Chapter 5 – C-fan hosting

After Being Marked by a Powerful Love Rival
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Title Explanation: Concept that people with a certain popularity having physical relationship with fans.

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Facing this UP host whom he liked, Song Yi couldn’t help but curve the corner of his mouth. He deliberated and typed a line of words on the keyboard, carefully sending a private message to Handsome Brother.

[Macbeth]: I hope Handsome Brother’s friend can get out of the trough of life as soon as possible! Like the lyrics in ‘Cheng Feng’, “I wish for you to ride the wind and waves, to steer and sail through the azure sea. I wish for you to follow your heart’s desire, to fear nothing in this life!”

Song Yi stared at the screen, heart in a mess. Doesn’t it seem too enthusiastic to write like this?

The system showed that the message had been read. Long-legged Handsome Brother was still typing, leaving Song Yi’s heart almost hanging out of his throat.

[Long-legged Handsome Brother]: O(∩_∩)O haha~ Thank you ya, Xiao Bai1Meaning, Little White..

He actually used emoji. This Handsome Brother should be a very cute boy in reality.

Song Yi smiled happily, thinking deeply before replying, “Very curious what kind of person Handsome Brother is…”

The Long-legged Handsome Brother had always been very mysterious, never showing his face.

But Song Yi deduced from the daily live broadcast that the Handsome Brother’s status should not be too bad. When Handsome Brother sang English songs, he did so in a British accent. When he talked about logical topics, he had a good train of thought, enabling one to see that he was well-educated.

[Long-legged Handsome Brother]: (#^.^#) I am a handsome guy with long legs!

[Macbeth]: ^_^I believe it! Just by listening to your voice, everyone will know that you’re a handsome guy.

Towards Song Yi’s enamoured little brother mentality, even if Long-legged Handsome Brother was tall and well-built, similar to Zhong Kui 2Picture speaks a thousand words:

Traditionally regarded as a vanquisher of ghosts and evil beings. He is universally depicted as a large man with a big black beard, bulging eyes and a wrathful expression.
, his inner beauty could counteract all of this.

The Long-legged Handsome Brother’s status showed that he was still typing. Song Yi waited for several minutes. It seemed that the Handsome Brother typed and deleted, typed and deleted. What was he struggling with?

[Long-legged Handsome Brother]: Are you a fan of Gu Xingchuan?

[Macbeth]: No…

Song Yi frowned. How could he be a fan of Gu Xingchuan? Being his anti-fan was more like it.

[Long-legged Handsome Brother]: ‘Macbeth’ is the title song of Gu Xingchuan’s first album.

Song Yi was stunned. The name was pure coincidence.

[Macbeth]: Haha, this is a play I like very much, and it has nothing to do with Gu Xingchuan.

[Long-legged Handsome Brother]: So you don’t like him?

Song Yi didn’t know how to answer. Long-legged Handsome Brother should have not liked Gu Xingchuan, otherwise why would he not even sing Gu Xingchuan’s song?

But saying bad things behind others’ backs… Song Yi really doesn’t like doing that.

He thought for a while, and replied: “There are many people who like him, I am not among them.”

[Long-legged Handsome Brother]: [Cute] Why?

[Macbeth]: Hmm…because he is arrogant and needs a beating.

Song Yi stated the truth. Gu Xingchuan had a good character, but he was too arrogant, acting like this self-centred grand master to anyone. Song Yi simply disliked that.

Several minutes later, the Long-legged Handsome Brother replied extremely slowly, “I guess you are an alpha.”

The disadvantage of being a top-tier attraction was that it attracted the likes of non-straight men.

Song Yi tilted his head. “Gender is confidential.”

[Long-legged Handsome Brother]: [Sneering laughter]. Do you want fan benefits?

Whenever Handsome Brother spoke to the fans on the live broadcast room, his words were cold and aloof, never hearing any kind of fan benefit before.

[Macbeth]: [Smiley face] I really want Handsome Brother’s fans’ benefit. Does that mean I can request songs?

The other side of the screen was quiet for a while. The Long-legged Handsome Brother sent a picture.

The picture was loading as shown by the circular motion. Song Yi leisurely picked up his coffee and sipped it until the picture gradually became clear.

“Cough cough.”

Song Yi choked, almost spitting out the coffee onto the keyboard.

The background in the photo was a high-end resort. The shining sun, the rippling waters in the swimming pool and amidst them, a slender man laid on a beach chair, his face shaded by a sun hat. His upper body was adorned with a shirt, and his lower body had only a pair of black swimming trunks. The long legs crossed casually, showing the tight muscles as they exuded strong male hormones.

As the name suggested, this leg was really long. As per how the Internet would say, those legs were unmistakably 1.8 meters long.3Just a term used as a internet slang, saying it’s really really long~

But… Handsome Brother, what do you mean? Song Yi vaguely sensed something off.

[Long-legged Handsome Brother]: [Devil] Meeting?

Song Yi frowned, and responded straightforwardly, “What do you mean?”

[Long-legged Handsome Brother]: Fucking the fans are fans’ benefits.

Song Yi was taken aback, focusing on the word ‘Fucking the fans’, and his impression of this long-legged handsome brother instantly fell to the rock bottom.

Usually looking upright and proper in the live broadcast. Who knew he could be such an open person in private.

Like something stuck in his throat, Song Yi quickly closed the webpage. Only after a while, did he manage to recover his spirit.

For fucking a fan, both parties need to be willing. Two adults both have enough maturity to decide. Others have no right to criticize. Only, this person was the perfect Long-legged Handsome Brother in Song Yi’s mind, that never surprised, never faltering Long-legged Handsome Brother.

Song Yi was no longer calm.

A few days later, Song Yi left the matter of Gu Xingchuan behind. Gu Xingchuan seemed to have forgotten, and didn’t contact Song Yi.

Song Yi spent a while with his parents comfortably, before driving to Star Entertainment to sign a contract for a new script early that morning.

After signing this contract, he only needed to wait for “The Era of Passionate Love” to start. Song Yi’s assistant Xiao Zhou went to the market to buy the daily necessities that he needed to bring to the seaside city.

Song Yi was about to come out of the company door. Liu Zhenzhen was sitting in the lobby on the phone. She saw Song Yi’s stern face and beckoned him over. “Song Yi, you got into trouble and you didn’t tell me?”

“What’s the matter?” Song Yi secretly guessed.

Liu Zhenzhen looked around, then gritted her teeth and whispered, “You were the one who hit Gu Xingchuan?”

Song Yi squinted his eyes. “I accidentally touched him.”

“You are too reckless when driving.” Liu Zhenzhen’s face turned blue and anxious. “You didn’t tell me anything. If I didn’t meet Gu Xingchuan’s agent today, until when would you keep it from me?”

Liu Zhenzhen paused, watching Song Yi being cool and collected. She took a deep breath and the rest in a single breath, “This makes things very difficult now!”

“I will take care of it.” Song Yi was helpless in every way.

Liu Zhenzhen gritted her teeth. “Let me tell you the truth. Gu Xingchuan’s father, Gu Shaoyuan, bought a part of Star Entertainment’s shares from the shareholders’ meeting. He is likely to be Star Entertainment’s largest shareholder in the future.”

“And you, knocked down the son of the future boss!”

Everyone in the company would sharpen their brains, thinking about how to indulge in this future great grand prince, but this artist under her had knocked into Gu Xingchuan, even getting into conflict with Gu Xingchuan.

Liu Zhenzhen’s heart was vomiting blood.

Song Yi’s eyebrows furrowed. If he had known that Gu Xingchuan’s father was going to be the boss of Star Entertainment, he would have terminated the contract 800 years ago. “When did it happen?”

“Don’t ask about these things.” Liu Zhenzhen’s face colour got slightly better. She glared at Song Yi. “You knocked into Gu Xingchuan. Why aren’t you even caring about him? Usually you’re not like that. What’s wrong now?”

Song Yi had no choice but to suffer in silence, having hardship but unable to voice it out.

Liu Zhenzhen sighed. “You don’t need to care about the company’s affairs. I’ll take care of it. Just treat it as giving me some face, head to Gu Xingchuan’s house and get him to forgive you.

Facing Liu Zhenzhen, Song Yi could hardly say a word of refusal. Although Liu Zhenzhen’s temper was not very good, the two of them have been getting along quite happily in the past few years. She could be regarded as half a friend.

“Understood. I will go.” Song Yi pinched the bridge of his nose.

Liu Zhenzhen finally felt relieved. She patted Song Yi on the shoulder. “I also know that Gu Xingchuan is not easy to get along with, but people have to bow their heads under the eaves4Ie, People are inferior to others in power and opportunities, they have to bow their heads and give in.. Bowing this head, and everyone’s life will be better in the future.”

Song Yi gave a faint smile. A leader can submit or stand tall as required. Only after walking through the trough can he climb to the peak. He could just treat Gu Xingchuan as an adulthood trial. As long as he passed this hurdle, nothing would stump him.

Although Song Yi thought so, when he received Gu Xingchuan’s text message, his anger blew up in his head.

The phone number was an unfamiliar number. But with that kind of speaking tone, Song Yi could not find a second one among the people he knew.

【A box of sweet oranges, a box of avocados. The sweet oranges must have leaves on, the avocados must be from Pinkerton. Seafood porridge from Xue Congee on the fourth floor of Nanmao Shopping Mall, is to arrive at my house before four o’clock. 】

Song Yi sat in the car, holding his cell phone and searched for an official phone number for Meituan Takeaway before sending it over.

Very quickly, Gu Xingchuan called. Song Yi calculated the time and waited until it was almost time for it to end before slowly answering.

“Hello. Who am I speaking to?” Song Yi asked politely.

“It’s me, Gu Xingchuan.” Gu Xingchuan’s voice was like dark clouds winding over the city.

Song Yi pretended to be surprised. “I thought someone ordered a takeaway and sent the wrong message. It turned out to be you. Should have said so earlier.”

Gu Xingchuan sneered. “You remember now?”

“I will do it, I will buy it for you now.” Song Yi smiled, seemingly unaffected.

Gu Xingchuan hesitated for a moment, and said in a blunt tone. “Save my number and add an A in front of the name so that it can be placed on top. I’ll send you a message whenever I need something.”

Song Yi smiled, “Alright. Great young master, you5Honorable you have the final say.”

As soon as the phone hung up, Song Yi obediently saved Gu Xingchuan’s phone number, but the name did not start with A. Instead, the first two letters started with S.

When he arrived at Gu Xingchuan’s home, Song Yi opened the door of the living room. The curtains were half drawn, the light was half bright and dim. Under the warmth of the afternoon sun, Gu Xingchuan was lazily leaning on the sofa, holding the gamepad in his hand, and looking at the television set on the wall intently.

Gunshots booming and bullets gatling on screen. This was one of the popular games nowadays. Song Yi glanced around and went to the kitchen to wash the fruits, carefully cut them, and put them on the coffee table.

Gu Xingchuan manipulated the joystick with his flexible fingers, leaning back on his neck, and laid on the sofa. His thin lips and white teeth opened. “Sweet orange.”

Song Yi took the fruit fork without complaint, and handed it to Gu Xingchuan’s chin. Gu Xingchuan tilted his head and took a bite, his eyes never leaving the TV screen from start to finish.

“Avocado, dipped with honey.”

Song Yi’s attitude remained unchanged. Whatever Gu Xingchuan wanted, then so be it.

Gu Xingchuan was unexpectedly surprised that he would be so good today. Between obtaining blood packs6I believe it is kinda like the First Aid props. in the game, he stared at Song Yi for a while.

Song Yi smiled and looked back with a kind and gentle gaze. In those few seconds, there was silence in the air.

Gu Xingchuan’s back chilled. He became a little wary. “Don’t have any crooked ideas.”

Song Yi declined to comment, smiling like a spring breeze. “What else do you want to eat?”

Better to let you eat a thousand knives, lest I kill you myself.

Gu Xingchuan was not used to it. He turned his head and bluntly said, “I told my agent that I was injured and wanted to cancel the concert. He privately viewed the underground parking lot’s monitoring.”

Song Yi was clear on this. When they were still in school, the two played tricks on each other as they competed for Shen Li. Today you drew boobies on my workbook. Tomorrow I’ll hide a centipede in your schoolbag. But you didn’t see either of them filing a lawsuit back then.

“I know.” Song Yi nodded.

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Gu Xingchuan’s game ended. The TV screen shone bright golden words. He stretched his waist and looked at Song Yi. “Have you called Shen Li?”

“Called but didn’t get through.”

Since that day, Song Yi had made a lot of calls but none of them were picked up. Shen Li’s cell phone was turned off. For the first few days, Song Yi was angry and frustrated that Shen Li played with his feelings like this.

Now that it had been so long, Song Yi was more worried about whether something had happened to Shen Li.

Gu Xingchuan frowned. “His phone is always off. Do you have other ways to contact him?”

“Didn’t you patch up with him? If the boyfriend doesn’t know, how would I know?” Song Yi seized every opportunity to retaliate.

Gu Xingchuan’s colour on his face was not pretty. He abruptly stated, “You like to talk too much huh.”

That morning, Gu Xingchuan thought that Shen Li was shy and hid. He made a few phone calls but didn’t manage to go through. He didn’t care about this matter at the start.

However, the longer the time passed, Shen Li was like a mirage, evaporating. Gu Xingchuan asked a few friends who had connections but no one could find out where Shen Li went.

That night seemed like a beautiful dream.

Gu Xingchuan couldn’t remember Shen Li’s face, but he missed the soft and sweet pheromones, the fascinating caress.

  • 1
    Meaning, Little White.
  • 2
    Picture speaks a thousand words:

    Traditionally regarded as a vanquisher of ghosts and evil beings. He is universally depicted as a large man with a big black beard, bulging eyes and a wrathful expression.
  • 3
    Just a term used as a internet slang, saying it’s really really long~
  • 4
    Ie, People are inferior to others in power and opportunities, they have to bow their heads and give in.
  • 5
    Honorable you
  • 6
    I believe it is kinda like the First Aid props.

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