Chapter 35 –  You don’t like me?

After Being Marked by a Powerful Love Rival
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The atmosphere was a bit strange.

There was ambiguity flowing in the humid air, and raindrops dumped themselves onto the car windows. Along with the clattering, a layer of rain fell across the glass.

Gu Xingchuan shifted sideways and approached closer and closer, like the slow motion scenes of a movie, Song Yi knew what was going to happen next, but he didn’t try to escape.

The slightly cold tip of the nose brushed against his lower lip, and the warm breath swept across the skin of his jaw like a soft little brush. It itched.

Different from the savage kiss during the afternoon, this kiss was all too gentle. Gu Xingchuan lightly and heavily sucked with his soft lower lip, with a bit of heartfelt emotion.

The slight sound of water was like an electric current, Song Yi’s heart was beating out of rhythm, and the tips of his ears flushed red.

He narrowed his eyes slightly. Gu Xingchuan’s profile in the rearview mirror was focused, a few strands of messy black hair fell on his cheeks, and his outline became sharper, just like those beautiful boys in comics. He was a little too good-looking.

There was an indescribable change in Song Yi’s heart. Though it didn’t feel right, it was nevertheless wonderful. Too late to identify the source of this emotion, he felt a chill hand lifting his shirt, leaving the side of his waist cold. Song Yi suddenly woke up. He held down the restless hand. “What are you doing?”

Gu Xingchuan blew a foggy breath at the lenses of his spectacles. His lips curved. “Let’s do it.”

Song Yi took off the lenses, reached out and pulled out a tissue, wiped the mist on the lenses with force. “Scram.”

The throbbing just now vanished.

Gu Xingchuan sat back in the driver’s seat angrily with a “tsk”, as if he was denied a delicacy. He said in a serious tone, “Don’t look at me like you did before then. I can’t resist.”

Song Yi was left speechless. He couldn’t imagine what kind of eyes he used to make Young Master Gu crazy. It was obviously because of Gu Xingchuan’s beastly manner. He even wanted to put the blame on himself. He was too unreasonable.

On the way back, Song Yi recalled what Shen Du said. Some of what Shen Du said was quite right. Gu Xingchuan was a person very suitable to date. He was good-looking and interesting. He could do anything in the name of love.

But what Song Yi looked for was to get married and live out his life. His conditions didn’t need to be perfectly met; the most important thing for him was “stability”. Gu Xingchuan was a person who had too many uncertainties. The life of fire, rice, oil, salt, sauce, vinegar and tea was not only about passion, but also required two people to accommodate each other, to tolerate one another. Could Gu Xingchuan do all of these?

Song Yi didn’t want to take risks. Not to mention, no one knew whether Gu Xingchuan’s words of confession to liking him were true. He was unwilling to embark on an emotionally dangerous “journey”.

Song Yi took Gu Xingchuan back home. Since it was raining so hard, Song Yi pushed him into the bathroom to take a shower and sent him to go home, so as not to catch a cold and hold him responsible.

It was less than eleven o’clock in the evening, Zhao Hongyan was already asleep, the room was quiet. Song Yi went to another bathroom to take a shower, put on comfortable pajamas, and leaned on the head of the bed to read the news on the phone.

There was only one bedside lamp turned on in the room, leaving a hazy yellow halo on the ground. Gu Xingchuan came out with one hand wiping his hair, and only wrapped a snow-white bath towel around his waist, leaving a trail of water on the floor.

Song Yi glanced up, then lowered his head quickly, pretending to look at his phone casually. “Can you put your clothes on before you come out?”

“My clothes are all wet.”

Gu Xingchuan sat beside him casually and the mattress sank down. Song Yi glanced at him and frowned. “Aren’t you going home?”

Gu Xingchuan didn’t seem to hear what he said. He stretched his neck and glanced at Song Yi’s mobile phone interface. “The three treasures of growth stocks. You still look at this?”

“Well, good to take a look once in a while.” Song Yi wanted to ask him when he would leave, but felt the slightest heat on his neck and his shoulders sank.

He turned his head. Gu Xingchuan’s sharp jaw rested on his shoulder, lowered his eyes, and said calmly, “You are wearing glasses, and you are still playing with your phone at night. Let me help you read aloud.”

“The most reliable thing in stock trading is mentality. A good mentality accounts for the biggest factor in the final stock trading.”

The unwiped water droplets dripped on Song Yi’s neck and into the clothes along his collarbone. Song Yi was not comfortable. The shallow pheromones on Gu Xingchuan’s body and the warm body temperature through the thin clothes reminded him of this absurd positioning.

In order to guard against any accident, Song Yi pushed his head away and put away the phone. “It’s eleven o’clock, aren’t you going home?”

“I’m not going back, it’s my bedtime.” Gu Xingchuan stretched his legs apart and laid on the bed.

A perfect figure at a glance – his muscles were pleasantly well-defined but not obtrusive, well-proportioned and beautiful. With his calf on the ground, this action stretched those muscles taut, lending a visual effect of slenderness and solidness, making one’s hands wanting to impulsively touch.

Song Yi’s ears were hot; his heart was pounding. He pursed his lips hard, and glanced at the bed. He himself knew exactly how Gu Xingchuan capable was.

He calmed himself down. “Then you sleep here. I’ll sleep on the sofa.”

Since Gu Xingchuan couldn’t be provoked, then he should hide away.

How was Gu Xingchuan willing to let him go? He sat up abruptly, grabbed Song Yi’s wrist and pulled it to the bed, resting his palm on the back of Song Yi’s head. He stroked that fluffy hair, leaning into Song Yi’s ear, and said in a hoarse voice, “I’m timid. I can’t sleep alone in a strange environment. You sleep with me.”

Fuck you. Song Yi was not a fool. He knew exactly what Gu Xingchuan’s intentions were. “Let me go. I’ll sleep on the floor.”

“No way, what would you do if you catch a cold?” Gu Xingchuan laid on top of him, staring at him, his eyes focused like he was looking at his prey.

He was stared by Gu Xingchuan until his goosebumps appeared. He shook slightly, pretending to be calm and said, “Then you sleep on the floor.”

Gu Xingchuan reached out and gently took off his glasses and put them on the bedside table. Song Yi squinted his eyes instinctively. Everything he saw was blurry.

His eyes’ features were good-looking, and under the warm light, those sharpness were weakened, like a veil draped upon. Gu Xingchuan gently kissed his eyelids, and said solemnly, “I don’t sleep on the floor. I’m not in good health, I can only sleep on the bed.”

“Don’t play this trick on me…” Song Yi glared at him. Him, in poor health? Song Yi warned in a cold voice, “Don’t complain, or I’ll beat you up.”

Gu Xingchuan blinked a few times, looking at Song Yi’s slightly flushed cheeks. Losing his glasses had reduced the intensity of those eyes, and yet he still deliberately pretended to be fierce. Gu Xingchuan’s heart was itchy, and he involuntarily blurted, “Song Yi, I want to have you.”

He didn’t have much enthusiasm for this kind of things before. First was because of his career – he debuted early, and everyone’s eyes were on his words and deeds. Any little action would make news all over the place. Secondly, he didn’t like to associate with omegas, he owed too many annoying situations to them. And if he had the time to deal with them, he would rather play basketball and games.

But when it came to Song Yi, his mind was full of obscene thoughts. He had the uncontrollable desire to flip Song Yi onto bed. Even he himself felt it was strange.

Song Yi pushed his shoulders away and sat up from the bed. He scolded, “I said I won’t fall for this. Don’t use your tricks to pick up girls on me. It’s useless.”

The two of them couldn’t get so close anymore. Song Yi was really afraid that he couldn’t hold back this violent attack, so she repeated once more

Gu Xingchuan froze for a moment. He adjusted his restless breathing and stated, “You don’t like me.”

His life had always been smooth sailing. There were only so few people he met who didn’t like him. Even if they didn’t, they wouldn’t express it. But when it came down to Song Yi, it was obvious that he couldn’t stand Gu Xingchuan.

Song Yi didn’t speak. He turned his head and eyed him.

Gu Xingchuan stared straight back, confident and bold, when he questioned, “What are you dissatisfied with? I have money, good looks, and good physical strength. How am I beneath you?”

Song Yi burst out laughing. It was the first time to hear someone say that of oneself. How shameless. He thought for a while, before truthfully replying, “Gu Xingchuan, you are just a temporary passion for me. You may want to sleep with me, but I have to think about how long it will last. Yes, you are full of passion now, but when the tide goes out and you leave me on the beach, what should I do then?”

He was no longer the kind of child he was in adolescence, head-over-heels with passion and reckless behavior. What Song Yi considered was being in a decent relationship, reducing all risks of being improper, and finding someone to live a good life with was the most important thing.

Gu Xingchuan stared straight at him without blinking, as if he was reading some complicated manual.

Song Yi sighed inwardly, turned his face away, and said indifferently, “We’re not suitable, you should have known that, or else we wouldn’t have fought for so many years. It’s better for you to find a more suitable someone to play with you. I will find a suitable one for me to live my life with.”

“How can you know it’s not suitable if you haven’t tried it?” Gu Xingchuan asked rhetorically, gritting his teeth.

Song Yi lowered his head and smiled softly. “A piece of the south wall. One obviously knows it will break one’s head upon hitting. There’s no need to try.”

Gu Xingchuan rolled his Adam’s apple a few times, suppressed the flames with deep eyes, and stared at Song Yi for more than ten seconds. When Song Yi thought he was going to say something, Gu Xingchuan laid down, tugged at the quilt and covered his head. The unyielding figure expressed his dissatisfaction angrily. “I’m not the fucking south wall.”

Song Yi laid calmly beside him, his heart not satisfied also.. He took out his mobile phone and continued to read some information, and fell asleep after a while.

Early the next morning.

The blackout curtains were drawn in the room, it was pitch black, and there was no light. Song Yi was drowsy when he heard the door of the bedroom open with a “Bang”. He opened his sleepy eyes and blinked a few times.

Zhao Hongyan stood at the door holding a plate. Her eyes widened, and she couldn’t say a word in shock.

Song Yi’s mind was still dull. He yawned and asked lazily, “What?”

Zhao Hongyan came back to her senses, her stunned eyes became complicated. “I wanted to get the vegetables I bought yesterday at your balcony.”

“Yeah.” Song Yi’s movement of turning over paused, and he noticed that there was a heavy thigh on his waist and warm skin plastered against his back as Gu Xingchuan’s breath exhaled on the glands on the back of his neck.

He just remembered that Gu Xingchuan didn’t seem to be wearing anything.

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