Chapter 20.1 – Taking you to solve your damn heat period!

After Cultivating With the Enemy
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Ji Chaoyun’s consciousness was already very blurred, and he couldn’t even see the familiar outline in front of him.

He raised his head with all his might. The man before him leaned down and gently embraced him.”It’s alright, don’t be afraid, I’m here.”

“Feng Xiao…” Ji Chaoyun whispered the name softly, even the ending syllable was trembling. “…Is it really you?”

The person beside him didn’t answer, only maintaining his embrace and sighing imperceptibly.

Ji Chaoyun was hot all over. The warm touch eased the pressure, and he couldn’t help but want to take in more of it. He uncontrollably approached the heat source, grabbed the front of the other’s clothes with both hands, and cried out, “It’s so uncomfortable, Feng Xiao…”

But without waiting for him to do anything else, the other party gently held his wrists and stopped him from moving.

Feng Qi’s eyes were slightly red. His voice was startlingly hoarse, as if trying to restrain something. “Calm down, Ji Chaoyun. Can you hear me? Chaoyun?”

Ji Chaoyun’s entire body froze, as though someone had poured cold water on his head. His originally chaotic consciousness miraculously awakened.

“Feng… Qi…?”

“It’s me.” Feng Qi forced himself not to look at him. He quickly picked up Ji Chaoyun’s clothes and wrapped them around him. “Even forgetting your heat period. You idiot.”

Ji Chaoyun instinctively wanted to push him away, but his hands and feet were weak and he couldn’t exert any strength at the moment. The next second, his body was pulled up from the ground.

Feng Qi picked him up.

Ji Chaoyun muddle-headedly fell into Feng Qi’s arms. “Where are you taking me…”

“…” Feng Qi gritted his teeth and said bluntly, “Taking you to solve your damn heat period!”

He was always worried about what would happen in the secret realm. So before Ji Chaoyun entered it, he separated a ray of divine consciousness from himself and hid it on Ji Chaoyun. When Ji Chaoyun and Xu Zixing had dealt with the giant python moments before, he’d felt the abnormal fluctuation of spiritual power in Ji Chaoyun’s body.

—And then he saw this scene.

The youth was curled up on the ground. His clothes were messy, his body was abnormally feverish, and the airtight cave was filled with the lingering sweetness that came with his heat.

Feng Qi held his breath and forced himself to calm down.

There were light mirrors everywhere outside, so he naturally couldn’t just go out with Ji Chaoyun. He listened carefully and vaguely heard the sound of water coming from the depths of the cave.

Without further delay, Feng Qi carried Ji Chaoyun to the place where the sound originated from.

Bypassing the long and narrow corridor, there was a smaller cave on the other side with a deep pool in it. The water was crystal clear, though it was unclear where it came from.

Feng Qi knelt on its edge and supported Ji Chaoyun until he was inside.

The water was bitingly cold. Ji Chaoyun curled up as soon as he touched the surface. He grabbed Feng Qi’s sleeves with both hands, sticking close to his embrace. “Cold…”

“Don’t be coquettish. Isn’t it better to be cold? Will get you awake,” Feng Qi said with a calm face. “Hurry and go down.”

Ji Chaoyun raised a pair of misty eyes, and held Feng Qi tightly, refusing to let go.

If he was awake, he would have definitely not done this, but he had been in a daze since earlier. It was already uncomfortable and now, he even had to go into cold water. His eyes were turning red with grievance.

When Feng Qi saw the emotions in his eyes, he could hardly hold back the restless agitation in his heart. He felt like he should also go in to sober up.

He took a deep breath, put Ji Chaoyun on the ground beside the pool, removed his robe, and bent over to hug him once more.

The sound of water in the depths of the cave clattered out; Feng Qi jumped into the pool with Ji Chaoyun in his arms.

The icy pool water drowned them instantly. Ji Chaoyun shivered from the cold, and put his arms around Feng Qi’s neck in a tight hold. The latter closely hugged him back and held him up against the reef at the pool.

“It’s alright, it’ll be alright soon.” Feng Qi leaned close to Ji Chaoyun’s ear to comfort him, at the same time grabbing his wrist to slowly inject spiritual power.

Under the injection of spiritual power and the coldness of the water, Ji Chaoyun’s rapid breathing slowly calmed down, and he gradually gained consciousness. But this external force was extremely ineffective; after some time had passed, Ji Chaoyun’s heat could no longer be calmed down.

Feng Qi hesitated for a moment, before reaching into the waters.

Ji Chaoyun grabbed him suddenly.”What are you doing…”

Feng Qi’s expression was a little unnatural. He turned his head and looked away. “The black python you killed is the fourth vicious beast that appeared in this secret realm assessment.”

Ji Chaoyun blankly looked at him. His confused mind didn’t understand what he meant.

Feng Qi said, “No one knows if the fifth beast has appeared, and when it will. But if the fifth beast is beheaded, all the disciples who remain in the secret realm will be automatically sent out.”

He paused, his voice difficult. “You probably don’t want everyone to see you like this.”

Unaware if it was because of the cold or what, but Ji Chaoyun’s fingers trembled slightly, almost like he was unable to continue grasping Feng Qi’s hand.

Feng Qi sighed. He pressed Ji Chaoyun’s head against his shoulder. He softly consoled him, “Close your eyes, I’ll help you.”


Ji Chaoyun’s consciousness soon blurred again, as if sinking into a turbulent wave, ebbing and flowing with nothing sturdy to rely on.

A subtle splashing of water rang from the depths of the cave, and it continued for a long time.

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When Ji Chaoyun woke up again, the dryness and heat all over his body had faded. He got up from the pool, his clothes neatly folded on the reef beside it, and dried himself.

He dressed himself and walked out of the smaller cave. Feng Qi was sitting in the open space where the black python had been beheaded, a fire burning in front of him.

It was unknown how long the fire had been burning. The whole cave was warmed up, utterly different from the cold and dampness it emanated when they had just entered.

Was it for fear that he’d be cold when he woke up?

This thought suddenly flashed through Ji Chaoyun’s heart when Feng Qi turned his head. “Finally awake. How do you feel now?”

Thinking of what had happened, Ji Chaoyun’s face was slightly hot. He looked away awkwardly. “It’s all right.”

He paused, then said, “Thank you.”

When he said this, Feng Qi also felt a little uncomfortable. He coughed lightly. “It’s fine, come over and warm up.”

“En.” Ji Chaoyun walked to the fire and asked once more, “Why are you here?”

Feng Qi was silent for a moment, then truthfully confessed, “Before you entered the secret realm, I put a ray of divine consciousness on you.”


“Don’t look at me like that. I didn’t help you cheat.” Feng Qi dodged his expression and argued, “You have been feeling unwell for the past few days. Can’t I be afraid that something will happen to you? See this result? Really what I’d expected. Tell me, you don’t even know what’s wrong with your body. What would you do if I wasn’t here?”

Ji Chaoyun was left speechless by Feng Qi’s non-stop interrogation. He squatted beside the fire in silence, the flickering of the firelight adding a bit of blood to his face. His hair was slightly damp and messy, and he looked extraordinarily well-behaved and gentle.

After a long while, Ji Chaoyun softly thanked him, “Thank you, I will pay attention in the future.”

Feng Qi frowned, displeased. “Why are you always being so polite to me?”


“Forget it, it’s nothing.”


The atmosphere in the cave became strange for no reason. Ji Chaoyun raised his eyes and looked at Feng Qi. The latter’s face was gloomy and he stared straight at the fire. Ji Chaoyun was unsure why he was being depressed.

He silently retracted his gaze, and cast a spell to open the scoring list.

Through the killing of the black python, his points had been increased by ten. Now, his current score was twenty-two, ranking fifteenth in the Yellow-character level.

It had been five or six hours since the opening of the secret realm. The common evil spirits in the place had been cleared already. At this stage, it was almost impossible to change the rankings on the scoring list.

To forge forward, every point was paramount.

Ji Chaoyun put away the scoreboard and stood up. Before he could say anything, Feng Qi asked sensitively, “What are you going to do?”

“The assessment is not yet over.”

“You still want to continue?” Feng Qi looked at him in disbelief. “You… It will take at least another four to five days to completely get over your heat. What you need now is a good rest. Why do you want to make trouble?”


Feng Qi couldn’t help but interrupt, “You are already in the fifteenth place. Not to mention, there would be no issue with your literary test. Now, no matter what, you won’t be expelled from the academy. There is no need to continue.”

“It’s necessary,” Ji Chaoyun said seriously. “I haven’t made it to the top ten yet.”

Feng Qi was startled.

The assessment system of Hongmeng Academy was extremely strict.

The quarterly exams’ top five were ranked 1, while the bottom five were ranked 3. Those ranked 3 would directly combine the scores of the literary test and the martial arts test, to take the bottom five places. However, the determination of those who ranked 1 was much more complicated.

After the secret realm assessment was over, the academy would select the top ten disciples with the combined scores of the literary test and the martial arts test to enter the second round of the assessment. In the second round, ten disciples would draw lots in pairs, and finally five winners from there would be selected and be elected as the top rank.

So long as one stood out as first-class in the four assessments in one academic year, one could continue to participate in the promotion assessment the following year.

As soon as Ji Chaoyun said this, Feng Qi immediately understood what he meant.

From the very beginning, his goal was not just to stay in the academy; he wanted to get the first grade, he wanted to ascend to the promotion assessment.

Feng Qi looked at Ji Chaoyun’s silhouette and softly questioned, “Do you want to go to Heaven’s Domain?”

Ji Chaoyun’s expression was a little stagnant, and he didn’t answer.

Feng Qi: “Hongmeng Academy’s Gate of Ascension is the only place in the Immortal Realm that can lead to Heaven’s Domain. According to the gate rules, only the disciples of the Heaven-level are eligible to enter the Gate of Ascension. This is the purpose of your coming to Hongmeng Academy. Am I right?”

Ji Chaoyun subconsciously avoided his gaze. “Why would you think so?”

Feng Qi smiled. “Just now when you were hugging me, you kept calling an unfamiliar name. Why? You took me as him? We look alike?”

Unexpectedly, Ji Chaoyun did not refute. “I’m sorry, I didn’t know just now.”

Feng Qi took a deep breath and continued, “Your purse has a very special imprint on it. That mark contains divine power. I have confirmed it with someone, and it belongs to one of the gods.”

Ji Chaoyun: “There are thousands of treasures in this world, and it may be that I got it by accident.”

Feng Qi said softly, “Jun Ruzhuo has already told me.”

Ji Chaoyun’s expression finally showed a flaw. His eyes narrowed. Half of his face was hidden in the dark, and when he spoke again, his voice was a little hoarse, “What did he say?”

Without waiting for Feng Qi to speak, Ji Chaoyun took the lead and stateed, “Never mind, treat it as though I’ve never said that. Seeing that his temperament can’t hide things, he probably told you everything.”

“…Yes, I wish to go to Heaven’s Domain.”

Feng Qi’s heart sank, then a burst of unspeakable sourness appeared. He couldn’t help but say, “That person made you wait in the mortal world for three hundred years in vain. Even now, you still believe in him?”

Ji Chaoyun raised his head, looking as if he didn’t quite understand why he’d said that. “Why wouldn’t I believe?”

Feng Qi’s voice was stuck in his throat.

“Three hundred years ago, the gods and demons fought, and the gods suffered heavy damage. Hence, they had to close the doors of Heaven’s Domain to recuperate, never appearing before the world again,” Ji Chaoyun elaborated. “It is normal that he cannot come out. Since he can’t, I will go to him.”

Feng Qi lowered his head, feeling rather gloomy. “You are so sure that he didn’t violate the meeting with you for other reasons?”

“You don’t know him, Feng Qi.” Ji Chaoyun raised his hand and touched the purse in his arms, feeling a slight warmth through his clothes. “He is not that kind of person.”

Feng Qi’s voice felt like a lump in his throat, and after a while, he muttered, “What kind of man is he, if he can’t even fulfill his promise. If it were me, I would never let you—”

His voice stopped abruptly. His eyes moved towards Ji Chaoyun’s expression before changing the subject. “Do you know how dangerous it is to ascend to the Heavenly Gate? There is the Heavenly Fire left by the gods on it. Once the Heavenly Fire burns one’s body, the pain is unbearable. And once you fail, your spiritual consciousness will be destroyed, and your immortal body along with it. Are you confident you can ascend?”

“No,” Ji Chaoyun said truthfully. “But I have to try, and do my best.”

“Thank you for saving me. Divine consciousness leaving the body is extremely draining of spiritual power. You shouldn’t stay here for too long,” Ji Chaoyun said. “I can handle the rest myself, so go back first, and don’t waste your spiritual power in vain.”

Feng Qi whispered, “I’m happy to.”

Ji Chaoyun didn’t hear clearly. “What did you say?”

“…Nothing. I’ll stay with you for a while. Don’t worry, I won’t speak, and I won’t interfere with you.” Feng Qi stood up, not waiting for Ji Chaoyun to stop him. His figure turned into a golden light and flew to Ji Chaoyun’s front.

Ji Chaoyun stretched out his hand, and a light-gold baby bird that was less than the size of a human hand flew out of the light and landed on his palm.

The little phoenix was ​​covered with light golden feathers, and its body was small and exquisite, like a round ball with long tail feathers dragging behind it, reflecting brilliant colors under the firelight.

The phoenix shook his feathers, and gave a low cry to Ji Chaoyun, his voice clear and pleasant.

Ji Chaoyun looked at him, a little dazed. “You…”

“…What’s wrong?”

“This form of yours…” Ji Chaoyun hesitated for a moment, then said carefully, “ much cuter than I thought.”

“…” The feathers all over Feng Qi exploded instantly, almost jumping out of Ji Chaoyun’s palm. “The original form of This Highness is very majestic, no worse compared to yours. Don’t look down on people! Aren’t I just worried others can tell who I am if I use my true form?!!”

Ji Chaoyun could no longer bear to hold in his smile; his shoulders trembled, and he quickly soothed Feng Qi. “I understand. Don’t get too excited.”

…Once excited, he became even cuter.

Ji Chaoyun decisively stopped laughing before His Second Highness Feng blew his feathers once again. He placed him on his shoulder, and stepped out of the cave.

Ji Chaoyun soon discovered that to get what he wanted was more difficult than he’d thought.

The cedar forest the secret realm was located in was huge, the mountainous road easy to get lost in. Searching for the few remaining demons in such an environment was tantamount to looking for a needle in a haystack. But Ji Chaoyun didn’t care about this at all. He quickly shuttled through the forest, searching all over, not missing any place where evil spirits might lurk.

One shichen, two shichen, three shichen

Time creeped forward bit by bit. Ji Chaoyun’s score slowly increased, before finally jumping to the eleventh place.

But it was still two points away from the tenth place.

Although it was only two points away, Ji Chaoyun had already encountered nothing for a shichen.

His physical strength had not yet recovered from his sudden heat upsurge. Even if Feng Qi had previously injected him with spiritual energy, it was only a drop in the bucket. Ji Chaoyun swayed slightly, stopped under a stone wall, and lightly gasped.

“Ji Chaoyun, don’t go anymore. Your body…” Feng Qi whispered in his ear. “It was a surprise this time. Even if you can’t pass this year, there’s still the next one. Why push yourself so hard?”

Ji Chaoyun rested on the stone wall with one hand, and a fine layer of sweat oozed from his forehead.

Must he really call it off?

Even if he located another…

Ji Chaoyun’s eyes turned black, his fingertips slowly tightened on the stone wall, but a trace of disobedience flashed in his heart. He raised his head, and the stone wall in front of him was rugged and steep, but there was no dust on the surface.

Ji Chaoyun vaguely realized something, and his heartbeat accelerated.

He took two steps back and swung his sword towards the stone wall. The moment the sword light touched it, a crisp sound came from the stone wall’s surface, as if there was an incredibly hidden and invisible barrier being shattered, showing the insides to the naked eye.

What was hidden behind the stone wall was a cold and dark cave filled with evil spirits.

Half a shichen later, the light mirrors in front of Swordplay Arena were all extinguished, and the portals opened. The disciples who participated in the assessment were sent back one after another.

The sky had completely darkened. The full moon hung high in the night sky, and the disciples watching the battle in groups of twos and threes on the grass had already dozed off.

Everyone was awakened by the movement and asked questions in a daze.

“It’s over?” “Who won?” “Did anyone see who found the last ferocious beast?”

The light of the teleportation formation dissipated, and Ji Chaoyun stepped onto the lawn. His figure was in an extremely bad condition. The three fresh scratches on his left arm were still bleeding, blood trailing from his fingertips onto the grass.

He staggered and wanted to walk forward, but was suddenly pulled into a hug.

Ji Chaoyun raised his head, looked at the familiar face, and said softly, “I succeeded.”

“Yeah, it worked.” Feng Qi hugged the emaciated body of the young man tightly in his arms. The atmosphere was enthusiastic, everyone was asking how the result was, and no one noticed the two people embracing within the crowd.

Ji Chaoyun’s consciousness gradually sank, and he vaguely mumbled, “So tired…”

“Sleep for a while, I’ll take you back.” Feng Qi stroked Ji Chaoyun’s hair and lowered his head, almost like he’d kissed the hair softly.

However, Ji Chaoyun could no longer pay attention to any of this, his body completely slackened and he let himself fall in Feng Qi’s arms.

The final score finally lit up once more on the light mirror. Ji Chaoyun’s score instantly increased by 10 points, and the final score was 35, making him the number one in the Yellow-character ranking.

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