Chapter 2 – Get a certificate

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Jian Ran felt that there was something wrong, he took a few seconds to react.

His wife… seems to be me?

Explode in place.

“Who’s fucking shy!” Jane Ran strained his neck and said boldly, “Boss, you can magnify this photo ten times and hang it in the most conspicuous place. I have no opinion at all!”

The owner was overjoyed, “Thank you brother!”

The boy was a little surprised, “Are you serious?”

“What,” Jian Ran squinted at him, “Isn’t it fun?”

The boy smiled and looked indifferent, “as long as you are happy.”

The owner and the photo editor personally sent them out of the photo studio, and did not forget to send them their most sincere blessings.

“I hope the two of you have a good relationship for a hundred years and grow old together!”

“Happy wedding, hope to give birth soon!”

Jian Ran’s mouth twitched. How do two men give birth, you give birth to one and show me!

He actually regrets it a bit… but in that situation, how could he lose his momentum? You must know that he is fighting on behalf of the entire Jian family, his notoriety is small, and the Jian’s family face is big. Anyway, this photo studio is so far away from the university, there should be no acquaintances coming…

Seeing Jian Ran frowning all the time, the boy said intimately: “If you regret it, it’s too late.”

Jian Ran pretended and said: “I never regret it.”

The data was ready, and the two soon entered the Civil Affairs Bureau.

Jian Ran was confused: “Now, what should I do?”

The boy is using his mobile phone to check the marriage registration guide, “We should fill out the marriage registration statement.” The boy looked around, “You go get two copies, I’ll wait for you here.”

Jian Ran was dissatisfied, “Why am I going?”

The boy leaned on the pillar and yawned, “”My legs are inconvenient, the doctor told me to walk less.”

Jian Ran sneered: “I think you are just lazy.”

“Ah,” the boy chuckling, “You caught me”

Jian Ran continued mocking: “You are so lazy, then why do you still come to get the certificate by yourself?”

The boy looked disappointed, “I would like to have someone to take my place, but I heard that you must be present in person to receive the certificate.”


Is it too late for him to escape marriage now? Jian Ran resignedly walked to the counter.

The marriage registration declaration is divided into two parts, Jian Ran filled his information, and urged the person next to him: “You hurry up and finish the exchange.”

The boy glanced up at him, still retaining his turtle speed.

After filling the form and handing over the information to the staff for inspection, the two were taken to the registration hall, waited until their number was called.

The decoration hall is so hard to describe, with purple and pink roses on the walls, big red hearts, rustic love messages “love you forever” and things like that. Jian Ran’s eyes are hot when he glances at it. In addition to these, there are several excerpts from the “Marriage Law”, Jian Ran is a little interested in these, standing in front of the wall to study.

The boy was bored playing with his phone, the prospective couple sitting next to him looked at him for a long time, and the man came over to talk to him: “Bro, you came to get your certificate too?”

The boy put away his mobile phone and said “Um”.

The woman smiled and said, “Little brother is so handsome, his wife must be very beautiful too? Why didn’t I see her, did she go to the bathroom?”

The boy raised his finger and pointed to Jian Ran who was concentrating on the “Marriage Law”, “There.”

The man was shocked, “Fuck—”

The woman glared at her husband, “It’s been 9012, what’s the fuss about same-sex marriage.” She smiled sweetly at the boy, “Little brother, your wife is super handsome, you two are a perfect match!”

The boy pursed his lips and smiled, “I think so too.”

At this time, the machine’s announcement sounded: “Guest No. 99, please go to Registration Office No. 9 for registration.”

The boy glanced at the number strip in his hand and stood up.

“Jian Ran.”

Jian Ran said angrily: “What?”

“Here we are.”

Each registration office is a separate compartment, when Jian Ran walked in, there was sadness in his heart.

This is how the first marriage of his life was accounted for.

The staff checked their information again, after confirming that they were correct, the staff asked seriously: “Are you married voluntarily?”

The boy: “Yes.”

The staff turned their eyes to Jian Ran.

Jian Ran: “…Yes.”

The staff nodded, and handed them two booklets. “Please read the oath together.”

Jian Ran opened the booklet, he saw the national emblem and national flag on it, suddenly felt that he was doing a very solemn thing. He straightened his back involuntarily.

Staff: “The two of you can start.”

Jian Ran and the boy spoke at the same time: “We voluntarily married, from today onwards, we will carry the responsibilities and obligations given to us by marriage, respect and love each other, believe in each other and encourage one another, understand and give in to each other, moisten each other, love each other for life.”

After reading it, Jian Ran’s face was hot.

What is this all about?

With a smile on their face, the staff stamped the special seal for marriage registration on the freshly released marriage photo, “The two of you have been legally married, congratulations!”

Jian Ran took Hongtongtong’s1bright red books without looking at them, he put them directly into his pocket.

When he walked out of the registration hall, the heat on Jian Ran’s face had faded.

The boy walks slower than him, looking at the marriage certificate as he walks, with long eyelashes hanging down, then the upright nose, how can he look that good?

From now on, this person is Jian Ran’s legal spouse.

But Jian Ran didn’t even know his name.

“Hey, what’s your name?”

After Jian Ran asked, he could not help but laugh out loud. In this country, there is just one person who can ask his husband name with this foul behavior at the Civil Affairs Bureau

The boy raised his eyelids slightly: “Look it for yourself.”

“…” Jian Ran took out the marriage certificate, turned directly to the middle page, and saw the boy’s information at glance.

Name: Ren Qinglin

Sex: Male

Nationality: Chinese

Date of birth: 200…

Jian Ran was dumbfounded.

This Ren Qinglin, he was one year younger than him, he just passed the legal age.

Jian Ran was complaining, “You just finished the college entrance examination.”

Ren Qinglin nodded, “Yes.”

At this time Jian Ran did not forget to take advantage, “Then you have to call me brother.”

The corner of Ren Qinglin’s mouth curved up, “But you’re supposed to be my husband.”

The urge to tease that Jian Ran already retreated came up again, and he threatened viciously, “No barking!”

Ren Qinglin said “Oh” in a brisk tone: “Then… Jian Ran gege2brother?”

Jian Ran was stunned for three seconds, and then calmly said: “You are so flirty”

Ren Qinglin was very modest: “It is.”

When the matter was over, Jian Ran and Ren Qinglin bid farewell at the door, the man named Brother Xu was also there. When Jian Ran was about to leave, Brother Xu hurriedly said, “Are you leaving now?”

Jian Ran asked, “Then what else?”

Brother Xu looked at Ren Qinglin, “Qinglin, didn’t your mother ask you to bring him back home for dinner?”

Jian Ran’s head grew big when heard that. What home, what dinner! Why do these people follow the Basic Tradition of formal Marriage!3they married because ekhm money so he thought there’s no need to follow the usual marriage

“Don’t bother,” Jian Ran said, “I have an appointment tonight.”

Brother Xu couldn’t understand, “Today is your big day, have you dated someone else?”

Jian Ran was at a loss for a moment: “Uh…”

Ren Qinglin suffocated a smile, “Brother Xu, Jian Ran is really upset.” He paused, “He has an appointment with the school tutor. You can’t let him let the tutor dove.”

Jian Ran nodded immediately and said nonsense solemnly: “That’s it. Although I am married, I am still a student and should focus on my studies.”

“That’s true.” Brother Xu let out a sigh, “Anyway, there will be more opportunities in the future. Which university Jian Ran is going to, want me to send you off?”

“No,” Jian Ran resolutely refused, “I already ordered a car.”

Brother Xu didn’t force it any further, he said to Ren Qinglin, “Then we go first, to hospital.”

Ren Qinglin: “Hospital?”

“You twisted badly yesterday, your mother asked me to take you to the hospital.”

Ren Qinglin smiled: “It’s okay, I’m fine now, it doesn’t hurt that much to walk.”

Jian Ran glanced at Ren Qinglin’s long legs, wondering which of his words was true, which was a lie.

“Then let’s go first.” Ren Qinglin shook the wedding photo in his hand, “Goodbye, gege.”

Jian Ran: “…”

Brother Xu looked at the newlyweds meaningfully: These young people, really good at flirting.

Jian Ran took a taxi to his roommate’s house.

His roommate Shen Zixiao is a native of Beijing. His parents travel abroad for a long time, so he is the only one at home. When Jian Ran arrived, Shen Zixiao was eating spicy crayfish alone, and the nanny opened the door for Jian Ran.

Shen Zixiao threw the disposable gloves to Jian Ran, “If you don’t come at the right time you will only eat the lobster head.”

Jian Ran looked at a piece of red oil in the lunch box, he said coldly, “Be careful of diarrhea tonight.”

“Fuck, you have to say that when I am eating?”

Jian Ran feigned anger, “Your brother Jian can’t eat spicy food!”

Shen Zixiao sneered, “I put the not spicy one in a pot to keep them hot, go get it yourself.”

The nanny said: “I’ll get it, it’s hot outside, Jian Ran sits down and rests, drinks some water.”

“Thank you Auntie.” Jian Ran opened the suitcase, pulled out a pair of shoes from it, and threw it to Shen Zixiao. “Hong Kong is also out of stock, so I asked someone to bring it back from abroad.”

Shen Zixiao raised his eyebrows, “Thank you, Brother Jian.”

After finishing the crayfish, the two watched the live broadcast while drinking.

Shen Zixiao asked: “Why did you come back suddenly?”

Jian Ran snorted: ” You guess, if your guess is right I ‘ll call you father.”

“In love?”

“…” Jian Ran was quiet, ” Zixiao why did you say this.”

Shen Zixiao shrugged, “Don’t we have a ready-made example in our dormitory?”

Jian Ran just remembered that, one of his roommates returned to school after half a month of the summer vacation, in order to reunite with his girlfriend earlier, now he is estimated to be having a deep affection with his girlfriend in a rental house.

Shen Zixiao looked at Jian Ran’s face, “I wonder if it’s true.”

Jian Ran sneered “Heh”.

Shen Zixiao became interested, “Really, which girl is it, do I know it? Ah Yes Jian Ran, why don’t you tell me about such a big thing, don’t you think of me as a brother?”

“It’s not about falling in love,” Jian Ran corrected him. “It’s not a big deal either.”

Shen Zixiao drank the beer and cast an inquiring look at Jian Ran.

Jian Ran wrote lightly: “I just went to get a certificate.”


Shen Zixiao squirted far away with a sip of beer, but fortunately Jian Ran responded quickly. He jumped up like a rabbit, and his T-shirt survived.

“Wha-what certificate?”

Jian Ran fouled, “Marriage certificate, what else can it be?”

“It can also be a driver’s license, a second-level computer license… No, what’s going on?”

Jian Ran directly threw the marriage certificate in front of Shen Zixiao.

Shen Zixiao opened the marriage certificate tremblingly, “Jian Ran, Ren Qinglin… Two men?!!! You, you, you—”

Jian Ran patiently explained to Shen Zixiao: “Do you remember the cousin I spit on before?”

Shen Zixiao reluctantly recalled, “The one who fell in love with the Phoenix man and then ran away from home?”

“Well. This marriage, I’m doing it on her behalf.”

After listening to Jian Ran’s remarks, Shen Zixiao sighed, “This kind of good thing was hit by you. What kind of shit luck is this?”

Jian Ran thought he had heard it wrong, “Good thing?”

“Cars, houses, shares…” Shen Zixiao pointed to Ren Qinglin’s face in the photo, sour into lemon essence, “There is also such a handsome husband.”

Jian Ran’s temples jumped suddenly, “Don’t you dare call him like that.”

Shen Zixiao gave him a white look, “It’s all legal, why don’t you let me?”

“If you want to call someone handsome, it’s me, it’s me what you are called for”. Jian Ran finished speaking, feeling as if there was something wrong, and quickly stopped the topic. “Do you really think he is handsome?”

“Don’t you think?”

Jian Ran glanced at it, “It’s… yes.”

Shen Zixiao teased: “It’s not that I said that if Ren Qing comes to our school, you will lose 80% of the grass position. Is he taller than you?”

Jian Ran was suffocating in her heart, “Height is not the point. I have a different style from him and can’t be compared. Besides, we have to vote to choose the school’s grass, I won’t necessarily lose.”

Shen Zixiao laughed: “Okay, you won’t, my brother Jian is the most handsome. Should we go to my room and play a game?”

Because the weather is too hot, both of them are too lazy to get out of the house, they spend most of the day playing games at home, in the evening they will play ball, swim, and eat dinner near the community.

Jian Ran didn’t eat and live for nothing, and would take the initiative to pay when he went out. In fact, the shoes he gave to Shen Zixiao were 10,000 yuan.

At the end of the summer vacation, the two of them flew to the beach to play for a few days, and when they came back they were tanned. Jian Ran also posted on a circle of friends, a photo of his calf, with the text: See if your brother Jian is black or not.

After a few minutes of posting in the moments, the comments and likes are over a hundred.

Mom My lord: Have fun during your honeymoon and remember to apply sunscreen.

A certain senior sister: He does not show his face but still looks good enough to be posted to friends.【despise】

Ji Yuanxi: Is Brother Jian in Thailand? Can you help my girlfriend buy some cosmetics?

Shen Zixiao: If you want to see Jian Ran wearing Hawaiian shorts, please chat with me privately.

.R: Not dark enough, but long enough.

Jian Ran:? ? ?

Something strange seems to have gotten in.

Jian Ran gritted his teeth with anger, thinking about how to restore the most lethality, and suddenly saw another reply on the interface.

Mom my lord replied. R: Ranran follows me, the legs are long, haha. Qinglin, are you having fun in Thailand?

“…” Jian Ran took a breath, he almost forgot, his mother had Ren Qinglin on WeChat! Before the situation worsened, Jian Ran decisively blocked his circle of friends from Ren Qinglin.

Jian Ran smiled, very good, the world was quiet.

WeChat’s notification tone rang, Jian Ran smiled stiffly, he clicked on the message.

.R: So, we are on our honeymoon.

.R: I doesn’t know that.【smile】

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