Chapter 34 – Don’t follow me

After Being Marked by a Powerful Love Rival
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“Why do you want to follow me?” Song Yi put on his coat, buttoning up one by one.

Gu Xingchuan lowered his head. “I have nothing to do, so I’ll just go shopping with you.”

Song Yi glanced at him and cursed in his heart. His earlobes were still trembling warm, just like how a bunny’s ears would be. For Gu Xingchuan to do something like this, Song Yi could tell he was quite good at sexual harassment.

He held the car key and went out. When he walked through the entrance, he saw his red lips reflected on the floor mirror. Only then did he realize he had kissed Gu Xingchuan. Once done, twice familiar. It was as natural to him, not even remembering to wipe his mouth.

Song Yi gave a depressed sigh in his heart. What the fuck was this? Why did Gu Xingchuan stick onto this rabbit, rather than munching on the grass at the edge of the nest, treating his old classmate like this? It was overboard.

What did he have to do for Gu Xingchuan to let him go?

The rain outside poured heavy, majestic and thunderous. There were few people on the street, and the air slowly turned humid.

The car was parked in the vehicle insurance company’s parking lot. Song Yi opened the umbrella and stepped out of the car. Gu Xingchuan wanted to get off the car, but Song Yi quickly closed the car door, frowned and said, “Wait ten minutes. I’ll go in to sign and come out.”

Gu Xingchuan glanced at him, stretched out his hand and took out his mobile phone from his pocket, and set it to the timer. “Ten minutes. Any longer, I’ll go in and find you.”

Song Yi stared at him, not wanting to care about him. He turned his head and entered the vehicle insurance company. Shen Du had already arrived. He was wearing a stylish casual suit, looking rather suave. He was currently sitting in a separate lounge area with a staff member in uniform talking with him.

Seeing Song Yi, Shen Du gracefully stood up and showed a gentle smile. “It’s my negligence. I should have picked you up on such a rainy day.”

Song Yi smiled politely, sat on the chair, picked up the document and looked at it carefully.

Shen Du closed the door. He lowered his eyes, and quietly sat opposite Song Yi. Song Yi was reading the document whereas Shen Du’s eyes fixated on him,

fully focused on Song Yi.

He had seen many good-looking people. In terms of looks, Song Yi was not particularly outstanding, but Song Yi had a good temperament. Sitting upright like this, wearing a simple shirt looking cold and expensive, with cool white skin, he was like a good porcelain jade. One could not pick out any flaws.

Behind the thin lenses, the pair of eyes were rational and logical, the eyes wide with a shallow sense of indifference, like a bayonet with a blade. One knows the danger, but it still hooks people, like licking honey at the edge of a knife.

The claims settlement hall outside the glass wall on the first floor was exceedingly noisy yet Shen Du couldn’t see the slightest influence of it on him.

After Song Yi went through and signed the pages, he then handed it to the claims adjuster neatly. After confirming that it was correct, he stood up. The whole process only took five minutes. “Okay, see you again if there’s a chance.”

Shen Du curled the corners of his lips, and glanced sideways at the majestic rain outside the window. “It can also be considered a kind of fate for us. Shall we have a light meal together?”

Song Yi glanced at the time on his phone. There was still an Alaskan malamute1Imagine. The big Gu as: leashed in the car, and he had no time to mess around talking about feelings. “Sorry, I still have something to do.”

Shen Du looked at him, lowered his head and smiled softly, leaving Song Yi feeling something was off.

Shen Du raised his head, looked at him and said slowly. “I’m Shen Li’s brother. I wanted to talk to you about Xiao Li.”

Shen Li’s brother.

Song Yi guessed that Shen Du was a relative of Shen Li’s family, but he didn’t expect the relationship to be so close. Shen Li was not at all like Shen Du, otherwise Song Yi would have recognized it last time.

Shen Du didn’t give him a chance to refuse. He stood up and said as he walked out. “There is a western restaurant nearby. Recently, Kobe beef is being served. I heard that it tastes good. Let’s eat and talk.”

Song Yi hesitated. But as he was still worried about Shen Li, he followed behind in strides.

The environment of the restaurant was quiet, the violin music melodious, and the crystal lights reflected the brilliant brilliance.

After Shen Du ordered the dishes, he looked at Song Yi with a smile. “What else do you want to eat?”

Song Yi casually ordered a few items. “What’s wrong with Shen Li?”

Shen Du raised his eyes from the menu, looked at Song Yi warmly, and mentioned, “I checked the guest list that day and found out that you are Xiao Li’s classmate.”

Song Yi nodded. “Xiao Li and I have known each other for a long time.”

This person in front of him might once have become his ‘Big brother’, which was quite strange to think about.

Shen Du smiled and looked at Song Yi ambiguously. “I haven’t heard Xiao Li mention you before, but it’s a pity that I only met you now.”

Facing Shen Li’s brother, Song Yi calmed down and gave a distant smile. “It means we have no fate.”

Touching that soft knife of his, Shen Du restrained himself a little. With an underlying meaning, he asked, “Did Xiao Li tell you about his engagement?”


Song Yi was stunned, totally dumbfounded. When did Shen Li get engaged? There was no news at all. During his previous birthday, Shen Li was still so attached to him, why did he suddenly want to get engaged?

Seeing his expression, Shen Du knew that he didn’t know, and sighed softly. “The friends around Xiao Li don’t know. He covered up this matter tightly, only bringing the other back home to let us take a look. “

Song Yi was in a trance for a moment. He asked with a perfunctory smile, “What kind of person is the other party?”

Although his love for Shen Li had been exhausted, he still regarded Shen Li as a good friend. He believed that Shen Li would feel the same. However, not knowing Shen Li’s engagement at all was rather hurtful. It was as if he was a stranger.

Shen Du bent his slender fingers, lightly clasping the rim of the cup. A fierce look flashed on his face, and his tone was disdainful. “An actor who wants to climb onto a dragon and phoenix.”

It seemed that Shen Du was very dissatisfied with this new family member. Song Yi lowered his gaze, feeling a little complicated in his heart.

“Xiao Li is determined to get engaged to him, and will listen to none of our persuasion. Even if he cuts off the relationship with the Shen family, he will marry that ‘aha’.” Shen Du sighed helplessly.

Song Yi shared this feeling. At that time, Song Jie was just like that, not hitting the south wall and never looking back. Being the older brother, he had a lot of headaches. He looked at Shen Du with more sympathy. “If necessary, I can try and have a good talk with Xiao Li. “

Shen Du shook his head, looking at Song Yi with a bit of commiseration in his eyes, however fleeting it was.”Xiao Li can’t listen to anyone right now, let’s just let him think about it for himself.”

Song Yi was about to speak, when Shen Du focused his gaze behind him. Song Yi’s heart shook. He turned his neck to take a look, only to have a heavy weight on his shoulders, a strong and powerful arm casually hooking across his neck – Gu Xingchuan, with his butt slapping onto the seat next to him.

Song Yi was startled, and noticed the sleeves of Gi Xingchuan’a clothes across his neck were wet and cold, sticking to his neck. There was only an umbrella in the car, and Gu Xingchuan ran out in the rain.

Gu Xingchuan glanced at Shen Du, measured the opponent’s strength and dismissed him in his heart. He mumbled softly as he turned to Song Yi, and complained, “Why didn’t you send me the address with more detail, I’ve been searching for a long time.”

Song Yi looked calm. He was certain about his idea. Ignoring the person beside, he drank the lemonade. “He is Xiao Li’s brother, we were talking about Xiao Li.”

Gu Xingchuan’s eyes narrowed, and he looked at Shen Du with a hostile look. “You are Shen Li’s brother?”

Shen Du looked at the two of them playfully, and nodded with a smile. “You are also Xiao Li’s classmate. I heard him mention you before. Gu Xingchuan, right?”

Gu Xingchuan nodded reluctantly. Shen Du squinted his eyes and smiled, “I like you very much. The song ‘Father, it’s been tough on you’, you sang at the Spring Festival Gala, is my ringtone.”


Song Yi drank the water and smiled faintly. Shen Du had his darts.

Gu Xingchuan gritted his teeth, smiled coldly, and sarcastically said, “As long as you like it. This song is aimed at children who were left behind.”

Shen Du frowned and glanced at Gu Xingchuan, who looked at him provocatively.

Shen Du laughed, stretched out his hand and picked up the knife and fork to cut the steak. He looked at Song Yi and said, “Taste it, see if it disagrees with you.”

Song Yi didn’t touch the knife and fork, but Gu Xingchuan took the lead in holding it in his hand, moved over Song Yi’s plate, cut the steak into small pieces, and picked out the broccoli as a side dish. “Yes, once we’re done, let’s head home.”

Song Yi had no appetite, so he lowered his head and took a few bites at will.

Shen Du looked left and right at the two of them and started a topic with a smile. “I saw the tidbits of ‘The Era of Passionate Love’ on the Internet. Is it tiring to film?”

It was obvious that he was giving Song Yi a topic to talk further, wanting to find some opportunity to draw closer to each other.

Song Yi was thinking about what to reply when Gu Xingchuan gently pinched the sensitive glandular epidermis on the back of his neck. Song Yi stiffened, as if he was a cat whose back of neck was pinched, his body froze.

Gu Xingchuan said casually, “Not tired of filming. I have Song Yi with me.”

The next topic Shen Du raised, Gu Xingchuan would scramble to reply, just to prevent Shen Du and Song Yi from talking.

At the dinner table, the two of them talked – one word against the other – and Song Yi couldn’t get a word in.

Shen Du’s face became more and more ugly, whereas Gu Xingchuan was still unrelenting. Song Yi couldn’t stand it any longer. He reached out and tugged at the hem of Gu Xingchuan’s clothes.

After eating, Gu Xingchuan took the lead to get up to head out. Song Yi sighed inwardly. He got up to leave when Shen Du wiped his hands carefully and said with a smile, “He’s your boyfriend?”

With how Gu Xingchuan was acting, even the blind could sense his possessiveness.

Song Yi noticed Shen Du’s intentions, but he was not interested in Shen Du. He turned his head and glanced at Gu Xingchuan standing at the front desk. His back was tall and straight, like a green pine tree, and he didn’t speak.

Shen Du also looked at Gu Xingchuan’s back with intriguing eyes, and frankly stated, “You don’t suit him. You suit me.”

Song Yi glanced at him. Shen Du’s words were too straightforward, and it made one angry when he heard it. “It’s up to us ourselves to decide whether we are suitable or not.”

“He’s young and handsome, fun to play with. But what you want now is more than falling in love, right?” Shen Du said concisely, stood up and walked to Song Yi’s side. “You won’t always be in your youth all the time, right?”

Although Song Yi didn’t have much affection for Gu Xingchuan, when he heard Shen Du bad mouthing Gu Xingchuan in front of him, he felt rather happy. He coldly replied, “You are wrong. In terms of sincerity, you are far worse than him.”

If he didn’t wish to leave some face for Shen Li, these words would be even uglier.

After getting along with Gu Xingchuan, Song Yi could use his knees and still understand the other party’s intentions and thoughts. But towards Shen Du, whom he had met twice, he could feel the depth he hid. Like a crafty old fox, he had no idea what his intentions were.

At the end of the corridor, Gu Xingchuan settled the bill and waved to Song Yi. Song Yi didn’t pay any attention to Shen Du and walked straight forward.

Shen Du recovered from his embarrassment, touched the bridge of his nose, and followed Song Yi with big strides. “You are very interesting, I like difficult challenges.”

The happiest thing about picking a rose is not the process of inserting it into the bottle, but the process of pulling out the thorn.

Song Yi pretended not to hear, and followed Gu Xingchuan downstairs without looking back.

The rain didn’t stop outside. With the sky being gloomy, Gu Xingchuan opened the umbrella and Song Yi got under it, running all the way back to the car.

“What relationship do you and Shen Li’s brother have, to call him Big Uncle Brother 大舅哥”?” Gu Xingchuan sat on the driver’s seat angrily, and roughly wiped at the raindrops on his face.

Song Yi opened his mouth to scold him, when he glimpsed Gu Xingchuan’s shoulder. His words paused.

The gray T-shirt Gu Xingchuan was wearing had half of his shoulders soaked in rain, turning dark gray and soaking wet. His short black hair was scattered against his curved shoulders; and being drenched, he did look a little worse for wear.

Song Yi looked at the dry clothes on his body. Just now, most of the umbrella was leaning on him. His heart softened, and he felt a little touched. He stretched out his hand and took out a dry towel from the storage box and handed it over. “The umbrella was so big. Why did you soak yourself in the rain?”

“I was willing to.” Gu Xingchuan pulled the towel and wiped his hair carelessly.

Song Yi couldn’t help laughing. “You are really crazy.”

Gu Xingchuan looked back at him, Song Yi’s eyes were bright and clear, with a smile, like a star in the gloomy weather.

The gaze of the two intertwined, and silence fell around them.

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