Chapter 14 – For those people whom I, Feng Qi, want to protect, they will not be left unprotected.

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Feng Qi’s one-on-one tutoring was still ongoing at Swordplay Arena, but one could say it was more like a one-sided slaughtering.

Once the Heaven-level disciple got serious, his weary appearance was nothing but a blur to onlookers, overwhelming Xu Zixing whip after whip. The latter could only forcefully cope with dodging at first, but his resistance gradually regressed, and he was lashed several times.

“Movement’s too slow. Get up.” Feng Qi whipped Xu Zixing’s bent legs, knocking him to the ground on one knee. “I heard you’ve been promoted from the Yellow to Black level in your first year of enrollment. If so, why can’t you even bear this?”

“You…” Xu Zixing panted, raising his bloodshot eyes.

Feng Qi had dealt no heavy blows. With such low intensity, even skin and flesh wounds wouldn’t be left on an immortal’s body, but he could clearly see that the other was just making fun of him.

Qi Xuan never said anything about what had happened, but Ji Chaoyun had sought him out in front of his classroom; many people had seen it. Although Xu Zixing hadn’t been present, he could roughly guess that it must’ve had something to do with the stolen purse.

The only thing he didn’t expect was that Feng Qi actually helped Ji Chaoyun suppress the matter.

And not only Feng Qi, but also Jiang Cheng.

After learning about the situation, Jiang Cheng had immediately rushed to the Nameless Sea to redeem the purse he’d sold. From then on, he knew he had done something wrong.

What he didn’t understand, however, was why these people had to support that demon dragon. That person obviously—

“Ugh—” Momentarily losing focus, Xu Zixing was once again knocked to the ground by Feng Qi.

The latter simply flicked his long whip twice, reprimanding coldly, “Fighting with me, yet becoming distracted. Xu Zixing, what are you doing all day? If you don’t want to practice, get out of Hongmeng Academy as soon as possible. Get up!” 

Xu Zixing staggered to his feet. “Don’t push too far. You…”

Before he could finish his sentence, Feng Qi striked again. Xu Zixing couldn’t focus on anything else. He quickly dodged left and right, but from the beginning to the end, Feng Qi didn’t even move half a step from his place.

“Heh… That was more than 30 whips already. Can he continue to fight like this?” In the distance, a few Yellow level disciples sat in the shade of the trees, watching the fierce battle in the distance.

“So cruel. He’d probably have to lie in bed for a few days,” Ye Chenxing exclaimed. “How did Xu Zixing provoke this ancestor? He robbed his wife?” 

Cough cough—” Ji Chaoyun choked upon hearing these words. Still coughing, he said, “Don’t

talk nonsense.” 

“Did I guess it wrong?” Ye Chenxing said. “That flower peacock has always been defiant. Who dares to provoke him? Have you ever seen him concerned about another? Tsk, I’m afraid Xu Zixing is banging onto the iron plate.”

The few people behind him were still discussing in low voices. Ji Chaoyun stared at the far distance, at the tall figure standing within the barrier, and lost focus for a while. 

Suddenly, the barrier shattered. Xu Zixing was kicked out of the enchantment by Feng Qi, and rolled several times on the grass. He rolled until Ji Chaoyun’s feet before stopping, and sturdily gave him a five-body bow.

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The audience: “…”

Feng Qi put away his golden whip and walked towards the crowd as if nothing had happened.

“What were you all talking about?”

Ye Chenxing guiltily shrank behind Ji Chaoyun. Ji Chaoyun couldn’t avoid him, so he had to bite the bullet and replied, “Nothing much.”

Feng Qi looked down at Ji Chaoyun, his lips curled in a smile.

He glanced at Xu Zixing, who lay on the grass, unable to get up. He said loudly, “We’ll end it here. Those who did not pass have to copy the cultivation techniques a hundred times, especially you, Xu Zixing. Copy it three hundred times, and give it to me to look through personally.”

After Feng Qi finished saying this, he lowered his head and told Ji Chaoyun, “I’ll go back first. Don’t go to Dengyun Tower tonight, just head back to Wenqu Peak directly. I have something to tell you.” 


Feng Qi urged, “Did you hear me?”

“…Got it.”

“That’s more like it.” Feng Qi gave a satisfied smile. “Continue your practice.”

And with that, he lifted his foot across the half-dead Xu Zixing, and walked away swaggeringly.

“…” Ji Chaoyun gave a helpless sigh. He turned his head, and a group of Yellow level disciples all looked at him in astonishment.

Ye Chenxing’s expression seemed as though he were still dreaming. “He… he said what just now…?”

Bei Ran had the same entranced look. “Back to… Wenqu Peak?”

Ji Chaoyun held his forehead. “…Both of you listen to my explanation.”


Feng Qi didn’t head back to Wenqu Peak.

At this moment, the disciples were all taking classes in the back mountain, and the square in front of the main peak was extremely empty. He went past the front mountain, and soon came outside the Wenxin Hall2问心殿 Literally: Ask your Heart Hall hahaha where the Academy’s elders handled business.

Surrounded by cedars in the front, the temple gave off a pure and elegant feeling. Feng Qi was about to knock when the door creaked open.

“…” Feeling strangely hesitant, Feng Qi paused before walking in.

The hall was burning with faint incense, and Immortal Elder Tian Shu sat in the inner room with his eyes closed. Despite noticing Feng Qi’s presence, he did not open his eyes.

Feng Qi respectfully bowed to him. “Uncle.”

Tian Shu quietly asked, “Why did you come find me? What trouble did you make now?”

Feng Qi refused to mention that he went to the Yellow and Black second-level disciples’ afternoon class to stir trouble. Instead, he smiled and said, “Of course it’s not like that. In your3Respectful heart, I love to make trouble so much?”

Tian Shu muttered out, “…Say it. Why are you here?”

Feng Qi’s smiling expression dimmed slightly. He leaned beside the couch that Tian Shu was sitting on, moving slightly closer. “I do want to ask my uncle about something. It’s about… Gods’ Realm.”

Tian Shu sucked in a breath. In the end, he raised his head. “Why are you asking about this?”

Feng Qi: “Previously, I read this random book in Dengyun Tower, which talked about my Feng clan’s predecessor who had ascended to the sky, and I was a little curious. Since the Feng clan once had a god, why haven’t I seen them?”

“Of course you haven’t seen them before. That was before you were born.” Tian Shu seemed to relax at this, further explaining, “Three hundred years ago, gods and demons battled. The god faction suffered heavy damage and had to recuperate, and could no longer step out of Gods’ Realm. My old wounds were also from that time.”

Feng Qi frowned and questioned, “That is to say, since three hundred years ago, there has been no god in the immortal realm?”

“As far as I know, none of them.”

Feng Qi’s eyes flickered and he continued to ask, “Then does uncle know about a god’s deed?

Tian Shu said, “A deed is a god’s unique imprint. After the deed is bestowed, only the person who has made the bond with him or someone from the same blood as the god can open it. It’s a form of a guardian seal. If you really want to know about the realm of gods, I’ll arrange an Immortal Lord to lecture a class with you disciples one of these days.”

“Thank you, Uncle.” Feng Qi pondered for a moment. “This disciple won’t disturb Uncle in your cultivation anymore.” He then bowed towards Tian Shu. As he was about to leave, Tian Shu suddenly called out behind him.

“Feng Qi,” Tian Shu said, “You were at the Heaven level when you enrolled. We, as Immortal Elders, actually can’t teach you many things. You should have been able to finish your cultivation and leave, but do you know why I wished to keep you here until now?”

Feng Qi’s eyes wavered. He answered truthfully, “This disciple doesn’t know.”

“You don’t know, so why don’t you ask?” Tian Shu stared into his eyes and slowly recounted, “You haven’t been in class or practicing cultivation in the past few years. Relying on your high level of cultivation to oppress the others was just you wanting me to drive you out of the academy.”

“…This disciple dares not.”

Tian Shu snorted. “You were raised by me. Your thoughts, how could I not know? …I keep you here because you are a disciple from the younger generation, and among them, the most promising one to go beyond the gates of heaven.

“Thousands of years ago, the two realms of immortals and gods were originally one. Later, the gods used their boundless divine power to form a realm of their own. Since then, only the heavenly gates of Hongmeng Academy can allow immortals to ascend to become gods,” Tian Shu said. “The heavenly gates have endless karmic fires left by the gods. Only after enduring the pain of the karmic fire can one successfully ascend to the sky. For hundreds of years, you are the first person I have hoped to ever succeed.”

The room was dim. Feng Qi stood where light and shadow met, his expression unclear.

Then, he chuckled. “I thank you for Uncle’s high hopes, but this disciple has never had any great ambitions. I’m afraid to disappoint Uncle.”

Tian Shu obviously did not expect such an answer from him. He was stunned. “You…”

Feng Qi: “Let’s stop here. This disciple will retire first.”

Feng Qi turned and left Wenxin Hall. The door slowly closed, and the inside returned to silence. For a long time, in the dim temple, only an imperceptible sigh could be heard from the headmaster.


Haishi49-11pm. Evening classes ended. 

When Ji Chaoyun went back to Wenqu Peak, Feng Qi was sitting by the lotus pond feeding the fish.

Hearing footsteps, Feng Qi raised his eyes and smiled, waving at him. “Come here.”

“Why are you looking for me?” Ji Chaoyun asked. 

“Can’t I just look for you?” Feng Qi didn’t answer directly, instead replying, “Today, I have helped you release such a huge resentment. Shouldn’t you properly express your thanks to me? Or do you think it’s not enough? However you plan to deal with him, I’ll help.”

“…” Ji Chaoyun was speechless. “No need.”

“Really no need?” Feng Qi supported his chin, observing his expression. He half-jokingly asked, “I obviously helped you, but I don’t think you seem to be happy.”

“It is not that.” Ji Chaoyun stood by the stone bridge and replied softly, “I am… very happy. Feng Qi, for so many years, you are the first person to help me retaliate after being bullied. I used to think… in this world, there would be no one willing to help me.”

“Then why are you…”

“But next time, please, don’t do this again.” Ji Chaoyun stared at the koi splashing about in the waters as they scrambled for food. With difficulty, he elaborated, “Xu Zixing previously wanted to help Jiang Cheng vent his anger. I was bitter, so I hurt him with the spiritual gu5灵蛊 – spiritual venomous insects.. But in the end, his bad attitude only intensified. This world is like this, repaying resentment with the same kind, creating more and more incidents.”

“Then you would rather bear this injustice?”

“No, I did not mean that… “Ji Chaoyun shook his head. “I have encountered something worse than this. Analysing it all, it just means I am not strong enough. It is good to depend on another, but there are some people, though able to protect you for a while, that cannot protect you for a lifetime. In the end, you can only rely on yourself. I have understood this since three hundred years ago.”

Feng Qi was startled.

Ji Chaoyun raised his hand, brushing against the purse that was still emitting the slightest heat from his clothes. “Feng Qi, I am very grateful for your help, but really… let us stop here.” 

Don’t give him hope. This kind of thing, experiencing it once was enough.

Feng Qi stared at him. The stars in the sky shone, and the moonlight’s brilliance was reflected brightly in the water, also reflecting Ji Chaoyun’s particularly pale face.

After a while, Feng Qi threw the remaining bait in his hand into the water, patted his clothes and stood up. “I understand what you mean, and I appreciate your thoughts, but there is something you said that is wrong.”

“What is it?”

Feng Qi suddenly leaned forward. Ji Chaoyun instinctively leaned back, his back hitting the stone bridge’s wall.

The distance between the two of them instantly became only a few hairs apart. Ji Chaoyun stared at those dark yet clear orbs, playfulness and self-confidence shining within them. 

“I don’t know who you encountered to cause you to become so worried about gains and losses,  and be unable to trust others. But I’m different from other people. For those people whom I, Feng Qi, want to protect, they will not be left unprotected.”

He straightened up and rubbed Ji Chaoyun’s hair. “So, concentrate on cultivating and don’t think too much about it. For every day you stay in Hongmeng Academy, I won’t let you be wronged. When you can leave this place, you’ll become strong enough, naturally not needing me to protect you.”

He stepped back slightly, and the familiar domineering aura surrounding Ji Chaoyun disappeared. Only then did he gradually regain his breath.

Feng Qi turned and walked towards the bedchamber. Ji Chaoyun called out to him, only to realize that his voice was shockingly hoarse, “Why are you helping me?”

Feng Qi paused.

“Because…” He lowered his head and narrowed his eyes as a soft smile appeared on his lips, but when words left his mouth, they changed. “Of course it’s because someone wants me to help you.”


“Just leave it alone.” Feng Qi didn’t turn back, simply waving his hand and said, “I don’t plan on getting someone to clean the left bedchamber. You can settle it yourself whenever you have time. But before finishing it, I’ll allow you to sleep in mine.”



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    问心殿 Literally: Ask your Heart Hall hahaha
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    灵蛊 – spiritual venomous insects.

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