Chapter 37 – You’re pregnant! 

After Being Marked by a Powerful Love Rival
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Gu Xingchuan ignored him, carrying him onto the sofa. With a hand, he squeezed Song Yi’s face. “Since you’re already like this, let me take you to my dad friend’s hospital.”

Song Yi rubbed his churning stomach and turned his face away. “It’s an old problem of mine. Don’t need to bother you.”

Gu Xingchuan leaned over and used both his hands to stubbornly turn Song Yi’s face back to face him. “We have slept together twice. You still want to treat me as an outsider?”

Song Yi’s head couldn’t turn round, only able to look straight at Gu Xingchuan. He had no desire to listen to any words that contained ‘sleeping together’ yet Gu Xingchuan always wanted to mention it. He said coldly, “Don’t touch me. It disgusts me. Be careful or I’ll throw up on you.”

Gu Xingchuan frowned. He let go and stood up. “You lie down and don’t move, I’ll get you something to eat, so your stomach will feel better,” he instructed.

Song Yi let out an “en” and covered his face with a pillow. Listening to Gu Xingchuan’s sound of cooking in the kitchen, the fragrance of something sizzling, accompanied by the gentle aroma of rice cooking, it held a strong presence of life, taking the edge off his uncomfortable stomach.

Song Yi rested at home for a few days while Gu Xingchuan came to serve him from time to time. Young Master Gu was happy to work part-time in housekeeping. As Song Yi could not persuade him, he simply let him do what he wanted.

Currently, he was worrying about the news of advanced training in America. Though likely he was chosen, he still needed a boss’ recommendation. His teacher had described that boss to be rather mysterious. The politicians and businessmen in the Capital had tough tactics. In previous years, they were not dazzling, but now they had managed to white-wash themselves. If they managed to hold on to this boss, there was no need to worry about future resources.

Song Yi sincerely thanked the teacher and gifted a can of good tea, before fixing the time to meet the chairman.

The physical examination he had scheduled for came. Song Yi’s appointment was set at the hospital where Song Jie was expecting to give birth, and he visited Song Jie on the way. Song Jie now had a round belly, like a watermelon, lying on the hospital bed with limited mobility. After Song Yi finished his physical examination and other results, he chatted with her for a while.

The attending doctor knocked on the door with a serious expression. “You are the patient’s family member?”

Song Yi stood up and nodded. “I am the patient’s brother.”

“Immediate family?”1Ie Blood-related.


The attending doctor looked at the report in his hand and frowned. “The patient’s platelets are low. In order to prevent postpartum bleeding, you can donate some platelets.”

Song Yi was worried. “Is her problem serious?”

If it was really so serious, he would donate more platelets. Anyway, there was always a steady stream of this stuff.

The attending doctor said, “It’s not serious. The reason why you were asked to donate is because you are an immediate family member and the possibility of rejection is low.”

Song Jie pulled and tugged his sleeve nervously, her face pale. “Ge, I will be fine, right?”

Song Yi patted her hand. He escorted the doctor away, then sat on the bedside and touched her hair, showing a reassuring smile. “What can happen to you? You focus on raising your child. I will wait for the birth of my nephew.”

Song Jie nodded gently. She held onto his hand tightly, her palms were wet with sweat. “I was very scared when I watched child birthing on TV. When he said that, it really frightens me.”

“Silly girl.” Song Yi gently stroked the back of her hand. He was indeed somewhat nervous, but couldn’t show it at this time. “The doctor will tell you the most serious situation. You, silly girl, are blessed. Don’t be afraid.”

Song Jie looked at Song Yi’s calm expression, and her heart gradually settled down. Song Yi had this kind of magic power. No matter how big things were, as long as she could see him, she wouldn’t be afraid at all.

Song Yi stayed until the afternoon when the results of the physical examination came out. Holding a stack of papers in his hand, he looked at the negative and positive data, and walked into the doctor’s office.

It was the same female doctor as before. She took a look at the report and glanced at Song Yi with a weird look. She displayed a kind smile. “It seems that I shouldn’t have given you the AO dating site. It seems you already have a partner?”

Song Yi squinted his eyes, unsure what she meant. “What’s the cause of my nausea? Do I need to be hospitalized?”

The female doctor gave a teasing look. “Did you feel tired recently, no appetite to eat?”

Song Yi nodded. Then, looking at the joyful expression of the female doctor, he had a vaguely ominous premonition. He shouldn’t have some kind of rare disease in the world, right?

The female doctor spread out the CT report, pointing to a small black figure in the upper abdomen of the film. She congratulated, “Look at this little guy, it’s been about three months ba?”

Song Yi titled his head and looked at it. The black dot was the size of the beverage bottle cap, round and small. He frowned. “A tumor?”

The female doctor seemed to have heard some joke. She chuckled, picked up the CT film, and placed it in front of Song Yi. “This is your baby. You are pregnant!”



Song Yi stayed where he was, completely confused. How could he become pregnant? His recessive omega gene was not fully developed, how could he become pregnant?

The female doctor thought he was too happy, and joyfully exclaimed, “The baby is developing very well, you should pay attention to your body during this period, and have a birth check once a month…”

“How could I be pregnant?” Song Yi’s lips trembled, his forehead in dense cold sweat.

The female doctor looked at him strangely, “You took protective measures?”

Song Yi took a deep breath. “No.”

That silly X Gu Xingchuan didn’t want to wear a condom and Song Yi didn’t think he was going to get pregnant, so he did not take any measures during those two times.

The female doctor said, “Although you are a recessive omega and, the probability of pregnancy is low, and it is not completely without probability. If you do not take any measures, it will be certain that you will get pregnant.”

Song Yi squeezed his nose bridge, trying to calm down. “What should I do now?”

The female doctor coughed, seriously saying, “An Omega’s demand after pregnancy is great, but for the health of the child, you have to control. The most reasonable three to four times a week, don’t overly indulge.”


Blood stuck in Song Yi’s throat, breathlessness as his expression was extremely unsightly.

“Also!” The female doctor took a colorful material from the folder on the desktop and handed it over. “Since your Alpha didn’t come today, you bring this back to him. Inside lists some precautions and also a list of food supplements for strengthening yang and nourishing the kidney. Don’t look down on it as it’s Chinese medicine. It works rather well!”

Song Yi held the data and tightly pinched the pages, pressing it into folds.

The female doctor’s eyes curved. “Go back and share the good news with your Alpha. Wishing you a healthy and beautiful baby!”

Song Yi walked out of the hospital in despair, his face as pale as paper, completely devoid of his usual calm and indifference.

He had lived for twenty-six years. There was nothing else that put him in this much despair as today. 他居然怀上了顾行川的孩子。

He was actually pregnant with Gu Xingchuan’s child.

He couldn’t recover from this shock for a long time. It was as if his worldview had been subverted. This small bottle cap in his stomach was Gu Xingchuan’s.

Song Yi walked to the underground parking lot, squeezing the car keys weakly with his fingers. He heard a beeping horn behind him and blankly turned his head. An orange McLaren stopped beside him.

The black car windows slowly lowered and Gu Xingchuan’s handsome face appeared. He raised his chin and pushed open the passenger door. “I knew you were in this hospital. What’s the result of the physical examination?”

Song Yi’s face changed slightly, his hand holding the medical examination report bag froze. He lowered his head and pursed his lips. “Nothing much. A little gastritis,” he answered.

Gu Xingchuan glanced at him; the corners of his mouth curled slightly. “You eat at irregular timing, and think about drinking all day long. I see who will care about you.”

“I don’t want you to worry about it.” Song Yi said dully, bending over to sit in the co-pilot. The cold air blew across his nape, raising his goosebumps there. He gently rubbed his neck.

Gu Xingchuan frowned, reached out and turned the temperature of the air conditioner up. He said disapprovingly, “I am your man. If I don’t care about you, who will?.”

Song Yi turned his face away and didn’t want to pay attention to him. Looking at the retrospective scenery outside the window, his head was still confused.

Gu Xingchuan escorted him home. When he got downstairs, Song Yi opened the door to get out of the car. As soon as Gu Xingchuan grasped Song Yi’s wrist, he pulled him back to the co-pilot and leaned in shamelessly. “Give me a kiss before you leave.”

Song Yi frowned. “No kiss. Let go.”

Gu Xingchuan’s eyes narrowed into a line, the corners of his mouth brilliantly curved. “Either you kiss me, or I kiss you. You choose.”

Was there a need to choose? Song Yi had a lingering fear about the forced kiss. If Gu Xingchuan wanted to kiss him, it would not end so quickly. He wanted to rush home to sort out his thoughts.

Song Yi stretched his neck, and “muack-ed”, kissed Gu Xingchuan’s cheek. A simple perfunctory kiss.

Before he could react, Gu Xingchuan squeezed his slender jaw and kissed it hard, moving from his lips to the slightly prosperous Adam’s apple, licking and biting, his movements were full of suppressed impulses.

“Well, this is called a kiss.” Gu Xingchuan licked his lips contentedly.

Song Yi’s shoulders trembled a few times, his Adam’s apple couldn’t stop moving up and down. He forced himself to get out of the car steadily and scolded, “Don’t be like this from now on, it’s disgusting.”

Gu Xingchuan looked at him playfully. “I don’t just want to kiss your lips, I want to kiss every part of you. Disgusting?”

“You are seriously a pervert.” Song Yi was really convinced, how else would he say such shameless words.

Gu Xingchuan chuckled; he accepted that comment. His slender fingers tapped the car window glass. “I’ll go to a business banquet with my dad. Leave the door open for me. I will arrive at your house at ten o’clock.”

Song Yi pretended not to hear anything. He went straight back home, took off his clothes and walked into the bathroom, turned on the shower head. The hot water flowed down his neck along the curve of the hair, steaming with mist.

Song Yi couldn’t help touching his stomach. It was flat, unable to feel anything. But there was a small bottle cap inside. After the shock at the beginning, only a strange feeling remained.

He liked children. Perhaps it rooted from his childhood. He had previously imagined, if he had children, how he would love and care for them so that they could happily grow up. Not living a childhood like his. He would be the best dad in the world.

It was just… He didn’t expect that he was the one who would give birth to the child himself. And that this child was even Gu Xingchuan’s.

This was something not even he could predict… Could Gu Xingchuan be a good father?

Song Yi splashed the water onto his face, patting his cheek, reminding herself to be clear-headed. Gu Xingchuan wanted to be sex friends with him, while he was already pregnant with Gu Xingchuan’s child. It seemed he was really someone who couldn’t play well, being the least discerning person in the society. Coming out to play without talking about morals, yet taking things so seriously. How disgraceful.

He hastily dried his body after a bath, wrapped in a satin bathrobe, holding a towel and slowly wiping his hair. He lazily gazed at the bright starry sky above his head, as he sat on the sofa.

Song Yi thought for a while, before deciding to give birth to the child. He wanted to make up for his lack of childhood, wanting a little life to join his busy life. He was wholeheartedly looking forward to the arrival of the “little bottlecap”.

Of course, this had nothing to do with Gu Xingchuan. Although Gu Xingchuan was the one who sowed the seeds, the small bottlecap would be born from his land.

Gu Xingchuan appeared with his agent. The two knocked on the door for a long time as Song Yi took a while to open the door.

Gu Xingchuan was slightly drunk, standing and leaning against the door. He waved his hand. “Zhou-jie, I’m home.”

Song Yi crossed her arms and looked at them. Zhou-jie looked at Song Yi and smiled embarrassedly. She brushed her hair and said, “He is a little drunk. Don’t quarrel with him. He insists on coming to your house, I can’t do it any other way.”

Zhou-jie was getting older, already in her forties. Song Yi didn’t want to embarrass her, so he opened the door and let Gu Xingchuan walk in.

Getting closer, Song Yi smelled the brandy on Gu Xingchuan, which was very pungent; he didn’t know how much wine Gu Xingchuaan had drunk.

Gu Xingchuan took off his shoes, sat quietly on the sofa and watched the TV with the remote control as usual, except for the blush on his pale face, no sight of a noisy drunk in sight.

Song Yi couldn’t tell whether he was drunk or not, only afraid he might be a noisy drunk. Gu Xingchuan, being like this, was the best.

He went to the bathroom, turning on the tap to have water enter the bathtub. He tested the temperature of the water with his fingertips, made sure that there was no problem, and walked out. “You go take a bath. Your whole body smells like alcohol.”

Gu Xingchuan watched the TV intently and snorted. “I’m not taking a shower.”

Song Yi realised the TV was playing “SpongeBob SquarePants” and he was amused. “Gu Xingchuan, did you drink too much?”

Gu Xingchuan turned his neck, his eyes narrowed, and his eyes slowly swept across Song Yi’s face. “Are you Song Yi or Shen Li?”

Can’t even see who he was. Song Yi wanted to tease him, so he grinned. “I’m Shen Li. What’s the matter?”

“I didn’t drink too much. I’m still very clear.” Gu Xingchuan’s voice was steady, and he raised his chin proudly at Song Yi. “Do I look like I drank too much?”

Song Yi laughed aloud, walked over and rubbed his hair, like a dog.

Gu Xingchuan roughly slapped his hands away. He gave Song Yi a cool look. “Don’t touch me. Are you worth touching my hair?”

“Fine, I won’t touch.”

Song Yi held back his laughter, shook his head, and said softly, “I am not Shen Li, I am Song Yi.”

Gu Xingchuan’s gaze stopped for a few seconds on his face, as if trying to distinguish the person in front of him. He glared at him for a long time, before slanting and fell on the sofa without any care for his image. His voice hoarse, he stated, “You are Song Yi. I drank too much and got a headache. I want to drink something hot. Go get it for me.”



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