Chapter 23.1 – Caught off guard, Feng Qi was kicked off the bed.

After Cultivating With the Enemy
29 Chapters

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What happened next, even Feng Qi’s memory was not very clear, let alone Ji Chaoyun’s, who was already unconscious at that time.

Since the moment of that kiss, everything went haywire.

The two had only known each other for a little more than three months, and had never once made any move to overstep. However, they seemed to be innately compatible, the scalding touches of intimacy seemingly so familiar.

It was like falling into an endless and confusing dreamland, years of longing burning all sense of reason.

Spending a crazy and frantic night together, under the bright moonlight, they embraced. The night wind passed through the forest and blew the bamboo leaves all over the place, while the koi shyly disappeared in between the lotus leaves. Only amongst the deep depths of the path filled with water mist, did the sound of water never end throughout the night.

The next day, the high sun shone into the room through the window, shining on the embracing form of a couple sleeping in the bed.

Feng Qi woke up bathed in the sunlight. He closed his eyes and raised a hand, the tulle bed curtain soon falling to shield them from the disturbing light. He turned over and hugged the warm and soft person in his arms even tighter. Just as he was about fall back asleep—


Feng Qi abruptly opened his eyes, at once waking up.

Ji Chaoyun lay quietly in his arms, not yet awake. He seemed to be extremely tired, frowning in his sleep; the edges of his eyes were slightly red and swollen, his eyelashes still damp.

Feng Qi was caught off guard by such an expression. The memories of last night returned little by little.

Last night, the young man was lying in his arms just like this, his eyes red. With no way for release, he could only let out a weak cry that seemed both pleased and pained.

As if sensing that the heat source beside him was leaving, Ji Chaoyun murmured unconsciously, rubbed himself against him, and tried to cuddle into his arms again. The thin blanket on his shoulders slipped off during the action, revealing some vague red marks that could not be concealed.

Feng Qi’s body stiffened— he couldn’t move forth nor retreat.

Though he’d been cultivating for many years, this experience was still the first for him.

Before this, he had already planned what the future would be like in his mind.

No matter who the person in Ji Chaoyun’s heart was, in the end, three hundred years had already passed. His Second Highness Feng had never planned to surrender just because of a never-appearing rival in love. Even if there was one, he would take it step by step and let this little dragon accept him bit by bit.

But who knew Ji Chaoyun’s heat period would come by so quickly and violently, leaving all of Feng Qi’s plans messed up at once.

What could be done…

Feng Qi pinched the area between his eyebrows in despair, unable to enjoy the sensation of warmth and joy of the fragrance in his arms.

This little dragon was so stubborn. Should he wake up now, Feng Qi was afraid he would be so angry that he would directly strike him with a sword, then pull out his plumes, and hang him at the gate of Hongmeng Academy for all to see.

Feng Qi shivered uncontrollably. He looked down at the person in his arms, and thought whether he should leave as soon as possible while the other was still asleep.

Ji Chaoyun finally found the most comfortable position in his arms, and buried his head in satisfaction. The soft hair was swept across Feng Qi’s neck, as if bearing a strong attachment and tenderness, making Feng Qi’s heart soften into a puddle of water.

…How could he be willing to leave.

Feng Qi sighed, pulled up the quilt, carefully wrapped the little dragon properly, and enclosed Ji Chaoyun in his arms.

If plucking his feathers could make him feel relieved, it was not impossible for him to allow Ji Chaoyun such a thing. It was certainly better than ignoring him in the future.

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Feng Qi was thinking about this when he lowered his head and met a pair of bewildered and watery eyes.


Ji Chaoyun had just woken up from a deep sleep when he felt his whole body aching, as if he was falling apart. He rubbed his eyes uncomfortably. His expression then went from bewildered to sober, before settling into consternation as his consciousness returned.


Feng Qi didn’t have time to say a single word before he was kicked out of bed.

In the more than three hundred years since he was born, no one had ever dared to kick him like this. His Second Highness Feng painfully rolled twice on the ground before he stopped and stood up straight. He was a little dazed by the dull pain in his chest.

Why did this little dragon seem to have grown stronger? ?

Ji Chaoyun was unaware of his own change. He sat up from the bed and looked at Feng Qi coldly, trembling uncontrollably.


“Chaoyun, you— calm down.” This situation was indeed what Feng Qi thought it would become. He didn’t dare to get closer. He sat on the ground and recounted slowly, “Yesterday was a misunderstanding, we… I was caught in your heat period. I, I don’t know why things turned out like this…”

“The heat period…” Ji Chaoyun closed his eyes, his tense expression relaxing slightly.

He had lived for so many years. How could he not know the inductiveness of a heat period. Yet because of his heat, he actually, with the person in front of him—

Ji Chaoyun’s thoughts churned, leaving not a trace of blood on his face.

He tilted his head, hid the mist from his eyes, and softly said, “…I apologise.”

Feng Qi was still ruminating on how to persuade him. He didn’t hear what was just said. “What did you say?”

Ji Chaoyun closed his eyes for a moment. When he looked at Feng Qi, his gaze fell on his shoulder. “Your injury…”

The originally bandaged wound had been messed up ever since last night’s chaos. Feng Qi accidentally tore the wound when he rolled out of bed, and his plain white inner wear instantly stained with blood, which looked quite shocking to the eye.

Feng Qi casually glanced at it, not paying it much attention. “It’s okay, this little injury is nothing.”

“How can that be? I shall take you to the Immortal Physician—” Ji Chaoyun lifted the quilt and intended to get out of bed. When he touched the ground, however, his legs went soft without warning, and he almost fell.

Feng Qi was so frightened that his heart abruptly stopped. He rushed forward to catch him.

But Ji Chaoyun keenly avoided him before Feng Qi could touch him. Feng Qi’s hand froze in the air. With a pause, he turned his eyes away as naturally as possible. “No need. To the Immortal Physician with this appearance?”

“Ah?” Ji Chaoyun didn’t understand what he meant, and raised his head suspiciously.

Upon walking in, he then found that under Feng Qi’s loose clothes, from the shoulders to the neck, and at his collarbone, there were deep and shallow wounds.

At first glance, the scratches could be clearly seen.

“…” Ji Chaoyun looked away in a fluster, his ears flushed red.

Feng Qi didn’t let go of this momentary change of behaviour. His heart felt a little itchy, so he couldn’t help but say softly, “Little Dragon’s claws are quite powerful. Really hurts to death.”

Ji Chaoyun: “…”

Ji Chaoyun did not dare to answer, nor did he dare to look up at the person beside him.

Even after living for so many years, going through two lifetimes, no one had ever told him how to deal with such a thing. He stared at the ground, ill at ease, casting his gaze around. He couldn’t stand the atmosphere, and hesitantly said, “Then I, I’ll help you re-bandage.”

Feng Qi stared at the other person’s red ears for a while, then nodded. “Okay.”

The room was silent, except for the sound of the fabric rubbing against each other. Ji Chaoyun was neatly dressed and stood beside the bed, helping Feng Qi change his dressing.

Feng Qi tilted his head and watched his movements quietly. After a long silence, the two suddenly spoke at the same time:

“Last night you…”

“My apologies.”

Feng Qi was startled. Ji Chaoyun didn’t lift his head and continued, “What happened last night was because of me, I apologise to you.”

“…” Feng Qi seemed to think he’d heard wrong. He asked in surprise, “You’re apologising to me?”

“Yes.” Ji Chaoyun’s movements did not pause and his voice remained steady. “I know it is impossible for you to pretend that nothing happened, but… last night was indeed an accident. If you don’t want to see me again, I can leave Wenqu Peak.”

Feng Qi didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. “Why do you think so?”

Ji Chaoyun was puzzled and asked, “Then how should I feel?”


Feng Qi didn’t answer.

He had considered many situations, but he’d never expected Ji Chaoyun to have such an attitude, yet… This was indeed his temperament.

For him, it was best if they all acted as if nothing had happened.

But could he really pretend like so?

Feng Qi felt a surge of acid in his heart. He turned his head to look at Ji Chaoyun.

The latter looked calm, but upon closer inspection, his fingertips were clearly trembling slightly. Under those lowered eyelids, the emotion that could not be hidden almost overflowed.

This was by no means the lightheartedness he showed.

For a moment, Feng Qi stared at Ji Chaoyun, then helplessly looked away. He said, against his conscience, “True. In any case… you and I are both men. Even if we occasionally solve a heat period together, there’s no trouble, so don’t worry about it. “

These words sounded quite harsh. If it changed to Feng Qi and someone else had dared say that to him, he would have used a golden whip to trash that person three hundred miles away.

But Ji Chaoyun seemed relieved and quietly agreed, “Okay.”

Feng Qi sighed in his heart, feeling stuffy with nowhere to vent. He could only pull out the so-called Feng family’s senior who had disappeared three hundred years ago, and scolded him fiercely in his heart.

After he finished his mental tirade, Ji Chaoyun also helped him deal with his injury and continued, “You have a good rest, I will go back to my room first.”

Feng Qi stopped him. “Wait.”

“Is there anything else?”

“Yes.” Feng Qi nodded and told him what happened in the Council Hall yesterday.

Ji Chaoyun was still suspected of cheating. Since this was a big deal in Hongmeng Academy, if the suspicion was not cleared as soon as possible, he would be facing the punishment of having his cultivation base abolished and expelled from the academy.

“Tianshu gave us three days. Within this period of time, we must find out the truth,” Feng Qi said. “Think about it, have you eaten anything in the past few days, or used something of unknown origin? You can’t miss anything out.”

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