Chapter 33 – An animal world

After Being Marked by a Powerful Love Rival
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Song Yi woke up early in the morning. Outside the window, it was gray and raining. The doorbell rang continuously. In a daze, he left his bed, gazed through the peephole and saw a delivery person holding onto a delicate wooden box.

Song Yi carried the box past his door, took a box cutter from the drawer, and pried it open.

Inside the box lay a bottle of red wine cushioned with elegant white velvet, an english “O” was written on the bottle. This was a brand Song Yi liked to drink, it came bearing a handwritten note under it.

Happy Birthday, rzhou. 1Little Zhou I presume from the raws?

Song Yi stared at the inscription for a few seconds, his eyes gradually becoming clear from the confusion in his sleep. He squinted his eyes, and with no hesitation, shredded the note neatly and threw it into the trash can.

As for the red wine, Song Yi placed it on the wooden wine rack in the living room. The wine was innocent. There was no need to hold grudges against it.

Song Yi’s mood was not affected at all, he went about his day as usual.

In the afternoon, he stayed in his study room’s massage chair, watching a movie, when his cell phone rang.

The caller ID was [The Era of Passionate Love’s Director Yang].

Song Yi pressed the answer button, only to hear a burst of unrestrained laughter from the other end of the phone.

“Xiao Song, it seems you can!” Director Yang smiled excitedly.

Song Yi asked suspiciously, “What’s wrong?”

“Have you not read what’s on Weibo? Gu Xingchuan’s Weibo, is it about you?”


Song Yi had a bad premonition. He clicked on Weibo’s app, the popular headline was Gu Xingchuan’s release of a new song, Cheng Feng (Riding the Winds), suspected of announcing his relationship.

The first hot search was from Gu Xingchuan’s Weibo, with only four words “New Song: Riding the Winds” accompanied by a black screen vlog.

Song Yi clicked the button and heard Gu Xingchuan singing Riding the Wind holding the guitar that day. At the end, Gu Xingchuan asked for 800,000 kisses, and though Song Yi’s voice was slightly altered, those who knew him well could distinguish him from his tone of voice.

Director Yang’s gossip soul burned. “Xiao Song, you are not honest. Didn’t you say you are just classmates?”

Song Yi was stunned, not knowing whether to laugh or cry. He said helplessly, “Don’t get me wrong, we were just kidding about.”

“Really? I don’t see it like that,” Director Yang deliberately teased.

Song Yi was embarrassed and stuck in a pit. He couldn’t admit that the director was right, but he also couldn’t say the director was wrong. “Really, I won’t lie to you2respectfully.”

Director Yang also didn’t believe that Gu Xingchuan and Song Yi had an affair. The two of them in the crew were as incompatible as water and fire. He teased Song Yi a little more before hanging up the phone.

Song Yi glanced down at the comments. The bottom were discussing who the person in the video was, who was the one Gu Xingchuan could not get a kiss for 800,000 yuan. They listed a lot of names – the popular celebrities in the circle. Song Yi seriously read through it. When he didn’t see his name on the list, he finally felt relieved.

The only good thing about not being popular was that no one could link him to these sorts of gossip and scandals.

He just closed the phone here, and listened to Zhao Hongyan talking in the living room. It seemed that someone was coming. As it was too far away, he couldn’t understand what Zhao Hongyan was saying, he only knew that she was very excited.

Song Yi pushed open the closed door of the study, stretched his neck and scolded a curse word in his heart. The culprit, Gu Xingchuan, stood right in his living room, with Zhao Hongyan smiling embarrassedly beside him.

Seeing Song Yi, Gu Xingchuan winked and dropped a sultry kiss. “I first thought that you weren’t home.”

Zhao Hongyan turned her head, her face flushed red, she walked over with a jewelry bag in her hand. “Xiao Gu brought me a jadeite pendant. The clarity is very good but it’s too expensive, I can’t accept it.”

Although she said that she couldn’t accept it, the joy on her face was about to overflow.

Song Yi understood it, and sighed in his heart. “It’s fine, since it’s given to you, you can keep it.”

Zhao Hongyan breathed a sigh of relief and glanced at Song Yi nervously.

Song Yi ignored her, simply raising his chin towards Gu Xingchuan. He turned to his bedroom. Because Zhao Hongyan was still in the study, it was inconvenient to mention some words.

Gu Xingchuan understood. He strode in, and closed the bedroom door with his backhand.

In high spirits, he swept around the room. He came to Song Yi’s house twice before, but only saw the living room or the kitchen. This was the first time he entered Song Yi’s private space.

The bedroom was clean and tidy, the wood-colored furniture was dainty and elegant, and the bedding meticulously tidy. Aside from the necessary furniture, it was devoid of any personal hobbies.

Song Yi sat on the only chair in the room. He frowned. “It’s okay for you to post new songs on Weibo. But can’t you delete my voice?”

Gu Xingchuan put his hands on both sides of the armrest of the chair, looking down at Song Yi’s dense head. He snorted. “So many people want to be in my vlog, but they have no chance. Why are you disdaining it in the first place?”

Song Yi gave a sideways glance. “I find it troublesome.”

Director Yang didn’t even know Song Yi very well, and he could tell that the person in the vlog was Song Yi, let alone someone close to him. Even if his lips wore out, he would not be able to explain it clearly.

Gu Xingchuan lowered his head slightly, smelled the smell of shampoo on Song Yi’s hair, and bluntly declared, “You are not allowed to find me troublesome.”

In his heart, Song Yi rolled his eyes. Sometimes he really felt that Gu Xingchuan was like a student. But when the two of them slept in bed, Gu Xingchuan was like a beast there. The difference caused by this comparison was too strange.

“It’s not what you think.” Song Yi called for patience, trying to calm himself. “You’re too famous, being linked to you is like being in the middle of the firestorm. I don’t like this feeling, and we have nothing to do with each other. There’s no need to let everyone misunderstand.”

Gu Xingchuan’s eyes narrowed, his eyelashes were black and long, and he looked straight at him.

Song Yi couldn’t see any thoughts on his face, and after thinking for a while, he continued, “I understand your interest and possessiveness in me. Alphas and Omegas will feel this way after they come together. I suggest you divert your attention. I have a dating website for A and O. With someone your calibre, I think you will be very popular with the Omegas. How about it?”

Before he could finish speaking, the dark shadow in front of him pressed down. His jaw was pinched violently, an impulsive and eager kiss blocked his lips, violently and forcefully.

Song Yi’s eyes widened behind his lenses. Gu Xingchuan pressed his shoulders with one hand to subdue him on the chair, and squeezed his cheeks with the other, forcing him to open his mouth to accept the kiss.

Song Yi pushed and shoved back to avoid this savage attack, but Gu Xingchuan didn’t move. The kiss became deeper, fierce as if he wanted to eat Song Yi.

Song Yi was almost out of breath. He no longer cared about having any decent image. He kicked Gu Xingchuan’s calf with force, and forcibly separated the kiss.

The mouths of the two were all red. Song Yi was breathing heavily; his chest heaved.

Gu Xingchuan wiped his lips indifferently and pinched Song Yi’s cheek slightly, suppressing his anger. “Don’t ask me to find other Omegas, I won’t go to any AO sites. I’ll rely on you instead.”

Song Yi rolled his Adam’s apple a few times, and the black eyes behind the lens trembled. “You really have something wrong in your brain.”

No way to reason, no way to communicate at all.

Gu Xingchuan stood up straight, and fell onto Song Yi’s bed, leaving the mattress with a deep depression. As casual as he was in his own home, he stated, “If I have a problem, that’s because you angered me.”

Who was the one that caused the other to be angered, ah? Song Yi was puzzled. He grabbed irritably at his hair. “Don’t lie on my bed.”

Gu Xingchuan glanced at him, snorted softly. His back faced Song Yi, showing his resistance to Song Yi using the back of his head. Stretching out his long legs, he laid on the bedside, and reached his hand out to flip through the magazines on the bedside table. “I’m here to check to see if you have anything that is not suitable for children.”

Song Yi’s magazines were very boring. Either about financial management or people’s livelihood. There was nothing of interest at all.

“Don’t simply snoop around. I don’t have what you’re looking for.” Song Yi couldn’t wait to grab his head and throw him downstairs.

@ Found at .

Gu Xingchuan gave a light “tsk”. “How do you know what I’m looking for?”

Song Yi said angrily, “Just looking at your character, can you tell me you aren’t looking for those kind of magazines? I don’t read the thing you are looking for. Don’t search anymore.”

Gu Xingchuan rested on Song Yi’s pillow and purposely inhaled loudly. The smell of Song Yi was in the air, which made him so comfortable. He blinked a few times, looking innocent. “Then how do you usually vent? Who are your fantasies?”

Song Yi was silent for a few seconds, then suddenly smiled. “You want to know?”

Gu Xingchuan sat up abruptly, sitting upright, nodded again and again, and looked at him with the look of a puppy looking at a bone, full of expectation.

Song Yi sneered in his heart. He took out his phone from his pocket, pressed on it a few times, opened a video and handed it over. “Enjoy. It’s the first time I’m showing it to others.”

Gu Xingchuan scrambled to take over the mobile phone, and the music of the animal world suddenly sounded. On the African savannah, a lion was riding on another lion and was “playing” heartily.

Gu Xingchuan glanced at Song Yi, lowered his head to look at the phone, looked at it for a while with relish. He exclaimed, “So you like this.”

Song Yi took back the phone and smiled coldly, “Exciting, right?”

“Exciting. Really too exciting.” Gu Xingchuan nodded, licked his lips, looked at Song Yi and said seriously, “If you really like it, I can mark you wearing a lion mask next time.”

“You’re a pervert.” Song Yi felt chills all over his body as soon as he thought of that scene.

Gu Xingchuan pouted. “It’s called having fun, you know?”

Song Yi could only bow down in fear. He could not fight him at all. Just when he was thinking about how to get Gu Xingchuan away, the screen of the mobile phone in his hand lit up. The call had a string of unfamiliar numbers.

Song Yi hesitated and answered the phone. “Hello?”

On the other end of the phone came the man’s elegant laughter. “Hello, I’m Shen Du. Do you still remember me?”

Song Yi glanced at the time on his phone and remembered that today was the day he had agreed with Shen Du. He sat beside the bed. “I remember. Something delayed me in the morning. Can we meet in the afternoon instead?”

It obviously sounded like he was going on a date. Gu Xingchuan’s heart was on alert.

He turned his head and listened, but he couldn’t understand what was being said on the phone. He simply sat on the bed, leaning his thin chin on Song Yi’s shoulder, and carefully listened to the other on the phone – whether it was a human or ghost.

With such a heavy head on his shoulder and Gu Xingchuan’s hair tickling his neck, Song Yi shook his shoulders several times. Yet, being unable to shake off this head, he could only endure it.

“Of course there is no problem. My time is always at your service.” Shen Du was a full-fledged gentleman.

Song Yi smiled lightly. “Okay, we’ll meet later.”

Shen Du also laughed, with a pleasant voice slowly saying, “I’ve been looking forward to a whole week in order to wait for today.”

Gu Xingchuan frowned. He didn’t want Song Yi to talk to this glib person. He turned his head and bit onto Song Yi’s white and sensitive earlobes, savoring it like a cake.

Song Yi’s breathing froze. He almost couldn’t hold the phone. He tried to calm his breath, ending his call with a few perfunctory words to Shen Du, before hanging up the phone.

What are you doing?” Song Yi pushed Gu Xingchuan’s head away and reached out to touch his wet earlobe.

Gu Xingchuan licked his lips and looked straight at him. “Who is he?”

Song Yi ignored him, got up and opened the closet, took out a coat, and ordered an expulsion. “I’m going out. Do you still want to stay at my house?”

Gu Xingchuan stared at him for a few seconds, then jumped out of bed abruptly, putting his hands in his jean pockets. “I want to go with you.”

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