Chapter 9 – Wee hours

After Being Marked by a Powerful Love Rival
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Song Yi rushed home overnight, escaping from the guest house like a fugitive. He took a good shower and made sure there weren’t any pheromones on his body before he got a good night’s sleep.

The opening day of “The Era of Passionate Love” was coming up so Song Yi spent a lot of time memorizing his lines, taking a red pen and marking the intonation line by line.

To do this line of work, one should love it as it was. Scripts could afford to be bad, but the actor could not be.

This was what the school’s acting teacher taught Song Yi. For an actor, there may not always be good scripts available. Indeed, most of them were badly written scripts; good scripts were rare.

Hence, no matter if the drama was bad or not, it would not affect Song Yi’s professional and dedicated performance. These past years, amongst all those directors he had cooperated with, not one had said he was bad, rather, many even wanted to work together again.

On the day when Song Yi’s script was almost memorized, Cheng Song called and asked Song Yi to go to see a play together. The theater was screening the new play by Wilde: “The Picture of Dorian Gray”.

Song Yi was in a good mood. Speaking of Cheng Song, it was pure luck that they had met at a theater. When Song Yi went to see his favorite “Macbeth”, the theater had unknowingly sold a ticket for one seat to the two of them.

Cheng Song graciously stepped back. But Song Yi felt it was too impolite to accept, and because of that, found a coffee shop where they could chat instead. This chat led both of them to realise that their hobbies were so alike.

Whatever Song Yi liked, Cheng Song also liked. When talking about everything under the sun – be it history or humanities, Cheng Song could follow along.

Furthermore, Cheng Song was coincidentally the new CEO of Star Entertainment, Song Yi’s top boss.   

In order to avoid suspicion, while he was in the company, Song Yi had never spoken with Cheng Song. When they met, he would appear unfamiliar. All of their interactions happened while they were away from the public eyes.

No one at Star Entertainment knew that Song Yi and Cheng Song were good friends.

Song Yi took the tickets from the theater’s ticket machine, and when he turned his head, saw Cheng Song walking in from the lobby.

Cheng Song was not yet thirty years old; his looks were outstanding, wearing a black suit and a cashmere coat of the same color, with long legs and a narrow waist, he seemed to look like those fashion models on the runway.

Song Yi’s heart lamented that the last time he met with Cheng Song was a month ago, after they played squash and went to the spa thereafter. Now that he had become an Omega, such intimate contact could never be regained.

Cheng Song put his arm around his shoulders and asked with a smile, “What are you thinking about?”

“Thinking about what to eat later.” Song Yi smiled and walked into the theater, shoulder to shoulder with Cheng Song.

After watching the play, they found a nearby Sichuan restaurant to have a meal, and Song Yi ordered a few dishes that he usually ate.

“Liu Zhenzhen hasn’t been bothering you lately, right?” Cheng Song took off his coat and hung it on the wall, his tall and slender body visible.

Song Yi was helpless. “Do I look like a soft cloth?”

“Not like that.” Cheng Song smiled and said sincerely, “Liu Zhenzhen is very capable in business, but she is too utilitarian and doesn’t think a lot about the artists, so I always feel that she will aggravate you.”

“It’s okay, she’s quite good.” Song Yi did not feel any aggravation. He was a big man, not Lin Daiyu 1Lin Daiyu is one of the principal characters of Cao Xueqin’s classic 18th century Chinese novel Dream of the Red Chamber. She is portrayed as a well-educated, intelligent, witty and beautiful young woman of physical frailness who is somewhat prone to occasional melancholy., so what was there to care so much about?

Cheng Song poured a cup of tea and pushed it to Song Yi. “Thought about where to go for a vacation? Where do you want to go?”

“Vacation?” Song Yi helplessly shrugged. “Next week I’ll be at Seaside city for a shooting. Vacations can only happen after that.”

Cheng Song was stunned. He asked unexpectedly, “What drama are you shooting?”

“The Era of Passionate Love.” Song Yi was confused. According to Star Entertainment’s workflow, to get the permission to shoot this drama, it should have been reported to Cheng Song. But why was Cheng Song unaware of it?

Cheng Song glanced at Song Yi and mused, “I read the schedule before I went on a business trip. Your contract will expire soon. Liu Zhenzhen has arranged a three-month vacation for you, and I have signed and approved it.”

Song Yi thought of three months of vacation that disappeared without a trace. His heart clenched. “I have no fate with vacations, I am destined to create another success for Star Entertainment.”

Cheng Song thought of something and his brows furrowed. “So you’re going to shoot ‘The Era of Passionate Love‘?”

“Yes, I play the male second. This character is rather good.”  

“Who is the male lead of ‘The Era of Passionate Love’?”

Song Yi laughed dryly and said as if nothing was up, “Gu Xingchuan.”

Cheng Song looked at Song Yi with an understanding sympathetic expression. “You should be more careful, I heard that he is very difficult to get along with.”

Song Yi thought to himself, no one knew better than him.

The ‘The Era of Passionate Love’ had arranged for the cast to live in a resort in Seaside City. The crew booked a whole courtyard, front and back, and it was filled with people from the crew.

In the evening, the chief director organized a dinner for everyone in one of the largest hotels in Seaside City. There were seven or eight tables inside a large private room.

Song Yi, as one of the main actors, sat at the main table and chatted with the chief director.

The chief director said in a serious tone, “I’ve seen your ‘Winter Hunt’, your character Wulang is not bad. The character’s psychological changes are grasped very cleverly, but the performance is still a bit raw. During the revenge scene , you spoke the lines too fast.”

As he listened, Song Yi nodded. “When I reviewed it, I always felt that this scene was not done well, but I could not find any obvious flaws. After hearing you say this today, it turns out that was the issue. Director Yang, thank you for your advice.”

Director Yang smiled. Hearing this in front of so many people, it touched him deeply. Even if he knew it was just politeness speaking, when Song Yi said this, it felt really nice to hear.  

“Come, have a drink.” Director Yang poured Song Yi a glass of wine.

Song Yi politely clinked his glass, picked it up and drank it all with no hesitation.

As soon as Gu Xingchuan came in, he saw this scene. His gaze swept over the glass of wine in Song Yi’s hand and frowned slightly.

Some people were born with an aura. When Gu Xingchuan arrived, the noisy room became quiet, the crowd now silently eating the dishes, and some of the staff who saw Gu Xingchuan for the first time whispered excitedly in their discussions.

The one who stood at the top peak of the entertainment industry. Even if his results turned out to be bad, he would still be caught to inherit tens of billions of inheritance. Gu Xingchuan wore a crown at every moment, too far from the life of ordinary people.

Song Yi glanced at him, giving a polite and detached smile, while his fist under the table clenched tightly.

Gu Xingchuan sat on the other side of Director Yang, taking out his phone from his jacket pocket, playing with it without another thought.

In this crew, all knew that Gu Xingchuan was their master. If he did not speak, no one dared to come up to toast, simply moving as far as possible to avoid him.

Even the chief director dared not to touch the bad luck.

Song Yi’s cell phone message rang. Coming from this [sb], the message stated, “If you can’t drink, then don’t act strong.”

During high school, young boys copied the adults and drank. Those who did not drink were not considered men. Song Yi didn’t want to be called a pussy, so he picked up a bottle of wine and chugged it. He did not even last until the afternoon when his stomach was on fire, vomiting to the point of no return. Gu Xingchuan, who sat in the front row, carried him to the medical clinic. Only after a few days of clinging by a nail, did he survive.

Song Yi ignored the message and shut off the phone. He continued his own actions and continued chatting idly with Director Yang.

Director Yang could be his mother’s worthy opponent. First talking about US securities, then the recovery of Diaoyu Islands, and another, the pacification of the Philippines. Song Yi listened until he got dizzy.

“Come, another drink!” Director Yang gulped on a shot, and with his hand, waved at him.

The glass of wine had not yet reached Song Yi’s line of sight when Gu Xingchuan reached out and stopped it. He stood up, smiled slightly as his ink-black eyes were filled with a cold light. “Director Yang, I have not drunk with you today. This cup, let me drink it.”

Director Yang was more than happy to accept – drawing a twenty thousand, eighty thousand2When playing mahjong, one of the tiles would be 二万 / 八万 like this, to have Gu Xingchuan drink with himself. This face was really too great. “Good! Xiao Gu, this wine’s potency is not bad ah!”

“Usually at home,my father and I will drink two cups or so, to train my wine tolerance.” When Gu Xingchuan mentioned Father Gu, Director Yang, who initially wanted to drink a few more cups together, beat a hasty retreat.

Turning to the second male lead, Song Yi, Director Yang said with a smile, “How about Xiao Song’s drinking capacity?”

“However much Director Yang can drink, is the same as myself. I will never let you have an empty glass.” Song Yi smiled.

Having a good relationship with the chief director would determine if he would have a smooth life in the next three months or not.

Director Yang heard it. Indeed Song Yi had more loyalty. “Good! This is what I love to hear! Come! Drink!” 

Gu Xingchuan glared at Song Yi and knocked a few times on the phone keyboard.  

Song Yi swept his sight across a message. [sb: You pretend then. Having a drinking capacity huh!]  

Because Song Yi frequently looked at his phone, Director Yang smelt something. He said with a smile, “Xiao Song, you have a strict wife? What time is it now? Already checking the time??? Such a wife is not needed!”

Song Yi smiled lightly and locked the phone screen. “No, it’s a harassing text message, I’m not married yet.”

Gu Xingchuan’s face was dark and thunderous.  

“You have to seize the time ah!” Director Yang sighed, not noticing Gu Xingchuan’s hateful gaze. He patted Song Yi’s shoulder and recommended, “I have a niece, a graduate of the Beijing Normal University, very handsome. After some time has passed, we will arrange for you two to meet.”

Song Yi gave a gentle cough and was about to speak when Gu Xingchuan took the lead and coldly reminded, “Director Yang, Song Yi said he is not married, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have a boyfriend. Such things have to be said for clarification.”

“Huh?” Director Yang scratched his hair. “Xiao Song has a boyfriend?”

Since Song Yi could not go to see Director Yang’s niece, he shyly nodded. “There is. Currently in talks. Won’t need Director Yang to worry about me.” 

“Such a pity!” Director Yang lamented, “What does your boyfriend do ah?”

Song Yi hesitated for a moment. Gu Xingchuan unhurriedly stared at him as he replied, his gaze burning furiously like a torch.

Song Yi met that gaze, and returned that look back to Gu Xingchuan. The corners of the mouth curved upwards, declaring word by word, “My boyfriend is a photographer, one that photographs avian creatures.”

This was Shen Li’s job.

A naked provocation!

How shameful. If this was not in front of everyone, Gu Xingchuan would thoroughly ask Song Yi what his “boyfriend” actually does!

By the time the dinner broke up, it was eleven o’clock. Song Yi sent the drunken Director Yang to the car, went to the bathroom and washed his face. The after-effects of wine left his face red and puffy.

When Song Yi came out of the bathroom, Gu Xingchuan leaned lazily on the corridor as he crossed his arms. His two long legs were straight, standing like a work of art, his eyes glaring at Song Yi.

Under the public eye, Song Yi was not worried about what Gu Xingchuan will do. He was too lazy to bother.

He simply walked forward. Gu Xingchuan rushed forth and pulled the back of Song Yi, collar, aggressively grunting, “Running? Your courage is rather fat huh?”

“What do you want?” Song Yi thought to himself, as long as you don’t suddenly touch his lips like last time. Just like those fucking horror movies; too scary.

Gu Xingchuan glared back and badmouthed him, “Your body stinks with the smell of alcohol. So smelly.”

Not as if I was going to sleep with you in the same nest. None of your fucking business. Song Yi’s attitude chilled. “So please stay away from me.”

“Huh.” Gu Xingchuan sneered, “Our account has not yet been settled, and you dare to say Shen Li is your boyfriend. You are really tired of living.”

Song Yi laughed provocatively, having every intention to provoke Gu Xingchuan. “Could he be your boyfriend? What proof do you have?”

Gu Xingchuan gave him a warning look. “The proof is that I slept with him.”

If sleeping around with others could get you a boyfriend, then prostitution isn’t illegal in this world.” Song Yi grinned, showing his sharp teeth.

Gu Xingchuan was furious enough to stare at him.

Song Yi drank a lot of wine tonight. His eyes were flushed with a light pink, seemingly painted with charming mysterious pigments. Those slightly crimson plump lips were slightly ajar. This whole face was like how one…… one looked in orgasm.

Gu Xingchuan’s heart pumped, a sense of tingling numbness. He fiercely turned his head, grunting out, “I don’t bother with alcoholics. I’ll let you off today.”

Song Yi was satisfied with his first battle on the set and showed a kind smile, “Fine. Xingchuan, see you tomorrow.”

Gu Xingchuan’s hands reached into the pockets of his sweatshirt. His arms tense, looking at the back of Song Yi with his eyes on fire as he gritted his teeth and took a few steps to follow. Like magic, a bottle of milk appeared from the pocket, together with an alcohol medication pill. “Eat it.”

Song Yi was dumbfounded. This sobering pill was an alcohol medication pill and not rat poison, right? This milk was also just milk and not sulfuric acid, right? Had Gu Xingchuan changed sex?

“What are you looking at? I’ll throw it away if you don’t eat it.” Gu Xingchuan’s voice was hard.

Song Yi’s stomach was indeed uncomfortable, like a fire was burning within. He had been bearing it at the table and now he gave a surprised look at Gu Xingchuan, before taking the milk. His fingers that touched the bottle found it still hot.

It was so late. Where did Gu Xingchuan buy this hot milk? 

Song Yi did not think much about it, took the medicine and said seriously, “Thank you.”

“No need to thank me.” Gu Xingchuan gave a viscous smile, saying meaningfully, “I spit in the milk.”

Song Yi’s heart flared red. Not being able to see whether Gu Xingchuan was being truthful or lying. That touching feeling disappeared into smoke.

Really, what a fucking psycho.


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  • 1
    Lin Daiyu is one of the principal characters of Cao Xueqin’s classic 18th century Chinese novel Dream of the Red Chamber. She is portrayed as a well-educated, intelligent, witty and beautiful young woman of physical frailness who is somewhat prone to occasional melancholy.
  • 2
    When playing mahjong, one of the tiles would be 二万 / 八万

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