Chapter 38 – You look like me in my youth

After Being Marked by a Powerful Love Rival
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It was so maddening, Song Yi laughed out in anger. “You really treat me as a hotel!”

Although he said so, it was impossible to really ignore Gu Xingchuan. In his kitchen, Song Yi boiled a pot of water and heated a bottle of milk, and handed it to Gu Xingchuan.

Gu Xingchuan refused to take it, half-squinting his eyes. “Feed me.”

Song Yi saw that he was so drunk and didn’t want to argue with him. He took out a straw from under the coffee table, inserted it into the mouth of the milk bottle, and handed it over.

Gu Xingchuan took the opportunity to lean over, as if his strength was drained, all his weight was pressed on Song Yi. He took a sip of milk, and said roguishly, “Your milk is delicious.”

“Scram.” Song Yi pushed his head away, stood up angrily. “Get up and take a bath, you stink of alcohol.”

The bathtub in Song Yi’s house was quite large. During the renovation, he thought about bringing back Omegas to flirt with. Hence he ordered a big bathtub with black marbles, enhancing the atmosphere.

The two grumbled for a while as the water in the bathtub warmed. Song Yi carefully turned the tap, raising the temperature of the water, for fear that Gu Xingchuan would fall ill.

He was still wearing a bathrobe. With the spray of water from the shower, the warm and humid atmosphere caused the skin to look moist and particularly delicious, and it made one want to take a bite.

Gu Xingchuan leaned his arm against the door, staring at Song Yi’s ear. A drop of water rolled along his ear to the white pale side of his neck. It was very clear under the bright and dazzling light of the bathroom. He looked at the drop of water for a long time, his gaze darkening.

After Song Yi tested the water temperature, he opened the door to leave. Gu Xingchuan immediately hugged his waist from behind, biting the top part of his ear. His voice was hoarse, “Help me take a bath, Song Yi.”

Song Yi was taken aback. He broke away from Gu Xingchuan’s hand. But this oxen strength was just too strong. Song Yi vented his anger and slapped Gu Xingchuan’s arm a few times. “Don’t mess around.”

“Not messing about.” Gu Xingchuan picked him up and laid him in the bathtub. The water spilled out and hit onto the tiled floor.

Song Yi turned around, struggling to get up from the bathtub. Because of the loose bathrobe, Gu Xingchuan didn’t give him any reaction time. He walked into the bathtub closely. He was tall and powerful, and he hugged him like a child from behind. Gu Xingchuan lowered his voice towards Song Yi’s ear. “Now this is called that.”

Song Yi regretted it. Why did he have to buy such a large bathtub the first time? Why did he have to install such a bright light in the bathroom? Every reaction under this kind of light could not escape Gu Xingchuan’s detection. He could only hold back and suppress it.

This posture was too dangerous. Song Yi didn’t dare to break free with too much effort. He gritted his teeth and said, “I shouldn’t let you in at the start.”

“You realise that only now?” Gu Xingchuan flicked those red ears.

Song Yi froze. His hair was wet as his whole ears were breathed on by Gu Xingchuan’s heated breath. He tried his best to breathe smoothly. “I know drinking can make one lose their mind.”

Gu Xingchuan let out a low laugh. He held Song Yi’s hand and gently pinched those fingers of his. “Well, it depends on who the person is facing.”

An Omega body was sensitive during pregnancy. Song Yi smelled the salty sweat on Gu Xingchuan’s body and his body’s urges surged. Immediately, his body was sore and weak. His radar realised that the situation was not right, that the situation was going beyond his control.

Using his hands and feet, Song Yi crawled out of the bathtub but Gu Xingchuan still held on tightly. He was rubbed a few times. They were all men. He obviously felt something off about the thing behind him. Song Yi took a deep breath and couldn’t care about anything. Pushing Gu Xingchuan away, he didn’t dare to look at it, and walked back to the bedroom steadily.

Once Song Yi finished changing clothes, lying on his own bed, he only had the sense of security after putting the quilt about him, albeit embarrassingly. After how Gu Xingchuan teased him just now, what the female doctor said today came to his mind.

With his body now like this, he really couldn’t help but wish he had thrown Gu Xingchuan down that day. Then, the relationship between the two of them wasn’t the same as it was now – being true sex friends.

Song Yi didn’t want this. Although he took it in his stride, the moment a relationship only had carnal desires, it would degenerate. Luckily, he was not at that stage yet.‌‌

But was there any other way for Song Yi? Gu Xingchuan was pestering him and sticking to him; he couldn’t get Gu Xingchuan to pull away. He could only hope that Gu Xingchuan would lose his patience, leave him a wide breadth, and in the end, have happiness delivered to each of them separately so he could properly raise his own small bottle cap.

Song Yi was thinking about these for a long while. But with the past few days being packed, leaving him exhausted, he unexpectedly fell asleep. While he was in a half-dreaming and half-awake state, the mattress sank. Gu Xingchuan had come to his bed, naked.

“What are you doing?” Song Yi couldn’t look at him directly. He pulled the quilt tighter about himself, only a peep of his head could be seen.

Gu Xingchuan looked at him shrinking away. He yawned, and laid down beside him. “Sleeping.”

Song Yi frowned. “My mother is gone, the next room is empty. You go to sleep over there.”

“No.” Gu Xingchuan put one hand on his waist, wrapped him under the quilt, and declared confidently, “This is my bed.”

When it came to shamelessness, Song Yi couldn’t fight against him. He was about to turn over and pull away when he suddenly felt Gu Xingchuan’s cold arms. Sticking close to him, Gu Xingchuan’s body was cold, as if he had just come out of cold water. “What did you do?”

“Took a cold shower.” Gu Xingchuan squeezed the soft flesh on his waist, neither light nor heavy, stroking him. “I’m about to be suffocated to death by you.”

Song Yi snorted and turned off the bedside lamp. “You deserve it.”

Gu Xingchuan looked at the back of his head. In the dark space, his sense of smell was sharper. The sweet orange shower gel smell on Song Yi’s body was like an aphrodisiac, heating every part of Gu Xingchuan’s body, leaving him sleepless.

On the other hand, Song Yi slept well. The next morning, his teacher called him to make himself presentable – meeting at Wuliqing1Mist in the Green tea restaurant at noon.

The teacher sent the information of the matchmaker to Song Yi’s inbox. After eating, Song Yi held the notes at the table and opened them to study.

This tycoon was called Shen Mingguo. He was the fourth oldest in his family. He is known as Fourth Master Shen. He was very prominent when he was young. That time, he was a war correspondent during the counterattack against Vietnam, shedding blood and tears for China’s country, leaving behind many contributions.

After the war, he caught up with the tide of the 1980s. Shen Mingguo was smart and versatile, and became the first batch of entrepreneurs in China. In recent years, his business had grown and he gained a firm foothold in the imperial capital city. For those clean and dirty things, with a few words of his, they became a bridge of communication. Though officials called this kind as an intermediary, privately they acknowledged that as “white gloves.”

Now that Shen Mingguo was getting older, he no longer did this. Instead, he opened a restaurant by himself, leaving all the family business to his grandson.

Song Yi rubbed his chin and looked down at his notes. Although the old man looked successful on the surface, it was quite miserable. His only son and daughter-in-law died in a car accident many years ago, leaving only two grandchildren, one big one young – the three of them now dependent on each other.

It was just… A person named Shen Mingguo, who was so capable, why would he be willing to recommend a training class for a young actor like Song Yi?

This sledgehammer was one Song Yi didn’t understand. He temporarily put aside his thoughts, changed into a format suit, put hairspray on his hair, and went out after neatly storing his pans.

Gu Xingchuan was heading back to the brokerage company, and hence dropped off Song Yi at the Wuliqing tea restaurant2Mist in the Green tea restaurant. He saw the familiar antique sign, and thoughtfully asked, “You’re going to meet Shen siye?”3Fourth Master Shen.

Song Yi nodded his head, feeling a little nervous. This kind of big character, especially the elderly, were not easy to make close contact with.

Gu Xingchuan glanced at him, touched his chin, and whispered, “Call me if there’s something. I will pick you up right away.”

He had followed Gu Shaoyuan once. At that time, Gu Shaoyuan had just returned to China. Although he was well-established in America, it was still difficult to do business in China. However, someone introduced Fourth Master Shen as an intermediary and managed to introduce various relationships to him.

However, Gu Xingchuan had a bad impression of that lonely old man. The circle was very complicated. If he could, he didn’t want his people to associate with Fourth Master Shen, but Song Yi was not the kind of person who would be under the control of others.

Song Yi quietly acknowledged that. He took a deep breath before striding into the teahouse.

Wuliqing was not open to the public. Fourth Master Shen used this place to entertain friends. The retro Tang-dynasty style decoration was simple and elegant, perfumed with fragrance. Luxurious palace lanterns were hung on both sides of the corridor, and the carpet was spread from start to end.

Song Yi followed a woman with a graceful figure in a cheongsam to the outside of a room. The woman knocked the door lightly, and said respectfully, “Fourth Master, he is here.”

“Enter!” The voice in the room was loud but not angry.

The woman lowered her eyebrows and pushed open the door, not looking at anything that she shouldn’t look at.

Inside the room was only a round mahogany wooden table with a set of tea show cups on it. Porcelain cups were arranged in a patchwork pattern. The wall was decorated with ink and calligraphy. An old man in a white Tang suit sat on the table with a serious face. There were wrinkles and grooves on his face, but his eyes were clear and alert. Just a look and one could tell he was not one anyone wished to provoke.

There was a middle-aged man standing next to him, bent over and pouring tea. Upon listening to the sound, he raised his head and was so startled to see Song Yi, he forgot about his hands. The tea overflowed and the water flowed across the table.

Fourth Master Shen patted the middle-aged man’s arm to remind him, showing a triumphant smile. “Looks the same?”

The middle-aged man nodded decisively. “Same!”

Song Yi was confused, not knowing what riddle the two were playing. He greeted them politely.

Fourth Master Shen smiled, then looked at him up and down. With a satisfied look, he explained himself, “You look like me in my youth.”

Before, the photos seemed to be about 50% alike, but now, he could see at least an eight-point alike.

Song Yi was flattered and climbed up the pole. “Fourth Master, you are too polite. With your fine looks now, you must be even more handsome than me in your youth.”

Fourth Master smiled even more and winked. The middle-aged man hurriedly poured a cup of tea to Song Yi. He kept looking at Song Yi, still astounded.

“Fourth Master, it’s like he was carved out with your features. Neither the Eldest Young Master nor Second Young Master resembles you so much!” The middle-aged man admired, looking at Song Yi’s face like a rare treasure.

Fourth Master Shen laughed and scolded, “Don’t mention those two with me. The eldest is a playboy, and the second is just trash that can’t get on the table. None of them is like me!”

  • 1
    Mist in the Green
  • 2
    Mist in the Green tea restaurant
  • 3
    Fourth Master Shen.

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    • I suspect her too, the way she has been treating him, I had this thought since a few chapters back that he might not be a child from her late husband ( just me most likely guessing wrongly)

  2. My guess: Shen Li and Song Yi were either intentionally or unintenionally swapped at birth (common trope). Remember how Shen Due was talking with another guy after the car accident/ first meeting saying how they fit each other cause they looked alike? And how Song Yi was donating blood for his sister? What if it comes out that they are not related? And Shen Li being so invested in his Song Yis mom and the other way around… omg he payed for the Song Yis “fathers” operation *gasp* I can feel the drama coming…


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