Chapter 4 – Riding the wind

After Being Marked by a Powerful Love Rival
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Gu Xingchuan’s jaw tightened. He straightened his body and maliciously sneered, “Bigger than yours, right?”

Song Yi squinted his eyes and smiled, coolly saying, “It’s most useless for a man to find confidence from this.”

“This is a man’s capital.” Gu Xingchuan paused, glancing at Song Yi’s crotch, and leisurely asked, “Do you have the capital?”

When Song Yi was in high school, there were often differentiated alpha classmates playing this kind of game. During adolescence, due to hormonal agitation, a large group of young men often watched pornography together. Looking at that, they then wanted to compare each other’s length. Even at that time, Song Yi had not participated in this naive game, let alone now.

Song Yi dipped his hand into the bathtub’s water. “Are you going to bathe?”

Gu Xingchuan kicked out his trousers slowly, even throwing his underwear aside, pulling up the sweater with both hands and simply rolled it up. The full-muscular chest was unobstructed, and he stood stark naked in front of Song Yi’s eyes.

Because he was an idol and depended on his body to survive, Gu Xingchuan’s management of his body was excellent. There was no unwanted flesh on his body. It was firm and full of strength, yet not losing its supple beauty, looking like a body carefully designed by the god of beauty, with the lines being so seductively pretty.

The only drawback was a small tooth mark on his shoulder. It was rather faded; it was obvious it had been there since a few days back.

Gu Xingchuan flaunted it, showing a bit of teeth as he gave an evil smile. “That’s Shen Li’s bite. He’s really spoiled.”

Song Yi was calm in the face of waves. He gave a soft “En”, indicating that he heard it.

Gu Xingchuan glanced at Song Yi, no emotions on his face.

Although Song Yi had a strong psychological quality, seeing Gu Xingchuan completely naked, it was still somewhat embarrassing, not to mention… he still had lingering fears of Gu Xingchuan’s staggering physical strength that night.

“You wash up, I’ll go out first.”

“Wait.” Gu Xingchuan stopped him.

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Song Yi calmly questioned, “Still need something else?”

Gu Xingchuan stepped into the bathtub with one leg, and slowly sat down, the other injured leg lying lazily on the edge of the bathtub, abandoning all restraints as he spread out. He calmly instructed, “Give me the shower gel. The cabinet on the left, third shelf.”

In his heart, Song Yi thought, you’re really treating me as a free babysitter. He opened the cabinet without saying a word. All of them were various men’s skincare products, all of which had not been opened. Just the shower gel alone had a long line.

Song Yi picked a bottle and handed it over. Gu Xingchuan refused to accept it, bossily stating,”You apply it on me. I can’t move.”

“You have a leg injury, not a hand injury.” Song Yi was on the verge of his patience.

Gu Xingchuan casually pulled the hair tie at the back of his head, and his mid-length hair fell loose, further defining his handsome eyebrows. Paired with a straight nose and sharp lips, he was surprisingly beautiful.

“I’m in pain now. Don’t want to move.”

A beauty was in front but Song Yi had long been immune. When he was in high school, within the whole school, only the entrance of Song Yi’s class was the most crowded. From 800 miles and further, a group of adolescent females would round their trip just to pass by the entrance of Song Yi’s class to secretly take a peek at Gu Xingchuan.

Gu Xingchuan raised his chin. “You said you want to take care of me. Now you want to break your promise?”

Song Yi frowned; this was because of him. “Taking care of you means sending you home, not helping you take a bath.”

Gu Xingchuan glanced at him. With an abrupt raise, he squeezed Song Yi’s chin and leaned his face in close. The mist in the bathroom condensed into a layer of water vapor on Song Yi’s lenses. The normally indifferent eyes grew a little misty amidst the fog. How charming.

Indescribably breathtaking.

Gu Xingchuan looked for a few more seconds, then sneered. “Dude, you act like a girl when you’re angry.”

This was simply piercing Song Yi’s heart with a knife. Song Yi couldn’t bear it anymore. He rudely pushed aside Gu Xingchuan’s hand and stood up. “Gu Xingchuan, don’t test me further.1 Raws was: Don’t take a mile because I gave an inch. My patience is limited!”

Song Yi opened the door and walked out without looking back.

Gu Xingchuan’s lips curved. It was really tough to see Song Yi angry. He had known Song Yi for so many years, yet only saw Song Yi angry a few times, appearing more lively than usual. Every time he saw it, he would never forget.

Song Yi looked at the time on his phone. It was nine o’clock in the evening. He took his leave. “It’s getting late, you have a good rest, I will see you again when I am free.”

Generally speaking, the term ‘am free’ was approximately equivalent to an indefinite period in the future.

Gu Xingchuan lazily wiped his hair. “I haven’t eaten yet, why are you so anxious to go home?”

Song Yi pressed down the fury in his stomach and mockingly answered, “The dog back at my house ​​is hungry. It’s already mealtime. If I don’t go back now, the dog will start to randomly bite people.”

How could Gu Xingchuan not understand? He glanced at him, gaze holding negativity. “Remember to get a rabies vaccine, otherwise you won’t know how you died.”

Song Yi narrowed his eyes and retorted, “Thank you for reminding me. I’ll get a shot as soon as I go back. The best treatment time is within 24 hours. It’s still not too late.”

Gu Xingchuan brushed away the dust on his nose. With regards to bickering, he had long seen the formidable power of Song Yi’s mouth in high school. All beaming with smiles, but words sharp as hell.

“When you’re out, water the plants at the door.” Gu Xingchuan ordered.

Water them for you? Song Yi thought silently. Water with boiling water was more like it.

It was nine o’clock in the evening when Song Yi returned home. This house was outside the Five Circles.2Like sub-urban or so., bought a few years back before the house prices had risen. The size was moderate, neat and clean.

Different from the natives of the imperial capital, Song Yi’s family was an immigrant family and his parents were ordinary people. To have his own house in this area was already considered to be a ‘successful person’ in the eyes of his relatives and friends.

Song Yi took a bath, ate the inhibitors, and sat lazily on the sofa with his laptop in front. He clicked on the L site link. The UP host with the ID [Long-legged Handsome Brother] in his watch list was in the midst of live streaming.

Song Yi happily clicked onto it.

[Long-legged Handsome Brother] was Song Yi’s first UP account that he paid attention to. When he moved from stage plays to the film and television industry a few years ago, several unpleasant things happened. During that time, he had panicked at the slightest things. Pressure was great. Hence, Song Yi downloaded the current popular game to destress.

Long-legged Handsome Brother played this game. A rare technical anchor at station L, his voice was both gentle and seductive, making fan listeners of this Handsome Brother wet the moment he opened his mouth.

Later, when the game’s popularity ebbed, the long-legged Handsome Brother moved to the music section, singing and playing string instruments, whatever guitar, bass, accordion, he was omnipotent. Whether it was English, French, or Japanese, he could sing any of them. His talent was as wide as the Pacific waters.

However, what Song Yi liked the most was that this Handsome Brother, this UP host, had a special principle. This principle was reflected in the fact that the Handsome Brother never sang any of Gu Xingchuan’s songs. None at all. There was once a fan who tipped him ten thousand, only wishing for the Handsome Brother to sing Gu Xingchuan’s song. This Handsome Brother hadn’t even bothered with it.

What a high and noble character, to not submit for money!

This point was what Song Yi really liked, unlike the other superficial UP hosts in the music scene. The moment Gu Xingchuan’s new song was released, all the pitter patter were all about Gu Xingchuan. Song Yi looked until his head hurt.

Hence, Song Yi smashed plenty of gifts to Long-legged Handsome Brother. Belonging to a member of the Long-legged Handsome Brother fan association, his name was somewhat familiar in front of Long-legged Handsome Brother’s eyes.

Long-legged Handsome Brother sang a soothing song today. His voice was low yet mellow. One could tell the voice was deliberately lowered, but it still sounded good. It was like the evening breeze blowing through the ends of the hair on a summer night, bringing peace to Song Yi, penetrating within himself. Inner peace. Not a sound could be heard.

After listening to the end of that song, Song Yi closed his eyes, still intoxicated in the aftertaste of the wonderful music.

In the past few days, Song Yi’s life had been turned upside down. From a male to a female.3Remember it’s from an alpha to an omega. And on top of that, having an ambiguous, unclear relationship with his old enemy, Gu Xingchuan.

He lived for twenty-six years. Yet, he had never experienced this kind of hideous mess before.

Fortunately, Song Yi’s character was open-minded; he had always believed it was useless to focus on negative emotions. Now, he had become an Omega. This was a fact. Anger, grievance and self-rejection would not change this fact, it only made life worse.

All he could do was to accept. Face this fact calmly, and then try to adapt to his new identity.

But within the depths of his heart, it was unavoidable for there to be some melancholy and frustration.

Song Yi’s slender pale fingers flew quickly on the keyboard, sending out a line of barrage.

[Macbeth]: I’m in a bad mood recently, and I want to listen Handsome Brother sing ‘Cheng Feng’!4Also the title of this chapter《乘风》, Riding the wind.

‘Cheng Feng’ was the only original song by Long-legged Handsome Brother. It was sung once a few years ago. Song Yi really liked this cool and cheerful tune very much. Unfortunately, he didn’t manage to find any remnants of it on the web at all. Many of Handsome Brother’s older fans were looking forward to Handsome Brother singing ‘Cheng Feng’ again.

‘Cheng Feng’ flooded the bullet screen. Fireworks blasted out while dazzling gems glittered. All kinds of gifts were sent out in a long long line.

“Do you want to listen to ‘Cheng Feng’?” The Handsome Brother gave a slow smile. With that specific pitch and aura, even through the microphone, one could sense a vigour full of energy.

“I can’t sing ‘Cheng Feng’.” Handsome Brother paused and lightly said, “‘Cheng Feng’ was written for a friend of mine. He had a hard time. I hope that one day he can ride the wind and waves and overcome obstacles, becoming the true him.”

“If he manages to come out one day, I will sing this song to everyone.”

Handsome Brother was really a gentle person, being so kind to friends, Song Yi thought.


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  • 1
    Raws was: Don’t take a mile because I gave an inch.
  • 2
    Like sub-urban or so.
  • 3
    Remember it’s from an alpha to an omega.
  • 4
    Also the title of this chapter《乘风》, Riding the wind.

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