Chapter 7 – Don’t tell me you like me?

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Ji Chaoyun became instantly sober. He pushed Feng Qi away and moved back a few steps, vigilantly asking, “Why are you here?”

“…” Feng Qi casually retracted his hand, coughing slightly. “I’m just passing by.”

“Passing by?” Ji Chaoyun, who had just awakened from his sleep, was not as clear-headed as during the day. His eyes were bloodshot, and he confusedly rubbed them in discomfort.

“Isn’t the teleportation array to the disciples’ courtyards in the east?”

He raised his head slightly, his hands instinctively protecting his front, shedding his day-time appearance of piercing coldness. At that moment, he looked a bit confused and naive.

The low light flickered on his handsome face, soft light scattering towards the clothes that were slightly loosened because of his deep sleep. From Feng Qi’s position, he could even see a small sliver of the other’s delicate collarbone hidden underneath the lapels.

Feng Qi’s breathing was in disorder. He looked away.

There were several scriptures spread out on the long bench. Ji Chaoyun should have been studying before falling asleep.

Feng Qi gave it a rough glance. Beneath the written notes, paper, a Yellow level cultivation book, and a sweet, he accurately extracted the《Supreme Taoist Scriptures and walked towards Ji Chaoyun. Emboldened, he stated, “I am indeed here to look for you — because of this.”

Ji Chaoyun was startled. With a rare guilty conscience, he probed, “You.. How do you know…”

“It doesn’t matter how I know.” Feng Qi sat down on the long bench and raised his chin to look at him arrogantly. “If you don’t want anyone to know, don’t do it. Ji Chaoyun, you managed to steal all the way to my items. Shouldn’t you explain?”

“I did not steal…”

“Taking without asking. You took a book collection in Dengyu Tower without telling me. If this isn’t a theft, then what is?” Feng Qi tilted his head and smiled, his handsome face uttering words that called for a beating, “You dragons, you love to lie this much?”

“You—” Furious, Ji Chaoyun was about to refute, but seeing Feng Qi leisurely knocking at the scriptures spread on the table, he forced himself to withhold his anger. He stiffly said, “This is all my fault, and I apologize to you.”

Feng Qi won an inch, and further questioned, “A small apology is enough? How can there be such a good thing.”

“Then what do you want?”

“You may not know what’s at stake,” Feng Qi slowly said. “Since Dengyun Tower belongs to me, all the rules are determined by me. Violators can be regarded as violating the tower’s rules, and are up to me to punish. You and Xiao Jue stole from the library. What do you think I should do with you two?”

Ji Chaoyun’s eyes moved slightly. “This matter has nothing to do with Xiao shixiong. If you want someone to blame, I will bear it alone.”

“Good. Have one person bear it.” Although he was pursuing the issue, Feng Qi didn’t have the slightest anger in his eyes. On the contrary, he even spoke with a joking tone. “But as far as I know, it was Xiao Jue who cut first and then played1Meaning: Act first report later.. When he handed over the collection to you, you didn’t know that these came from the Dengyun Tower, did you?”

Ji Chaoyun did not answer.

Feng Qi: “You entered the academy and learned that the Dengyun Tower’s collection of books has never left its place, so you quickly contacted Xiao Jue to return the books to him. But why did you not return that single one volume? If you hadn’t left behind evidence, you could have simply denied until your dying breath that you have never read these books. I couldn’t have come to make trouble for you then, could I?”

“I… I haven’t finished reading.” Ji Chaoyun curled his fingers on his lap and finally told the truth. “This book is good for my cultivation practice. Other than Dengyun Tower, there is nowhere else to find it. Once it’s returned, it will be hard to get it thereafter.”

Feng Qi fixedly looked at him, not knowing what he was thinking.

After a while, he suddenly asked, “Why don’t you let Yao Guang change your residence for you?”

Ji Chaoyun was startled, unsure of the reason for this sudden change in topic.

Feng Qi: “Yao Guang takes good care of you, and even agreed to let you stay overnight in this classroom. There is no reason for him to not help you change to another disciple courtyard. Why not look for him?”

“Immortal Elder has helped me a lot. He is busy with his affairs, there is no need to trouble him with this little thing.”

“Little thing?” Feng Qi glanced at him, seemingly uncomprehending. “Then you would rather live here?”

“It is pretty good here.”

Feng Qi couldn’t believe it. “This shabby place is cold and gloomy. If it wasn’t for the old man Tian Shu who forces me to come to class, I wouldn’t want to come. How can it be good?”


At this point, Ji Chaoyun was actually very frustrated after being woken up by Feng Qi’s disturbance; he stewed a belly full of fire. The only reason he had not yet flared up was because he was reigning it in.

Hearing Feng Qi talking on and on, however, he finally lost his temper. “Your Highness, do you think everyone is like you, drinking from sweet springs underneath the shade of paulownia trees2Looks like: , gold pieces aplenty for use?”

Up till now, there was no one who dared to speak like this before Feng Qi. He was immediately silenced.

“…There are still many homeless people in this world. It is a blessing to have shelter from the rain. Do you know, this shabby place you speak of, how many people desire it?” Ji Chaoyun took a deep breath, and slowly stated, “Forget it. How can your kind of people, who have everything from the start, understand? These words are useless.”

The oil ran out, and the lamp extinguished; the only light in the classroom quickly disappeared. The moonlight shone past the window through the pine forest, leaving shadows of the dancing trees.

Feng Qi stared at Ji Chaoyun’s glowing eyes in the darkness. His heart wavered.

Ji Chaoyun raised his hand to add more lamp oil, but was suddenly caught by the wrist.

Ji Chaoyun instinctively broke away from him. “What are you doing?”

The skin touched by his fingertips was delicate and soft. Feng Qi froze for a moment, then tilted his head and said, “Didn’t I say that you have to bear it alone? Come with me.”


The night was silent, and the main peak of Hongmeng Academy was quietly unoccupied.

Feng Qi walked slowly down the mountain road with Ji Chaoyun. Ji Chaoyun asked, “Night touring is not allowed in the academy. Where are you taking me?”

“Just walk with me. Why do you have to ask so many questions,” Feng Qi said lazily, without looking back. “I won’t do anything to you. Do you really think I’m interested in you?”

“…” Ji Chaoyun lowered his eyes and said nothing.

Feng Qi’s appearance was handsome and he had a clear and nice voice, but he always spoke leisurely. When he deliberately prolonged his tone like this, it especially made people want to punch his handsome face.

Feng Qi turned and asked him, “Were you about to say something?”

Ji Chaoyun: “It is nothing, but I suddenly felt that it is quite fortunate you are from the Feng clan.”

“What do you mean?”

“To have not been beaten to death until now, you should be grateful for this bloodline advantage,” Ji Chaoyun glanced at him and looked away expressionlessly, “…and this face.”

After saying this, he quickly walked forward.

Rather than being annoyed, Feng Qi stayed in a daze. He stroked his chin thoughtfully. “Can I interpret this as you thinking that I look good?”

Ji Chaoyun: “…”

Feng Qi smiled and caught up. “Speaking of which, the first time you saw me, you must have thought I looked good, otherwise why keep staring at me.”

Ji Chaoyun: “…Go away.”

“Also in Wenqu Peak, I simply got closer and you were so frightened.” Feng Qi’s eyes twinkled, deliberately poking him from behind. “Hey, don’t tell me you like me?”

Ji Chaoyun’s footsteps slipped.

Feng Qi continued chattering behind him, “Is it right? If it really is—”

Ji Chaoyun turned his head abruptly, a strange light faintly glowing within his eyes.

He gritted his teeth, coldly saying, “If you say another sentence, I will…”

“What’s the matter?” Feng Qi was too carefree. “You can’t beat me again. What else can you do to me?”

“…” Ji Chaoyun shut his eyes, forced his anger down, and nodded slowly. “You are right, I can’t beat you, so… I can only shout for someone.”

Feng Qi was taken aback. “Shout for someone?”

Ji Chaoyun took a step forward, a shallow arc forming at the corner of his mouth.

When he was not smiling, Ji Chaoyun appeared very icy. Those many immortal families’ children who were born in the immortal realm could not compare to his innate noble and cold temperament.

Only when he laughed like this, would he reveal the demonic aura and danger that was synonymous and carved into the bones of demons.

Feng Qi’s heartbeat flattened, then galloped as if he was nailed to the spot by something.

Ji Chaoyun leaned in his ear and whispered, “I heard that the Feng clan pays the most attention to reputation. If I shout and say that Second Highness Feng has forcibly brought me here to do uncanny stuff, how do you think your uncle would react?”

Feng Qi obviously didn’t think that he still had this trick up his sleeve. He was stunned on the spot.

Ji Chaoyun took a half step back and adjusted his clothes. “We are born from demon clans, so we can only use despicable means. Your Highness has seen something funny.”

Actually, if it was changed to someone else, Feng Qi wouldn’t worry that much. At most, he would be fined a few days in confinement. The most serious punishment would only be expulsion from Hongmeng Academy. But this person was the one who caused Tian Shu to give a thousand reminders to ‘treat him with courtesy and help with all your heart’…

In Feng Qi’s mind, it showed the picture of him being pulled out by Tian Shu and getting hanged in front of the Academy’s gate by his phoenix hair as a show to the public. His body shivered.

Feng Qi did not answer for a long time. Ji Chaoyun repeated his question, “Where are you taking me?”


Feng Qi pointed to the front. Ji Chaoyun followed his gaze. In the distance, a sumptuous dwelling3琼楼, previously came out in early chapters ~1/2. was brightly lit and hidden in the clouds.

“Dengyun Tower?”


There was an enchantment placed on the exterior of Dengyun Tower. From the outside, the upper half of this splended building was hidden by the clouds, unable to be clearly seen.

Feng Qi led Ji Chaoyun inside the tower. “Dengyun Tower has a huge collection of books and treasures, and it is also my second residence in Hongmeng Academy. Therefore, this is the only place on the main peak that can be bright all night without needing to be held accountable.”

The first floor of the Dengyun Tower was used for receiving guests. Its layout was exquisite and the decoration was luxurious, home furniture arranged within. Starting from the second floor, the middle section was empty. From bottom to the top, a wooden staircase could be seen winding around the building and extending upwards.

Ji Chaoyun questioned, “What did you bring me here for?”

“You stole my book, shouldn’t you make it up to me?” Feng Qi didn’t answer, asking rhetorically instead.

Dengyun Tower had seven floors. The second to fourth floors consisted of the book collections, while the fifth to sixth floors were the treasure pavilion; further up was Feng Qi’s residence. In the library, several rows of tall bookshelves were lined up one after another, and all kinds of scripture books gave a dazzling line up, causing one to be blinded.

There were a few small tables in the center of the library, which should be a place for disciples to study at.

Feng Qi didn’t even look at the surroundings, and straight away took Ji Chaoyun up the fourth floor. The two shuttled between the bookshelves, and at the end of the corridor was a small warm pavilion.

“This is where I usually read books,” Feng Qi said, opening the door and walking in.

Second Highness Feng had never made things tough for himself at any time; even the furnishings of the warm pavilion for reading time were of the highest standard. The tables and chairs were made of rare paulownia wood, decorated with the finest silk and precious pearls. The in and out excluded a sense of nobility.

The incense burner on the table exuded a faint and warm fragrance, the inner gauze tent full of shadows, and a small couch covered with a soft blanket was vaguely visible.

The only flaw was…

In the warm pavilion, countless scriptures and books were scattered all over the floor and tables, as if they had just been looted.

Feng Qi turned a blind eye to the chaos, simply sweeping the scriptures on the table to the ground. He sat down on the table. “How do you feel about this place?”

Ji Chaoyun couldn’t figure out what he wanted to do, and said truthfully, “Very good.”

It was truly far better than good. There were more books here than he had ever imagined. He followed Feng Qi all the way up, and he was about to get crossed eyes.

Ji Chaoyun’s heart was shaken, but he still pretended to be indifferent and calmly looked at Feng Qi.

Feng Qi said, “Dengyun Tower’s collection has more than 8,240 volumes, which is only more than 2,000 volumes less than the Jing Pavilion of the academy. However, most of the Jing Pavillion’s books are related to cultivation practice. Here, there are no restrictions on the type of books. Most of these shelves were filled in by the owners of the various generations of Dengyun Tower. Many of them have even become orphaned books.”

Ji Chaoyun endured forbearance, but he couldn’t hold back. His eyes stared at the rows of bookshelves inside the warm pavilion. His throat swallowed unconsciously.

Feng Qi didn’t miss his impatient expression. He narrowed his eyes and smiled. “These 8,000 volume collections have never been arranged since I entered the Dengyun Tower, especially the part of the collection related to cultivation practice. For those which are the most read, they need to be sorted out, and some need to be copied for keeping. This little thing shouldn’t trouble you, right?”

“What do you mean by this?”

Feng Qi said, “I want you to stay in this book collection pavilion in the future, to help me organize the scripture scrolls here. Also, in order to avoid the recurrence of the previous incident, I’m going to retire all the serving disciples of the Dengyun Tower, and leave the cleaning inside and outside to you in the future.”

“…” Ji Chaoyun was silent for a moment and gritted his teeth. “You will treat me as hard labor?”

“This is the punishment.” Feng Qi teasingly looked at him. “If you really refuse, I can only hand this job to Xiao Jue. Unfortunately, after all his hard work in helping you, he still has to be sold to me as a hard laborer. He met a bad person…”

Ji Chaoyun: “Don’t implicate him. I’ll do it.”

“Very good.” Feng Qi smiled in satisfaction and said, “But don’t worry, I’m not unkind. I know that the most important thing for you now is to pass the quarterly exams, therefore, I can be a little lenient. You can do your daily homework as usual, but during your free time, you must come to Dengyun Tower. That includes at night too. Although this place is a bit simple, since you can even sleep in the classroom, there is no reason why you can’t do it here.”

Ji Chaoyun stood in the warm pavilion, which was even more richly decorated than the rich houses in the mortal world, and looked at Feng Qi as if he were a freak.

Feng Qi seemed to be very satisfied with this arrangement. His fingertips flashed a golden light that streaked into Ji Chaoyun’s passage token. “This spell allows you to freely pass the boundary outside of Dengyun Tower. From now on, this place is given to you to take care of.”

He smoothly grabbed a few books on the table, and slapped them into Ji Chaoyun’s arms. “Work well, no skiving. I’m leaving.”

Ji Chaoyun was silent for a moment and replied in a low voice, “…I understand.”

Feng Qi finished doing his stuff, turned around and left the warm pavilion. Only when the other party’s footsteps completely disappeared, did Ji Chaoyun’s taut spine relax.

He sighed, and put the few books in his hands back on the table and stacked them up.

It was obviously the same face, but how could the personality be so different? The brain also appeared to be not too good either.

If all the descendants of the Feng clan were like this, it would be terrible, Ji Chaoyun thought resentfully.

He was about to squat down and pick up the books scattered around, when out of the corner of his eye, he saw something that made him freeze.

Ji Chaoyun’s spiritual roots were abysmal, and his cultivation progress was extremely slow. What ordinary people could achieve in three months, it would take him at least three years. With his current cultivation level, he was indeed not sure he could pass the approaching quarterly exam.

That was why he needed the《Supreme Taoist Scriptures》.

Few immortals possessed excellent roots and bones, and the cultivation of sutra scrolls varied from person to person, most of whom required extremely high level roots and fast processes, so Ji Chaoyun simply had no idea where to start. The《Supreme Taoist Scriptures》 was one of the rare books he’d found suitable for cultivation, it taught from the shallow basics to the deeper knowledge. But by the fourth volume, it was still a struggle for him.

That was the reason why he’d asked Xiao Jue to find a few more scripture scrolls as an aid.

The books Feng Qi had just handed him, though they were not what he wanted, happened to focus on the basics of cultivation as well.

Even better than what he originally wanted.

“Poor brain, but luck is good,” Ji Chaoyun muttered in a small voice. Kneeling on the ground, he opened one of the books and studied it carefully.

A few moments later, Feng Qi peeked out from the back of a bookshelf.

Through the hidden doorway of the warm pavilion, the slim figure sitting on his knees in front of the small table could be seen. From this angle, one could only make out the other party’s clearly defined and exquisite profile, and the slightly curved corners of his mouth.

Not even a word of thanks, even secretly scolding me, this little dragon cub.

Feng Qi stared for a long time. He lightly laughed as his figure disappeared behind the bookshelf.


The author has something to say:
Phoenix: He thinks I’m good-looking, keeps staring at me. I leaned closer and he was scared out of his original form. He must like me. [Full marks for logic]
Yunyun: …Get lost!

  • 1
    Meaning: Act first report later.
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    Looks like:
  • 3
    琼楼, previously came out in early chapters ~1/2.

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