Chapter 40 – Because of you

After Being Marked by a Powerful Love Rival
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Song Yi nodded his head, knowing that he could not drive in this situation, otherwise he would not be responsible to himself and others.

On the road, he leaned on the passenger seat and remained motionless, his mind full of the trivial details he had neglected over the years.

Those which he couldn’t understand then. Now, he figured them out.

He remembered about a rainstorm when he was a child. At that time, everyone was still using BB machines 1Should be Pay phones. Anyone in 1990+ generation??. It was not as convenient as making a call now. The teacher organized the students at the school gate and waited for their parents to pick them up. Song Yi simply watched his companions disappear one by one. In the end, the sky was dark, and he was the only one who stood alone under the eaves. The head teacher had no choice but to personally send him home. Zhao Hongyan saw Song Yi who was wet all over, and asked him with a calm face how he came back.

Song Yi had forgotten what she said, but the sympathetic eyes of the head teacher were particularly deep.

There was also a time in his third year in high school. He stayed up late to read and study in the early morning while Zhao Hongyan played mahjong all night with her poker friends, laughing and making noise. Song Yi couldn’t read the book at all, and he could only concentrate by plugging his ears with cotton.

At that time, he was young and didn’t realize there was something wrong with Zhao Hongyan. He had never seen what a normal family would look like. He believed most of the homes were like this. It was not until university, where he lived in the dormitory and contacted his roommate’s mother, that Song Yi realized Zhao Hongyan’s actions were unusual.

So many years have passed, and time allowed him to let go. Yet today, when he learned they were not blood-related, all those insignificant things in the past – Zhao Hongyan’s extremely detrimental behavior – were brought out to scrutiny.

When he arrived at the hospital parking lot, Song Yi stared at the roof of the car for a few seconds, before realising he needed to get off the car.

Gu Xingchuan turned his neck and fixedly stared at Song Yi’s face. He rarely saw Song Yi’s look of utter despair. This was completely different from his usual calm and indifferent image.

Song Yi twisted the handle a few times, yet he could not open the door. The safety lock did not open. Turning around, he looked at Gu Xingchuan, his eyes flushed slightly, as if he was about to cry.

With that glance, Gu Xingchuan’s heart twitched fiercely, feeling as if lightning struck him. Involuntarily, he leaned forward to pinch Song Yi’s chin, and took a bite of the flesh on his cheek.

Pain allowed him to return to reason. Song Yi’s senses rebooted, and he smelled the familiar aura of Gu Xingchuan, as if he had held something stable, bearing an inexplicable sense of security.

Gu Xingchuan looked into his eyes and comforted him in a low voice, “Don’t be afraid, I am here.”

“Thank you,” Song Yi said seriously, sincerely grateful for Gu Xingchuan being with him at this time.

Gu Xingchuan rubbed his hair, opened the driver’s door and got out of the car. He walked around to the passenger’s seat and opened the car door. “Let’s go, I’ll go up with you.”

Song Yi acquiesced. He couldn’t care less about feelings of affection. Facing this together with Gu Xingchuan at least gave him some sort of standing point.

In the afternoon, the aisles of the hospital were deserted, and a few happy women in the obstetrics and gynecology department were walking around slowly holding their stomachs.

Song Jie was currently doing a daily physical examination. Zhao Hongyan was knitting a sweater leisurely in Song Jie’s single ward. She saw Song Yi and Gu Xingchuan coming in one by one. Her hands paused, and stiffly turned away, facing the window to continue knitting a sweater.

“Mom, I have something to ask you.” Song Yi tried his best to keep his voice calm and emotionless.

Zhao Hongyan glanced at him, put the ball of thread in her hand on the sofa and patted her skirt, walking out without saying a word.

Song Yi followed, and the two stopped in the empty pantry.

Warm afternoon light entered the glass windows, giving a sense of openness and quietness. Zhao Hongyan turned around. She looked at Song Yi, and pressed her mouth tightly. “Are you now together with Xiao Gu?”

Song Yi looked at her, closed his eyes, and told her straightforwardly, “Let’s do a maternity test.”

Zhao Hongyan was shocked. She staggered back two steps, almost falling to the ground. She gave an incredulous look at Song Yi. “What are you talking about?”

“Let’s do a maternity test.” Song Yi’s voice was sourish under the calm.

Zhao Hongyan took a breath, panic and unease in her eyes. “Why do you suddenly want to do this out of nowhere?”

“I did a blood type test. Me, with Xiao Jie, you and Dad do not have the same blood type.”


Song Yi clenched his fists. “I am not your son, am I?”

Zhao Hongyan lowered her head. Her whole body was stiff. With a hand, she squeezed the corner of her clothes, rubbing against it. Song Yi couldn’t see her expression, only her slightly trembling hand, which showed extreme conflict.

Song Yi didn’t push her. After a while, Zhao Hongyan raised her head, with a look of sorrow on her face, and a cold sweat beading on her forehead. “Yes, you were taken and raised by your father and I.”

She glanced at Song Yi, then lowered her head. “I have been married to your dad for several years and have never had children. Your grandma has always been urging us. Relatives and friends said that I am a hen who can’t lay eggs. How could I stand this anger? Both of us discussed it and took in a child from outside. We didn’t expect…there would be Xiao Jie two years later.”

Song Yi opened his mouth, looked at her and asked, “Where are my biological parents?”

Zhao Hongyan glanced at him again and sighed. “I don’t know. I bought you through someone else. I heard people say that your biological parents didn’t have much money and they couldn’t afford to raise a few children. So we gave some money and took you away.”

Song Yi squeezed the bridge of his nose. This situation was similar to what he had guessed, but it was still a little frustrating to hear Zhao Hongyan say it herself.

Zhao Hongyan took a few breaths and shook her head, feeling helpless. “You have been different from other children since you were a child. Like your dad said, none of our children of the same generation can compare to you. In our hearts, you are no different from our own blood. We treat you exactly the same as how we treat Xiao Jie. We have never treated you badly, but there are too many things in your heart. In this regard, you are not like other youths. We don’t have people who think like you in our family.”

She paused, looked at Song Yi tentatively. She continued, “You came to see me for a maternity test today. My heart is chilled. Others say that nurturing begets kindness. I raised you till now, moulding you to such stage. Isn’t this better than your biological parents?”

Song Yi had heard enough of these words. He was in a bad mood today. Before, he could force himself to cooperate, but now, he didn’t want Zhao Hongyan to say such sour words any longer. He took a few deep breaths to calm down. “Though I don’t know anything about my biological parents, you did a terrible job as a mother.”

Zhao Hongyan sucked in a breath. She stared at him.

Song Yi steadily glanced at her, then turned and walked outside the pantry.

He didn’t bother to listen to what Zhao Hongyan said. He just wanted to take Gu Xingchuan home, eat a meal of Gu Xingchuan’s cooking, and get some warm comfort from Gu Xingchuan. He didn’t want to care about these messy things.

Looking at his decisive back, Zhao Hongyan bit her lips, hesitating and gathering her thoughts. She quickly followed. “Xiao Yi, don’t rush. I have something to ask you.”

Song Yi looked at her questioningly, not wanting to speak.

Zhao Hongyan hesitated for a few seconds, then probed, “Are you together with Xiao Gu?”

“Why are you asking this?” Song Yi frowned.

Zhao Hongyan looked embarrassed, and whispered, “Don’t feel Mum is too nosy. I don’t usually see you. I’ve been wanting to tell you this since the last time.”

She coughed, looked at Song Yi and continued, “Xiao Gu also chased Shen Li before. Now that those two suitors are together, have you considered how Shen Li feels with you two being like this?”

Song Yi almost wanted to laugh, though there was nothing funny about all of these. In this absurd scene, it was too ridiculous. “Why should I consider Shen Li’s feelings for who I will be with?”

If he was not together with Gu Xingchuan, or even if he was, what did it have to do with Shen Li?

Shen Li had also never agreed to either of their pursuits before.

Zhao Hongyan was embarrassed. Under Song Yi’s gaze, she was too ashamed, pushing out words as soft as a mosquito. “Shen Li once helped our house after all…With you like this…”

Song Yi sneered, and the corners of his mouth tilted upwards. “Mom, do you know why I didn’t go to Manchester University at the time?”

Zhao Hongyan was taken aback. “Isn’t it because you forgot to fill in the blanks, so you didn’t pass the recommended quota?”

Song Yi shook his head. His voice was clear, stressing on every word. “Shen Li begged me to give it to him. There were only two of us competing for this place. It wasn’t that I forgot to write, but that I did it on purpose.”

“So don’t think we owe Shen Li anything. Our family doesn’t owe him anything.” Song Yi’s voice rang out.

Shen Li’s family seemed to have placed a lot of expectations on him, wanting Shen Li to get the recommended allocation. But compared to Song Yi’s grades, Shen Li was far behind. Shen Li then mentioned the fifty thousand which had helped the Song family. He didn’t want that money anymore. As long as Song Yi deliberately ceded this place to himself, everything could be written off.

He sincerely thanked Shen Li for helping him, always remembering this good. But what should be paid back has already been paid, it was all settled.

Zhao Hongyan didn’t know that. Tears came out, her hands covered her as she sobbed. Her voice lamented, “How can he be like this, how can he be like this… how can he do such a thing?”

Song Yi frowned. She didn’t cry for such a big thing just now, but now she did. He couldn’t stand it anymore. He patted Zhao Hongyan on the shoulder and said in a relieved tone, “It’s nothing. Even if I entered it, our family doesn’t have that financial ability. X Theatre is also very good, I don’t regret anything..”

Zhao Hongyan shook her head vigorously, tears running down her fingers, dripping to the ground, “He is too much, how could he do such a thing…”

Song Yi comforted her a few words, Zhao Hongyan gradually stopped crying, and walked out without saying a word, her steps deep and shallow, as if she had suffered a great blow.

Song Yi couldn’t figure out where her agitation came from. After he gave up the allocation, it was true it was hard on him. If he could study Drama in Manchester, his future would be better than today.

But after, he thought it through. Even if he was accepted, he didn’t have the money to study there. The foreign consumption was so high that his family couldn’t afford it. The X Theater was also quite good. He was quite content with so many excellent teachers and students there.

Song Yi returned to Song Jie’s ward, but there was no one. He took out his mobile phone and was about to call her.

The attending doctor walked in holding the file folder and said with a smile, “You have some strings to pull after all. You guys should use it early, I have always been worried that the patient’s platelets will not be enough…”

Song Yi looked at him suspiciously. ““What string?”

The attending doctor said, “Don’t you know the head of the blood station in District X? They just called us. Platelet resources are given priority to your sister.”

Song Yi’s heart relaxed. Now there was no need to worry about Song Jie’s affairs.

The attending doctor looked at him and blinked his eyes. His tone turned brighter. “How do you know the head? Can you introduce us to him?”

Song Yi smiled politely, went out and sent a message to Gu Xingchuan, for them to meet in the parking lot.

He leaned on the door of McLaren, crossing his arms as his mind spun with things. Behind him, he heard the familiar footsteps. Gu Xingchuan walked over and touched his fluffy hair, then squeezed his face and asked, “Hungry? Let’s eat.”

Song Yi’s thoughts slowed in a daze. He remembered he hadn’t eaten yet. He rubbed the bridge of his nose and said sincerely, “Thank you for your help with Xiao Jie.”

Gu Xingchuan was not accustomed to him being like this. He opened the door of the car and stubbornly set his jaw. “I don’t need you to thank me for a phone call.”

Song Yi lowered his head and laughed, and got in the co-passenger seat. After experiencing all the mess today, he felt soothed and stable at this moment. “Where shall we go to eat?”

Gu Xingchuan glanced at him unexpectedly, leaned over and kissed Song Yi on the corner of his mouth. He lightly answered, “Let’s go to Beihu No.9.”

Song Yi squinted at him. “I don’t want to eat a big meal, I want to eat the food you cooked.”

Gu Xingchuan’s eyes suddenly lit up, dark and lacquered like stars, staring at Song Yi happily for a few seconds. A bright smile appeared on the corner of his mouth, and he gave a soft “en”.

They returned home. The vegetables Song Yi bought were mainly untouched. Gu Xingchuan put on his apron and entered the kitchen. Song Yi thought about helping out — washing and cutting vegetables — but Gu Xingchuan pushed his shoulders to the outside. “You are clumsy, just wait for the meal.”

Song Yi was quietly happy. He took out a novel, and laid down on the sofa leisurely to read it. Gu Xingchuan seemed to be in a good mood, humming English songs from time to time, intermittently, very nice.

The air was lazy, and the sound in the kitchen was buzzing; there was a kind of plain happiness. Song Yi’s mood turned peaceful and calm. The days that should pass, passed.

He was always an optimistic person. He who used to be alone, with everything happening happened, now had a small bottle cap in his stomach. Those could be seen as nothing much.

After a while, Gu Xingchuan came out of the kitchen with a bowl of steaming shrimp porridge in his hand. He straddled Song Yi’s lap and stirred the porridge in the bowl with a spoon. “You drink the porridge first, and the other dishes will be out soon.”

Song Yi’s thigh couldn’t move. When he had Omegas sitting like this before, it was rather eye catching. When it changed to Gu Xingchuan, his legs were almost left numbed. “You look thin, why are you so heavy?”

Gu Xingchuan looked at him proudly. ““My body fat percentage is only 8%.” With his free hand, he touched Song Yi’s abdomen, squeezed it gently, and blinked ambiguously. “Your stomach feels the same as a pregnant one.”

Song Yi looked at him with his eyes raised. His guess was quite accurate. Song Yi snorted. “I haven’t worked out recently, otherwise it won’t be worse than you.”

Gu Xingchuan saw that he had no appetite for the time being, so he put the porridge on the coffee table, slinging his arm around Song Yi’s neck and stared at him face to face. “What happened to you today?”

“I don’t want to talk about it.” Song Yi had no desire to talk about the bad things.

Gu Xingchuan kissed his forehead, then rubbed that nose of his. “Okay, I won’t ask you. Wait until you want to tell me.”

Song Yi didn’t respond, only giving him a lazy look.

Gu Xingchuan kissed him on the cheek again yet Song Yi didn’t respond. He stuck to Song Yi’s ear and asked lowly, “Will you only respond if I kiss with my tongue?”

Song Yi’s lips curved. “You still want me to cooperate when you forcefully kiss me? Your request is too high.”

Gu Xingchuan was not convinced. He traced those cold lips with his tongue, rubbing it bit by bit. “Don’t say it’s a forceful kiss. Don’t you enjoy it too?”

To be honest, Song Yi sometimes did enjoy it, but he would never show it. He mocked, “You’re good at kissing. How many people have you practiced on?”

Gu Xingchuan chuckled, his voice was low and hoarse. “You are jealous?”

Song Yi threw him an empty look. “How can I be jealous? Of what? Of whom?”

Gu Xingchuan squinted his eyes, displeased. He pinched Song Yi’s jaw like a bully molesting a good family woman, warm breathing intertwining. “Sometimes I have Rap in my songs, and I’ve practiced tongue movements before.”

As he said, displaying a dazzling skill of his, he pressed on Song Yi’s lips, the tip of his tongue was rubbing in rhythm, bit by bit. Song Yi froze, and the numbness on his lips made him feel strange. He took a deep breath, leaned his neck back, and moved the distance between the two people, pretending to be unaffected, changing the subject. “En, it’s pretty good. Why did you want to sing?”

“Because of you.”

Gu Xingchuan stated obviously. After a short pause, his tone changed. “I plan to go to Manchester to find you to settle accounts, but I didn’t expect you to go to the X Theater, I delayed the start of the school and had to wait for the second year’s exam. My dad was so angry that he had a heart attack. At that time, a scout was looking for me, so I signed with a media company.”



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    Should be Pay phones. Anyone in 1990+ generation??

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