Chapter 21 – I am so much better than that bastard who disappeared without a word for three hundred years.

After Cultivating With the Enemy
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Before one knew it, the sound of a pipa came from the distant stage. Looking out from the private room’s window, several immortal fairies descended from the sky, resulting in a burst of cheers.

On the other hand, inside the private room was dead silence.

The room was filled with the burning scent of incense. Ji Chaoyun quietly sat opposite Feng Qi, his eyes unconsciously sweeping over the plates of delicate and refined cakes in front of him. He wanted to move but didn’t dare to, and could only stay still in a well-behaved and quiet manner.

Feng Qi leaned on the back of his chair, stretched, and looked at Ji Chaoyun’s appearance. The corners of his mouth could hardly hide a smile. “Eat what you want, I bought it specially for you.”

“…No need.”

Feng Qi did not force him. He raised his hand to pour tea for the two of them, and fell silent once more.

Ji Chaoyun stared at the curling water vapor emanating from the tea and softly asked, “Why… why are you here?”

“If you don’t go home, shouldn’t I come to you?” Feng Qi raised his brows and said sourly, “After you left, I didn’t fall asleep, steadily waiting for somebody at Wenqu Peak for two shichen before I conversed with someone1Bubbles: Like a loyal and dutiful wife. And then I realized that the person I’d been waiting for had already gone down the mountain to have fun. What else could I do other than chasing after that person?”

He leaned forward and stared at Ji Chaoyun. “What did I say to you this morning?”


Feng Qi urged in a low voice, “Speak. What did I instruct?”

“After the lottery drawing, I will return to Wenqu Peak, wake you up to help me change my medicine, and then go to the hotspring behind the house to meditate quietly for two shichen.” Ji Chaoyun pursed his lips and whispered, “But I’ve already recovered.”

Feng Qi snorted coldly, and stayed silent.

“I didn’t lie to you, I was always like this before,” Ji Chaoyun explained. “As long as I don’t waste my spiritual power, there won’t be any side effects. It was just an accident during the secret realm.”

Feng Qi thoughtfully looked at him. “In the past… when you had that, you used your cultivation to suppress it?”


Feng Qi: “What about that Phoenix clan ancestor of yours? He doesn’t care about you?”

“What nonsense are you talking about, I didn’t know him before—” Ji Chaoyun frowned, his cheeks were slightly hot, and he couldn’t continue on.

That meant there had never been anyone before.

There was a hint of secret joy in Feng Qi’s heart. Ever since he’d heard the unfamiliar name in the secret realm, that lingering annoyance within him only now finally eased.

He suddenly felt his mouth dry and he took a sip of tea. Behind the teacup, he quietly smiled. “Sorry, I was just asking.”

Ji Chaoyun lowered his head and didn’t answer.

His complexion was cold and pale, and he rarely displayed any sense of warmth. Only when he was shy would the tip of his ears slightly blush with a pink hue before slowly spreading to the entirety of his face with varying deepness, looking particularly good-looking.

Feng Qi’s heart trembled. He said, “Don’t you want to change the way you suppress it?”

Ji Chaoyun had just made up his mind to reach out to touch the cakes when he heard Feng Qi speak. His hand paused in midair. “What did you say?”

Feng Qi stared at the clear and ignorant eyes of the other party, resisting the urge to blurt his thoughts out. He took another sip of tea and said expressionlessly, “…Nothing. Quickly eat and go back with me afterwards.”


Ji Chaoyun touched a piece of sweet-scented osmanthus cake and ate it quietly.

Immortals did not need food, but no one stipulated that immortals couldn’t have the desire to eat. Changyuan Pavillon was well-known far and near for their wide variety of pastries, which were brought here from the mortal world.

The sweet-scented osmanthus cake was soft and glutinous, yet not greasy. When one bit into it, the taste of sweet osmanthus would overflow between one’s lips and teeth.

Ji Chaoyun ate slowly, and occasionally the residue stuck to his lips, so his tongue reached out to swipe at it. The tip of the pale pink tongue flashed past then hid inside those soft and luscious lips.

A crack appeared on Feng Qi’s flawless expression.

Ji Chaoyun didn’t notice the other party’s abnormality at all. He ate the sweet-scented osmanthus cake slowly, and his eyes were still quietly looking at the table.

Feng Qi paid close attention to the other’s eyes that roamed back and forth between the lotus candy cake, the hibiscus cake, the taro paste pastry, and the sweet-scented osmanthus cake. Finally, after eating the last bite of the sweet-scented osmanthus cake, he reached out towards the taro paste pastry.

Feng Qi couldn’t hold back and laughed softly.

Ji Chaoyun looked up at him. “What are you laughing at?”

“It’s nothing.” Feng Qi endured it, but couldn’t help but ask, “Did that guy never buy these for you?”

In the cave that day, he didn’t clearly hear the name Ji Chaoyun had called out, and neither was he interested in asking for his rival’s name.

Ji Chaoyun stopped and said helplessly, “We haven’t seen each other for three hundred years.”

“Oh, that’s right,” Feng Qi responded.

That’s fine too, Feng Qi thought proudly in his heart, at least I am the only one who can make him eat these things. I am much better than that bastard who disappeared without saying anything for three hundred years.

After another half an hour, Ji Chaoyun had enough to eat and drink. Under Feng Qi’s half pressure, he went to the door next to them and said goodbye to Ye Chenxing and Bei Ran, bringing along several more snacks before returning to the academy with Feng Qi.

The teleportation formation unfolded in front of the mountain gate, and as the two stepped out, they saw a figure standing in front of it.

It was Jun Ruzhuo.

Feng Qi’s face immediately sank.

When Jun Ruzhuo noted his presence, his expression also turned displeased. He frowned, staring at the two people at the foot of the stairs. After a while, he said, “As one from the dragon race, what are you doing all day with a phoenix?”


Ji Chaoyun was silent for a moment. Before he could answer, Feng Qi sneered, “He is happy to be with me. We even eat and live together. Why, bothered?”


“Feng Qi.” Ji Chaoyun tugged at Feng Qi’s sleeve. He shook his head and looked up at Jun Ruzhuo. “Why are you looking for me?”

“Who is looking for you!” Jun Ruzhuo avoided looking at him. “I am, I am simply passing by…”

Ji Chaoyun: “…”

“Oh, it turned out you were only passing by.” Feng Qi saw the light and nodded his head. He took Ji Chaoyun straight towards the mountain gate. “Then I have to trouble this gentleman to move aside. We have to go back.”

The two brushed past Jun Ruzhuo, and when they were about to approach the stone steps, Jun Ruzhuo gritted his teeth in anger and shouted, “Wait!”

Ji Chaoyun paused. He turned his head and saw Jun Ruzhuo raise his hand, throwing something. He was about to pick it up, but Feng Qi took the lead and stepped forward to catch it.

It was an exquisite jade bottle.

Feng Qi looked at it for a moment and asked, “What is this?”

“Lingyuan Sea’s wound medicine for the Dragon Clan.” Jun Ruzhuo turned his head away from them, and quickly said, “It is useful for external injuries.”

Feng Qi was slightly startled, then turned to look at Ji Chaoyun.

Ji Chaoyun took the jade bottle. The dragon pattern was engraved on the bottle, which was the unique mark of the Lingyuan Sea Dragon Clan. He rubbed the familiar dragon pattern with his fingertips and said softly, “Thank you.”

Jun Ruzhuo looked extremely uncomfortable, and blurted out, “Not, not me specially giving it to you. It’s because they sent too much, I can’t use it all up!”

After he finished speaking, he felt that these words were like burying his head in the sand. His face flushed red and he turned around to quickly run towards the mountain gate, his figure soon disappearing on the mountain road.

In front of the mountain gate, only Feng Qi and Ji Chaoyun were left standing. After a long while, Feng Qi asked dumbfoundedly, “You Dragon Clan… are all so frank?”

Ji Chaoyun shook his head and sighed. “Let’s return.”

The two returned to Wenqu Peak, and Ji Chaoyun was forced by Feng Qi to return to his room to rest.

Ji Chaoyun had previously used a lot of spiritual energy in the secret realm and being injured once again, he had to focus on meditating and cultivating. But from the second stage, there were only three days left and Jin Ting was very difficult to deal with. Lying on the bed, Ji Chaoyun couldn’t rest well with his thoughts flying chaotically in his mind. In the end, he took his sword and stood up.

Pushing open the door a slight gap, he peeped out. There was no one in the courtyard.

His Second Highness Feng was disturbed by him today. It seemed that he’d gone back to his room to make up for his lost sleep.

Ji Chaoyun was a little relieved. He quietly stepped out of the door, and walked across the courtyard. Just as he was stepping onto the stone bridge, he heard a voice behind him say, “Where do you intend on going?”

Ji Chaoyun paused and turned back helplessly. “Why are you always staring at me?”

Feng Qi leaned against the door. Hearing what he said, he laughed happily. “Because you look good. I’m happy to stare at you, can’t I?”

“…” Ji Chaoyun said, “Ridiculous.”

Feng Qi smiled disapprovingly, walked towards him, and glanced at the sword in his hand. “Want to go out to practice your swordsmanship again? I told you, your injury has not yet healed, and your spiritual power has not fully recovered. You can’t overexert yourself. Why are you so disobedient?”

Ji Chaoyun lowered his head and said truthfully, “I can’t sleep.”

“Worried about the re-examination?”


Feng Qi nodded and said, “You are justified in worrying. In the second stage’s competition, the focus is on the cultivation of the body and the skills of responding against attacks. When it comes to these, Jin Ting is the strongest in the whole of the Yellow-level class. As far as I know, he has never been defeated in the elimination matches.”

Ji Chaoyun’s eyes darkened.

Feng Qi continued, “Jin Ting was born in Baizhang Territory, and was originally the son of an immortal servant who worked under the lord of the territory. The lord of Baizhang Territory had no children or relatives, so he took him as his adopted son and taught him carefully. But his root bone was not as good as the prestigious family’s, and… his luck was also not very good. That’s why he’s been in the Yellow-level all this while.”

“Now that you are against him, the winning rate is almost zero.”

Ji Chaoyun’s hand hanging by his side unconsciously clenched, increasing the strength of his grip onto his sword. “Therefore, I cannot slack off.”

Feng Qi asked with great interest, “You don’t believe you will lose?”

Ji Chaoyun shook his head and seriously stated, “The competition has not yet started. Who wins, who loses, it is still unknown. I never make such assumptions.”

“Well said.” Feng Qi looked down at him with a hint of tenderness in his eyes. “I seem to suddenly understand why you believe so much that that person will come back.” 2Amber: I was listening to this just when I translated to this part.



To have such a dazzling person who deeply loved him and would wait for him — if it had been him3Feng Qi, he would also never give up.

Even after going through all kinds of hardships and dangers, he would do everything to return back to his side.

Feng Qi smiled without saying anything. He rubbed Ji Chaoyun’s hair, softly and slowly saying, “…Because you are such a stubborn fool, ah.”


Feng Qi stood upright, then righteously stated, “I didn’t lie to you just now, you really have no chance of winning against Jin Ting unless… someone tells you the secrets of Baizhang Territory’s moves and how to deal with them.”

“You mean to say…”

Feng Qi smiled and said, “First call me shixiong and I will teach you.”

In an open space in the bamboo forest, Feng Qi held Ji Chaoyun’s sword and stabbed a spot in the air, bringing forth a clear sword energy.

Ji Chaoyun stood expressionlessly and quietly on one side, and couldn’t help but have admiration in his heart. This person used to wield a whip as a weapon in the past, but he did not expect that his swordsmanship would also reach the pinnacle of mastery. Even if Feng Qi had switched to a sword in the entrance examination, he would probably not have a chance to win.

No wonder he was known as the academy’s once-in-a-century martial arts genius.

“What’s wrong? Have you memorized the main points?” Feng Qi withdrew his sword stance and turned his head to ask him.

Ji Chaoyun nodded quickly. “I remember.”

Feng Qi walked towards him, but did not return his sword immediately, raising his eyebrows as if waiting for something.

“…” Ji Chaoyun bit his lip and said awkwardly, “Thank you, Feng… shixiong.”

“That’s good.” Feng Qi returned the sword to him, feeling extremely happy. “…Why do you look like that? Jiang Cheng and Song Zhifei can be called shixiong by you. Will calling me shixiong cause any loss to you?”


Feng Qi nodded with satisfaction. “The way I’m teaching you how to deal with it is based on the moves Jin Ting has used in the arena battles over the years, but I can’t guarantee that he won’t have a secret move. Even if you remember these, you have to be careful. Beware, don’t be careless.”

“I understand.” Ji Chaoyun paused and asked again, “Do you remember how to counterattack everyone in the academy?”

Feng Qi vaguely sensed the deep meaning in Ji Chaoyun’s words. He lowered his head, smiled and looked into those clear eyes. “What’s the matter? Now you know I’m very powerful?”


Ji Chaoyun stepped back subconsciously, but his back touched the slender green bamboo behind him. The smile in Feng Qi’s eyes deepened, and he said gently, “Want to learn? We still have a long time together. If there is time in the future, I can gradually teach you everything.”

He was so close that Ji Chaoyun could even feel that internal strong aura of his.

Ji Chaoyun tilted his head back, trying to avoid the breath that made his heart beat faster. “Feng Qi…”

Feng Qi stared at him. After a moment, he straightened up and took a half step back. “I won’t tease you any more, let’s continue practicing. I’m here to accompany you. If you have any questions, ask in time. You’ve promised in advance that you will only practice for two shichen a day.”


Three days later, the second round began.

Ji Chaoyun was originally accomplished in swordsmanship, and Feng Qi’s careful guidance over the past few days made him even more confident. On the day of the competition, even Feng Qi got up early for the first time and accompanied him to White Jade Platform in person.

“Why don’t you talk? So nervous?”

On the side of the square, Feng Qi asked with a smile.

The first round of the competition in the distant arena had already begun. Ji Chaoyun’s draw was the fifth round of the Yellow-level, which was still a while away before his turn.

Ji Chaoyun’s expression was tense; he wanted to deny it, but in the end, he nodded truthfully. “A little bit.”

Feng Qi smiled and opened his arms towards him. “Come here.”

“For what?”

Feng Qi: “I heard that hugs can relieve tension. Let me try and see if that’s true.”

“…” Ji Chaoyun turned his head away, unable to cry or laugh. “Feng Qi, stop joking with me.”

“Which part was a joke?”

Ji Chaoyun was silent.

In the past few days, Feng Qi had been very considerate to him as if he had changed his personality. Anyone with a discerning eye could see that something was wrong with him. And this person still asked which part of his request was a joke?

Could it be that he knew the older generation of the Phoenix clan had relations with him, and hence, wanted to restore back the disrespect given to him before?

With such a serious look on the other’s face, it really made him reluctant to expose it. Ji Chaoyun sighed. “It is nothing, you better stay away from me, I am even more nervous when you act like this.”

Feng Qi’s eyes wavered. He blurted out, “Ji Chaoyun, I actually—”

But at this moment, a figure sounded from behind the two, “Ji shidi, here you are. The elimination match just ended, you ought to prepare.”

He was the attendant disciple in charge of the second stage’s supervision.

“Okay.” Ji Chaoyun nodded to indicate that he understood. He turned around and asked Feng Qi, “What did you want to say?”

Feng Qi meaningfully glanced at the attendant disciple, but it flew above the other’s head. He then looked at Ji Chaoyun again, his head throbbing and he pressed a hand onto his eyebrows. “It’s nothing. You go on first.”

Ji Chaoyun was confused and was about to turn around to leave when Feng Qi called him from behind.

“Ji Chaoyun.” Feng Qi stood under the ancient pine trees, facing him as his lips curved. “Fight well. When you win this match, I’ll satisfy one of your requests.”

“…Whatever it may be.”



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