Chapter 20.2 – Taking you to solve your damn heat period!

After Cultivating With the Enemy
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The next day, Ji Chaoyun woke up just as the sun was setting.

Its light shone into the room through the window, where Ji Chaoyun opened his eyes to the sight of a familiar but slightly off canopy veil above his head, feeling a little dazed.

The door was pushed open, and a slender figure walked in. “Are you finally awake?”

Ji Chaoyun sat up and finally understood where the sense of offness came from. “Why did you bring me to your bedroom?”

Ji Chaoyun’s bedroom had been decorated by Feng Qi himself. Though the style of furnishings was the same, there were some subtle differences.

Feng Qi’s eyes uncomfortably evaded his, and he said, “You were in a coma. It’s rude to enter someone else’s bedroom without permission, so I could only bring you here to take care of you.”

“…” Ji Chaoyun opened his mouth, but didn’t know how else to refute.

Out of the corner of his eye, a blood-stained disciple’s uniform was piled on the low stool beside the bed; he then realized that he had already been changed into a brand new one.

Taking him back to the other’s bedroom, helping him wash up and changing his clothes, then letting him rest on his own bed— his Second Highness Feng’s original obsession with cleanliness and tranquility were mostly discarded because of him.

Ji Chaoyun softly responded, “Thank you.”

Feng Qi’s footsteps paused. He didn’t say anything as he walked to the bed with a few medicine bottles, drawing the bed’s curtain aside. “It’s time to apply the medicine.”

“I’ll do—”

Ji Chaoyun simply wanted to say that he could do it himself, but with a raise of Feng Qi’s eyes, he quietly swallowed it down.

When staying under someone’s roof, it was better to be obedient.

Ji Chaoyun willingly allowed Feng Qi to lift his sleeves and take off the well-wrapped bandages, revealing the three scratches that were so deep the bone beneath was almost visible.

His complexion was fair, and hence, those bloody scars made a ghastly sight.

Feng Qi took his hand, took out the medicinal powder and sprinkled it on the wound, feeling the person beside him suddenly shrink back.

“Now you know it hurts?” Feng Qi glared at him. “If it had shifted a little bit more, it would have taken your arm off. Didn’t you think about the pain at the time?”


Ji Chaoyun knew that he was in the wrong and dared not object.

Feng Qi snorted coldly, but his movements became gentler.

Ji Chaoyun was silent for a moment, then asked again, “The results of the assessment…”

“It came out in the afternoon.” Feng Qi helped him bandage the wound, and after appreciating Ji Chaoyun’s restless and nervous expression for a while, he finally smiled. “Congratulations for being the first in both examinations. The academy hasn’t seen one in many years.”

Ji Chaoyun was temporarily stunned, then he sighed in relief. “That’s great…”

He suddenly thought of something and asked, “The person who took first place in both examinations the last time… It couldn’t also be you, right?”

Feng Qi’s expression froze for a moment, before he avoided his eyes and evaded the question. “Why are you asking this, why should I tell you?”

Ji Chaoyun understood. “Then it should not be.”

Feng Qi gritted his teeth angrily. “That’s because I was not willing to learn the Daoist scriptures! I was always first in the martial arts exams!”

He lowered his head, angrily picked up the bandages he had replaced, and declared unconvincingly, “I-I’ll show you the first place in the double exam next time.”

Ji Chaoyun curved the corners of his mouth. “Okay, I’ll wait for your good news.”

When Feng Qi looked up, he happened to see his smile. His mind couldn’t help but sway. He looked away awkwardly. “Tomorrow morning, you will go to the Supervisory Exam Hall to draw lots for the second stage. The second stage will be three days after the lottery. So these days, you focus on healing. Don’t randomly run around.”


“Also…” Feng Qi glanced at him with a slightly uncomfortable expression. “Your heat period… hasn’t passed yet. The hot spring water at the back of the house can be used for calming, so remember to meditate there when you can.”

Ji Chaoyun pursed his lips. “…I understand, thank you.”

“…” Feng Qi was hesitant to continue. In the end, he didn’t utter anything, only saying, “You have a good rest.” He then turned around and left the bedroom.

The next day, Ji Chaoyun arrived at the Supervisory Exam Hall on time, but unexpectedly met someone he hadn’t seen for a long time.

Immortal Lord Yao Guang.

“Greetings to Immortal Elder Yao Guang.” Ji Chaoyun bowed to him.

“You can dispense with the ceremony.” Yao Guang made him lift his head up with a beaming smile. “I went out a few days ago, and I heard about the exam results as soon as I got back. I was specially waiting for you here. Congratulations on getting first place in both exams. Congratulations, too, for finally being able to stay in the academy.”

Ji Chaoyun: “Thank you, Immortal Elder.”

Yao Guang looked left and right before taking out an exquisite wine jug from his Qiankun bag. He lowered his voice and said, “I brought this back from Penglai Immortal Mountains. I don’t have much myself, so treat this as a congratulatory gift for you.”

Ji Chaoyun hesitated for a moment. “But the academy doesn’t allow drinking…”

“What does it matter? Can’t you secretly drink it?” Yao Guang said. “This is fine wine from Penglai. I don’t even have a few jugs of it myself. Now that I’m willing to give it to you, don’t hesitate to take it.”

Ji Chaoyun couldn’t say no, he had to accept it. “Then thank you, Immortal Elder.”

“Good boy.” Yao Guang smiled in satisfaction. “Go in and draw your lots ba. If you need my help in the future, just ask. Understand?”


Yao Guang walked away contentedly, leaving Ji Chaoyun confused.

Although Yao Guang had always taken good care of him since he entered the academy, he had never overstepped his bounds. Ji Chaoyun looked down at the jug in his hand, feeling a little puzzled.

He hadn’t seen him for a few months. What had changed?

He didn’t think much about it, put the jug of wine away, and walked towards the entrance of the Supervisory Exam Hall.

There was still a long way to go before the stipulated lottery time. Before all the people arrived, the Supervisory Exam Hall’s door would remain open. The voices of people talking came from within the hall.

“What’s going on with the Supervisory Exam Hall? This result seems to be fake, even actually announcing that he was the first in both exams.”

Ji Chaoyun paused, stopping outside the door.

“That’s right, there must be something wrong with his grades. We’ve all seen how he cultivated in the past. How could he perform exceptionally well in the assessment?!”

“You have no evidence, how can you say that?”

“I still need evidence? Don’t say anything else. With his weak cultivation, he killed two ferocious beasts. How could anyone believe this?”

Ji Chaoyun shook his head and sneered. He was about to push the door open when he heard another familiar voice. “Shut your months!”

“…The first ferocious beast was beheaded by him and me. Could it be that you think I also cheated for him?”

The hall was silent for a moment before someone continued to speak, “Xu shixiong, that’s not what we meant.”

“Yes, Xu shixiong. There is no problem with your testimony, but no one can guarantee that he indeed killed the second ferocious beast alone.”

“What are you doing here?” A familiar voice sounded behind Ji Chaoyun. He turned his head; it was Jiang Cheng and Song Zhifei.

Ji Chaoyun didn’t answer. He lowered his head and greeted, “Jiang shixiong, Song shixiong.”

The discussion inside the hall was still ongoing. Jiang Cheng heard it clearly as soon as he neared. His face suddenly sank, and he said coldly, “You come in with me.”

Jiang Cheng pushed the door open, and the discussions in the hall stopped abruptly.

Jiang Cheng’s eyes swept towards everyone; he slowly walked in, and leisurely said, “I just heard from outside, some people questioned my unjust scoring in the Supervisory Exam Hall?”

Everyone looked at each other, and no one dared to speak.

Song Zhifei stood beside Ji Chaoyun and sighed. He walked in. “The Supervisory Exam Hall has always acted impartially. If you have any objections, you can report it to me, and use the supervisory light mirrors in the secret realm for re-examination. It’s just that …”

He paused for a while, then said, “If there is nothing unusual, I’m afraid I’ll have to bother you all to go to the Hall of Discipline to seek punishment on your absurd comments about the Supervisory Exam Hall.”

As soon as he said this, everyone swallowed their fire. No one dared to object again.

Jiang Cheng glanced back at Ji Chaoyun, then quickly retracted his gaze. “Zhifei, let them draw lots. Once done, quickly have them scram.”


Song Zhifei raised his hand and summoned two fortune stick sets, each containing ten identical bamboo sticks within.

“The bamboo sticks are numbered from one to five. The ones who draw the same numbers will be opponents for the second stage.” Song Zhifei cast a spell to let the sticks fly to each disciple one by one and explained, “Three days later, the second stage will be conducted at Qianshan’s White Jade Platform, starting with the Yellow-level. The order will be from low to high, and a round of competition will determine the winner.”

When the lottery cylinder came to Ji Chaoyun, he picked one out and opened it to take a look.


After everyone finished drawing the bamboo sticks one after another, Song Zhifei continued, “No classes are mandatory for the few days before the start of the second stage. Gentlemen, you may arrange your own timetable. If anyone wants to re-examine the secret realm assessment, you may come to me now. Please.”

The few people who had been arguing about it the most didn’t dare to say anything right now. They all bowed to Song Zhifei and Jiang Cheng and excused themselves.

After everyone went out of the Supervisory Exam Hall, the atmosphere became slightly livelier.

“Chaoyun, what number did you draw?” Someone called out to Ji Chaoyun from behind, another Yellow-level disciple.

This person’s name was An Tianyi, and he was one of the few disciples who spoke to Ji Chaoyun during the discussion in Fangcai Hall. Though his facial features were slightly feminine, his overall appearance was nevertheless outstanding, and his manner of speaking gentle. His presence among the disciples was not strong.

This time, he entered the second stage with the tenth rank.

Ji Chaoyun showed him the bamboo stick in his hand.

“Number Five? I’m Number Three. Unfortunately, we can’t be in a group anymore,” An Tianyi said. “But it doesn’t matter who you are in a group with. My cultivation base is so low, I’ll likely lose this match.”

The two chatted while passing through the open space outside the Supervisory Exam Hall, where they heard a few Yellow-level disciples gather around and loudly ask, “Who is Number Five? Where is Number Five?”

Ji Chaoyun followed the sound, and happened to meet someone’s gaze in the crowd.

The man was extremely tall, with deep facial features that bore a sense of exoticism. He walked towards the two of them and asked, “Which one of you is Number five?”

Ji Chaoyun: “Me.”

An indescribable look flashed in the man’s eyes, but he quickly concealed it.

The few people behind him were not as calm as him; the gloating in their eyes was palpable. “It turned out to be the first in the last two exams, so interesting. Jin shixiong has won the first place in the Yellow-level martial arts test several times. Now that he’s met a newcomer who came first in the double exams, Jin shixiong, you should be more careful.”

This disciple’s name was Jin Ting, and he entered the academy a few years earlier than Ji Chaoyun.

Jin Ting’s background was far inferior to Feng Qi, Jiang Cheng and such. Though his cultivation base was mediocre, he practiced hard, and his grades had been among the best since he entered the academy. It was a pity that, for several years, he either missed or failed the promotion test, and never reached the Black-level.

But looking at this Yellow-level disciple, this person’s cultivation base was indeed a first-class one.

Jin Ting remained calm, giving Ji Chaoyun a slight smile. “No matter who my opponent is, I will do my best. I’ll see you in the arena.”

Ji Chaoyun nodded. “See you in the arena.”

Ji Chaoyun bid farewell to An Tianyi, and was about to head back to the teleportation array of the Disciple’s Peak when he saw Ye Chenxing and Bei Ran waiting not far away.

“Chaoyun, this way!” Ye Chenxing flew towards Ji Chaoyun and familiarly hooked an arm around his shoulder. “Chaoyun’s so awesome, the first in both exams. I knew you would do it.”

Ji Chaoyun’s arm injury had not yet healed. Being accidentally pressed by Ye Chenxing’s movements, he frowned. “What did you find me for?”

Ye Chenxing said, “Today’s a rest day. Didn’t we agree we would go out to play?”


“No buts. There’s still three days before the second stage. Take this opportunity to relax, don’t push yourself so hard.” Ye Chenxing continued, “You don’t plan to go back to practice swordsmanship ba? You still have injuries on your body. You can’t practice for a few more days.”

“I don’t intend to practice. Just…”

Ji Chaoyun held back. Before he’d managed to sneak away in the morning, Feng Qi had endured his sleepiness to block him by the door, vehemently getting him to promise to return to Wenqu Peak as soon as possible after he drew a lot, and that he wouldn’t go elsewhere.

“Don’t worry, we won’t go too far, only to the bottom of Hongmeng Mountain to play. It’ll only take at most half a day. Alright?” Ye Chenxing got closer and whispered, “I heard there are several beautiful immortal fairies at the foot of Hongmeng Mountain. Don’t you want to go see?”

“…” Ji Chaoyun looked at him incomprehensibly.

Bei Ran supported his forehead. “Ji dage, just agree ba. Because of this matter, Ye dage has been jabbering in my ear for several days. If we don’t let him go, I’m afraid there will be no rest.”


After half a stick of incense, the three stepped out of the teleportation array and appeared in front of the market town at the foot of Hongmeng Mountain.

The immortal realm was not as crowded as the mortal world, so it was unlike the market towns there. However, there were many immortals who went to the foot of Hongmeng Mountain. Every hundred years, when the mountain was open for recruitment, there would be countless wandering immortals who tried to pass the Hongmeng trial. Those who failed the assessment were reluctant to leave, and some simply stayed there. One came while two left, that’s how it became a market town.

And the liveliest spot in the market town was a place called Changyuan Pavilion.

The Changyuan Pavilion was built by the shore, with three-storey high-rise buildings. There were tables and chairs by the water’s edge, where guests could drink and chat. A high stage was built in the center of the water surface, meant to entertain with different dance performances, storytelling and singing every day.

Even three hundred years ago, Ji Chaoyun couldn’t understand these mortals’ ways of passing time. But for most of the people living at the foot of Hongmeng Mountain, they had ascended from mortals, and this was what they enjoyed the most.

Because of this, the market town under Hongmeng Mountain was also regarded as the most similar to the mortal world in the immortal realm.

Changyuan Pavilion had performances at the end of every day. The three of them wandered around the market town for a long time before finally reaching this place. The three of them had just set foot on the second floor when they saw a person sitting by the window, holding his chin and looking at the distant stage across the water.

Ji Chaoyun’s footsteps stopped, and he turned to leave.

Ye Chenxing and Bei Ran went upstairs behind him. When Ji Chaoyun suddenly turned around, Ye Chenxing asked, “Chaoyun, why don’t you go up? What’s at the top—”

His voice stopped abruptly, and he saw the person behind Ji Chaoyun.

Feng Qi leaned against the wall and looked down at Ji Chaoyun’s back. His smile was kind and gentle, yet all the while bearing a simple expression of gnashing his teeth. “Yeah, didn’t you come here to see the immortal fairies’ performance? Why don’t you come up?”

In fact, the moment he’d turned around, Ji Chaoyun had already regretted coming there. Even he couldn’t tell what he was feeling guilty about. He slowly turned his head back and greeted in a soft voice, “Such-such a coincidence.”

“Yeah, what a coincidence.” Feng Qi stepped forward with a smile that was not a smile and brought Ji Chaoyun to his side. “I have reserved a seat in the private room on the third floor. Let’s go up and take a seat.”

Feng Qi dragged Ji Chaoyun upstairs.

Ye Chenxing and Bei Ran looked at each other, and they had to follow with their hearts pounding in fear. Afterwards, Feng Qi arranged for them to sit in the private room with the best view on the third floor.

Before the grateful eyes of the two disciples, Feng Qi was expressionless. He grabbed Ji Chaoyun and pulled him out, turned around, and entered the private room next door, slamming the door shut.

Ji Chaoyun: “…”

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