do anything. You think you are a young master, but you’re just a scum.”

Shen Zixiao frowned, “Are you cursing me in Cantonese again? Just speak Mandarin properly!”

“You still have the nerve to talk about me? When I went home for my summer vacation, my grandfather asked me how to speak in Beijing accent ……”

Ke Yan watched the two men gag, a little envious, but couldn’t join them. He looked for a while, put his school bag on his back, and whispered: “I will go to the library.”

“Wait, wait,” Jian Ran called him, “When are you coming back? What about the dinner gathering tonight?”

Ke Yan hesitated for a moment, “I’m not going, there is still something to do at the lab.”

“Okay,” Jian Ran said, “Then we will have dinner when you are free.”

When Ke Yan left, Shen Zixiao rolled his eyes.

Jian Ran took out his own things and put them in place one by one. “Do you have an problem with Ke Yan?”

Shen Zixiao slumped from his chair, “I don’t have problems, just think he is very boring.”

“He is your roommate, not your girlfriend, does it matter to you whether people are interesting or boring?”

“He’s that kind of guy, he can get a girlfriend,” Shen Zixiao pointed to the window and said, “I, Shen Zixiao, will jump from here!”

Jian Ran looked at Shen Zixiao as if he was a fool, slyly said: “Don’t bully people just because you like them.”

Shen Zixiao almost fell from his chair, “I, like, him? Jian Ran, I think you need to donate your brain to classmates in need. I wondered if it was because you were married to a man, then you started to see people based on your point of view?”

“I just said randomly, what are you overreacting for?” Jian Ran saw the bright red3I decided to change it from Hong tontong to bright red book in a box, paused his action, and then shoved the bright red book into the drawer in a hurry, pretending that nothing happened. “By the way, the matter of my marriage, you have to keep it a secret.”

Shen Zixiao asked: “Why?”

Jian Ran: “Because of shame.”

The two were doing the cleaning, when their last roommate returned quietly.

“Ranran! Xiao Gou! BigNews4Originally in English!”

Ji Yuanxi blew into the bedroom like wind, trying to give Jian Ran a bear hug, but get blocked by Jian Ran with a mop.

“Stay away from father,” Jian Ran said, “Also, quickly take away your wife’s drinks, next time if I help you buy one on your behalf I’m a dog.”

“Ranran you said the same thing last time. How much is the total, I will pay it to you on WeChat.”

“Two thousand, you charge the card.”

Shen Zixiao approached with a rag, “Lao Ji I ordered you to say what is the BigNews? How big is it?”

Ji Yuanxi pulled Ke Yan’s chair next to Jian Ran, “Ranran, sit, you sit first.”

Jian Ran became wary, “What do you want to do?”

“I’m afraid you can’t stand the shock of it.”

“Fart fast5Spill it fast, dad listen.”

Ji Yuanxi deliberately suppressed the voice very low, trying to create a sense of mystery, “Ranran, your position as school grass, will be, robbed, away.”

Jian Ran was expressionless, “It is?”


“That’s it?”

Ji Yuanxi looked blank, “Yes, isn’t this a big news?”

Jian Ran said sarcastically, “Think, who is it, the one who’s more handsome than his father Jian.”

Ji Yuanxi nodded in satisfaction, “Well, your reaction is normal. I think at first, there was a transfer girl who stole my wife’s position as school flower, my wife’s face was smiling, mmp6Bad wording in heart, that is a gas.”

“No way, there is no one in our university who is more handsome than Jian Ran.” Shen Zixiao said, “Could it be a freshman?”

“Well, it is said that he is from our college.”

“Have you seen him? Are there any pictures yet?”

“No, but I heard from the xuejie7Senior female organization, he was a handsome guy with a Japanese type of look.”

“Japanese look?” Shen Zixiao’s mind came up with some appearance of a few male actors, and said “oh”, “I don’t believe he will be more handsome than Jian Ran.”

“It should be the kind of looking in Japanese anime,” Ji Yuanxi agreed: “But, I don’t believe it either.”

Jan Ran buried his head and mopped the floor, “Lift your paws a bit.”

Shen Zixiao kept his feet off the ground, “Then should we go and check it out? The freshman should be live across us.”

“It’s a bit inappropriate to go to his door to check it.” Ji Yuanxi said, “Tomorrow the freshman will start military training. My wife already made an appointment with her xiao-jiemei to see him. Do you guys want to go together?”

Shen Zixiao looked at Ji Yuanxi sympathetically, “Your wife is going to see the xuedi8Junior male, are you not jealous?”

“She just wanted to look, feeding her eyes, it’s nothing.” Ji Yuan Xi said indifferently, “She also often asked me for Ranran’s daily photos.”

“Sure, then count me in. Jian Ran, are you going or not?”

Jian Ran said coldly: “Do I look crazy?”

The first class was over, just after ten o’clock.

Jian Ran yawned and walked out of the classroom holding a copy of “Probability Theory.” “It’s still early, let’s go play basket then go back?”

Ji Yuanxi: “Ranran you forgot? we made an appointment to see the xuedi.”

Jian Ran: “…Are you sure you guys are going to do such a girly thing?”

“Aren’t we here for you?” Shen Zixiao hooked Jian Ran’s neck, “Go go go, let’s go together, after peeking him then we will play basket with you.”

“Damn who is going…”

Jian Ran got dragged by two dog roommates to the field.

The morning sun is not strong, but it’s also uncomfortable. The field was already full with people, this situation had only happened when Jian Ran played a basketball game before.

Most of the audience were girls. They were wearing beautiful short skirts, with long hair fluttering, holding umbrellas, and chatting while taking pictures.

Ji Yuanxi took his brothers to find his girlfriend and asked, “How about it, did you see him?”

“I see him!” Xu Keke stood on tiptoe and said excitedly, “The second team from the left, the fourth row, the tallest one!”

Ji Yuanxi looked at it for a while, then slowly said: “Ranran… let’s just go back.”

Jian Ran:?

Ji Yuanxi’s eyes were wavering, with a guilty conscience, “You have a different looks from him, there is nothing comparable.”

That’s what Ji Yuanxi said, but it’s just piqued Jane Ran’s curiosity. “Get out of the way, I’ll take a look.”

Without the need for others to point out , Jian Ran saw the target in the crowd at a glance.

The Xuedi is very tall, his body lines are very beautiful, his two legs are long and straight, together with other youthful new students, it’s not hard to describe it he was a standout.

Jian Ran looked left and right, he had to admit, the junior was really good-looking and his atmosphere was particularly impressive.

just why it feels so familiar.

When the instructor made a loud “turn left” sound, the boys on the second team turned 90 degrees, facing towards Jian Ran’s position.

Seeing the face of the xuedi clearly, a big character floated in Jian Ran’s head instantly—


Isn’t that person the one he just got his certificate with, the person who he only met once!!!

Husband becomes a junior, why does he play so much at the beginning of the school year???

Jian Ran didn’t catch his breath, and took a big step backwards…

Shen Zixiao who was caught off guard by a step on his foot, screaming in pain.

Ji Yuanxi thought Jian Ran had been shocked, and quickly said: “Ranran hold on! Your popularity is good, and the school grass vote may not necessarily lose!”


Translator note:

Moya: Ren Qinglin’s legs may be straight but his inner is not.

Aki: The other LeGs is also long and straight, isn’t it?

  • 1
    See the source image
  • 2
    someone who is good at studying or to put it simple god of study
  • 3
    I decided to change it from Hong tontong to bright red
  • 4
    Originally in English
  • 5
    Spill it fast
  • 6
    Bad wording
  • 7
    Senior female
  • 8
    Junior male

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