Chapter 7 – Evening

After Being Marked by a Powerful Love Rival
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When Song Yi saw the phone message, it was already evening. Without batting an eye, he called Song Jie, telling her to play for a few more days outside, and wait until the end of the month before returning.

Song Jie seemed to have a premonition. She said nothing else and obediently agreed.

The message was screenshotted and sent to the lawyer, keeping this evidence for the divorce to be shown to the judge. Want to blackmail Song Yi for money? It won’t be easy.

The next day, Gu Xingchuan could not stay still any longer. Since the leg injury, he had not been outside for more than a week. Suffocating inside the villa, he was growing moldy fast.

Song Yi had been to a suburban bed and breakfast before. Fishing, horseback riding, feeding the bunnies, it was quite suitable for a short vacation. And the most important thing was there were few people. In a season like this, there were not many people, so he didn’t need to meet fans or reporters.

“Fishing?” Gu Xingchuan snorted. “Song Yi, are you forty years old?”

Implying that such a boring activity as fishing was not for young people to play. UnlikeGu Xingchuan, such a vibrant person, who loved to play basketball, skiing, surfing, occasionally going parachuting, whose life was full of excitement.

For him to go fishing, sitting in one place for half a day, not moving, being unable to talk loudly, wasn’t that just boring himself to death? It was no different from getting Zhang Fei1Remember the big, bearded, hairy man? Haha to do embroidery.

Song Yi organized and carried light luggage for his clothes. As he was only going for one night, he did not bring much. “Fishing is very interesting, you’re just too impatient.”

“What’s so interesting about it?” Gu Xingchuan took exception to it.

Song Yi was too lazy to explain, what of to cultivate his mind and heal the body and so on. “Since you don’t want to go, then make sure to recuperate well. I’ll go on vacation by myself.”

“You’re going on vacation alone?” Gu Xingchuan pointed to his chest. “What about me?”

In his heart, Song Yi thought, you are just too dependent on me. Bumping this porcelain to compensate for money. But Gu Xingchuan just wanted him to be a free nanny for his whole life. He really did not know what sins he had committed to come down to this.

“Isn’t your injury almost healed? You don’t need me to take care of you anymore, right?”

Gu Xingchuan glared at him and snorted. “Not good. I am in pain right now. You are not allowed to leave me alone.”

Song Yi couldn’t see any pain on his face. Like a piece of gum, sticking straight onto a person. Song Yi argued back, “It was my fault that I bumped into you. I will bear the responsibility of taking care of you, but I also have my own life. I can’t spend all my time on you.”

“What’s wrong with spending your time on me?” Gu Xingchuan asked back as he crossed his arms. He stared at Song Yi, the curve of his jaw tightened. “My singing performance fee for three hours is a net profit of 20 million. You cost me 20 million. Is your time worth so much money?”

Hearing this, Song Yi was furious. Gu Xingchuan had really never changed at all. In high school, he treated others like that. After so many years, he still had such a stinking problem.

“If you want to be so rude, we have nothing to say.” Song Yi took a deep breath, his eyebrows furrowed.

Gu Xingchuan’s pitch-black beautiful pupils looked at him. It was true. Song Yi looked very interesting when he was angry. His neatly trimmed eyebrows dipped as his cheeks were slightly bulging because of him gritting his teeth, just like a toothy cat, almost ready to come out and scratch people.

“Am I wrong?” Gu Xingchuan sneered. “You’ve profited with all your time spent on me. Think about it, you made 20 million in this week alone. You think you can make that amount of money in one year of filming?”

Song Yi laughed in anger. According to Gu Xingchuan’s logic of ‘taking care’ of him, the nurses in the hospital would become the richest person on Earth. “Until you learn to respect others, we’d better stop talking.”

As for anything, it was better to quit while one was ahead. Gu Xingchuan blinked a few times and gave Song Yi an innocent look. “Didn’t you say to go fishing?”


“My dad rather likes fishing.” Gu Xingchuan added.

Song Yi sneered; his words, not having any sense of forgiveness, pushed out, “What a coincidence, I have the same hobby as your dad.”  

Gu Xingchuan frowned, his expression unhappy. “Don’t take advantage of me.”

Song Yi still wanted to take advantage more. No matter how much money you give me, I will never agree to treat you as my father. Sooner or later, I’ll have you suffocated on this piece of barbecued pork.

The scenery in the suburbs was beautiful. With green mountains and clear waters, rippling blue waves, and the gentle breeze blowing, it made one’s heart relaxed and recharged.

The beautiful scenery always makes one feel good. Song Yi rented a boat and took a leisure course on the lake. The evening sun reflected a golden layer on the lake. There was none of the hustle and bustle of the city, only a few faint frog croaks could be heard.

Song Yi stretched his body and counted the small fish in the fish basket. No more, no less – there were seven. He had a good harvest this afternoon.

Gu Xingchuan lazily leaned back in the chair, basking in the comfortable sun as the WeChat messages from his mobile phone kept ringing. He reached out and picked up the phone to read the messages.

“Take a picture of me and send it to my agent.”

Streaming artists like Gu Xingchuan needed to publish news from time to time to keep up the heat. Song Yi completely understood this.

Song Yi took a few photos with that mobile phone. Although Gu Xingchuan was said to be terribly popular, his face was really a masterpiece. Just by casually lying down, with his hair scattered and unruly, and a few strands of hair hanging down his cheeks, the skin that lined his face was not blemished at all. Reddish lips and white teeth, his facial features having an alluring sense of danger. Under the sun’s rays, it brought a sense of softness.

A casual shot was the same as a professional holiday promotional shot. 

The heavens bestowed food for thought. Song Yi sighed and tapped on Gu Xingchuan’s manager’s WeChat account to send the photo he took.

Almost turning off the phone, Song Yi accidentally swept past a photo that caught his eye.

Based on the arrangement date inside the phone, it should have been long ago. A man with a perfect figure was lying in the resort with a sun hat on his face and two long legs overlapping casually.

This was the picture Long-legged Handsome Brother sent to Song Yi!

Song Yi’s head exploded. He looked at Gu Xingchuan in disbelief, and pointed to the photo on the phone. “Is this you?”

Gu Xingchuan gave a glance. He raised his eyebrows. “It’s me. Handsome, right?”

“You’re sure?” Song Yi couldn’t believe it.

Gu Xingchuan was confused. He clicked on the photo. “Open your eyes, see the tattoo under the shirt? Have you seen anyone else with it?”

Song Yi took a closer look. In the photo, the white shirt worn by the man was very thin, and the black tattoo was vaguely revealed on his waist. It was very small, and it would be difficult to notice if one didn’t look carefully enough.

On the day when he bathed Gu Xingchuan, Song Yi vaguely remembered that there was a tattoo on Gu Xingchuan’s waist. It seemed to be a string of Greek letters, which looked pretty cool.

“When did you take this picture?”  

“In Hawaii this summer. Why?”

Song Yi was about to vomit blood. He took a few deep breaths. “Have you shown this picture to others?”

Gu Xingchuan glanced at him strangely. “This was posted on Ins2I believe is Instagram.. My agent thought it was too explicit so it was deleted, but it should be saved by many people.”

A man with thick eyebrows and eyes like Long-legged Handsome Brother actually stole pictures!

Song Yi’s heart squeezed.The anger of being deceived and played with grew. He was extremely disappointed. What madness. The UP master he liked for so long not only fucked fans, but also stole pictures and disguised himself.

Too wicked.

Not only stealing someone’s picture, but stealing Gu Xingchuan’s image! No ambition at all!

It was already so hard for Song Yi to like this Long-legged Handsome Brother so much. With the internet, it was easy to know one’s face and person but difficult to know one’s heart. No matter how good his singing was, his character was terrible.

Song Yi felt distressed for the gift money donations he gave to Long-legged Handsome Brother all these years.

“My handsomeness made you dizzy?” Gu Xingchuan noticed something wrong with him.

Song Yi returned the phone to him, his whole body gloomy from top to bottom, like a frosted eggplant, not saying a single word.

Gu Xingchuan stared at him for a while, seeing Song Yi so dull and listless. He sat quietly beside him and stopped talking. 

It turned dark early in the mountains. Around 7 or 8pm, there was no longer any light. Song Yi and Gu Xingchuan returned to the bed-and-breakfast guestroom. Song Yi took a shower first.

Song Yi wanted to ask why Long-legged Handsome Brother stole pictures to pretend to be another person, but then he thought about it again. What was the point of asking?

The facts were in front of his eyes. Song Yi’s favorite UP master, the Long-legged Handsome Brother, was a scumbag through and through.

Fortunately, Song Yi’s self-healing ability was comparable to a cockroach. When he stepped out of the bathroom, he felt better by half.

Gu Xingchuan seemed to be video calling with someone, and said perfunctorily, “I know, I know.”

Song Yi heard a bell-like laughter when he passed by, such a charming, princess-like laughter.

“Oh, baby! I seem to have seen your class’ committee member.” The woman’s voice was very soft and pleasant.

Gu Xingchuan glanced at Song Yi and nodded reluctantly. “En, it’s him.”

Song Yi sat across from him, slowly drying his hair. He gave an apologetic look to Gu Xingchuan. It was not on purpose that he entered the lens.

“He seems to be called Song Yi?” The woman smiled. “I remember he did well in his studies, and kept taking first place in your class.”

Gu Xingchuan gave a short “En”, unwilling to mention Song Yi further.

But the woman seemed to be very interested in Song Yi. “He chased Shen Li with you?”


“Shen Li didn’t come out to play with you?”

“Shen Li has something to do, he is very busy these days.”

“Baby, your mother will support whoever you like. But I think Shen Li is very insincere, you have to think about it properly.”

“I will.” Gu Xingchuan twisted his brows together.

“Baby, I want to say a few words to Song Yi, okay?”

There was a sense of tender beauty in the words, which was so unpretentious and very natural.

Gu Xingchuan tightened his brows. He was not too happy. “What will you say to him?”

“Thank him for taking care of you!”  

Gu Xingchuan hesitated for a moment before solemnly saying, “Don’t talk nonsense.” 

After talking, he handed the phone to Song Yi.

Song Yi was quite happy to chat with Gu Xingchuan’s mother. Towards her, no male would be unwilling.

The woman in the video looked at most, in her early thirties. The years left no trace on her body. Her wavy maroon hair was casually clasped, looking very feminine. She had the same snow-white skin as Gu Xingchuan, with light makeup and soft lips. She smiled, sitting on the velvet sofa. Her entire atmosphere retained a sense of youthfulness.

In the second year of high school, there was a parent-teacher meeting. Mother Gu came to attend and it was no exaggeration to say that all the males in the entire classroom were fascinated by her. The parents who were usually taciturn had a lot to say, vying to speak on stage.

Since then, countless Alphas made friends with Gu Xingchuan, all wanting to be Gu Xingchuan’s father.

“Hello!” Mother Gu was elated as her eyes lit up. “Thank you for taking care of Xingchuan recently. He didn’t trouble you, right?”

I know my own son the best. For Gu Xingchuan’s temperament, to have real friends was very rare.

“No.” In the face of such a beautiful Omega, Song Yi inevitably felt a little reserved.

Mother Gu said, “How can it not be troublesome? You can tell me secretly.”

“He has already said it’s not troublesome. Why must you say so much?” Gu Xingchuan shouted impatiently.

“So fierce!” Mother Gu smiled at Song Yi, like a little fairy. “Song Yi. The next time he is so fierce to you, don’t give in to him. He ah, can be too annoying.”

Though Song Yi had no affection for this female, his ears were so heated until they burned. With how Mother Gu’s mother talked so coquettishly, if one was a male, one could barely stand it.

Really don’t know how an Omega like her had a son like Gu Xingchuan.

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