Chapter 1 – First Sight

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After a game was over, Jian Ran exited the matching queue, picked up the phone next to the computer, and glanced at the message.

Mom my lord: Tomorrow, go to the Qixi Festival1Chinese Valentine’s Day with him, and get the certificate 

Jian Ranranran: [Old grandpa looking at his phone.jpg]

Mom my lord: Do you have his WeChat?

Jian Ranranran: Nope. 

Mom my lord: [The other side recommended to you .R] He is your fiancé, or at least a handsome man. It’s okay to chat more with him and cultivate feelings.

Jian Ranranran: [Smile.jpg]

Jian Ran, who just turned nineteen, is an ordinary sophomore. Just a month ago, he was suddenly told that he would replace his cousin, who escaped from marriage and fled abroad, to marry the Jian family’s largest business partner, Ren family.

At first, Jian Ran refused. Although same-sex marriage was has been legal for 800 years, he prides himself to be a straight man who is straighter than steel, and has no interest in homosexuality.

Reluctantly, Jian’s parents try to persuade him, giving cars and houses. The grandfather of Jian family also swore that as long as he agreed to the marriage, he would give him 10% of the shares.

Jian Ran gave up on being stubborn after some force and temptation, mainly by temptation.

Hell, that way he won’t have any financial problems. After all, there are a lot of married couples here, but only a few are truly lovers, and there are even less true love. Nine yuan to get a certificate, exchange for luxury cars, mansions, and shares -a good deal. 

Jian Ran stared at the WeChat contact name his mother gave him. While recalling the feeling of driving a new sports car, he happily sent a friend request to the other party.

[You need to send a verification application and wait for the other party to accept it] 

Jian Ran clicked send and ignored it, then started another game.

After playing a game for half an hour, Jian Ran looked at his phone again, he received a reminder that [The other party refused to add you as a friend].

Jian Ran:???

Jian Ran muttered “Harmony makes money”, and typed : I am Jian Ran.

This time, the other party responded quickly: Who?

…Your dad!

Jian Ran gritted his teeth and typed: Your fiancé, accept it.

A few seconds later, the other party accepted Jian Ran’s friend request.

Jian Ran didn’t try to make small talk, he didn’t even greet him, and directly said: My mother asked me to get the certificate with you tomorrow.

.R: By coincidence, my mom said the same.

Jian Ranranran: Then see you at the gate of Tianhe District Civil Affairs Bureau at 3 o’clock tomorrow afternoon?


.R: I’m not in Guangzhou.

Jian Ran just remembered that the Ren family seemed to be in Beijing.

The place of obtaining the certificate must be the residence of one of the two parties. Although Jian Ran has never been married, this is common. 

Now they have two choices, either Jian Ran will go to Beijing, or Mr. R will come to Guangzhou.

Jian Ran made a choice without hesitation.

Jian Ranranran: Come to Guangzhou, I will reimburse the ticket.

.R: Can’t come.

Jian Ranranran: ?

.R: I broke my leg while jumping.

Jian Ranranran:…

Jumping activities can break his leg. Are you kidding me?

Jian Ran reluctantly agreed to go to Beijing to collect the certificate with his sympathy for the disabled.

.R: Three o’clock in the afternoon, Dongcheng District Civil Affairs Bureau.

Jian Ranranran: 1

Jian Ran quickly booked a ticket to Beijing. His university is in Beijing, and there is one month to go before classes start, so he thought he wouldn’t come back, and make up a month in his roommate’s place.

After making up his mind, Jian Ran opened his roommate’s WeChat.

Jian Ranranran: Wouldn’t it be convenient if I wanted to stay at your house for a month.

Shen Zixiao: Yes, the room fee is 1,000 per day.

Jian Ranranran: You better off getting rid of your skin, I’d better go to a hotel for 1000 days

Shen Zixiao: My house is much better than the hotel. [You better off getting rid of your skin] What do you mean?

Jian Ranranran: It means, you can pull it down, get rid of it.

Shen Zixiao: You Cantonese people speak really weirdly. When will you arrive?

Jian Ranranran: Tomorrow, I want the largest guest room. [Bow thanks]

Shen Zixiao: Should I pick you up at the airport?

Jian Ranranran: No, I’ll do something and go straight to your house when it’s over.

Shen Zixiao: [Wait for you.jpg]

Jian Ran called his mother again to report her about his whereabouts.

Jian’s mother was not very satisfied: “When are you coming home? Why did you just leave without at least visiting your mother?”

Jian Ran casually said: “Isn’t this going to spend a honeymoon with my husband after getting the certificate? Besides, you2formal form of you and my dad are not at home every day, and I can’t accompany you if you want to.”

Jian’s mother: “All right, the son who married out spilled water3Means a woman who has gone out to marry, no longer belongs to her family, but belongs to her husband. (Like the water spilled out from the vessel). Is there any money left?”

Jian Ran: “There is.”

Jian’s mother: “Mom will give you another 500,000 yuan. When you and your husband are together, be generous. Don’t let the Ren family look down on our family.”

Jian Ran: “…Okay.”

The next day, Jian Ran was taken to the airport by the driver. As a college student who is about to get married, he was very calm.

Not only him, the Jian family and the Ren family are very calm too. The meaning of two parents is that getting a certificate is a matter for young couples, so they don’t get involved too much. When the two get married, a special event will be held, to let everyone know about the indestructible friendship between Jian’s and Ren’s.

On the happy day of receiving the certificate, Jian Ran dressed casually, blue T-shirt and khaki overalls, carrying a backpack, and dragging a suitcase with one hand. Obviously it was an ordinary attire, but when he passed by a group of young girls, the eyes of a few young girls next to him were firmly locked on him, as if there is no  attractive people other than him

Jian Ran knew that the girls were peeking at him, he stopped and looked back, the girls suddenly stopped looking at him, they instantly turned on the cool mode and looked down at the phone as if nothing had happened.

Jian Ran smiled secretly at the girls, what a cute creature.

After getting off the plane, Jian Ran took a taxi directly to the Civil Affairs Bureau.

Once he arrived at his destination, he was dumbfounded. He swears, he had never seen such a long line in his life.

Most of the people waiting in line for the certificate are heterosexual couples, and there are only two or three pairs of same-sex couples. Several flower shops and photo studios have been opened around the Civil Affairs Bureau, which can be described as a one-stop service.

In the hot summer, Jian Ran started sweating as soon as he got out of the car, he didn’t stand foolishly under the sun, He went to the convenience store next to him to buy a ice-cola, and sent a WeChat message to his fiancé while he was waiting to pay.

Jian Ranranran: [location] Where are you?

.R: Arrived.

Jian Ran walked out of the convenience store, looked around for a long time, and suddenly realized a problem.

Fuck, he doesn’t even know what that surname Ren looks like!

Jian Ranranran: What are you wearing?

.R: White T-shirt black trousers.

Jian Ran looked around again, his eyes locked on a person.

White T-shirt black trousers, alone on the side of the road, sitting in a wheelchair.

Very good, perfectly matched the description

Jane Ran’s expression slowly froze.

…Wait, but they say that Ren was a handsome man! This hairline is so high that it looks like a ponytail from the Qing dynasty, and this man also has a third layer of belly! Mom, your man type is not normal!

Jian Ran took a deep breath, only to feel that every cell in his body was screaming and rejecting.

Even if he doesn’t take this marriage seriously, don’t test him like this! The thought of taking wedding photos with this person in the future, holding a wedding, Jian Ran simply feels suffocating.

He drank half a bottle of Coke clean in one gulp, with the feeling of death, step by step  walking towards his “fiancé”.

“I…” Jian Ran looked at the man’s wide forehead, hesitated, “am Jian Ran.”

“Fiancé” raised his head, looked at him in confusion.

Jian Ran bit his scalp and said: “Then what… let’s make it quick, I’ll push you over?”

“Fiancé” was confused, “What’s the matter?”

Jian Ran was confused, “Aren’t we going to get married?”

“Fiancé” showed a foolish expression, muttered “Insane”, and rolled the wheels away.

Jian Ran:???

What’s wrong here?

At this time, a young voice sounded behind him: “Jian Ran?”

Jian Ran looked back.

It was a tall boy, with a simple drop-shoulder white T-shirt, black trousers, his eyes seemed to have been kissed by God, very charming, and he was an undeniably handsome Japanese guy.

Jian Ran stared at his face for a few seconds, and said, “Where is your wheelchair?”

Didn’t you fucking break your leg?!

“Huh? Now you said that.” The boy said slowly, “It’s all right now.”

Jian Ran laughed angrily, “It was broken yesterday, but today is all right?”

This boy is not the least bit ashamed of being exposed to lies, “Well, surprise.”

Surprise ghost, dad almost died of shock!

Jian Ran gave the boys a middle finger in his mind and said coldly, “Go in line.”

The boy was not in a hurry, “Someone helps to line up, and we can get the certificate at any time.”

“Then what are you waiting for?” Jian Ran said impatiently, “I’ll finish early to go home early, and I have an appointment at night.”

The boy glanced at the suitcase beside Jian Ran and said lazily: “Let’s go.”

Jian Ran followed the boys directly to the top of the line, a middle-aged man in his thirties was politely inviting the couple behind to go in.

The boy called out: “Brother Xu.”

“Hey, you guys are here!” The man glanced at Jian Ran and smiled: “This is the son of the Jian family, right? I thought the photo had been P’d4photoshopped, but I didn’t expect the real person to be more handsome than the photo.”

Jian Ran smiled politely.

The man asked: “Did you bring everything? ID card, family registration?”

Jian Ran: “Brought it.”

“Did you bring the marriage photo too?”

Jian Ran and the boy looked at each other, “No.”

The boy explained: “We just met for ten minutes.”

The man was a little speechless, “Then you go to that side to take a picture, you can take it after the picture is finished, very quick.”

Most couples already prepare their photos in advance, so there are not many people in the photo studio. When they arrived, there was only a couple who were taking pictures because they forgot to bring their photos.

After the girl got the photo, she seemed very unhappy, her face was elongated, and her mouth was shattered: “Our original photo was taken at an Internet celebrity photo studio, It took a few hours to edit the photo, you’re too perfunctory, look how big my face is.

The shopkeeper looked helpless, “Miss, the internet celebrity photo studio is a few hundred yuan per piece, I only cost 20 yuan, what else do you want, you are in such a hurry, I don’t have time to fix it for you.

The girl’s eyes were red, and she grieved: “Then I don’t want such an ugly photo on my marriage certificate.”

The boy hurriedly pulled people aside and try to persuade her: “Don’t cry, babe, should I go back to get the photo now?”

“It will be dark when you come back…”

“Then let’s get the certificate tomorrow?”

“Tomorrow is not Valentine’s Day!”

The shopkeeper got a headache because of the girl’s quarrel, saw Jian Ran and the others, his eyes lit up, “You two are here to take pictures?”

Jian Ran nodded, “Wedding photos, the fastest kind, don’t need to be photoshopped.”

The girl was slightly stunned when she heard the words “no need to photoshopped”. She looked up and saw two handsome guys walking into the studio one after another. With a whimper, she cried even harder: “I…I want one too. A face that doesn’t use P pictures!”

Jian Ran and the boy sat side by side in front of the camera, the red cloth behind them was dazzling.

Jian Ran was depressed, to find that the boy was a head taller than him.

In the south, Jian Ran’s height of 1.78 meters55.84 ft is considered good, but in the north, he is not tall enough to see him, he can only use regional differences to comfort himself.

It’s rare to see a pair of high-value husbands. The photographers are full of energy and enthusiastically command: “You both please get closer, right, right, and closer-oh, don’t be shy!”

Jian Ran: “…You can just shoot, really.”

The photographer did not hear: “The two heads tilted towards each other, the corners of mouths raised, imagine your sweet days after marriage…”

Jian Ran didn’t move, so the boy took the initiative to move, and Jian Ran’s shoulder was against his chest.

With a “click”, the photographer pressed the shutter, “A few more pictures, you can laugh a little more happily.”

“No need,” Jian Ran stood up, “Just this one.”

The photos came out soon. The photo retoucher was the first to see the photo, she couldn’t help saying: “Ahhhhhhhhhh, so handsome!”

Jian Ran glanced at it. The two people in the photo, one indifferent, the other casual, don’t look like they are taking wedding photos at all.

The boy stared at the photo, thoughtfully, “There are two words written on your face.”


“Forced marriage.”

Jian Ran reacted and deliberately asked: “Didn’t your mother too. Forcing you?”

The boy looked at Jian Ran with a smile that was not a pure smile, “No, I volunteered.”

Jian Ran was stunned, just about to ask why, and then remembered that he was actually voluntary too. He guesses that the other party is in the same situation, After receiving a lot of benefits from the Ren family, he agrees to marry him.

After getting the photo, Jian Ran was about to pay, but stopped by the shopkeeper with a smile.

“Brother, I won’t charge you. Can I keep your photos for samples?”

“Forget it.” The boy rejected the shopkeeper, he looked at Jian Ran and said, “My wife will be shy.”


Notes: Hi! This is our very first TL so please tell us if there is an errors^^

  • 1
    Chinese Valentine’s Day
  • 2
    formal form of you
  • 3
    Means a woman who has gone out to marry, no longer belongs to her family, but belongs to her husband. (Like the water spilled out from the vessel)
  • 4
  • 5
    5.84 ft

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